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Gaziantep Things to Do

  • Gaziantep Castle

    It was under restoration when I was there in March 2013, so going up the citadel is not permitted. I was disappointed as it was my very first stop on this trip and it's already promising - NOT! So there I was, got contented gazing at it from below while munching on a chewy liver sandwich in front of the coppersmith bazaar.The Gaziantep citadel is...

  • Anadolu Hani

    Just at the entrance of this bazaar are displays of portrait sized carpets of various faces, probably Turkey’s important figures and celebrities. Construction date of this han is estimated at the beginning of the 19th century. Thought to have been built in 1892 by Hadji Mehmet Muhsinzade. Parts of the upper floor was renovated in 1985. The”U”...

  • Zincirli Bedestan

    The Zincirli Bedesten, locally known as “black steps bazaar” is one of the is an Ottoman era covered bazaar built in 1781 by Hüseyin Pasha of Darende. According to records, there was formerly an epigraph on the south gate written by Kusuri, but this inscription is not in place today. This bazaar was used as a wholesale market hall for meat, fruit...

  • The Nuri Mehmet Pasha Mosque

    This mosque is very near the hotel I was staying at (Ugurlu Hotel) and located within a very busy commercial district.As evidenced by Judicial Register and a firman (Ottoman royal decree), this mosque was built prior to 1786 by Nuret Mehmet Pasha. Two epigraphs on the minaret and mihrab show dates of 1785 and 1834. During the war of independence,...

  • Naib Hamam (Historical Turkish Bath)

    According to records, this turkish bath is built before the year 1640, as mentioned in Evliya Celebi’s travel book. It is considered to be the “apple of the eyes” of the city in respect to its great location and architecture and considered to be one of the unique works of art of Gaziantep. There are what seemed to be several uniquely interesting...

  • The Karagoz Mosque

    This mosque was built by Koca Battal in the 18th century, according to maintenance records, the mosque was built in 1799-1800.The cut-stone mosque is rectangular in design, divided into 2 sections, each running parallel to the kiblah (in Mecca). Although only one of these sections survive at present time as the other section was reclaimed as a...

  • The Alauddevle Mosque

    This mosque was built during the reign of the last Dulkaderoglu Bey – Alauddevle Bozkurt Bey – between 1479 – 1550. Only the minaret remains from the original mosque. The present mosque was built between 1903 – 1909 from voluntary donations from locals and Sultan Abdulhamid.The architect Armenak and the master builder Kirkor, were assisted during...

  • Tarihi Yenihan

    The main arched entrance of the Tarihi Yenihan has an inscription that says 1557, probably the year it was built. This han is near the Millet Han and the Gumruk Inn. Like most hans in Gaziantep, it has a big courtyard with several tables and chairs serving coffee and tea. There are several shops selling handicrafts, some replica mosaics, local...

  • Gumruk Inn

    The inn was built during the years 1873-1878 by Hadji Omer Efendi, which is also called the Hadji Omer Inn.In the past, the building was used as a traveller’s inn. The skewed rectangular inn was built from cut stones and has a single courtyard. The ground floor was used as a stabling and storage. There are shops along the street side of the front...

  • Millet Hani

    Thought to have been built between 1868 and 1869. According to sources, the first owner was Ascioglu Kesbar Kevork.Just like many ottoman period hans, the Millet Hani is built as 2-storey. The yard is surrounded by spaces at the ground floor and colonnades from four sides at the upper floor. Inside the han are several shops selling copper works,...

  • The Tahtani Mosque

    The date and the person who commissioned the construction of Tahtani Mosque are unknown but it is registered in a document dated 1557. The mosque was repaired in 1563 by the Osman Pasha, the governor of Maras, and a major renovations in 1804. Thought to have been originally built from woods as the name Tahtani or Tahtali (wooden) suggests.The area...

  • The Sirvani Mosque

    The epigraph on the portal shows that the mosque is repaired in 1861 by Seyyid Mehmet Sirvani. During the renovation, a water tank with a fountain was added to the courtyard and the toilets placed under the ground floor. It is also called the Sirvani Mehmet Mosque and the “mosque with two minaret galleries” by the locals.It’s located near the...


Gaziantep Hotels

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  • Tugcan Hotel

    Ataturk Bulvari 34, Gaziantep, 27010, Turkey

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Families

  • Hotel Novotel Gaziantep

    Yaprak Mah Istasyon Caddesi, No 76 A Sehit Kamil, Gaziantep, 27400, Turkey

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Grand Hotel Gaziantep

    Its like an oasis in this busy city .Newly refurbished spatious rooms helpful staff affordable...


Gaziantep Restaurants

  • No menu, delicious kebabs

    Its name is a mouthful and it is somewhat difficult to find, but dining here at Çulcuoğlu is a bit of a quirky experience. The restaurant is named after the founder, Murat Çulcuoğlu (pronounced “tshul-kuoh-lu”) and it is an unpretentious locals place (though more and more foreigners are finding it). In the middle of the noisy and brightly...

