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  • Tourist Traps
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  • Visa info

    by Robin020 Written Feb 11, 2012

    Information on the visa) visa)

    First - General instructions for tourists visiting the country Syrian:

    Must be on the incoming Arab and foreign to be in possession of the following:

    1. A passport valid for a period of not less than one month after the expiry of the visa to be issued by a state recognized by Syria, and he does not have an Israeli visa, and not to be the name of the holder on the list of those barred from entering Syria.
    2. Entry visa or transit visa issued by the Syrian embassy or consulate in the country of origin of foreign or place of residence, visas are granted entry or transit by the Centers for immigration and passports at the border to nationals of foreign countries where there is no diplomatic representation in Syria and foreigners with permanent residence provided they show their residency cards.
    3. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and diplomatic missions and exit visas for diplomatic and courtesy and task.
    4. Visa: It is of two types

    - Six months: valid for one or multiple trips can be an exception granted for one year.

    - Three months: valid for one time only.
    5. Transit visa: They are two

    - Three months valid for a single trip.

    - Three months valid for multiple entries.
    6. May include entry or transit visa foreign wife and minor children to be the names and ages in the space provided.
    7. A foreigner who wants to stay in Syria for more than fifteen days from the date of his entry, see the Department of Immigration and Passport Department or its branches in the governorates to apply for a residence permit
    8. Permission to stay directly to both the Arabs and foreigners born in Syria, and wives of Syrian nationals
    9. In case of loss or damage to the residence card holder to review the Department of Immigration and Passport Department in Damascus branches in the governorates, within three days from the date of loss or damage to give them a new card instead
    10. Permission is not granted a license to reside and work on those wishes to work in the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic to obtain permission from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor.
    11. On every Arab or foreigner over fifteen years of age and was recorded on a card and a parent to get a new card similar to an independent and parents in terms of type, duration, date, and the remaining fees regardless of whether a passport of its own.
    12. Not entitled to the Arabs and foreigners who have special or ordinary residencies absence abroad for more than six months.
    13. Not entitled to the Arabs and foreigners who have temporary residencies and an exit visa to return the country to stay outside for more than three months.

    Lebanese citizens should review the police station within six days from the date of entry into Syria to obtain an ID card to facilitate their stay and movement in Syria.

    Secondly - facilities and exemptions offered to tourists arrivals:
    1. Allows for Arab nationals to enter the Syrian Arab Republic and traffic which is the requirement to obtain an entry visa or transit is sufficient by registering assets "in the records of arrivals and departures after Touchih passports or travel documents or tickets Lebanese nationals who enter under the ID card or output is in the hearts of certified assets under the seal of entry or leave.
    2. "Foreigners coming to the tourism of the categories is listed under the books issued by the offices and travel agencies from the country coming from individuals or groups and overprinted seals these offices and under the passport mass stuck on it are granted or passport for each individual of them, on the condition that properly licensed tourist offices in diameter and depart on the responsibility and grant visas to those for free.
    3. Citizens of all Arab states, Gulf Emirates and Sultanates from entry and transit visas, residence permits and exit visas.
    4. Are exempted from duties:
    ¨ Foreign and Arab students officially registered in one of the recognized universities.
    ¨ clergy.
    ¨ experts and Arab and foreign contractors.
    ¨ journalists and correspondents of news agencies.
    ¨ Non diplomat workers in the political and consular organizations foreign and Arabic.
    ¨ The parents of the member of diplomatic or consular mission accredited in the country and his children and wife, brothers and sisters and his followers of governesses and servants.
    ¨ Palestinian refugees and their minor children.
    ¨ Foreigners and Arabs whom the director of the Department of Immigration and Passports Department exempt them for special considerations: courtesy, or lack of physical ability.

    5. Exemption of Syrian Arab citizens overseas foreign passport holders to obtain a residence and ask those who have not registered them up in the records of civil and subjected to an exit visa when they want to leave Bjoisathm foreign month after the entry after presenting the approval of recruitment for those who are of military age and identity card for those who exceed fifteen and assigning them to pay, scheduled to leave on departure like Syrian citizens and allows them to enter foreign Bjoisathm if the entry is stamped with features of the Syrian Arab missions abroad, and given the features needed by the Centers for free from the border.

