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  • Otherwise, it is dining in the open air!
    Otherwise, it is dining in the open air!
    by mtncorg
  • Lunch is served!!
    Lunch is served!!
    by mtncorg
  • Kuru fasülye - Turkish Cassoulet
    Kuru fasülye - Turkish Cassoulet
    by mtncorg
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    KANAAT LOKANTASI: Kuru Fausulya

    by mtncorg Written Nov 20, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Lunch is served!!
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    This restaurant gives you a first hand look at the magnificent Süleymaniye complex. The dish of choice is the traditional kuru fasülye which are white beans in a tomato sauce served alongside rice and bread. The place is close to Istanbul University so it can get very crowded at times. Excellent place to try some traditional food in a great setting.

    Favorite Dish: Kuru fasülye. Here is a nice recipe which gives you a couple of options.

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  • Kanaat: A trip across to Üsküdar

    by mercel Written May 12, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    One of the joys of living in Istanbul is taking the boat or ferry across the Bosporus. Just six minutes away from Beþiktaþ, one can enjoy a breezy boat ride to Üsküdar on a beautiful sunny day for a meal at a historical, delicious and reasonably priced restaurant to spice up their day. Walking distance from the ferry station near Mihrimah Sultan Mosque is the Kanaat restaurant, which was founded back in 1931 and has kept the same menu of home made Turkish cuisine and its celebrated ice creams.
    Back in the 1950s in Erenköy's I-them Efendi Street, Vahdettin Kargýlý was a street vendor selling ice cream and wafers – similar to the Good Humor Man in the United States, but carrying the sweets on his shoulders rather than in a truck. What made his ice cream so special and distinct was the sheep milk used in the process instead of standard cow's milk. Then in 1961 he and two of his brothers who were all originally from Albania acquired Kanaat restaurant. Kanaat had been long established in Üsküdar's busy shopping area since 1931. In addition to keeping the ice cream and milky desserts identical, the new owners added “grandma's home cooking” to the menu and since then not a lot has changed in the menu.

    Kanaat restaurant's mission according to Murat Kargýlý, one of Vahdettin's sons, is to preserve the methods employed by grandparents and previous generations for home cooking. They are trying to pass on the cultures and traditions of home made Turkish meals. With all the fast food and quick consumption products being developed, the goal is dignified. “Sometimes young people will come in and ask ‘what is this?' when they see the imam bayýldý meal (aubergine stuffed with onions and garlic, it means the mullah has fainted in Turkish). How can they not know this?” he wonders in astonishment and therefore believes that they have a mission to pass on this Turkish culinary culture to the new generation…

    And what a delicious mission they are accomplishing! At least 100 different types of dishes are prepared daily and displayed at the restaurant. As far as cold starters and “olive oil” dishes go, the unique artichoke stuff with rice (YTL 8), cabbage leaves stuffed with rice (YTL 4.80), spinach roots, chickpeas and carrots with olive oil are extraordinary. Then on to the hot meals, where one goes to the back, in the kitchen like area, where the dishes are brought up fresh and steaming hot, the Elbasan Tava (YTL 9.50) which is lamb in béchamel sauce is highly recommended. In particular their Ozbek's pilaf with lamb (YTL 9.50), casserole meat (YTL 9), aubergine puree kebab (YTL 9.50), dry white beans and rice (YTL 4.50), and oven baked lamb (YTL 9.50) are among the popular fares. Cubed cucumber with garlic yogurt (YTL 3.50) or homemade famous plain yogurt nicely compliments the main course. Getting stuffed with plain bread while such a variety of delicious and time consuming dishes are available seems like a childish act. But beware, the table bread at Kanaat is exceptionally soft and tasty. From the wide and tempting desert selection, the ice cream especially in this season is recommended (YTL 3.50). The milk is sheep's milk and the time of year for sheep to give milk is nowadays until mid July. Eaten alone or on top of other desserts, the ice cream tops the meal agreeably. Placed in a huge bronze platter is the semolina halva with toasted almonds (YTL 3.50). With regard to the milky Turkish desserts, the burnt milk pudding with chicken breast known as kazan dibi in Turkish (YTL 3.50), milk pudding with aromatic rose water (YTL 3.50) and sweet bread with milk cream (YTL 5) are worth a try. Like all the other dishes, desserts are placed in a glass window display for customers to choose from.

    Please note that credit cards are not accepted. No alcohol is served either. Although many offers have been made to open another branch or expand the business, including a spot in Niþantaþi's up and coming hip City shopping mall, owners of Kanaat have no intention of expanding or moving. Thus the ferry trip is definitely worth ones while to try out the unique dishes in Kanaat…

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    kanaat restaurants: Bad food!

    by tarki Written Jun 19, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Not good food. If you'd like to have a bad experience of Turkish food, you should go there. Turkish cuisine is one of the richest cuisines in the world together with Chinese and French but Kanaat is far away from representing it.

