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  • Mosque, Istanbul
    Mosque, Istanbul
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  • mosques etiquette
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    Into the Mosque ...

    by goga4444 Updated Feb 26, 2003

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    Inside the Blue Mosque...

    Before you enter the Mosque , you have to take of your shoes , and enter without them .
    Nice young man in front of the Blue Mosque gave us bags to put our shoes in ... You can see some wet feet on pic LOL ( so there wont be any confusion , my feet got wet before entering the mosque It was snowing in Istanbul , my shoes were not exactly prepared for that ... :)

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    Before entering the mosques

    by Sharrie Updated Feb 19, 2003

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    The majority of Turks are Muslim (about 99% of the population) of the Sunni creed. Hence, ISLAM is the principle religion in Turkey. Islam means devotion to God (Allah) & the basic belief is Allah created the world & everything shares the same roots as Christianity & Judaism except the belief about Jesus' divinity & status as a savior. Adam, Abraham, Moses, David, Jesus & Mohammed are all prophets while Mohammed is the greatest. It is believed that Mohammed is God's messenger & it was to him that God communicated his last revelation; being the last prophet. Muslims worship only God, no other. In Arabic, MUSLIM means one who has submitted to God's will.

    Islamic teaching is recorded in the KORAN (which has sura -114 chapters) - Kur'an-i Kerim (Holy Koran) contains God's revelations to Mohammed. Koran (being sacred) cannot be translated & exits in Arabic only.

    Sunna is the "rules of life" which governs the private & public behavior. (Sunna is a combination of the utterances of the prophets + The Koran)

    In order to be a Muslim, one needs only submit his/her heart to God's will & perform a few religious duties - Specifically 5 Pillars of Islam:

    1) Profession of faith - understand & believe "There is no god but God & Muhammed is his Prophet".
    2) Daily Prayer - 5 times (dawn, noon, mid-afternoon, dusk & after dark).
    3) Duty to give alms to the poor.
    4) Fasting during Ramadan month
    5) Pilgrimage to Mecca - once in his/her lifetime.

    Muslim prayers are set rituals. Before praying, he/she must wash hands, arms, feet, ankles, head & neck in running water. As pictured, outside the mosques, one can usually find places for the Muslims to clean themselves with running water. If no water is available, one can clean with sand instead. If no sand, motions will suffice. After this ritual, he/she must cover his/head, face Mecca & perform a series of gestures & genuflections.

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    When you enter the mosque, you...

    by tompen Written Sep 7, 2002

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    When you enter the mosque, you will be expected to take your shoes off and put on some slippers. If you are a woman, I suggest you wear something not too sexy or suggestive, unless you just love to be stared at.

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    Fountains such as the one...

    by Pamela_Peace Written Sep 2, 2002

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    Fountains such as the one pictured here are found outside of every mosque. Before entering for prayers, a Muslim must have ablution, or the washing of the hands, face, neck and feet before his prayers will be accepted.

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  • mirchica's Profile Photo

    Without shoes

    by mirchica Written Apr 8, 2008

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    When you enter in a mosque you should take your shoes off.This costum is part of the Islamic Religion.Also women should be dressed well with no naked parts of the body.But this is in every religion.

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    by parsix Updated Jan 1, 2005

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    Men will usually wash and clean exposed parts of their bodies before entering the mosque. Prayer is usually done kneeling facing the direction of the sunrise.

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    Shoes off!!!

    by SirRichard Written Dec 15, 2002

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    At the entrance

    When entering a mosque you have to cover your head (women), wear long sleeves (arms and legs) and take off your shoes. Is a very pleasant sensation to walk barefeet on the marble on a hot summer day.

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    Things you should know : All...

    by matza Written Aug 25, 2002

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    Things you should know : All visitors must remove their shoes in mosques.Women should cover heads;sleeveless shirts,shorts,and very short skirts are inappropriate.

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