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  • I see no ships!
    I see no ships!
    by jinkersho
  • One of the may beach/diving stops...
    One of the may beach/diving stops...
    by jinkersho
  • Taffs boat
    Taffs boat
    by jinkersho

Altinkum Things to Do

  • apollo's temple and the market

    apollo's temple is just a pile of old stones, but take the time to walk round and learn the history. will your house be there in 2000 years time? it makes a change from the pushy shopkeepers and cafes, and you will be amazed at the skills of the people of the past.the market is close to the temple, there is a night market and the saturday market....

  • Taffy's British Boat

    My parents own property here and I have been several times over the last few years. I wish to pass this on to anyone considering a boat trip. As one enters the general area of the main beach, go across to the right and keep walking. You will find several boats moored up and available for trips. They are cheap and promise you the earth. All well and...

  • Going to the beach

    Hey, what else did we come here for? The only reason most people come out to Turkey is to get pissed and go home with a great tan. The beaches are lovely and the water even better. A lot of time was spent in and out of the water due to the heat. The only problem with the beaches are the constant harassing of the guys trying to sell either...

  • Apollo temple - Didum

    We drove past this temple many times, before I finally visited it. Driving past it, it makes a tremendous impact on you. It is quite a big temple and found in 1962 by German archeologists and the temple existed before 10th century BC.

  • Apollo temple the columns

    Standing amongst these columns are extremely intimidating and really makes you feel small. The architects and builders of this period were extremely skilled craftsman, they accomplished what we are not able to do with the best machinery available to us.

  • Apollo Temple - column base

    Here is an example of what the base of some of the column's look like at the Apollo temple. The amount of work that went into building and decorating these temples are breathtaking.


Altinkum Hotels

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Altinkum Restaurants

  • great breakfast and meals

    the staff are friendly and will try to make any meal you ask is on the corner of dolpin square overlooking the beach so its great for people the evening there is a nice breeze from the sea, you are still in the middle of all the entertainment but it is calmer. we loved their breakfasts, we tried others but theors is just the...

  • Excellent frappuccions and fresh...

    I am really fussy about getting well made drinks, whether it is an ice coffee, milkshake, or fresh smoothie. I tried everywhere, but Ikbals restaurant was the only place that made drinks like this. Amazing. The food is excellent too. We visited 3 times on our trip and we were never disappointed. They even gave us complimentary turkish coffee! Not...


    3rd beach is said to be not only the best beach in Altinkum, but the best in the whole of Turkey. In close proximity to the beach, there are only 2 restaurants, one of which is the Penguin. I have been to both, and fully recommend the penguin over the other, as, there, you are expected to eat up, pay up and leave. In the Penguin, you can sit for as...

  • Wide choice of cuisines

    Valentines open all through the year, family restaurant/bar serving English dishes from roast dinners , sausage & chips to Turkish pizza (pida) , large screen sky t.v , inside play area for young children. Situated on the main boulevard road. Excellent choice if a family celebration occurs while on holiday.

  • Reasonable Turkish cuisine

    Good Turkish cuisine in a pleasant atmosphere. There is seating inside and out. Looks expensive, but prices are reasonable, buffet style and normal menu offered with excellent service. Five dishes from the buffet menu and a drink of lager is approx. £7.00 Tel: (0256) 813 64 64

  • Above average Turkish cuisine

    Istanbul Kanatcisi restaurant is situated on the Ege Caddesi road. This restaurant opened in 2006. They serve traditional Turkish cuisine, the food is excellent along with the service with a large variety of mezes. You can also choose your meat from the large fridges outside the kitchens. Seating inside and outside. More expensive than some of the...


Altinkum Nightlife

  • medusa nightclub

    the club is near 2nd beach in what looks like a ruined castle. there are shops on the complex.once inside there are terraces and a large dance floor, the whole place is open air and great fun. like any club the men can get a bit touchy feely, but the security is great, to get in you need to go through an airport like scanner and men are body...

  • little known bar, but the best night...

    The Parasol Bar is almost right beside the very noisy swan Bar in Dolphin Square. It's a wonderful place and, whilst it doesn't look too busy, don't let this put you off. It recently moved from the other side of Altinkum, as the owners felt they needed bigger premises. Because of this, the customers who came in previous years haven't yet found it...

  • Ignite bar

    We had a few good nights in this place during a holiday to Altinkum. Food is very very good and staff are very welcoming. Our party of 10 were always made very welcome and even when the place was packed the staff always rearranged furniture to cater for us. Drinks are rerasonable and the mucis is good also - a great variety. There is a pool table...

  • We hada few good nights here

    I saw detailks about this bar on the website and I had to write and say that we too had a good few good nights out in here! The food was very very good, and the drinks were very very good too! Great variety of music was played. Our party of 10 people were always made very welcome and staff were happy to rearrange furniture in the bar to make space...

