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    River and City.
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    Greetings from Amasya..
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Amasya Things to Do

  • Kapı Ağa Theology School

    It is built by Hüseyin Ağa , who is Gate's Ağa (Director) of Sultan IIth Bayezid, in 1488. Octagon type schema, that was common at frontal Asia tombs and Selcuklu monument tombs, is firstly applied to this theology school by the means of function.

  • Haliliye Theology School

    Haliliye Theology School buling is at the Gümüş district centre in Gümüşhacıköy county, it was built by Halil Pasha, whom was the Governor General of Çelebi Sultan Mehmed, in 1413. Is a square typed theology school with covered courtyard.

  • Sultan IIth Bayezid Külliye

    Külliye is built for the name of Sultan IIth Bayezid in 1485-86; it contains mosque, theology school, charitable establishment, tomb and fountain. It the last developed sample of sideways residential (planned like big L) mosque architecture which was popular at the last quarter of 15th century. At the Külliye beside of mosque there are theology...

  • Bimarhane (place of cure)

    It is a unique building that remains from İlhanlı Period to nowadays. Is was built in the name of the Sultan Mehmet Olcaytu, Ruler of İlhanlı State and his wife Ilduz Hatun in 1308. Especially front side of the building is valuable by perspective of artistic values. On the shackle stone of gate there is an human relief that...

  • Ferhat Water Canal

    The canal was built in the Hellenistic Period to fulfil city's water necessity, it has approximately 75 width and 18 kilometers long. It was built with processes of digging canals based on the balance system, carving some tunnels and bounding brick walls at some places.

  • Aynalı Cave

    Aynalı Cave (Rock Tomb) is approximately three kilometres away from the city centre, and on the way of Ziyaret district which way separated to the right from surrounding high way towards Samsun. It is the best - decorated and completed tomb among other King Rock Tombs. At the vault section there are 6 pictures on each right and left walls,...

  • King Rock Tombs

    In Hellenistic Age, it was designed as a room for tombs carved on the lime stone rocks at the south foot of Harsena Mountain. Strabon, the writer of the Antique Age, stated that the tombs belonged to kings. Inside these ruins are two private baths of the 15th century Ottoman Period.There are 5 unit tombs placed at slope of Amasya Castle that all...

  • Amasya Castle

    Amasya Castle was built on Harºena Mountain as it was the most suitable place to defend the city. The inner part is made of hewn stone and ramparts are made of unhewn stone. The castle has an eight-level defence. From the beginning of the early Bronze Age (B.C.3200) to the end of the Ottoman Period, it was used for defence.There are 4 main gates in...

  • Hazeranlar Mension

    There are traditional Turkish mansions which have been well-preserved. The 19th-century Hazeranlar Mansion has been restored perfectly and now it is of great interest with an art gallery on its first floor and an ethnographical museum on the second.Hazeranlar Mansion Hazeranlar mansion is the most beautiful mansion at Yalı boyu (across the...

  • The Amasya Castle -the Flag on top of...

    Finally, after probably hundreds of steps from the entrance of the castle to the top tower, I came face-to-face with the flagpole flapping the red turkish flag from up the mountain and you can see anywhere in the town below.I felt so accomplished that day.

  • The Amasya Castle -- up there and away!

    The Amasya Castle is situated on the steep cliff - the Harshena mountain, on the north river bank of Yeþilýrmak. The castle has four gates, a water well (Cilanbolu), a cistern, and dungeons, an underground path, and stairs to Yesilirmak river and the pontic tombs below (about 70 meters).A walk up to the tower of the castle is my third lap on this...

  • The Amasya Castle... continuous

    I walked at the back of the tea garden along Zubeyde Hanim Caddesi on the way to the train track and crossed it and walk inside the neighborhood and asked a guy again. So he told me the way and up I went inside an urban jungle (forest park silly!). It's a crawl up there, very steep, I forgot some descriptions but I passed along some forested...


Amasya Restaurants

  • Flavourful Dandurma

    I don't know what's the chemistry with Amasya and Ice cream? Ice cream parlours are all over town! Just along the Ziya Pasha Boulevard beside the Yesilirmak River are several parlours serving delicious chewy dardurma (icecream), maybe more than a dozen of them.And a lot of people are walking with cones on their hands, and at the parlours, people...

  • Budget and tasty local meals

    The last time - 4 or 5 years ago - I made a review on a lokantasi in Istanbul that serves cheap but delicious local meals beside Beyazid tram station, I regret it. They are now popular among tourists and the downside -- they became expensive.Nonetheless, I'm always fair and I say what I've tasted. I was looking for a local fare and a place that has...

  • Simple but Efficient

    Very simple lrestaurant, up near the Apple Palace, offers breathtaking views of Amasya. You can visit during the day or just before sunset to do them justice. If there's a group of you, ring ahead for a free pick-up, otherwise a taxi will set you back around €3 each way.


Amasya Nightlife

  • June.b's Profile Photo

    by June.b Written Jul 19, 2011

    There are 3 things I know that you could do at night in Amasya.

    One, go to the town square near the clock tower, some nights they have a local (for all) rendezvous there (see pics), people dancing in circles with live instruments, you might want to join along. Looks fun with the culture thing.

    Second, A quite walk along the promenade of the Yesilirmak River while watching the illuminated Pontic Tombs-- spectacular! Many locals do.

    Third, go to local clubs on the ottoman mansions, Harsena is one popular place with live singer/bands, I think the Sehir Restaurant beside the clock tower too is a nice place overlooking the river.

