Istanbul Warnings and Dangers

  • Near the Chora
    Near the Chora
    by Dabs
  • Sultanahmet cats
    Sultanahmet cats
    by Dabs
  • Best to Wear Steel-Toe Boots in Istanbul
    Best to Wear Steel-Toe Boots in Istanbul
    by Puckish

Most Viewed Warnings and Dangers in Istanbul

  • 1. warnings for women

    While on my second trip in Istanbul I decided to go to the grand bazaar by myself, while I was shopping around, this guy ask me if I wanted to purchase leather bags and I said no, but he would not...

  • 2. unsafe areas

    Sorry if I will be repetitive..other persons posted the same. The area of Istiklal caddesi at night can look so warmful , funny , democratic , westernalized but lots of traps for tourists exist. ...

  • 3. taxis

    I will never be going back to Turkey on vacation. In fact I am typing this from my hotel room (marmara hotel), and I cannot wait until my flight in a few days to get out of here. Sure, the people...

  • 4. pickpockets

    I think this tip is applicable in all the major touristy areas, but especially in the Grand Bazaar. Do not ignore warnings! The risk is great. Luckily I read warnings before I ventured in the Bazaar,...

  • 5. shoe polishers

    There are some shoe polisher crooks in town, especial around the Grand Bazar area. The trick is simple: -Shoe polishers will pass you in a quiet narrow street and "accidentally" drops a brush -Of...

  • 6. road traffic

    The traffic in Istanbul is quite heavy. You would do well to avoid taxis and use the tramway or walk, especially in the Sultanahmet area. Not only are the places situation nearby, it is interesting to...

  • 7. water

    One of my guidebooks stated that drinking water from the tap was not such a good idea, I still brushed my teeth with it but for drinking water we found a guy selling cold 1.5L bottles for 1tl (about...

  • 8. Harem in Dolmabahce Palace

    The harem is beautiful, but after the outstanding luxury of the main palace it seems... poor and sad. I suggest that, if you may, you reverse the order of the...


    Yesterday, my husband and I had traveled to Turkey for a holiday break. After 4 hours flight, we could at last see Istanbul from the plane. Unfortunately, this...

  • 10. How to pay the fare

    The only way to pay the fare is to put your money in Jetonmatik/token machine, but there is possibility that coins get stucked and you cannot get your money...

  • 11. Stray animals

    It always breaks my heart to see stray animals wandering around cities, in Istanbul it seemed that the stray cats far outnumbered the stray dogs and they were...

  • 12. Fake jewerly and credit card copying

    Wish I had read the warning about Divas Jewelry before we went to Istanbul (Oct. - Nov. 2012). I purchased earrings there and have just returned home where I...

  • 13. Fake Jewellrey

    stay away from Divas Jewelry near blue mosquea nice showroom but fake fake stuff. bought silver jewlery (supposedly designer at high price). broke in two when i...

  • 14. Out of season

    Tourism seems to play already a strong role in Istanbul, where some places show a seasonal functionality. We were in a park, with what should be a great and...

  • 15. Istanbul, very difficult for older people

    The streets are very difficult to walk on, uneven easy to trip,and in some places, such as Sultanahmet you are forced to walk in the street with some very...

  • 16. touts tourist guides

    we visited istanbul in march this year- beautiful country, awe inspiring architecture and a new culture.our tour guide took us to the first shop in the spice...

  • 17. Cons

    I am very angry at myself for falling for this trick but wanted to warn others so they don't get conned the way that I did. The con starts with 2 guys who start...

  • 18. Tobacco and alcahol

    Tobacco and alcohol are very expensive in istanbul compared to other Cities.and the tobacco quality is the lowest ,all the major Cigarettes brands are made in...

  • 19. Queueing at the Aya Sofya

    The Aya Sofya is one of Istanbul's top attractions.The entrance is split into an entrance for organised tours and an entrance for occasional visitors. The...

  • 20. Bargaining or haggling

    Be aware that haggling down the price of any thing you buy,The seller,vendor mostly raise the price because the vendor knows very well the buyer will try to...

  • 21. Keeping safe

    By all accounts, Istanbul is a safe city. At no point in my travels did I feel threatened by anyone. Be aware of your surroundings at all times and you should...

  • 22. Terrorism

    Istanbul has been a repeated target by terrorists, both by Al Qaeda and a Kurdish separatist movement known as PKK. The threat you face in Istanbul is the same...

  • 23. Turnabout is fair play. (Hear that America?)

    Americans - If you do your research before arriving in Turkey you will find that the visa costs 100 dollars for Americans entering Turkey. It's the highest of...

  • 24. Know your jewellery

    Diva Jewellers in Istanbul ruined my 10th wedding anniversary gift. Istanbul is a well-known destination for jewellery shopping, so I was very excited when my...

  • 25. "GOLDEN HORN" leather shop in Yerebatan street

    We bought a leather jacket in this shop, unfortunately after dinner with wine nearby. The shop is situated on the first floor, very near the entrance of the...

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Comments (2)

  • Apr 22, 2013 at 9:32 PM

    To be honest, I am from Istanbul and had many foreign friends visiting me over the years but when I read these things I though I was reading about Rio or Wire's Baltimore. For instance, I have been drinking the water you are afraid of brushing your teeth. Funny enough, some go to certain red districts, surrounded by a dozen of hot western european chicks and then complain about expensive service !!! Really? anyways. Use decent taxi stations (check the side door for company's name, if there is only plate number in blue , skip that taxi). If you want to have fun or good cheap food, follow local people. There are three universities near taksim, follow the youth if you want to go out and grab some food or beer... Again don't shop in the touristic areas., go to stores locals go. Finally, I cannot stop myself commenting on this but there is this freak local guy talking above about women's safety and telling them not to show their neck, etc... Even high school students have mini-skirts in these days. Better check Istanbul city cameras on "" to see what local women actually wear (of course, I am not saying you can go out in your bikinis or something)... AND If you have any problem, just go to police. All young police offers can speak english. This is not Russia, guys. Yes there are tourist hunters trying to get your money near touristy areas, but be smart to avoid them. . Be aware that there 15 million people living in this city.

  • Feb 4, 2013 at 11:20 PM

    about these tips they are just lies İ am living in İstanbul for 14 years and none of this are true but one taxi drivers dont trust them they trying cha of peooles of Istanbul but Turkish people are one of the most helpfull peoples on the world if you wanna visit istanbul begin from fatih fevzipaşa street and I have little frind in fatih his name is ALİ he is the most reliable person I met. His in akdeniz

Istanbul Warnings and Dangers

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