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  • Sexy boys dancing!
    Sexy boys dancing!
    by b85abydoll
  • iT` US x
    iT` US x
    by kimberlyhamilton
  • Ahmet - Beautiful boy
    Ahmet - Beautiful boy
    by b85abydoll

Most Recent Nightlife in Altinkum

  • medusa nightclub: medusa nightclub

    by scattybat Updated Apr 4, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    the club is near 2nd beach in what looks like a ruined castle. there are shops on the complex.
    once inside there are terraces and a large dance floor, the whole place is open air and great fun. like any club the men can get a bit touchy feely, but the security is great, to get in you need to go through an airport like scanner and men are body searched, seems extreme but it makes you feel safer.
    drinks aren't cheap (never are in clubs) about 5ytl for local drinks or 10ytl for brand names. local drinks worked for me!!!!
    the music is a mix of ours and theirs but you can dance to both! the weirdest thing is that the turks sit down a lot of the time in the club, which we dont really do at home, they aer just more laid back than us

    Dress Code: there didn't seem to be a dress code, but i would say smart casual, same as anywhere else.

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  • Parasol Dancing and Coctail Bar: little known bar, but the best night out!

    by funkymonkey01 Written Jul 19, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Parasol Bar is almost right beside the very noisy swan Bar in Dolphin Square. It's a wonderful place and, whilst it doesn't look too busy, don't let this put you off. It recently moved from the other side of Altinkum, as the owners felt they needed bigger premises. Because of this, the customers who came in previous years haven't yet found it again, hence its quiet appearance.

    So, where do I start? The bar has inside and outside tables. The seats are very comfy, as they have loads of cushions. Dancing carries on from about 9 at night right through to 3 AM (closing time) The staff are extremely friendly and wil encourage you to get involved in the dancing They'll even teach you the set folk dances so that you can fully participate. The staff make a real effort to get to know you personally, and wil go out of their way to make your time with them an enjoyable one. They're also very good with children When I returned to Altinkum this year, it was with a family group of 12. We had 2 kids with us and, at night when they fell asleep, they were given blankets and sofas to cuddle up on while the adults carried on with their night out. The staff kept an eye on the children, and were extremely attentive. When awake, they encouraged the kids to dance with them, gave them balloons, and generally kept them entertained. I can't recommend this place highly enough.

    It's a family run business, and has a bus service which will pick you up from your hotel, and then, when you're too drunk to walk, will drop you back off there. The owner's brother runs the bus, and owns the Penguin Restaurant on 3rd beach. It, again, is an amazing place to go to (please see my tip under Altinkum Restaurants for further information).Both Penguin and Parasol are well worth a visit.

    Dress Code: no specific dress code, but most folks come in 'going out' clothes. Guys are fine in jeans.

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  • Ignite bar: Ignite bar

    by bigdom1 Written Nov 15, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We had a few good nights in this place during a holiday to Altinkum. Food is very very good and staff are very welcoming. Our party of 10 were always made very welcome and even when the place was packed the staff always rearranged furniture to cater for us. Drinks are rerasonable and the mucis is good also - a great variety. There is a pool table and a huge tv screen whci will show all football matches live next year.
    bar is open all winter!!!!!!!

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  • Ignite Bar: We hada few good nights here

    by bigdom Written Nov 15, 2007

    I saw detailks about this bar on the website and I had to write and say that we too had a good few good nights out in here! The food was very very good, and the drinks were very very good too! Great variety of music was played. Our party of 10 people were always made very welcome and staff were happy to rearrange furniture in the bar to make space for us - even when the p[lace was packed full. There is a pool table and a huge tv screen which i'm told will be showing all football matches liven ext year - great or what!

    Decoration is very nice too

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  • Ignite Bar: Great Night Out

    by rowzerin Written Nov 14, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This is a terrific bar/Restaurant - a bit of the beaten track but well worth a visit or two during your trip to Altinkum. The food is first class and very reasonably priced. The service is great and the staff are very friendly - nothing is a problem to them.
    Toilet facilities are exeptional.

