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Canakkale Things to Do

  • Troy

    Legendary Troy proved to be fact when, in the 1870s, a wealthy German businessman, Heinrich Schliemann, began excavating in this area. He discovered the ruins of a series of ancient cities dating from the Bronze Age to the Roman period. Schliemann declared one of these cities — at first Troy I, later Troy II — to be the city of Troy, and this...

  • Archaeology Museum

    This museum is located about 1.5km south of the town centre on the main road that goes to Troy. It's exhibits are those from Troy, Assos and Dardanos, an ancient site about 10km south-west of the town. They have two sarcophagi that are of the highest quality, one of which is said to be the oldest in Anatolia. The lighting isn't the best for photos...

  • Clock Tower

    This 5-storey clock tower is located near the ferry terminal and was built in 1897 with money from an Italian consul and Canakkale merchant when he left the town 100,000 gold francs in his will.

  • City Museum

    This is a new museum about the city with 19th and 20th century exhibits such as household items and items of furniture and such like. All the signs are in Turkish but as it's free and you have five minutes, it's worth a pop in.

  • Cannon & Guns

    These are just some photos of the many cannon and guns on display outside the Cimenlik Fortress and in the grounds of the Naval Museum.

  • Cimenlik Fortress

    This fantastic looking fortress (meaning Meadow Castle) was constructed by Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror for the defence of Istanbul between 1461-1462 as one of two fortresses built at the narrowest point of the Dardanelles. Later, it served as a place of dispatching troops and administration of the Central Defence Group during the Canakkale Naval...

  • Naval Museum - Nusret Mine Layer

    The Nusret Mine Layer was built in Kiel, Germany in 1912 and joined the Ottoman Navy in 1915 where it played a crucial role in defending the Dardanelles from Allied invasion by laying mines parallel with the beach of Erenköy Bay on 8th March 1915. It was part of the Turkish Navy 42 years before being decommissioned in 1955.Today, the vessel has...

  • Naval Museum

    The Naval Museum occupies a large area to the south of the ferry terminal and features a picture and photograph gallery which also includes some Gallipoli campaign era uniforms and bullets which actually hit each other mid-air (which is said to be a 160 million to 1 chance of happening). Outside are several mines, torpedoes, cannon and tiny...

  • Trojan Horse

    This huge wooden Trojan Horse comes as a bit of a shock to see as you walk down the seafront promenade. It was actually used in the 2004 film Troy starring Brad Pitt and given to the town as a gift. Beside it is a model of the ruins of Troy which is located about 30km south-west of Canakkale.

  • Town Square

    Every town has one and Canakkale is no exception. Here's the obligatory Ataturk statue which overlooks the town’s main square that's located along the main road that leads away from the ferry terminal.

  • Canakkale Pot

    This huge, rather oversized copy of a Canakkale Pot is located near the World War I Cannons, along the main road that leads away from the ferry terminal. The town is said to be an important centre for handmade ceramics.

  • Monument of World War I Cannon

    Located along the main road that leads away from the ferry terminal are these World War I cannons. The inscription reads "Mehmets (Turkish soldiers) used these cannons on 18 March 1915 to ensure the impassability of the Canakkale Strait".

  • Hollywood’s Trojan Horse

    Çanakkale seaside also hosts the Hollywood Movie Troy Horse.The "wooden horse" from the 2004 movie Troy is exhibited on the seafront.The Troy Horse is located by the sea side 200 metes after the ferry jetty to the right direction. The model of Troy layer 6 is located adjacent to the Hollywood movie Troy Horse. The model is one of the biggest city...

  • Nagara Castle

    Nara (or Nagara) Castle is on the Anatolian side of the Strait, five kilometres to the north of Çanakkale. Construction on the fort was started in 1807, along with the Bigalý Castle on the European shore which is five kilometres from Eceabat, during the reign of Selim III. The fortifications were built to counter the threat of British warships...

