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Most Viewed Local Customs in Muhafazat Hims

  • Some Syrian Mezze (starters ) or for breakfast

    by Robin020 Written Nov 14, 2011


    Sweet red pepper paste
    Crushed walnuts
    Olive oil
    Sliced garlic (optional)

    The stuffing
    Mix together the sweet red pepper paste with the crushed walnuts and the garlic.


    100 gr. bread crumbs
    50 gr. sweet red pepper paste
    10 gr. crushed dried hot red pepper
    20 gr. cumin
    40 gr. concentrated pomegranate syrup
    100 ml. olive oil
    100 gr. crushed walnut
    150 ml. water
    20 ml. lemon juice
    15 gr. sugar


    1 bunch of parsley
    7 eggs
    1 teaspoon of flour
    1 onion
    2 cloves of garlic
    1 teaspoon of dried mint
    1 teaspoon of dried sweet red pepper
    1 pinch of cinnamon
    200 ml. olive oil
    Vegetable oil


    1 kg. eggplant
    2 tomatoes
    1 onion
    1 bunch of parsley
    Lemon juice
    Olive oil
    Vegetable oil
    Arabic bread


    500 gr. eggplant
    1 green pepper
    1/2 bunch of chopped parsley
    4 branches of green mint
    150 gr. sesame oil
    1/2 glass of lemon juice
    25 gr. concentrated pomegranate syrup
    30 ml. olive oil
    1 tomato
    1 clove of garlic if desired
    some grains of pomegranate


    1 kg. eggplant (about 5 big pieces)
    Olive oil
    Garlic (optional)
    Lemon juice
    Concentrated pomegranate syrup
    Chopped parsley
    Pomegranate grains

    250 gr. green olives
    60 gr. concentrated pomegranate syrup
    40 ml. olive oil
    2 green onions
    1 peeled tomato
    1/2 bunch of parsley
    Grains of one pomegranate for decoration
    Branch of thyme for decoration


    500 gr. tomato
    500 gr. cucumber
    100 gr. onion
    75 gr. green mint
    75 gr. purslane
    1 bunch of parsley
    1 lettuce
    2 cloves of garlic
    50 gr. of black olives
    1 lemon juice
    3 teaspoons of vinegar
    1 teaspoon of sumac
    125 ml. olive oil
    Vegetable oil
    Bread cut into triangles as desired

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  • Mate (mati) drink

    by Robin020 Written Nov 29, 2011

    Mate in Arabic (mati)is south American drink but very popular drink in Syria,
    Is drunk with Massasa (strow )and hot water.
    Those who share the mate join in a kind of bond of total acceptance and friendship.
    some of the benefits of drinking yerba mate tea.
    1. Rich in Antioxidants

    Yerba mate tea is very high in antioxidants; it's got about 90% more antioxidants than green tea. Yerba mate has significant immune boosting properties. It can slow the signs of aging, detoxify the blood and prevent many types of cancer. Yerba mate also helps reduce stress and insomnia.
    2. Enhances Your Ability to Focus

    Proponents of yerba mate tea say that the minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, animo acids and polphenols found in this beverage have a balancing effect on the caffeine it contains. Users report increased mental energy, clarity and focus, but they also say that yerba mate doesn't cause any of the uncomfortable side effects associated with drinking caffeinated beverages, such as headaches, stomachaches and jitters.
    3. Enhances Physical Endurance

    The chemical compounds and nutrients in yerba mate tea affect your metabolism to make your body use carbohydrates more efficiently. This means you'll get more energy from the food you eat. You'll also burn more of the calories your body has stored in fat cells as fuel when you drink yerba mate tea regularly. Regular yerba mate consumption also helps keep lactic acid from building up in your muscles so you can decrease post workout soreness and cut your recovery time.
    4. Aids Digestion

    The native peoples of South America have long used yerba mate tea as a traditional herbal remedy against digestive ailments. Yerba mate aids digestion by stimulating increased production of bile and other gastric acids. Yerba mate helps keep your colon clean for effective and efficient waste elimination, and helps reduce the stomach bacteria that can contribute to bad breath.
    5. Helps You Control Your Weight

    Native South American peoples have traditionally used yerba mate as part of a lifestyle that includes a healthy diet and exercise. Yerba mate has stimulant qualities to help you feel full sooner after you begin eating, and it slows your digestion so that your stomach stays full longer. Combining yerba mate with a healthy diet and regular exercise can help boost your metabolism to burn more calories, and it can help you eat less by curbing your appetite slightly.
    6. Supports Cardiovascular Health

    The antioxidants and amino acids present in yerba mate help fat and cholesterol move through your bloodstream so that they don't accumulate on artery walls. Yerba mate also helps prevent arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) and prevents blood clots that may cause heart attack or stroke.

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  • Local cuising (Jbn el Halawa)

    by Robin020 Written Oct 3, 2011

    it’s akawi cheese and semolina flour pressed into sheets and rolled with ashta cream. Although bland on its own, it resembles a lighter cheesecake once you douse it with sugar syrup.

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