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    Terracotta figurine Myrina(near Izmir)...
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Most Recent Local Customs in Izmir

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    Eating LOKMA

    by Arkeolog Written Feb 20, 2009

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    Lokma is a Turkish fried sweet dough, that is covered in a simple syrup. Served as a dessert.

    When you visit Izmir and it's districts you can see people offers you Lokma. Dont be suprised accept this offer and enjoy your Lokma. (except patisseries. they sell lokma as a sweet) This is a tradition. When people have a loss (parents, friends etc) they serve lokam to neighbours, friends or people who pass by the door :) Person who accept the Lokma offer he suppose to pray for their loss or you can just say "take him to the heaven" thats all. worth to taste lokma anyway :))


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    turkish tea

    by mindcrime Written Nov 15, 2007

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    Everyone in Turkey drinks tea day and night! I met a woman that drinks 10 glasses every day!! After two days I started to drink it too because I liked the small clear glasses that they serve it. I’ve been told that the deep red color of the tea called tavsan kany (rabbit blood!), another funny Turkish name (they like to give funny names for foods, sweets etc).

    The Turkish tea is a form of black tea that is produced on the eastern Black Sea coast. In some tourist shops they serve tea to the customers but you have to know that most of the times this is not tea but apple juice! :)

    turkish tea one of the places I drunk tea in Izmir

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    turkish coffee

    by mindcrime Written Nov 15, 2007

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    Turkish coffee is a typical coffee in Balkan countries, in middle east and north Africa. The preparation is to boil some finely powdered roast coffee beans in a small pot, sometimes with sugar, and serving it into a small cup (like espresso in Italy), where the dregs settle.

    Usually it served with cold water and a lokum. Watch out! Don’t drink it all! The thick layer of sludgy grounds at the bottom of the cup is left behind.

    Traditionally, the pot is made of copper and has a wooden handle. It’s a good idea to bring back home a traditional small pot for Turkish coffee. Very typical local thing and useful too. I found many of them in the bazaar.

    a turkish coffee locals waiting for their turkish coffee

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    clean shoes?

    by mindcrime Written Nov 14, 2007

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    Shoes’ cleaning in the streets! I remember this custom from old greek movies but it’s really fun to see it in Turkey in our days. People still like to have clean black shoes. In Greece we prefer to buy new ones every 2 months! How stupid we are sometimes….

    Anyway, another Turkish custom about shoes is this:
    If you are invited into a Turkish house, remember to put off your shoes just outside or immediately inside the door. And of course have to put off your shoes when entering a mosque.

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    The camel caravan?

    by basstbn Written Jun 29, 2007

    Our band had flown into an air base, then was being transported by bus into the city of Izmir. Seeing a large gathering of people, and a few camels, our bus driver pulled over to allow us the opportunity to see what was going on, and to perhaps get a few unusual photos. We were fascinated by the camels, having only seen them in American zoos prior to this. They appeared to be loaded down as if part of a desert caravan, but communications difficulties prevented us from learning what was really happening.

    One thing was clear - these guys loved their animals, and treated them with more affection than I show my dog! Strangest of all was the sight of one man sharing a cigarette with his beast. Yes, the camel was smoking a cigarette. If you look closely at one of the photos attached, you will see the cigarette smoke coming out the camel's mouth.

    Smoking camel

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    A small coffee shop

    by Aggeliki Written Oct 6, 2004

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    When i saw this small coffee shop , i felt like i came before. I went this summer there and of course they had the most nice turkish coffee i drank in Izmir. It is near the central entrance of Kemeralti Bazzar , but i dont remember the name of this shop. I was so exciting that i was talking photos from every corner of the shop!:)

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    Clean your shoes..

    by Aggeliki Written Oct 6, 2004

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    This is a very old custom, which we also had in Greece, but now it disappeared. But in Turkey still you may see very often on the roads people that they clean shoes. This photo is from Kizlaragazi han, the old Bazzar of Izmir.

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    turkish beverage and drinks

    by Aggeliki Updated Jul 24, 2003

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    Cay (Tea): Cay is the most preferred drink of the Turks along with the traditional Turkish coffee. It is almost everywhere, every time, either during daytime or in the evening. Turkish tea is served in delicate, small clear glasses to show the deep red color, called tavsan kany (rabbit blood)..

    Ayran: A delicious drink made out of yogurt, diluted with water, salted, and must be served cool. It is very much valued by Turks and is the perfect accompaniment to kebap.