  • Antepli cuisine in an old caravanserai

    Sahan Şirehan is one of the more elegant dining options in Antep. The extremely vast restaurant has two large adjoined dining rooms; the first is in a sleek modern structure with two levels, where we were seated, and the second is in a beautiful hall of an old caravanserai with vaulted ceilings. Across the street is the affiliated Şirehan...

  • İmam Çağdaş: Exceptional!

    Its reputation preceded it, and it was no disappointment. İmam Çağdaş (pronounced "tshah-dash") is considered one of the best restaurants in a city known to have the best cuisine in Turkey. The restaurant was founded in 1887 by a certain Hussein Çağdaş, who moved to Antep from nearby Aleppo and opened the restaurant close...

  • Euphrates fishes

    This restaurant is located on the shore of Euphrate River.Thats why you can try the fishes aswell chicken and meat ( kebabs)

  • original antep food

    beside the stupid name of "palmiye" which means "palms" this is very interesting restaurant which is specialized with Antep food.The competition is fierce and all the restaurants are competing to serve the best samples of antep food but trust me this is the best place run by 2 woman which were teacher before

  • evliyasems's Restaurant Tip

    Gaziantep cuisine, for many years, has held a privileged place among the cuisines of the world and in our country due to its traditional and regional richness of flavour.The very special feature of Gaziantep i cuisine is in the careful use of the ingredients in the preparation of the meals. All the ingredients are chosen with great care.Plentiful...


Gaziantep Transportation

  • Gaziantep Otogar (main bus terminal)

    The otogar is some distance out of the city centrum, about 30 minutes by minibus from the centrum. It’s a big terminal with bus companies offices where you can buy your bus ticket to almost all destinations in Turkey, either the big modern buses or minibuses or dolmush. The terminal is loaded with several stores selling foodstuff and souvenirs,...

  • Transport from the city centre to main...

    The bus terminal is a bit out of the city, about half an hour travel from the city centre and bus fare is TL1.50. The bus to the otogar is passing along Istasyon Caddesi, I’ve waited for it along the main road where everyone else is waiting almost opposite the Cumhuriyet Meydani (park).

  • Istanbul to Gaziantep by OnurAir

    I booked OnurAir online as it’s cheap, cost is TL62, cheaper than a bus fare and flight is shorter – 1 hour and 40 minutes flight time. No meals but it’s fine and they’re selling snacks and beverages on-board. OnurAir has a shuttle bus from Gaziantep airport to town waiting right infront of the terminal as you exit. Fare cost TL6. The shuttle...


Gaziantep Shopping

  • Local handicrafts

    fNeed to buy local handicracts at Gaziantep? Visit any of the historical bedestasn or hanis at the bazaar of the city, they’re almost beside each other. They carry lots of nice stuff like haberdasheries, footwear, souvenir items, glass and ceramics, carpets, local clothing, copper items, etc. handicrafts, clothing, footwears, coppersmiths stuff.

  • Every day family mall

    It,s a good hipermarket mall . where all families can find all good things in fare prices .Open from 9am till 10pm Supermarket - Clothes - shoes - home textiles & acc - electronics . low to high rate prices .

  • Deluxe Mall

    Sanko Park Mall is the newest mall in Gaziantep . it,s contain large number of shops and resturants . but can find many good things their . Clothes - shoes - Electronics - home textiles and acc. - and many things the prices from medium to high rate


Gaziantep Local Customs

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    When we observe Gaziantep...

    by evliyasems Written Aug 26, 2002

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    When we observe Gaziantep throughout the history, we can find out about its very rich architecture which goes back in the history. If we mention the buildings in the city character, we should mention first houses, mosques, shopping centers, baths. It is possible to observe the influence of the climate, topographic characteristics, plantation and social life while building these structures.

    It has the architecture suitable to the Northern Mesopotamian tradition as a typical Islamic city. Other buildings take place around the religious ones and are developed as integrated buildings.
    Because it has the steppe climate and summers are very hot, the concept of having a yard is very important in the architecture. The yards are called 'Hayat' as most of life is spent there.

    In Gaziantep manufacturing and trading have gained more importance than agriculture.

    Many shopping centers were built in the settlements towards to Kozluca and around the castle. Tuz Ham, lki Kapili Han, Hiþva Haný, Yüzükçü Haný, Millet Haný were very busy shopping centers in the 16'h century.

    Streets are very narrow and shady. There are some places called 'kabaltý' which are houses with a road beneath. There are only six 'kabaltý''s nowadays. There are also blocked streets called 'dehliz'.

    Gaziantep Houses
    Gaziantep houses are made of soft calcareous stones called 'havara' or 'keyrnik' and have thick walls. Generally, they are one-or two-storeyed, but there are some three-storeyed ones too.