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  • galaxy bar: quality night out age 16-30

    by jamieandbrighty Written Sep 14, 2007

    Galaxy bar......wah can we say never expected to have such a gud time quality music mostly english mosst recent tunes loads of gorjus english girls who are up for a gud time haha:P staff are amazing to and cheaP DRINKS!!wah more can we say well be bak in 08. if you go to altinkum u wud be stupid not to go to this place best holiday ever!!!!!!

    Jamie and brighty of middlebrough

    Dress Code: anything that takes ya fanci:P

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  • Galaxy Bar rox`s Lah Best ... Music Was Brill :D: WasLahBestEver ... Altinkum`s ThePlaceTooBe

    by kimberlyhamilton Written Sep 6, 2007

    Galaxy Bar rox`s Lah Best ... Music Was Brill Was All Diff Types From R&B ... ToO Dance \=D/ ToO Lah Oldies :D Altinkum Is The Best Place tOo Be ! All In It`s Amazin ... Not Just For The Nightclubs HaHa Welll Worth It :D Advise Anyone To Go ..... I stayed At Panoroms Which Was Brill , Spotless & Clean . Staff Werr Veryy Friendlyyy & All That ! We Went To galaxy bar everynight of the hol as it was that good :D we loved it , also we went in every dancing but galaxy was well the best , weather was the best wen we went :D 130 every dayy we just arrived bak on the 19th of august ... going bak nxt yearr .... met aload of boys from newcastlee & met a boy called benn .... who was with my friend ... if you see this , get bak too me thnx .... if anyone wants more basic info on altinkum get bak to me and ill b happy to help xxxxx

    iT` US x
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  • altinkum turkey: medusa memories 2007

    by tedbed Written Aug 30, 2007

    open air disco wae awsome english n turkish tunes,two georgous tukish barmen offered 2
    accompany us ,ali n hakan fae the panamous hotel,bless there cotton socks we gaed them a
    night 2 remember this club is amazing ,sitting right on the beach wae a fantastic view of
    altinkum hot spots , it was so gid us scottish lassies gaed them a run 4 there money when we got hame they said never again! I say scottish girls n turkish boys forever.

    Dress Code: Dress code is smart casual but in turkey anything goes.

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    by ellexx Written Jul 12, 2007

    oh my god im in heaven!!! start in swan bar and have a few drinks n a laugh wi freddy, tj, danny and zack move onto the ege bar 4 sum excellent music and the sexy seckin and yankee -stay away frm pervy chico tho (sorry if ya like him but he was awful when i was there) and later on head to the wonderful seal bar pure rnb all nyt you just cant stop dancing its amazing watch the barstaff tho they lean in 4 a snog at any given opportunity lol!!! Thats my perfect altinkum nyt any1 agree?? also try dolphin bar and cheers not as busy but a good time xxx p.s flamingos and galaxy is also a good nyt bangin tunes ,underground and hot and sweaty exacly how a club should b! just b careful wi tha guys in there they can get a bit too touchy feely f ya nt into that!

    Dress Code: Ege and swan whateva u like its still a nyt out so ya mite wanna get a bit dolled up! not too much tho, nthing 2 short or tyt in seal or flamingoes coz u will get touched alot by tha guys and its very hot x

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  • EGE BAR: Nighttime entertainment

    by kel81 Written Jun 20, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Me,my husband and 2 kids have been to altinkum now for the past 3years.It is a great place, very friendly the turkish people are absolutely fantastic.We end up in the ege bar every night,great dancing somewhere you can just sit,relax,and have as many efes as you like.Going there again for the fourth time in september cant wait to see everybody again including tarzan and romeo from their restaurants......ALTINKUM GR8 PLACE ON EARTH!!!!!!

    Dress Code: No dress code needed, just make yourself look sexy......

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  • swan bar: night time music and fun

    by stuart.conway Written May 2, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    when you go to altinkum ,you gotta check out the swan bar, its brilliant, everythin is at fast pace, ya cant keep up with em.the music is loud (sometimes) it makes a great night out for both young and not so young, the people there are second to none.
    LEE and the guys did us proud , before our drinks glass was empty there was another drink on ya table LEE and ANDY were brilliant always smiling no matter wat , the music was ace the dancers, well i was gettin tired just watching em.
    I would strongly recommend the swan bar to anyone at any time , we didnt go anywhere else
    ya dont need to with what they got to offer. *****

    Dress Code: there is no dress code for the swan bar just go as you please they will greet you with a smile no matter what your waring.