    Raki, the national alcoholic drink of Turks has a high degree alcohol and should not be consumed quickly. Most people drink it by mixing it with water. Colorless raký turns milky white when mixed with water. They fill 1/3 of their glass with raký then add water and finally ice. Ice is never put in the glass first. If raký is met with ice before water, it crystallizes and the taste changes. Some people drink raký straight. In addition the raký should be cold. It is customary to eat meze (various foods served in small plates) while drinking raký. Raki is also famous in Crete island (Greece) and it is server with the same way.

    It is known that for muslims alcohol is forbidden, for their religion.

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    Turkish delight......

    by Aggeliki Updated Jul 24, 2003

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    Known as turkish delight, "Lokum" is a sweet made from sugar, water and starch. A good Lokum keeps its freshness at least six months. As they say good Lokum won't make you thirsty, even after eating 8-10 pieces!!!! Perfect combination with turkish coffee.

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    Evil Eye Beads

    by Aggeliki Written Jul 22, 2003

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    They are blue, yellow and white coloured beads, in various traditional forms, made from glass. They have been made in Anatolia for thousands of years. They are believed that protect people from the evil eye.

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    Tourist Information

    by Torso Written Apr 2, 2003

    The office of the tourist information is located near the Hilton in Izmir, where the busses leave for Adnan Menderes. A nice lady will inform you over all kind of pensions and hotels in the city. I will complete this with adress soon.

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    Festivals, Olimpiads etc.

    by jonturk Written Jan 8, 2003

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    6th Liberty Celebrations 1 -10 September / ÝZMÝR

    Triatloon 1 -30 September / ÝZMÝR

    September 4 Liberty Celebrations 4 September / ÝZMÝR

    Liberty Celebrations and Fig Festival 7 September / ÝZMÝR

    September 9 Culture, Art and Liberty Celebrations 7 -9 September / ÝZMÝR

    September 9 Ýzmir-Bornova Liberty Feast 9 September / ÝZMÝR

    Liberty 11 September / ÝZMÝR

    Foça's Liberty Day 11 September / ÝZMÝR

    Assembled Marriage Ceremony 12 September / ÝZMÝR

    Bergama's Liberty Day 14 September / ÝZMÝR

    Karþýyaka Festival 15-30 September / ÝZMÝR

    Mordoðan Liberty Celebrations 16 September / ÝZMÝR

    Liberty Celebrations 17 September / ÝZMÝR

    Medical Dental Optics and Laboratory Equipments Fair 20-23 September / ÝZMÝR

    Verona Marble Fair 27-30 September / ÝZMÝR

    Çaylý Rahvan Horse Races 1 -31 October / ÝZMÝR

    Pet § Flora (Evcil Hayvan and Bahçe Bitkileri Fair 4 -7 October / ÝZMÝR

    Ýzmir Tourism Fair 11-14 October / ÝZMÝR

    Hotel Equipment Fair 11-14 October / ÝZMÝR

    Þirince Grape Harvest and Wine Festival 14 October / ÝZMÝR

    Construction Fair 1 -4 November / ÝZMÝR

    3 T (Machinery and Automation Fair) 22-25 November / ÝZMÝR

    Human Rights Award Ceremony 1 -31 December / ÝZMÝR

    Souvenir (Souvenir and Hobby) Fair 14-30 December / ÝZMÝR

    Loyalty to Atatürk Road Run 24-30 December / ÝZMÝR

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  • jonturk's Profile Photo

    Festivals, Olympiads etc.

    by jonturk Written Jan 8, 2003

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    Cherry Festival 21-27 May / ÝZMÝR

    Food Fair 24-27 May / ÝZMÝR

    International Group Psychotheraphy Symposium 25-27 May / ÝZMÝR

    Peninsula Games 1 -30 June / ÝZMÝR

    Cherry and Sapling Festival 4 -10 June / ÝZMÝR

    34th International Selçuk-Efes Culture Art and Tourism Festival 15-30 June / ÝZMÝR

    Peninsula Game Organization 16-20 June / ÝZMÝR

    Alaçatý International Child and Youth Theater Festival 18-24 June / ÝZMÝR

    International Water Products, Beekeeping, Aqua Culture, Business and Tec. 21-23 June / ÝZMÝR