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Amasya Transportation

  • Metro Turizm Bus

    It's always a safe bet with Metro Turizm bus everytime. I bought my ticket at the Buyuk Otogar (Grand Bus Terminal) in Istanbul. I just pack couple of shirts and pants and left the rest of luggage in my favorite hotel in Istanbul, and off I go to Amasya. It's the same route as the road I took before in Amasra -- the black sea coast route.Fare was...

  • Plane to Samsun, Then Bus to Amasya

    Amasya has no airport. However Samsun is 130 kms far from it and there are regular flights to Samsun from Istanbul and charters from Germany in summertime. Look at my Samsun transportation page for information.After arrival to Samsun there are two options:train or bus.TRAIN:according to the info in government site of Amasya departure from...

  • Distances to Amasya

    Ankara: 335 km (208 miles), 5 hoursBogazkale: 85 km (53 miles), 1.5 hoursCappadocia (Urgup): 400 km (250 miles), 7 hoursÇorum: 92 km (57 miles), 1.75 hoursGiresun: 339 km (211 miles) E, 6 hoursIstanbul: 685 km (426 miles), 10.5 hoursSamsun: 130 km (81 miles), 2.25 hoursSinop: 220 km (137 miles), 4 hoursSivas: 225 km (140 miles), 4 hours Trabzon:...


Amasya Shopping

See all 3 Shopping in Amasya
  • Amasya Apples

    If you're a local or have a local friend in Istanbul, am sure if they heard that you're going to Amasya and you asked them if they want anything there -- one thing will come up and that's apples. They said the apples in Amasya is delicious, the green ones. They're selling it more expensive in Istanbul.So go buy some kilos, I did. they're available...

  • Souvenirs from Amasya

    If you are planning to carry back souvenirs from Amasya, marble apples from the orchards would be a perfect choice. Other gift items to be picked up can be handmade scarves, and home made kusburnu marmalade

  • Chinese-made goods in a traditional...

    While not as grand and as labyrithine as Istanbul's and definitely pint-sized when placed alongside Bursa's, Amasya's Kapali Carsi (covered market), does have a charm of its own, and offers several interesting finds. I didn't spend much time going through the shops, but enjoyed chatting with the shopkeepers, stopping by at some shops to oblige...


Amasya Local Customs

  • Turkish Baths (Hamams)

    There are several hamams that are still in operation in Amasya today. The most commonly used one is "Mustafa Bey Hamami", which was built in 1436. As usual, they have seperate places for men and women and a full wash would cost around EUR 8.

  • The Local Cuisine & Apples

    The town's historic past and cultural richness are reflected in the local cuisine, which includes such specialties as toyga soup (containing yoghurt, drunk hot or cold), stuffed broad beans, okra, a mutton dish known as keskek and a sweet made with paper-thin sheets of yufka. Last but not least, Amasya apples, which are known to practically...

  • Tin, Brass or Copper Samovars

    This charming and monumental city is famous for its handicrafts. The local people's habit ofdrinking tea has led to the development of the samovar, and artisans producing unique and elaborately ornamental samovars made especially of tin, brass and copper stand out in the city.


Amasya Warnings and Dangers

  • MalenaN's Profile Photo

    by MalenaN Updated Jan 21, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Walking up to some of the Pontoc Tombs the stairs suddenly ends with a steep. I’m glad I was watching where I put my feet, as there was no fence protecting one from stepping out, over the edge.

    Well, good shoes can be good to wear when visiting the tombs.

    The end of the stair
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Amasya Off The Beaten Path

  • Terzikoy SPA

    Terzikoy spa center, a thermal resort, is also worth a visit.Its about 35 km to Amsya near the village of GoynucekTerziköy thermal spring is one of the most important springs of the province. Gözlek thermal spring, Hamamözü (Arkut Bey) thermal spring and Ilısu thermal spring are the other thermal springs of Amasya.

  • Lake Borabay

    Lake Borabay (65 kms northeast of Amasya) is a crater lake with an amazing view and fresh air. It is a perfect area for fishing (especially trout), for picnicking and for being in the nature.Borabay Lake By turning left at the 44th kilometre of Amasya - Taşova highway, you will be get in Taşova - Samsun highway, again turning left at the...

  • Yedikir Dam Lake

    Yedi Kuğular Kuş Cenneti (Seven Swan Bird Sanctuary) (Yedikır Dam) It is on the 7th kilometre of Amasya - Suluova highway. Region is charming picnic place with beautiful nature surrounds dam lake, walking course, fish breeding establishments, social facilities of DSİ and common amateur fishery at lake. Dam lake began to...


Amasya Favorites

  • Time to discover the past of Amasya.

    Amasya has a rich past. It was always called with famous statesmen during the ages. Pontian kings and Ottoman princes are among them. City museum is an important point of interest for a breeze of history and local culture. Museum of mummies.

  • Other interesting places to visit

    The city also has many historically and architecturally precious buildings; the Ferhat water channel, the 13th-century Seljuk Burmali Mosque, the 15th-century Yildirim Beyazit Mosque and Complex; the 14th-century Ilhanli Bimarhane Mental Hospital with lovely reliefs around its portal, the extraordinary octagonal Kapi Aga Medrese, the Torumtay...

  • The City Where Everything Started...

    In 1919 Amasya was the location of the final planning meetings held by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk for the building of a Turkish army to establish the Turkish republic following the collapse of the Ottoman Empire at the end of the First World War. It was here that Mustafa Kemal made the announcement of the Turkish War of Independence with the famous...


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