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  • dolphin caf'e bar: brilliant people an top dancers sexxxxy

    by titsnteeth06 Updated Oct 7, 2006

    we just came bk from altinkum. starting off at the swan an ending up at the dolphin which is a fantastic family friendly bar. the staff are second to none , very friendly and entertaining too. i loved watching them dance they was great !!!!!!!!!!!!! big chef was really nice very funny guy guy they all was and fantastic wiv the little ones especially , the music is good too! i would reccomend any families to go mine are all coming next yr bout 26 of us ! all really nice guys! gals go to flamingos after dolphin wkd tunes and atmosphere cant remember wot time it closes i was always wastd by 5 am but great anyway . i have fell in luv wiv turkey an am goinng bk in may for at least 2 wks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! then in sept,may, sept an so on etc it was my first time there and best ever place i hav been an i have been all ova eg: spain,greece,dominican,america, too mant to name but my heart will stay in altinkum 4 eva i think it was wkd

    Dress Code: whatever you desire!

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  • ege bar: best night on holiday

    by jayneee Written Sep 23, 2006

    wow it was great here we went nearly every night the people are great espechially the waighters plus there alll realy sexy and the dancers they were to die for and you can got the finest cocktails th musics goood and it just all happening i loved it and we went here nearly every night and trust me were definatly goin back !!!!!!!!!!! EGE BAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dress Code: there is no dress code it great

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  • sweetnessyvonne's Profile Photo


    by sweetnessyvonne Written Aug 20, 2006

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    wELL I MUST AGREE WIV EVERYTHING PPL SAID ABOUT THIS PLACE great ........... first time in turkey myself , 4 1 wk , went wiv my byfriend an mate ........ it was that good , an felt ' home goin again in ocober 15th 4 2 wks , jst me an my gurl friend , wot did it 4 me was the famous DOLPHIN BAR ...... oh yes gurlys we all know wot im talkin about ..!!!!!! , men 2 die for , they will do anything for u , an the older woman 2 ...... met loads of ppl who where friendly , even the women 2 , some even comin over 2 stay wiv me in sunny manchester !! Mmmmmm wot fun they will av .....

    galaxy bar 2 , great top music , same sum nites but up2date , staff cant fault them , even ad a tab there which we payed @ the end of the wk !!! thats 4 the trusted , they even took us shoppin !

    flamingos...... hats is a place 2 go when galaxy closes opens till 6 in the morin , again friendly staff , watch ya beer tho they will take it even if ya av finished so u get another
    then its time 2 go home , flamingos u av 2 go down stairs , it does get hot wiv all the dancin ya doin , toliets bit small but who cares when ya drunk ....... gurls cnt get 2 friendly tho , other wise the men wil get the wrong idea , but great place

    JUST another thing alex ....... he is soooooooooo fine an he is mine , thats why im goin bk

    Dress Code: dress code , gurls dress well , cos ya do wanna b looked @ not 2 slaggie tho .! if ya know wot i mean ........ dress how ya would on a nite out , cos ya wanna look good , 4 ya self that is , guys , anything really but ya will get hot in jeans or shirt ........

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  • dolphin square area: they guys and the bars

    by seniseviyorum Updated Jul 7, 2006

    o my gosh my friend first tookme turkey 3 years ago cus it was all she could talk about and i thought well it cant be as good as she's making out she's exxaggerating.....she wasnt!!! it was the best holiday of mylife and now i'm going back there 3 times a year this year! dolphin square area is amazing, the guys in cheers bar are great spesh raf, bedo, mehmet(psyco) dj and everyone really, the guys in dolphin were ok but alot of the ones i knew left so i got some making friends to do in there lol, ege bar is great seckin, alex, ISAAC! WOO me best buddy! and chicko's a laff. gave us free shots one night hehe. swan bar is best bar and busiest bar in the area but dont be fooled the other bars are just as good i dont know why its busier to be fair. emrah tanju tayfun and koray and hassan are really good dancers spesh tayfoon cus he's only 17 and can breakdance better than the rest!!
    anyway i'll be there in august and october! can't wait!

    Dress Code: where ur coolest outfits, no trainers, no heels! they get stuck in the cobbles!

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