    The traditional Gaziantep houses displaying these features are situated mainly in the town center, in the Eyupogiu, Turktepe, Tepebaþý, Bostanci and Þehreküstü Quarters, and also near the Gaziantep Fortress.

    The baths, which were always a symbol of cleanliness, constituted an essential element of the social life of early times.The ones which have survived to present times are §eyh Fethullah Hamami, Huseyin Pa?a Hamami, Pa?a Hamami, Keyvanbey Hamami, lki Kapili Harnam, Naip Hamami, Nakipoglu Hamami, Tabak Hamami, Eski Harnam and Pazar Hamami.

    The city of Gaziantep had poor water resources. In order to prevent the evaporation or loss of water, water was brought to the city through underground canals. In some parts of the canals water was saved by the building of large rooms (or underground reservoirs), which could be reached by long stairways. Of these facilities called 'Kastels', only lhsan Bey, Pi?irici, lrnarn Gazali and Kozluca kastels remain.

    Bedestens are long bazaars or markets, with a covered ceiling. The most important ones are Huseyin Pa?a Bedesteni, Kemikii Bedesten and Zincirii Bedesten.

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Gaziantep Tourist Traps

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    Gaziantep copper-smithing dates far back into history. Copper items are produced as a complete piece using no alloy or solder.

    The art of mother of pearl, the raw materials of which are seashells, walnut wood and wire, was developed in Middle Eastern contries and was passed on to the Ottomans after the 15'th century. Mother of pearl has been used in architecture, gun armaments, and fur over the centuries, using various motifs and patterns.

    Silver relics unearthed from the tumuli and ancient cities in our region, like those from Karkamýþ and, Dülük show us that the use of silver in embroidery has been common since very early times in our area. Silver embroidery workshops indicate that this art has developed very quickly in Gaziantep and provides a significant amount of foreign currency income.

    Yemeni are shoes with stout leather soles and red or black leather uppers. They are heel-less and are very practical. The person making the shoes is called a 'KÖÞKER'.

    e) ANTEP ÝÞÝ
    This is Antep embroidery on a white fabric using off-white threads decorated with white, yellow and beige yarns and using 'various embroidery techniques.

    The work is called 'Antep Ýþi' or Antep work because it was first made by the housewives of Gaziantep and the surrounding area.
    The fact that it retains the characteristics of the old style of Turkish embroidery shows that it is special to this area.

    Nowadays, without spoiling the original embroidery techniques and by using silver and coloured threads, and embroidery needles, very beautiful embroidery is made.

    Besides these handicrafts, we can mention many different handicrafts made in Gaziantep such as woollen cloth weaving, zurna making, rug weaving, silk weaving, earthenware jar making, golds works.

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Gaziantep Off The Beaten Path

  • Papirus Cafe

    This is an old house example of antep recently restored and converted to a cafe You can try a turkish cafe in the beautiful garden in the shade of the trees

  • The major mosques of the city...

    The major mosques of the city are Þeyh Fethullah Mosque, Boyacý Mosque, Ömeriye Mosque and Ahmet Çelebi Mosque. The Kendirli Church, which was constructed by the French Missionaries with the assistance of Napoleon III in 1860 is important and should be visited. The Mausoleums of St. Ökkeþiye, Prophet Yuþa and St. Pirsefa are beautiful creations and...

  • I went to kilis,the last town...

    I went to kilis,the last town before syria;then alep is very near.I remember that a boy wanted to get into the bus gaziantep-kilis with a sheep;he asked me:halab? halab? I suppose he wanted to know if I was travelling to alep(syria)----with my passport full of israeli stamps and my address in jerusalem hahahah


Gaziantep Favorites

  • Gaziantep is situated where...

    Gaziantep is situated where the Mediterranean region and South East Anatolia region meet. Gaziantep, a city which has common border with Syria, has most of its land in the west of South East Anatolia and some part in the east of the Mediterranean region. Gaziantep is surrounded by Birecik and Halfeti towns of Urfa in the east, Besni town ofAdlyaman...

  • Visiting Archeology Museum,...

    Visiting Archeology Museum, Hasan Süzer Ethnography Museum, Visiting Historical Gazi Antep Houses and Gazi Antep Castle, Visiting Yesemek Open Air Museum, Ancient cities of Belkýs / Zeugma, Rumkale and Dülük / Doliche, Tasting Gazi Antep lahmacun (pancake with spicy meat), Ali Nazik kebab, yuvarlama, içli köfte, keme kebab and yeni dünya kebab...

  • I live in G.Antep I'm turkish...

    I live in G.Antep I'm turkish I love G.antep. Over there there is also kurdish people. For you the people and paysage is touristique. Gaziantep is modern but not too much just sufficient. There are a lot of restaurant you don't worry for this. I didn't go to place touristique in Gaziantep but there is a big castle over there. If you need some...


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