    Facilities offered to investors:

    1. Raising the price of neighboring countries, translated in the bank to the equivalent of almost foreign markets.
    2. Increase the amount to be replaced from the remaining foreign currency with travelers when they leave the country and through / / 15 days.
    3. Exemption coming to the diameter of the push / 100 / USD and that the bank on the drawer taken from all comers.
    4. The bank is working on the completion of the credit cards.

    Customs Facilities:

    1. A foreigner to enter the gifts and personal effects and tools for travelers and intended for personal use without any customs duties.
    2. Allows car owners residing permanently abroad and coming to Syria with the intention of temporary residence and enter their cars nicknames registered lawfully in the country of exile under a power of attorney by using the driving tourist outside the country of registration of customs duties according to the following:

    · Fees due for the car under a temporary entry card for a period of / 15 / day of $ / 1685 / l. Q is switched equivalent amount of / 40 / USD or equivalent in other foreign currencies + / / 30 dollars for the obligatory insurance of car to be paid to the escrow company Syria.
    · Duties of the book granted to cars registered in the Arab countries / 5035 / l. Q switch is equivalent / 117 / USD or the equivalent in other currencies accepted + / 30 / dollar insurance company pay for mandatory insurance.
    · Allows for a wife or a family member or adult to bring a car to drive it in the Syrian Arab Republic provided they meet the conditions of residence outside the country.

    Health Regulations:

    1. Travelers coming from places infected by yellow fever when entering a vaccination certificate against this disease.
    2. Those wishing to stay in Syria for a period exceeding one year, free certificate of AIDS (AIDS).
    3. The tourist who brings a pet to accompany his health certificate in English authenticated in his country but for cats and dogs must be accompanied by a certificate of vaccination against rabies.

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  • driver horns,Trafiic and busy at night

    by Robin020 Updated Feb 2, 2012

    Traffic in Aleppo:

    Aleppo is normal to hear car and taxi drivers use the car horn to push the other drivers in front to move further,even there is no traffic so my tip is to make sure you have earcotton if your hotel is near high road to be able to asleep the drivers use horn24/7 they do not care if people are sleep at night.

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  • Is it acceptable to drink alcohol? What about drug

    by Robin020 Written Jan 29, 2012

    Is it acceptable to drink alcohol? What about drug use?

    Drug use is strictly prohibited in Syria, and carries very stiff penalties for usage or possession, and no distinction is made between “hard” or “soft” drugs”. If you’re carrying pot, weed, hash or marijuana for medical use or otherwise, do not attempt to enter Syria.
    Drinking Alcohol in public is unacceptable and not recommended (and sometimes illegal) except in tourist resorts like Lattakia. In all other cities, you can drink alcohol at the resturants or bars that serve it, as well as in private in your hotel room. You may bring alcohol with you to Syria, but maybe required to pay duty tax.
    Syria is not like Dubai you find alcohol ONLY in bars of hotels.
    in Syria you can purchase alcohol easily from liquor shops and bars as well.
    Bottle of Beer is is aboit half US dollars in shops,while 2 US dollars in bars..

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  • Wasta

    by Robin020 Written Jan 26, 2012

    Wasta is a word often heard in Syria. It is Arabic and translates as something like authority, influence, political (or other) power, connections, or a combination of those terms. In practical terms it means that some rules can become more flexible if you have wasta, or know someone who has wasta. Also, a bit of wasta can smooth or speed up business transactions, bureaucratic issues, and other official procedures. At its best (or worst, depending on your point of view), a good dose of wasta could keep you out of jail or save you from other unpleasant consequences of dubious activities.

    The common English expression "it's not what you know but who you know ... " is a rough equivalent of wasta.

    On the wasta scale (not that there is an official one), things that can make a difference in the Syria are your nationality, your profession, who you work for, who you know, your political position in the country, your connections to people in positions of authority. Money and how long you have lived in the Syria don't usually directly affect your wasta level but indirectly they do since longer term residents may have built up a larger network of high-wasta friends, and rich people often associate with other rich people who may be high-wasta individuals.