  • Kilitbahir Castle

    Kilitbahir Castle is located on the European side of the Dardanelles in the Kilitbahir village. The castle was built by the Ottoman Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror in 1452. Kilitbahir means ‘Lock of the Sea’.Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent later added a gate tower and strengthened and extended the walls.

  • Çimenlik Castle

    In the 15th century Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror built citadels on both banks of the strait and founded the city of Çanakkale.The Çimenlik Fort (also known as Hamidiye III) is a 150 x 100 metres rectangular building, with almost 6 metre-thick walls which were strengthened by corner and intermediary towers. Part of the southern wall was demolished in...

  • Çanakkale marina and harbour

    The shorelines were dominated by two huge, white stone fortresses built by the Ottomans in the fifteenth century. The entrance to the straits was guarded by four forts, two on each shore, with massive stone walls built up to 250 years earlier by Ottoman sultans anxious to keep out unwanted ships. Seventeen kilometres up the straits was another...

  • Çanakkale Kordon

    The beautiful seaside of Çanakkale looking at the impressive Dardanelles Strait scenery offers an exceptional environment. You can see several cafes, pubs and restaurants along the peaceful seaside of Çanakkale.You can watch my 2 min 23 sec HD Video Canakkale HD out of my Youtube channel with Turkish pop music by Mustafa Sandal – Gesmis Olisun.

  • Dardanelles

    The Byzantine name for Çanakkale was Dardanellia, from which the English name Dardanelles is derived. It was formerly known as the Hellespont. It connects the Aegean Sea with the Sea of Marmara. It is one of the Turkish Straits, along with its counterpart the Bosporus.The strait is 61 kilometres long but only 1.2 to 6 kilometres wide, averaging 55...

  • Troy

    The ruins of Troy are located about 10km south of Canakkale. The site was occupied from 4000 BC through the Roman era, and there are 14 layers of ruins. There are so many layers because the city kept getting destroyed and rebuilt as the result of wars, the most famous of which was the Trojan War mentioned in Homer's famous work "The Ilead."...

  • The Ship That Changed History

    This ship may not look like much, but it may have alterted the course of 20th century history. The story is in the First World War, Winston Churchhill, who was then the Lord of the Admiralty had a plan to take out the Ottoman Empire, which was allied with Germany and Austria, in one quick naval attack on Istambul. He wanted to send naval vessels...


Canakkale Hotels

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  • Hotel Artur

    The Hotel Artur is conveniently located along the main boulevard of Canakkale, a couple of blocks...

  • Anzac Hotel

    Saat Kulesi Meydani 8, (Clock Tower Square), Canakkale, Turkish Aegean Coast, 17100, Turkey

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 3 out of 5 stars

  • Hotel Zileli

    7 Ibrahim Terzioglu Caddesi Bogazkent Mahallesi Kepez Canakkale Turkey 17110

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Families

Canakkale Restaurants

  • Excellent kebabs

    If you like pide (Turkish pizza) or kebabs, try this casual eatery which is said to be the best in town on the right side of the main street going into town from the ferry dock. The pides are delicious, with mincemeat, cheese, or cubes of lamb as toppings. I had a very good Adana kebab (see pic) which was TL10.

  • Lots of pizza combos

    This pizza restaurant is located near the town square along the main road that leads away from the ferry terminal and is similar to a Pizza Hut or Domino's. They offer many combo meal options and I had half a pizza with 3 chicken pieces, fries and a drink for around TL8. The menu's all in Turkish but I managed to get certain toppings translated!

  • On the way from Çanakkale to Istanbul

    On our way from Eceabat (the northern coast of the Dardanelles) to Istanbul we ha a stop in a road restaurant near Gelibolu. It is situated at the Edirne-Çanakkale Yolu. We had our lunch with traditional Turkish food. It took us half an hour. You may watch my high resolution photo of Gelibolu on the Google Earth according to the following...