    Sýðacýk Street Feast 1 -31 July / ÝZMÝR

    Youth Activity Center Activities 1 July-31 August / ÝZMÝR

    Blue Sea Green Dikili Culture and Art Festival 1 July-31 August / ÝZMÝR

    International Culture, Art and Tourism Festival 1 July-31 August / ÝZMÝR

    Plum and Okra Festival 9 July / ÝZMÝR

    Çandarlý Kaleiçi Culture and Art Festival 20-22 July / ÝZMÝR

    Shoe Industry Machine and Accessory Fair 1 -31 August / ÝZMÝR

    Mordoðan Summer Festival 1 -31 August / ÝZMÝR

    Urla Grape Harvest Celebrations 1 -31 August / ÝZMÝR

    Traditional Hamzababa Aþure Celebrations 20-26 August / ÝZMÝR

    Ýef 26 August-3 September / ÝZMÝR

    Ýzmir International Fair 26 August-10 September / ÝZMÝR

    Assembled Circumcision Feast 31 August / ÝZMÝR

    Labor and Peace Celebrations 1 -3 September / ÝZMÝR

    Liberty Celebrations 1 -8 September / ÝZMÝR

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  • jonturk's Profile Photo

    Festivals, Olympiads etc.

    by jonturk Written Jan 8, 2003

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    Camel Wrestling Olympiad 1 -31 January / ÝZMÝR

    Camel Wrestling Festival 21 January / ÝZMÝR

    Uður Mumcu Coastline Run 24 January / ÝZMÝR

    Shoe Industry Machine and Accessory Fair 8 -11 February / ÝZMÝR

    Bride, Groom and Dowry Fair 14-18 February / ÝZMÝR

    March 8 World Women's Day 8 March / ÝZMÝR

    Marble Original Stones and Technologies Fair 29 March-1 April / ÝZMÝR

    Football Tournament 1 -30 April / ÝZMÝR

    Traditional Ulukent Wrestling 1 -30 April / ÝZMÝR

    Rahvan Horse Races 2 -8 April / ÝZMÝR

    International Bergama Fair 4 -10 April / ÝZMÝR

    Book Fair 7 -15 April / ÝZMÝR

    Atatürk's Arrival to Bergama 13 April / ÝZMÝR

    International April 23 Karþýyaka Child Feast 18-24 April / ÝZMÝR

    April 23 Menemen International Feast Festival 19-24 April / ÝZMÝR

    International Feast Feast 20-27 April / ÝZMÝR

    Furniture, Decoration and Carpet Fair 24-29 April / ÝZMÝR

    April 23 Child Bairam Poetry and Composition Competition 27 April / ÝZMÝR

    Turkish Music Feast 1 -31 May / ÝZMÝR

    Kite Feast 1 -31 May / ÝZMÝR

    strawberry Festival 7 -13 May / ÝZMÝR

    Compotek Bilgisayar Fair 9 -13 May / ÝZMÝR

    Ýzmir International Plastic and Ambalaj Makinalarý Fair 10-13 May / ÝZMÝR

    Plateau Hiking 13 May / ÝZMÝR

    Narlýdere Youths and and Flower Festival 18-20 May / ÝZMÝR

    Youths Feast 19 May / ÝZMÝR

    May 19 Youths Feast 19 May / ÝZMÝR

    Cherry and Youths Feast 19 May / ÝZMÝR

    Theater Feast Between Highschools 20-31 May / ÝZMÝR

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    Historical SitesThe...

    by tolgaturan Written Sep 12, 2002

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    Historical Sites
    The excavations at Bayrakli have unearthed a temple dedicated to Athena and the wall of the Ionian city which flourished here between the seventh and fifth centuries B.C. Pottery dating to the third millennium B.C. has also been uncovered.
    On Kadifekale, Mt. Pagos, stand the impressive ruins of a castle and its walls, built by Lysimachus in the reign of Alexander the Great, which still dominate Izmir today. The castle offers an excellent vantage point to enjoy the magnificent view over the Gulf of Izmir.

    The Agora, or marketplace, in the Namazgah Quarter was originally constructed during the rule of Alexander the Great. What remains today, however, dates from the rebuilding under Marcus Aurelius, after the devastating earthquake of 178 A.D.

    The Sirinyer and Yesildere Aqueducts, two examples of Roman engineering which span the Meles River, supplied Izmir's water throughout Byzantine and Ottoman eras.

    An 18th century Ottoman inn, the Kizlaragasi Han, a fine example of the architecture of the period, is being restored to its former state.

    The symbol of Izmir, the Saat Kulesi, or clock tower, stands in Konak Square, in the heart of the city. A gift from the Sultan Abdulhamid, and built in 1901, it is decorated in an elaborate, late Ottoman style.

    Recently restored old houses fill the old quarter known as Karatas.

    Hydraulic elevators, Asansor, provide access between the lower and upper streets and are now being reconstructed. The internationally renowned singer, Dario Moreno, had a house in this district that is being restored for conversion into a museum.

    If you find yourself on Havra Sokak, notice the old buildings and synagogues.

    Hisar Mosque is the largest and oldest in Izmir. Build in the 16th century, with restorations in the 19th century, it has a delightful interior with an interesting mimber (pulpit) and mihrab( altar).

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