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  • Eskisehir
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  • Eskisehir
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Eskisehir Things to Do

  • Atlihan and meerschaum

    Eskisehir is famous for the meerschaum (luletasi in Turkish)We visited Atlihan because it houses many stores that sell local crafts, wooden ones, glass ones but mainly from meerschaum. Atlihan was once an Ottoman Inn (back in the middle of 19th century) with the typical inner yard (pic 1). There are stores at the ground floor but also on the upper...

  • mosques and churches at Odunpazari

    While still walking around Odunpazari we had already checked the restored houses, we had seen the museums, we had visited the local stores for hand made crafts. And then? Then we started walking around, enjoying the old streets and houses and we saw many small mosques but also a small church (pic 1)Opposite the small church is located Müftü Mosque...

  • museum of cartoon art

    What a nice surprise! Karikatur muzesi is a small museum dedicated to comics! As all the museums of Odunpazari district, it is housed at a restored building from the early 20th century. In the 2 story building that covers 265sq meters you can also see how a typical house of that era really was from inside. Of course the main reason was to check the...

  • Cumhuriyet Tarihi Muzesi (History of the...

    This is a small museum dedicated to the History of Turkish Republic. It is housed at a restored building at Odunpazari which is actually one of the oldest buildings (from 1916, built by architect Turan) that once belonged to the army but opened as a museum to the public in 1994. There was no entrance fee so we checked a bit the exhibits. There are...

  • Modern Glass Art Museum

    Cagdas Cam Sanatlari Muzesi is a small but nice Contemporary Glass Art Museum. It is located at Odunpazari at one of the old wooden buildings (pic 1) that now look so attractive after the restoration. It also has a beautiful central yard (pic 2). The items are nice, there are some great samples of art in glass, obviously some of them are great for...

  • Odunpazari

    Great place! We spent almost half day at Odunpazari, walking around and checking the architecture but also some nice small museums and we also did a bit of shopping (there are some great stores for souvenirs and local crafts) After a great renovation project you can walk at this old district of Eskisehir and admire some picturesque old structures,...

  • other mosques in the city

    Except the main mosque at the city center we didn’t impressed by other mosques. Most of them were small ones serving the local neighborhoods but with no interest for the visitor (simple mosques like the one at pic 1). One of my favorites though was the one you see on pic 2, although we didn’t go inside it looks very nice, but don’t judge it how it...

  • Reşadiye mosque

    This was a big mosque that we found at the city center. The big square in front of it was full of people praying on Friday although it was peaceful the other day. What’s more near the mosque you can see some impressive structures, full compositions of statues (pic 4). Pic 1 was my first alternative to become my main pic on this page but those who...

  • the modern city

    The mayor of Eskisehir has made great job in Eskisehir, no surprise the people love him and have only good things to say about him. Even people in Ankara were talking about how beautiful Eskisehir looks because of him. The city is also clean, the prices are low and you have many places to eat, go shopping or enjoy the nightlife.We also checked the...

  • sculptures at Porsuk Bulvari

    One of the main roads in Eskisehir is Porsuk Bulvari. It runs along Porsuk river and its always busy with people because it houses numerous stores and a lot of cafes. We passed by many times but the most interesting thing was that in every corner there is a sculpture! It was lovely to see all these stone animals (check pics 1-2-3-4), usually there...

  • the sculptures

    The second thing we noticed in Eskisehir after seeing the river was that the city is full of sculptures and statues! So many of them, it was a great surprise and I had many photo opportunities as we walked through out the city center checking the numerous figures, animals etc And if we weren’t in a hurry to see some museums I’d spend more time...

  • the Porsuk river

    This small river that divides the city in 2 is so cute and picturesque, I believe this is the main reason the city looks so nice to me! We spent a lot of time walking around the river, the locals do the same anyway walking around and fill the dozens of cafes near the river.There are also boats to do small tours along the river and believe it or not...


Eskisehir Hotels

  • Anemon Hotel Eskisehir

    Cevre Yolu Uzeri, Eskisehir, 26190, Turkey

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

    Hotel Class 5 out of 5 stars

  • Grand Namli Hotel

    Eskibaglar Mah Universite Cad No14, Eskisehir, Turkey

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

  • Roof Garden Hotel

    Buyukdere Mh. SarIlar Sk. No. 4, Merkez, Eskisehir, 26100, Turkey

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

Eskisehir Restaurants

  • Fantastic "cig borek"!

    This little off-the-beaten track location is so worth the excursion from the city center. It's a brisk 5-minute walk from the bus station. They serve a lovely light version of the local specialty, a fried pastry called "cig borek". The price is very reasonable and service is excellent. Cig borek and ayran

  • Alkara café

    This is a colorful café, with many comfortable places to sit and relax. I took the picture in the morning because there was low light during the evening when we visited the place. Locals were chatting loudly while we were enjoying our last moments in the city before midnight, we had to rest for a while because the next day we visited the old part...