Canakkale Nightlife

  • Willettsworld's Profile Photo

    by Willettsworld Written Mar 6, 2010

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This one of many bars and restaurants that are located along the seafront between the ferry terminal and the Trojan horse. This pub has a sign in the window saying "cheapest & coldest beer" and at TL3.50 for 0.5ltr, they're probably not wrong! They also sell a wide variety of western bottled beers as well as western food such as a large selection of pizzas, burgers, steaks, salads etc. They have large screen TV's and play rock music.

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Canakkale Transportation

  • Ferries

    If you're going to the Gallipoli peninsula from Canakkale, then you have two ferry options: one that arrives in Eceabat and other that arrives at Kilitbahir where the old fortress is located. The Canakkale-Eceabat ferry runs every hour on the hour from 7am-1am and then 3am & 5pm (with sailings every 30 minutes during the busy summer period). I took...

  • Çanakkale Ferryboat

    Çanakkale Province has territory in both Europe and Asia. Ferries cross here to the northern (European) side of the strait. Regularly scheduled ferry boats make the trip from Canakkale to Eceabat for a 25 minute journey across the Dardanelles.There are also ferryboats running between Çanakkale-Eceabat, Çanakkale-Kilitbair, Gelibolu-Lapseki,...

  • How to get to Çanakkale

    We reached Çanakkale by our excursion bus from Troy on our way to Istanbul along E87 (about 30 km). We crossed the Dardanelles from Çanakkale to Eceabat (about 6 km) and reached Europe from Asia! Transport from Çanakkale to Troy, Assos, Alexandreia -Troas and other centres are very easy. There are regular buses running to important centres such as...


Canakkale Off The Beaten Path

  • Dur Yolcu

    Dur yolcu, bilmeden gelip bastığın,Bu toprak, bir devrin battığı yerdir.Eğil de kulak ver, bu sessiz yığın,Bir vatan kalbinin attığı yerdir!.Bu ıssız, gölgesiz yolun sonunda,Gördüğün bu tümsek Anadolu'ndaİstiklal uğrunda, namus yolunda,Can veren Mehmed'in...

  • Korfmann Library

    This library is housed in a former 19th century school, just south of the Tifli Mosque on the town’s pedestrianised shopping street, Carsi Caddesi. It was the bequest of the late Manfred Osman Korfmann (1942-2005) who was the archaeological director at nearby Troy from 1988 to 2003 and contains 6,000 volumes on history, culture, art and...

  • WWI Casualties Monument

    Canakkale is not only name of a city but also the province including the battelefileds and memorials of Gallipoli.The eight month-long struggle between the Allies and Turkish forces is known as Gallipoli Campaign in WWI. Serious casualties were given on both sides. I saw a monument in Eceabat in memory of these casualties.You may watch my high...


Canakkale Favorites

  • WWI Reminding

    In 1915 the western Allies sent a massive invasion force of British, Indian, Australian, and New Zealander troops to attempt to open up the strait. At the battle of Gallipoli, Turkish troops trapped the Allies on the beaches of the Gallipoli peninsula.The 'Chanak Crisis' of 1922 centred around a British and French force stationed at Çanakkale after...

  • Çanakkale Historical background

    Çanakkale is a town and seaport on the Asian coast of the Dardanelles at their narrowest point. It was an Ottoman fortress called Sultaniye kalesi (Fortress of the Sultan).This place is famous first of all because of the Persian King Xerxes who built his bridge of boats across the narrowest point of Dardanelles to land 100.000 troops on Thrace as...

  • Troy Horse

    You can see original Troy Horse which is used n Troy film n Canakkale. It is Iocated on a mound called ''Hisarlýk'' on the south-east side of the plain of the River Scamender, where the Straits join with the Aegean and are tather narrow, within the boundaries of the Province of Çanakkale Troy is famous for different reasons. First it is associated...


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