    Many expat residents learn about wasta through a driving experience. In simple terms, the more wasta someone has, the less likely they are to cop a fine and/or be blamed if there's an accident. Wasta can result in some unusual situations for example, green lights were actually red when you went through them because the person who crashed into you had enough wasta to change the color retroactively. Indications of higher levels of wasta on the road are dark tinted or mirror tinted windows (30% maximum is the law so anything more than that means it's likely they have enough wasta to get around this rule), number plates with fewer than 5 digits (but anyone can buy them now if they have enough cash so it's not as good an indication as in the past).

    Wasta is something that many expats, especially westerners, find difficult to come to terms with but you'll find it easier to enjoy Dubai if you get used to that rather than try to fight it. And of course it helps if you can elevate your own wasta level somehow.
    Wasta and Bribes

    Don't confuse wasta with bribery. If you try to bribe a government official, for example a police officer who has just pulled you up for driving though somebody's garden, you should expect to be punished fairly harshly for trying to bribe them. And if the owner of the garden that you drove through has some wasta, then you'll probably be even worse off. In the business world, things may operate a little differently. Just as anywhere else in the world, the negotiation of business transactions and contracts is not always done on a level playing field, and bribes ... er gifts ... might be part of your discussions with interested parties.

    Wasta also means to pull some strings. is widespread in Syria and bribery as well under Syrian baath party.

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  • Tipping

    by Robin020 Written Jun 8, 2011

    A tip for the waitress or taxidriver?

    In Aleppo or in Syria in General, it is up to you to give tips to the waitress in a restaurant (if he/she was friendly and helpfull and the food was good of cours). They need the tips to live since the wage is very little.

    In bars and café's some people give a tip, others don't.The servers will appreciate it if you do.

    It is common to give the taxidriver a tip. Only if they were nice and friendly, of course!
    Never give a tip if someone asks for it.The amount of the tip is not specific you decide how much to tip.:-)

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  • Bargaining or haggling

    by Robin020 Written Jun 7, 2011

    Be aware that haggling down the price of any thing you buy,The seller,vendor mostly raise the price because the vendor knows very well the buyer will try to haggle it down. It is part of the culture,cloth,taking a taxi,souveniurs,even the hotel price...etc from 20% to 40%.Do your best do not be hesitate the vendor expect you to haggle ;)

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  • ATM points in Aleppo

    by Robin020 Updated Jun 6, 2011

    Aleppo ATM

    select area
    Status ATM Name ATM Address Number
    Service Alintag souk Alantag souk-Almuhafaza faoboug 1
    Service Building road copmpany Salah Aldeen St-Rodko building 1
    Service Shihan hospital Shihan-Teshreen St 1
    Service Agriculture Department Aleppo city- Alzeraa Squre 1
    Service Albaladi palas Albaladi palas-next to collection of water bills 1
    Service telephon center Telephon center of new Aleppo 1
    Service Branch/3/ Aleppo city -Khan Alharir St 1
    Service Branch/5/ -Aleppo cityKhan Alharir St 1
    Service Saif aldaola aif Aldaola- Alansari telephon center--public St -Aleppo city 1
    Service Bab Alfarag -Aleppo cityAlkuwatly St-Bab alfarag St- near to Samiramis Hotel 2
    Service Alsulaimania Alsulaimania- The road of Social Insurance -Aleppo city 1
    Service Baghdad Station Baghdad station -Aleppo city 1
    Service ATM -Alkuttab Alkuttab -St The museum-next to tourism department -Aleppo city- 1
    Service ATM of the Airport Halab Airport- at the hall of departures and coming 2
    Service Airport- insid Halab Airport -Aleppo city 1
    Service University of Aleppo The intrance of the university 1
    Service Faculty of ingineering Main intrance of faculty of Ingineering 1
    Service Police station of Shahbaa The old Shahbaa-next to telephon center -Aleppo city 1
    Service Faculty of Law The main intranc of faculty of Law - Aleppo city 1
    Service branch/2/ -Aleppo cityAlazma St-sinema Augharit 1
    Service branch/6/ Albaroon St- cinema Augharit -Aleppo city 1
    Service branch/7/ -Aleppo city -Alauruoba -near the carny-Alzahraa cinema St 2
    Service Finance department of Aleppo Algamilia -Aleppo city 2
    Service Saad Alla Algaberi Saad allah Algaberi squre -infront of Syrianair company -Aleppo city 1
    Service Railway department -Aleppo city-Alrazi hospital- Railway 1
    Service branch/8/ Aeppo city -AlKastal Alhajjarin-Almutanabbi St-seven Bhrat 1
    Service branch/1/ Seven Bhrat-Talaat Albunook St -Aleppo city 1
    Service Faculty of Law Aleppo University 1
    Service Faculty of Engineering Aleppo University 1
    Service inside branch /3/ Khan Alhareer St 1
    Service ATM branch/5/ Khan Alhareer St 1
    Service new toun ATM New toun -Aleppo 1
    Service Aleppo branch ATM -5Aleppo branch 1
    Running Altabegh Institution Ain Altall road-Altabegh Institution 2
    Running Albasel squre -New Aleppo - Albasel squre 1
    Running Alshefa The raode of new Aleppo - Alshefa Squre 1
    Running Alkhaldia squre Alkhaldia - The last of Alneel St 1
    Running Alazizia Alvillat St- Aleppo city 2
    Running Old Alserian Alserian -intrance of Customs department 1
    Running intrance of branch /3/ Khan Alhareer St 1
    Running Alashrafia ATM Alashrafia squire 1

