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  • Me outside a tea garden.
    Me outside a tea garden.
    by IreneMcKay
  • Sagalassos.
    by IreneMcKay
  • Phaselis
    by IreneMcKay

Isparta Things to Do

  • Day Trip to Phaselis

    Phaselis is 16KM west of Kemer and I think we visited both places on the same day. Phaselis was originally built by people from Rhodes in 700 BC. The city was later captured by the Persians and remained under their control for around two hundred years. Later in 334 BC it was captured by Alexander the Great.Phaselis was under constant threat from...

  • Day Trip to Kemer

    Again we got here by taking a bus to Antalya first then catching a bus from there. Kemer is a pretty resort town with beaches and we spent our time there swimming and wandering around the harbour and town. Kemer is one of those Turkish towns where you can swim in the warm Mediterranean sea while looking at the snow capped Taurus mountains behind...

  • Day Trip to Side

    We visited Side for the day from Isparta. To get there we had to go to Antalya first and take a bus from there.Side is an Ancient Greek city on the Mediterranean coast about 78 km from Antalya. The ancient part of the city is located on a small peninsula which is about 1KM long and 400M wide.Side was founded by Greek settlers from Cyme, western...

  • Day Trips to Antalya

    Let me get this the right way round. If you wanted a holiday in Antalya, you would probably not stay in Isparta and commute, but if you happened to be in the Isparta area, it is very easy to get to Antalya and back by public bus on the same day. The journey was by comfortable coach and passengers were regularly given lemon cologne to freshen up...

  • Konya

    We travelled to Konya for the day just once when we lived in Isparta. Konya was known as Iconium during the Roman and Byzantine eras. This name is believed to derive from the word for icon and comes from a legend that the city was founded by Perseus who used an icon of the Medusa's head to turn the earliest inhabitants of the area into stone.The...

  • Burdur

    We went to Burdur by bus from Isparta, because it was nearby. Burdur is in the Turkish lake district. There is a lake Burdur. We went for a walk outside the town and enjoyed the mountain scenery. We stopped off in a kebab shop for a Döner kebab.When we explored the nearby mountain scenery, we encountered many sheep and goats. That reminds me that...

  • Sagalassos

    While we were living in the middle of non-touristy Turkey in the Hotel Artan, Isparta, we happened to bump into an Englishman who was also living in our hotel. His name was Alan and he was an engineer, working on a project in Isparta. Alan had a car and he had spotted a sign for a historical site while he was out driving. He asked us if we were...

  • The Turkish Lake District.

    One of the places we were fortunate enough to visit a lot while we stayed in Isparta was Eğirdir. Eğirdir is a fishing community on Lake Eğirdir. This lake was surrounded by beautiful snow capped mountains when we went there. The waters of the lake were a woonderful shade of light blue. If it had not been so cold, I would have loved...

  • Suleyman bey's exquisite köfte

    As I said before in Isparta the people were very hospitable. We were often invited to dine in people's homes. One of the kindest people we encountered was Suleyman bey. This is a picture of him preparing delicious çiğ köfte.Çiğ means raw and çiğ köfte is a raw meat dish a bit like steak tartare. I was given a plate of steak tartare...

  • Mosques

    There are several important mosques in Isparta. These include the pre-Ottoman Hizir Bey Mosque which dates from around 1325. These also include the Ulu or Grand Mosque which dates from around 1429 and the Haci Abdi Mosque which dates from 1569. Isparta even has a mosque designed by the Ottoman Royal Architect Mimar Sinan. This is known as the...

  • Atatürk Monument With Roses.

    Everywhere in Turkey has a monument to the founder of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Isparta's had a rose theme as befits The City of Roses. I suppose it is also showing a Turkish carpet, too. Isparta's other claim to fame.


    WINTER SPORTSISPARTA - DavrazThe Davraz Ski Centre is in the Western Mediterranean, 26km from the centre of Isparta. Davraz moutains, with an altitude of 2637m), is part of the range between Egirdir and Kovada Lakes, which surround the Isparta Valley in the area known as the Lake District. The ski centre has a terrestrial climate and the season...


Isparta Restaurants

  • sinequanon's Profile Photo

    Delicious Pide

    by sinequanon Written Dec 17, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This is a pide salonu that we all went for lunch on our round of the city center. It must have been one of the best, the pide there was exceptionally tasty. Unfortunately, I did not take the address but it is right next to the city center

    Favorite Dish: This restaurant only served these pies called pide which are very similar to pizzas but with ingredients like mince meat. Mine was cheese and it was delicious.

    at the Pide Salonu

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Isparta Warnings and Dangers

  • typhoidmary's Profile Photo

    The Pamukkale-not-so-Ekspresi train

    by typhoidmary Written Jan 12, 2008

    I would rather travel by train than by bus, so when I had to return to Istanbul from Isparta I went on the Pamukkale Ekspresi. My previous experience with the Istanbul - Ankara train was great, so I bought my ticket without hesitation. The couchettes were fairly comfortable & I settled in. What ensued was a journey that is funny now, but was fairly miserable at the time.

    First off, the car was extremely overheated and there is an old wives tale in Turkey that a draft (like from an open window) causes illness. So whenever anyone opened a window, one of the other passengers would shut it. I'd say it was a good 80 F (about 26 C) and stuffy, which bothered me more than the heat. The Turks seem to be rather impervious to temperature, so while we were being stifled, the other passengers would maybe take their coats off. To prolong the torture, we stopped in every village and siding, mostly to pick up new train cars. Every time we picked up a new car, we'd slam back and forth hard enough that you were bounced off your seat. When we arrived in Istanbul our little 2 car train had extended to 20ish. It was a very painful 18 hours & my lesson is, unless you are traveling the Istanbul-Ankara-Konya route, take the bus

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