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Balikesir Things to Do

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    by A_BoRaN Written Aug 26, 2002

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    you must have a boat trip to the islands around in Ayvalik and taste the 'fish-salad
    it is wonderful to dive in the gulfs of islands

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Balikesir Restaurants

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    Olive oil is a blend of extra virgin, virgin and refined olive oil. Mixed oils are classified by type. One type of pure olive oil is 'Riviera,' which is a blend of extra virgin (10 - 25%), and refined 'A' olive oil (75 - 90%). 'Riviera' is a term derived from ancient times, as processed from the 'Riviera.'Extra VirginExtra virgin can be defined as...

  • Restaurants: Balýkgý Barýnaðý...

    Restaurants: Balýkgý Barýnaðý — Preferred for its delicious seafood dishes. It is not near the seafront. Phone: 0 266 327 2073 Nesos Restaurant: By the seafront with great views; serving great seafood, and famous for its olive oil. Do not forget to purchase some olive oil from Ayvalýk on your way out of the town. Important phone numbers: Municipal...

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Balikesir Shopping

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    by Arkeolog Updated Sep 8, 2004

    What to buy: WHAT TO BUY

    Hösmerim puding, cologne, Yagci Bedir rugs are suggested original works to buy at shopping.

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Balikesir Local Customs

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    by yakacik Written Aug 24, 2002

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    Diclaimer of Liability.

    Dear Visitors, at my VT pages built under All the copyrighted background midi music parts, copyrights pending anonymous background pictures and various other pictures and informations are the sole properties of their real owners. They could not be reused, redisributed or recopied for the sole aims of trade and commerce except the personal use. All rights are reserved for their real owners. If you do act otherwise, in spite of above

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    It is your matter violating national or international laws and copyrights. Here again I acknolewdge that those copyrighted or copyrights pending pictures,informations etc.. are solely belonging to their real owners except the ones made, shot and designed by me. They are for the timebeing copyright pending and if I am informed of their real owners, I will declare and indicate their name and full postal address or links or whatsoever they require to identify themselves

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Balikesir Off The Beaten Path

  • Here you have a 3-D flying...

    Here you have a 3-D flying fishes picture try to see them by looking concentrated to a point few cm behind what you see


    BIRD PARADISE (BIRD LAKE) src=''BalikesirGeographical Position and AreaCoordinates: 40' 10' N - 28' 00' EAltitude : 8 m.Location : Located in the northern part of Manyas Country,west of Susurluk-Bandýrma highwayArea : 16,200 ha., reaching as mush as 20,000 ha. at high water...


Balikesir Favorites

  • AYVALIK: Ayvalik is...

    AYVALIK: Ayvalik is undervisited by tourists, given its Aegean character, the world's best olive oil, magnificent Aegean architecture and cobblestone streets. Ayvalik is a beautiful town on the northern Aegean, which is seldom mentioned in the same breath as more visited sites. There are not the wild bars and discos, which have made Marmaris and...

  • Troy, also Ilium (ancient...

    Troy, also Ilium (ancient Ilion), famous city of Greek legend, on the northwestern corner of Asia Minor. The legendary founder of the city was Ilus, the son of Tros, from whom the name Troy was derived. The son and successor of Ilus was Laomedon, who was slain by the hero Hercules, when Hercules captured the city. During the reign of Laomedon's son...

  • Troy, situated at a distance...

    Troy, situated at a distance of 30 km from the Dardanelles. Troy, which had been founded in the year 3000 B.C., and was demolished and reconstructed nine times until the year 500 A.D. was inhabited incessantly for 3500 years.Troy I. which had been founded in the year 3000 B.C. was demolished in the year 2500 B.C and Troy II. that was founded in its...


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