  • Sila café

    This is a nice café next to Porsuk river. There are a lot of tables outside, it was great to sit there and enjoy our morning coffee under the sun. The service was very slow but we didn’t care as the staff was friendly and smiling and we were on holidays :) They serve the usual: Tea(2YTR), Ice tea(3YTR), juices(2YTR), hot chocolate/cappucino(4YTR)If...

  • Bool Kofte

    The ground floor seems like a typical fast food place so it may not look so attractive in first sight but hopefully we checked inside and the food was very good. Upstairs they have more tables and the atmosphere is better. The place was packed with locals but the service was quick and friendly, the waiters seemed surprised that they had to serve...

  • Harabe Café

    We saw this café full of local students and we went inside while nice rock music was on the decks. We found a warm corner and checked the wooden cube on the table which was actually the menu(pic 2)!We were already full of food but they have some soups so I tried one of them on that cold evening. It was great (although it was one of those soups that...

  • Donas

    Although there are better places to eat in the city, this was convenient for us because it was near the station while we were waiting for a friend. It’s a local fast food option where you can taste the typical turkish tastes wrapped in sandwich.And it was very cheap too, we payed about 3-4 YTR(less than 2 euros) for a sandwich with chicken (pic 2)...


Eskisehir Nightlife

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    by hokomoko Written Jun 8, 2004

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    A good place for young at heart people for nite outs and for music including rhytmo latino to rock and jazz.......

    Dress Code: you are free can wear or not wear what ever you want.

    haller dancing Eskisehir Turkey
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Eskisehir Transportation

  • How to move around

    The city is compact, and actually divided in 2 parts, the modern and the old. You can easily walk in both of them.But there are also some useful tram lines(pic 1) local buses (pic 2), dolmus and taxis (pic 3). We didn’t use any of them as we stayed only for 2 days and we walked easily everywhere around.You can walk next to the river that splits the...

  • How to go there

    Eskisehir stands at the crossroad of railways between Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir.We used train from Istanbul and we arrived in Eskisehir after 4,5hours. The trip was comfortable, with a new train but kind of boring. When we left the city for Ankara we used train again, this time it was an express train, we were in Ankara in 100’.check...

  • Tram system in Eskisehir

    Please see the link below to get an impression about the tram system in EskisehirEstram adý verilen tramvat sistemi, 2 hat olarak, Eskisehirde transportu cok kolay kldý.***The tram system in Eskisehir with the name of ESTRAM made the transport in the city very easy.Contact tour guide and travel agent Sinan TortumE-mail : stortum@yahoo.noCell :...


Eskisehir Shopping

  • desserts, bread and dry fruits!

    Oh god! In every corner we made a stop to buy something to eat! There was no need for snacks like chips in Eskisehir, we were just entering a store and we tasted delicious bites of baklava, then at another place we tasted the local halva, met halva is very popular here (they have some huge ones but watch out if you’re on diet!), and then we bought...

  • meerschaum at Atlihan

    At Atlihan which is at Odunpazari we found all the souvenirs/gift stores together! The place is obviously restored and looks very nice with a great central yard.There are some stores that sell cheap souvenirs but also some stores that are specialized on things from meerschaum, like the famous meerschaum pipes, jewelry from meerschaum etcWe spent a...

  • Shopping heaven Neo Mall eskisehir

    This is a new shopping mall with many famous brands and also local food and artifacts shops also here you can go to cinemas .Located in Tepebasi district in city center...


Eskisehir Local Customs

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    by Arkeolog Updated May 24, 2010

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    Phrygians entered Anatolia and built their own cities on the ruins of the Hittites around 1200 BC. They set up a kingdom with its capital at Gordion, ankara. Kingdom extented in thewest from Eskisehir to Sivas, inthe east across the Kizilirmak river territory.
    Herodot has referred to Phrygians as the oldest group of thr world and has told about their relations with Egyptians.
    In various places in Anatolia, especially in the city of Midas (The most famous Phrygian king),Gordion, at Pazarli tombs covered by large mound of earth(tumuli) and monumentsengraved on rocks with richly ornamanted facades were found.Besiedes their achivements in facade architecture, they were especially good at metal works.
    Phrygians have covered the underground tombs by large amounts of earth and formed tumuli. In the many tumuli excavated in Gordion, one of them included a wooden tomb where the bodywas buried and the sides of the tomb were filled with stones.
    Other worth to see places are monument of Arezastis, Gerdek kaya, Doganli Kale etc.

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Eskisehir Warnings and Dangers

Eskisehir Favorites

  • Gifts made of Lule Tasi.It's a...

    Gifts made of Lule Tasi.It's a kind of soft, white stone. There are variety of shapes but the most famous is Ottoman head. Visiting a meerschaum atelier and watching how easy to shape a meerschaum piece

  • before your travel check pages...

    before your travel check pages Eskisehir is one of the oldest settlements (3500 BC) in this region. It was founded in the 3rd millenium BC by the Phrygians along the banks of the Porsuk River and its banks. The city has many places of interest; the Archaeological Museum which houses the Phrygian objects and sculptures; the Ottoman...


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