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Adiyaman Things to Do

  • Yeni Kale (New Castle)

    About 60 km. east of Adiyaman, near Kocahisar village. Within the castle there are cisterns and relics of a masque, bath and shops. Commagene king, Mitradtes, and also evidence of remains which might have been the Commagene Palace of opposite, separated by the Eski Kahta river, are the remains of Yeni Kale (new castle)Yeni Kale is the second...

  • Malpinari

    Malpinari (Hittite): South of Firlak Hoyuk, 35 km from Adiyaman near Goksu is Malpinari where water flows freely between the rocks. On the face of the rock from which the water flows is a Late Hittite hieroglyphic inscription. Opposite Malpinari, near Besni (on the opposite side of Goksu) are a group of caves carved into the rock 40-50 meters high....

  • Cendere bridge

    Cendere Bridge is 55 km from Adiyaman, over the Kahta creek, it is one of the oldest bridges known in the world and still in use. A surviving Roman bridge built in the time of Septimus Severus, it spans the Kahta River in one single arch. It is constructed of 92 stones each weighing about 10 tons. The three columns, two at one end and one at the...

  • Farin or Pirin

    Farin or Pirin (Perre) are the oldest known names of Adiyaman. Later it was named Hisni-Mansur which was said to have come from the Mansur castle which was built as a protection against the Byzantines by the Emevi commander Ibni-Canen when he came into the region in the 7th century.Pirin Cave-Graves (Rock Tombs): 5 km. from Adiyaman, is the ancient...

  • The West Terrace

    Walking further round the tumulus, you reach the West Terrace, the most sacred place on the mountain. From this terrace, you look out on the edge of the plain of Mesopotamia, the cradle of our civilization. The sun, the moon and all stars of the zodiac rise on your left, reaching their zenith directly in front of you, and descending to your...

  • Haydaran Rock Tombs

    In the village of Tasgedik, 17 km. north of Adiyaman are the Haydaran Rock Tombs and relief. The Haydaran Caves ( magara in Turkish) are in the district of Haydaran . On the door of one of theses caves is a relief of two men facing each other. Their style of dress is especially interesting.

  • Oturakci Pazari ( Bazaar)

    Oturakci Bazaar is a favorite place for all tourists, which is the centre of town in Adiyaman. One can find some original hand-made carpets, kilims and bags there included copper works

  • The Nomos( The Holy Law of Antiochus )

    If you stand behind the statue of Zeus, you can read the letters "N O M O [ " (Nomos). Here, the Holy Law of Antiochus begins. The Nomos of the Nemrud can be regarded as the testament of Antiochus. Maybe, as part of his education, Antiochus in his younger years, undertook a long journey to the east to visit some of the cities which were founded by...

  • The North Terrace

    The pilgrims assembled at the foot of the mountain from the surrounding valleys. Here they were provided with food and drink by the servants of the priests. From there, two processional ways led to the sanctuary on the mountain. Both processional ways are marked with a stele close to the sanctuary. On these steles is carved a text. Here, Antiochus...

  • The East Terrace

    The worn treads of a rock stairway lead you to the East Terrace. The first thing you see, as you reach the square, is a row of five enormous statues. Massive and lifeless, they look down on you from their thrones. They are in perfect harmony with the surrounding mountain landscape.The fallen heads of the statues have been set in front of them. You...

  • Nemrut IV

    The colossal statues on the western terrace are arranged in the same way as those on the east. Their heads also lie about on the ground but are better preserved. Owing to the different topographical features between the east and west terraces, the orthostats bearing the inscriptions and reliefs of the ancestors on the latter are arranged...

  • Nemrut III

    The orthostats overlooking the court on the north were decorated with reliefs depicting the Persian ancestors of Antiochos while those on the south had reliefs depicting his Macedonian forbears. At the head of the list of deified ancestors there are two eminent names: that of Dareios 1, the founder of the Achaemenid dynasty on his father's side,...

  • Nemrut II

    Mt Nemrud is located 100 kms from Adiyaman. No reference is made to it in ancient sources. Karl Sester, a German road engineer, rediscovered it in modern times in 1881. An expedition to Mt Nemrud was organized in 1882-83 by Karl Humann and Otto Puchstein, who published their findings in a book entitled Reisen in Kleinasien und Nordsyrien (Berlin...

  • Nemrut I

    Nemrut Dag is located near the village of Karadut in Kahta county in the province of Adiyaman. Kings of the Kommagene dynasty from 80 B.C. to 72 A.D ruled Adiyaman and its vicinity. This kingdom, whose capital was Samosata (now called Samsat), was founded around 80 B.C. by Mithridates 1, father of Antiochos 1. The kingdom's independence came to an...