  • Great Night Out

    This is a terrific bar/Restaurant - a bit of the beaten track but well worth a visit or two during your trip to Altinkum. The food is first class and very reasonably priced. The service is great and the staff are very friendly - nothing is a problem to them.Toilet facilities are exeptional.

  • quality night out age 16-30

    Galaxy bar......wah can we say never expected to have such a gud time quality music mostly english mosst recent tunes loads of gorjus english girls who are up for a gud time haha:P staff are amazing to and cheaP DRINKS!!wah more can we say well be bak in 08. if you go to altinkum u wud be stupid not to go to this place best holiday ever!!!!!!Jamie...


Altinkum Transportation

  • Boat trip

    Great day out with lunch on board. Just one slight hitch, we broke down whilst at sea!!!! It was quite scary as the small boat was smoking badly from the engine room, and when I looked around for the life rings there was only 6 and there was about 25 people on board. Thankfully the captain called for help and we were towed to shore, so just be...

  • From Bodrum to Altinkum

    This is the best thing we could have done. OUr travel agent offered this service and although I thought it to be a bit pricy at 15pound per person, it was worth every penny. It took approx one and a half hours transfer time from the airport and our driver was very good and we all felt very safe in his hands

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Altinkum Shopping

  • Fruit

    Do yourself a favour and buy some of the fruit out here. It tastes devine and is so fresh and sweet you will want to stay forever. Just remember to eat it all before leaving the country as you are not allowed to bring it into the UK

  • Handcraft

    We saw this at various markets and even at some of the tourist area's in shops. Lovely bath towels with embroidery on them, which also makes lovely gifts to bring back home.

  • Smoking pipes and evil eyes

    Both of these make excellent gifts to bring back home Barter with them and offer at least 60% of the asked price.


Altinkum Warnings and Dangers

  • Turkish Men

    Girls Girls Girls, Listen up,Do not believe the Turkish guys for a second. If they have not said anything to you about being married then believe that they most definetly are!! They do not want the visa, they just want the ride, so know what you are getting into.Believe me I am speaking from having lived in Altinkum for a eighteen months. I love it...

  • Police

    Just a few lines to remind anyone who thinks the police are there to help you in Altinkum.There there to protect you but,you may not speak the language and I for one know they do not speak any English.So.Think twice before you get drunk,lose your purse,walk home alone or make a visit.Is it worth the hassle for everyone involved.Remember.Your just a...

  • Holiday Romance

    To all you young ladies out there.Please think twice before believing anything said by the local romeos.After living i Altinkum for more than 3 years now I have it on first hand experience that there undivided attention is all yours for that week or 2.Then......Its all someone elses the next.Your heart may be broken and thats not all you may escape...


Altinkum Tourist Traps

  • Dolphin Bar

    I love altinkum as it such a great place to take children.i was last in dolphin square bar nearly 4 years ago as i have said i will never go in their again the last time i was their i had my fone stolen and a ring stolen plus they charged us £45 for a fish bowl i think thats what it was called that we didnt even order.i was their the following year...


    Definately a rip off bar. Charges 3 times the price of other bars in the area. Been going to Altinkum for 16 years and this is one of the worst bars Try Didyma karaoke bar on the sea front. Fair prices, good entertainment and cheap snacks during the day

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Altinkum Off The Beaten Path

  • Motorbike adventure

    While in Altinkum in '05 me and my friends hired motorbikes / mopeds and headed off early to visit the ruins of Militos and Prienne after visiting these truly great places we headed back to the coast and found an isolated beach restaurant to feast on sea bass and sea bream before heading back along the coast to Altinkum , although we must of...

  • Bodrum

    Taking a day trip to Bodrum is an absolute must. THere is so much to see and do that it would really be a sin if you miss it. We had a great day there before returning to a cold and wet London (it was suppose to be summer!)

  • Pamukkalae

    If you do not feel like doing the two day trip to Effesus and Pamukkalae (which is what I would suggest) then you must do the day trip. Situated approx 3 hours drive from Altinkum you go to this wonder. It is absolutely fantastic to walk in the warm thermal waters and to swim in it is even a better option. We did the 2 day trip and slept over in...


Altinkum Favorites

  • The diet sins

    As you walk along the prominade, you will find these "shops" selling the most devine looking cheese cakes and other diet sins. My friend who loves sweet things of course cannot walk past them without putting her hand in the purse and buying some. It took some restrain to get her to buy one at a time.

  • Only drink bottled water

    Drink bottled spring water and not tap water, tap water in Turkey is full of minerals and most people’s stomack is not able to work with it. You could end up getting the Turkey trotts. A roadside cesme (fountain or spring) may say the word icilmez which means not to be drunk or icilebilir which means it can be drunk but i would avoid this unless...

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