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    kanaat restaurants: In Uskudar

    by traveloturc Written Dec 28, 2006

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    kanaat restaurant

    Kanaat is one of my favourite restaurants in Turkiye.Its situated in Uskudar that you can reach easily from eminonu with boat .
    The menu at Kanaat, which opened in the 1880's, features 80 different dishes. Notable among these are the Ozbek pilavi (Uzbek pilau) and assortment of guvec (claypot casseroles). Credit cards are not accepted.

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    kanaat restaurants: Good Turkish Food

    by TOURMALINE Written May 11, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    They have a very good quality vast range of Turkish food. It is located on the Asian side of Istanbul. I strongly reccomend to visit. You can take a local fery to pass to Uskudar where the restorant is located.
    Although there are very good restaurants at Taksim region too on Beyoglu street which offers kebabs and other types of local food.

    Favorite Dish: ISKENDER KEBAB

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  • Kanaat restaurant: A unique place to discover

    by infinitys Updated Oct 22, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    turkish restaurant

    Kanaat is one of the first class restaurants of Istanbul located in anatolian part of Istanbul so called USKUDAR region.
    What makes kanaat so special from other restaurants will be;

    - Quality of taste in different type of meals
    - Very warm and welcoming staff
    - English explainations of Turkish traditional foods
    - Not so expensive compared to other restaurants
    - The possibility of drinking a wonderful turkish coffee after finishing your meal

    Favorite Dish: Classical type of ottoman kebabs,deserts and sweets,wonderful ice cream during the summers, some traditional examples from Turkish kitchen,AYRAN (National drink of Turkey without alcohol)

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    Kanaat Lokantasi: Classic Turkish kitchen

    by TheTurkishBrit Updated Dec 20, 2003

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    From soups and salads to delicious desserts, this restaurant serves beautifully prepared, tasty Ottoman Turkish cuisine. It is also worth a visit to enjoy the beautiful ceramics that cover the walls.

    Favorite Dish: Hunkar Begendi: meatballs with a smoky aubergine and tomato sauce
    and for dessert
    Asure: an indescribable dessert, which can be made badly, but Kanaat's is the best!

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    Kanaat: Bosphorus Classics

    by voyageur2 Updated Sep 29, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Turkish Tastes in Istanbul

    Kanaat Restaurant or Lokanta is situated at Uskudar-Asian side of Istanbul. Istanbul has a special place in Turkish history and this restaurant is one of the best places in Istanbul for trying Ottoman-Turkish tastes. Do not forget to see magnificent and colourful specialities first.

    Favorite Dish: All classical Turkish dishes.

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    Turkish Cuisine: the ultimate decadence

    by Lunamagica Updated Oct 26, 2002

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I could be biased and recommend a certain 'Lokantasi' that happens to be a haven for Besiktas fans called Hasbi (a 5 minutes' walk from Inonu Stadium)..... but I'll bow to objectivity and ask that you try a few Lokantasi off the beaten path (our fellow VTer leffe3 recommended Kanaat Lokantasi in Uskudar, thank you Leffe3!), particularly if you take the time to go to the Asian side instead. Turkish cuisine is the ULTIMATE decadent dream for a foodie. Its richness and painstaking preparation is a direct result of centuries of Ottoman cuisine, dedicated to pleasing the palates of fussy Sultans (check out the size of Topkapi's kitchen, just to give you a clue). Today, you can either try any of the Ottoman-inspired restaurants (such as, for example, Feriye, in Ortakoy) for a taste of intricated recipes, or simply go to a (preferably off-the-beaten-path, hence my recommendation for the Asian side), crowded, wonderfully loud and boisterous Lokantasi or Meyhane (roughly translated as 'pub'). The amount of 'meze' (appetisers) on offer is tantalisingly mind-blowing. Even though, at first glance, these appetisers may sound as easy in their preparation as they are to our palate, you'll be amazed to find out how some of them take quite a bit of time and effort to prepare.... such as the WONDERFUL, mouth-watering Cigara Boregi......I'm getting hungry just telling you about it! :)

    Favorite Dish: Cigara boregi, muska boregi, etli yaprak dolmasi, guvec kebabi, the world-renowned imam bayildi.....all washed down with Ayran (yoghurt drink), or, better yet, with lots and lots of Raki :)

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    Kanaat Lokantasi, Uskadar: Kanaat Lokantasi, Uskadar

    by leffe3 Written Aug 26, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Something of an institution in Istanbul, which, because of its location, is tucked away off the tourist run.
    Situated on the Asian side in Uskadar, tinted black glass windows, with a 'deli' type entrance for fantastic take-away breads, olives etc, do not fully indicate what's beyond. Nothing fancy, it has to be said - two separate, modern, clean rooms, discretely lit (that black tint!), standard comfortable tables and chairs etc (no attempt at Ottoman style decor) - but the food is something else. A small hatch in the corner with, typical Turkish style, the food laid out for you to be tempted. And what temptations! Everything and more that you would want from the best of Turkish cuisine. The only danger here is that you order too much (we usually did - could never learn!). And as it tended to be full of Turks - families, office workers etc - all tucking in, we felt we had certainly chosen well.

    Favorite Dish: Everything!

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