  • Mt Nemrud or Nemrut

    First of all we shouldnt mix Nemrut Mt with Nemrut lake ( nemrut lake is near Bitlis).Situated 95 kms northeast from Adiyaman, the impressive peak of Mount Nemrut is the most outstanding landmark of the region. It is the highest mountain of northern old Mesopotamia, reaching a height of 2150 meters, and is a unique historical treasure possessing...

  • Karakus ( Black bird)

    Going from Kahta, preferably by 4x4 or a similar vehicle, to the summit of Nemrut near the Kahta River, one arrives at what the local people call the Karakus Tumulus. This, according to some experts, is a small model of the Hierotheseion (last resting place) on the' summit of Mt. Nemrut. It is the burial ground for the women of the, Commagene Royal...

  • Gerger

    Gerger, on river Euphrates, is about 60 miles from the city of Adiyaman and is the easternmost district (ilçe) of the province. History of Gerger parallels the history of the region. Gerger, about 2,200, above sea level was settled, it is believed, circa 6th century B.C.E. At around that time, king Arsemos of Slevkos is said to have established a...

  • Arsemia

    60 km away from Adiyaman, was the summer capital of the Comagene Kingdom. At the foot of the ancient Arsemia, there is a magnificent relief of Hercules greeting Commagene King, Mitridate. Also found the greatest Greek inscription in Anatolia.Another 100 meters farther along is a Dexiosis relief showing a hand-shaking scene between King Mithradates...

  • Ataturk Dam

    Between the Tigris and EuphratesThere's a leisure centre nowThey've got all kinds of sportsThey've got Bermuda shortsit s a miracle !!!!The Southeastern Anatolia Project (GAP) is a massive $32 billion public project to control the power and potential of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers and to irrigate the fertile plains that lie between them. When...

  • Samsat (Samosata)

    Historically SAMOSATA is a village in Adiyaman il (province) on the upper Euphrates River. In antiquity Samosata was a fortified city guarding an important crossing point of the river on the east-west trade route; as such it enjoyed considerable commercial and strategic importance. Probably of Hittite origin, the city was incorporated into the...

  • Zey ( early Christians)

    Zey Early reign Christians were settled..Zey is a small village 7 km from Adiyaman. Near this village is Kitap cave and a two store fortress, Demir Kale, carved from rock that was once a human settlement. There is also a mosque and the mausoleum of seyh Abdurrahman Ercincani, both built by Murat IV. Early reign Christians were settled near the Zey...


Adiyaman Hotels

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  • Grand Isias Hotel

    Ataturk BulvarI No:220/A, Adiyaman, 2100, Turkey

    Satisfaction: Terrible

    Good for: Business

  • Bozdogan Otel

    Hotel Bozdogan serves you opportunity of watching sun rise and sun set view, visiting God`s Mountain...


Adiyaman Transportation

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    Inandi Turizm Seyahat...

    by evliyasems Written Aug 30, 2002

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    Inandi Turizm Seyahat Acentesi-Inandi Tourism Agent Branches Address Phone
    Adiyaman Ataturk Bulvari, Adiyaman-Turkey +90 (416) 216 14 36 or 216 14 40
    Kahta M.Kemal Caddesi, Kahta-Turkey +90 (416) 725 77 05 or 725 77 06

    Demal Turizm Seyahat Acentasi- Demal Tourism Agent

    Branches Address Phone
    Adiyaman Turgut Reis Mahallesi-840 S.No=11, Turkey (0.416) 216 62 23-213 40 53

    Nemrut Turizm Seyahat Acentasi (Nemrut Tourism Agent)

    Branches Address Phone
    Kahta M.Kemal Cd.No:15, Kahta-Turkey (0.416) 725 71 03-725 60 80

    Adiyaman Turizm Seyahat Acentasi (Adiyaman Tourism Agent)

    Branches Address Phone
    Adiyaman Turgut Reis Mh.Zombaba Cami Yani-Turkey (0.416) 216 08 53-216 31 37
    By TURKISH Airlines (two flights weekly from Ankara or Istanbul )
    Or You can come to Gaziantep by daily flights then passing to Adiyaman. (It is just 150 km far from Gaziantep city.
    Intercity bus on hourly basis .

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Adiyaman Local Customs

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    Folklore in Adiyaman

    by traveloturc Updated Nov 10, 2011

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    Adiyaman is very famous with his folkoric local dances.This dances historically are based to the very old time when the local people use to worship to the sun
    For the interested people I post an example video of local folkloric dance symbolizing "the harvest"

    A small video about Adiyaman folkloric dance

    Adiyaman Folkloric dance

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