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  • hat53's Profile Photo

    Baron Hotel a museum?

    by hat53 Written May 15, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    In all the guides the baron Hotel is mention as the place visited by a lot of celebrities. Piece of resistance is the signature of TE Lawrence. We visited the hotel to take a look all we found was an old hotel, a piece of paper under a magnifying glass and a guy who tried to make some money.
    This how the conversation went. Hi do you want to change some money? No. Do you want to make trip trough the city? No. Do you want to buy postcards? No. Do you want a drink? No. This is a museum, you have to pay 150 pounds. No, this is a hotel.

    Unique Suggestions: Just stay polite if you don't want anything and leave. Don't pay anything, it is a hotel not a museum.

    If you are in the neighborhood you can visit the hotel, but it is not worth the extra mile.

    The Baron Hotel
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    • Budget Travel
    • Historical Travel
    • Museum Visits

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  • dr.firas's Profile Photo

    What you should know once you are in Aleppo!!!

    by dr.firas Written Mar 3, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Do not be fooled by Taxi drivers...
    when they realize that you are a tourist they will have high price from you!!!

    Unique Suggestions: If something similar will happen do not forget to deal with the driver and make the price befor you get in...

    Fun Alternatives: No alternative but to do what i said if you don't wanna sleep in the airport...
    but you'll have fun -i guess- by bazzaring with the driver.


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  • call_me_rhia's Profile Photo

    inside the citadel

    by call_me_rhia Written Jan 14, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    the citadel, inside, it really but an empty shell. All buildings except a few are crumbling down or about to... Extensive work is being carried out, but it'll really take ages to make it worth visiting. The throne room is really nice, but it's the only sight worth visiting - overpriced at 150 Syrian pounds.

    Unique Suggestions: see the throne room - and think of the entrance ticket as a help towards future reconstruction...

    Fun Alternatives: Buy a postcard of the throne room, and save some money (spend it at the souq nearby)

    inside the citadel

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  • SueRivet's Profile Photo

    I suppose everyone who visits...

    by SueRivet Written Aug 25, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I suppose everyone who visits Jordan is enamoured of the fascinating figure of T. E. Lawrence (of Arabia). He is widely reputed to have holed up at the Baron Hotel in Aleppo, but to have checked out without settling his bill, a copy of which is now prominently displayed in a case. Despite its romantic tones of adventure, the Baron has faded beyond recognition, and has joined the ranks of nondescript. Still, many join up for drinks in the lounge area, where the owner passes round old photos and postcards for your perusal and, it is hoped, purchase.

    Sure, I went, Sure, I bought a couple of cards. But the best part of the evening was spent with good company.

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