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  • Sebasteion with renewed southern facade
    Sebasteion with renewed southern facade
    by mtncorg
  • Southern facade of restored Sebasteion
    Southern facade of restored Sebasteion
    by mtncorg
  • Tetrapylon and the grave of Kenan Erim beyond
    Tetrapylon and the grave of Kenan Erim...
    by mtncorg

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    Friezes and base reliefs from a monument to C. Julius Zoilus are found in a special section within the museum. The monument dates to about 28 BC and were restored between 1993 and 1994. Zoilus was a slave of possibly first Julius Caesar and then Octavian. He came from Afrodisias originally and possibly ended up as a slave as a result of being...


    Another important piece on display is a pillar that once stood in front of the synagogue here in Afrodisias – the synagogue has yet to be identified. On that pillar – dated to the late 4th Century – there is a list of donors who contributed to the synagogue with 110 names on the front and another 25 names on the left side. At the top are Jewish...


    … Sebasteion. These statue reliefs used to be mounted on the three-storied Sebasteion. One would enter from the agora to the west, walking through a large monumental gateway, and then walk down between the two sets of facing relief groups with a temple devoted to the worship of the imperial cult at the eastern end. The reliefs used to cover the...


    The amount and quality of stonework that has been recovered at Afrodisias is incredible. To try and ensure the ancient art stays around for awhile yet a museum has been built across from the ticket office. Interesting aside is that that large open area is what used to be the main public square of the town of Geyre – the modern day successor to...


    The theater is thought to have had room for some 7,000 people. Dramas and public assemblies took place here. It was built up against a prehistoric settlement mound. The stage building was built with money from Zoilus. Statuary has been removed to the museum while the mask friezes that used to adorn the theater are on display attached to a building...


    Earthquakes in the 4th and 7th Centuries damaged the city severely. The 4th Century trembler altered the local water table – emergency plumbing measures from this time have been identified. The plumbing measures have, however, not been very successful in the long run as much of the South Agora is under water – the water laps as far as the west end...


    Next to the Bishop’s House just south of the Temple of Aphrodite is the City Council House – Bouleuterion. The lower part survives today – some nine rows. An additional upper twelve rows with supporting vaults and arched windows has long since collapsed. The building dates to the late 2nd or early 3rd Century and probably replaced a smaller...


    This housing complex on the south side of the Temple of Aphrodite was originally built for some local, well-to-do, possibly the Roman governor. With the coming of Christianity, it became the palace of the local bishop. Afrodisias had several names during its long life. With the collapse of paganism, the town was renamed Stauropolis – City of the...


    Aphrodite was the Greek incarnation of an earlier local goddess similar to the case of Artemis at Ephesus. The temple was a focal point for the town and continued in another incarnation as a basilica with the coming of Christianity. Christian grafitti is carved into the stone pillars at the entrance.


    The stadium here is one of the best preserved from ancient times even damaged as it was by a 7th Century earthquake. It is thought that the stadium could hold up to 30.000 people for athletic events.


    Built in about 200 CE, this magnificent gateway was erected leading off a main street in the ancient city into a forecourt in front of the Temple of Aphrodite. Nearby is the grave of Kenan Erim, the Turkish-American archeologist from New York University who was responsible for the 1962 excavatory beginnings.


    Sebasteion in Greek or Augusteum in Latin, this magnificent three-storied monumental gateway is in the slow process of being put partly back together – anastylosis. The many statues – base-reliefs – that used to fill the monument’s niches are now on display in the local museum with a few plaster copies on display in the restored Sebasteion in order...

  • Ruins of Aphrodisias

    The ruins of the ancient city of Aphrodisias are substantial and extensive. Among other things, they include one of the best preserved, if not the best preserved, Roman circus/race track anywhere.

  • tetrapylon,a monumental gate

    one of the more original buildings in the whole site!destroyed by an earthquake (4th cent.AC),fully rebuilt,with original stones and ornamentation found on the spot.

  • the most well preserved stadium thru...

    22 rows of seats;30000 persons;track 262m length,59m wide.vaulted corridors to the track well preserved!

  • aphrodisias temple,main sanctuary

    built 1st cent.BC;changed into church by byzantine 4th cent.AC.originally 40 columns,nowadays only 14!

  • odeon or council house,a marble wonder!

    charming small building,1000 seats,jolly well preserved.its size gives it a certain intimacy,making a special attractiveness.

  • opposite the theater,a huge square

    in the center,a circular basin making easy the traffic of spectators during the bottom,marble columns belong to a thermal building.


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    a city with a famous sculpture college

    by cbeaujean Updated Nov 18, 2004

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    Favorite thing: because of proximity of first class marble quarries,stood in aphrodisias a sculpture college famous through all the roman empire.
    it's the reason why decoration of the buildings is particularly well finished.

    aphrodisias became as a permanent exhibition of the sculptors savoir-faire!

    bas relief
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