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  • Selcuk - Pillar of Artemis
    Selcuk - Pillar of Artemis
    by Kuznetsov_Sergey
  • Selcuk
    by Donna_in_India
  • Selcuk
    by Donna_in_India

Selcuk Things to Do

  • Ephesus Museum

    The best pieces in Ephesus were removed, and are now displayed in this museum. It's easy and quick to visit, located in a nice area of the city, being included in the packages from the harbour of Kusadasi when coming from Greece.

  • FORT

    Atop Ayasoluk Hill above Selçuk is a large fort that originated as a 6th Century Byzantine fort. The Selçuks extended the fort when they took over. It is not open to the public, but the flag and Atatürk were on fine display the day I was there in honor of May 19 – commemoration of Atatürk’s beginning of the national liberation at Samsun in 1919.


    Legend has the Apostle John bringing Mary, the mother of Jesus, along with him to Ephesus – Jesus consigned her to John’s care at his crucifixion – John 19: 26-27. She is said to have died about 54. The small stone chapel here is built over the house where the Virgin Mary is thought to have lived out her days here. Most of the building – a red line...


    The museum is downhill from the Basilica of St John in the heart of Selçuk. Many of the statues recovered in and around the area are here on display. One room features pieces of various monumental fountains found in Ephesus. I found the most fascinating exhibits to include the massive sculpture recovered from the Temple of Domitian – either...


    Built in the 6th Century during the reign of Justinian by the same architect who did the Haghia Sophia, Isidore of Miletus, the basilica is built over the supposed grave of St John. Of course that brings up two things. First, who was john? Christian leaders considered John the Evangelist, John of Patmos and the Beloved Disciple all to be the same...


    Here is the Imperial cult on full display. Sited on the west side of the political agora, the remnants of this large temple have been found. There is not much left since the building and much of its adornments were stripped for re-use over the ensuing years. The temple was erected it was initially thought for the Emperor Domitian – 81-96 – the last...


Selcuk Hotels

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  • Canberra Hotel

    Being Australian, the name of this little hotel immediately caught my eye as we had just been to...

  • Hotel Nilya

    After a couple of horrible nights in hotels in Canukkale and Pergamum, it was a real relief to find...

  • Hotel Bella

    I have just made my second trip to Turkey and second time to stay at Hotel Bella in Selcuk. WOW have...


Selcuk Restaurants

  • Political meal

    Now, let me tell you a story:In my first visit to Turkey arriving to Kusadasi by boat from Samos, we were asked to pay a price for a guided visit, and dragged to a line of buses, without any details about where to go except the visit to Ephesus, and who was leading us.The visit was well planned, the time as used as possible, and by lunchtime we...

  • Great hangout, cold beer and hot elma...

    Cafe Carpouza is actually owned by the belediye (local government) and they have a great selection of drinks - coffee, tea, beer, juice - and my favorite - elma fries! Elma is the Turkish word for apple, and this refers to the way the potatoes are sliced. In the US we call them 'home fries' or 'steak fries'. They are hot and crispy and delicious!...

  • Meatball Sandvich - YUM!

    I cannot remember the name of this cop sis place, but it is near Cengiz Topel Caddesi, but on the busy main street through Selcuk. It is beside the small mosque and has an outdoor seating area behind it, covered in vines. It serves mostly locals, their English is not so good, but a lot of tourists go there as well. They specialize in meatballs, cop...


Selcuk Nightlife

  • In town centre

    If you're looking for nightlife in Selcuk then really all you have are a few bars which are aimed at tourists. There's two next to each other along Siegburg in the town centre.

  • An evening walk on the beach

    Our hotel was located at 200m from Pamucak beach and we had the opportunity to take an evening walk on the beach and admire this superb sunset.It was actually the perfect beginning of the night, as we had a lot of fun in our hotel and organized a great party.

  • A quiet town

    Selcuk is a quiet town with a few bars and restaurants. Many tourists spend their evening at their pension, which might have their own bar or special evenings.


Selcuk Transportation

  • Small Town with Many Transport Options

    It is easy to walk around Selcuk because it is so small. You can visit all the monuments in the city on foot - St. John's Basilica, Efes Museum, Temple of Artemis, Isa Bey Mosque, the old hamam. A walk to the bottom gate of Ephesus is only about 20 minutes, but you can take a mini bus to the top gate for about 1-2TL, and then walk through Ephesus,...

  • From Istanbul to Selcuk

    After some thought, I decided that I did not want to catch the evening bus to Selcuk which was going to be about 10 hours. The thought of sitting just did not appeal to me since I had just sat for 12 hours getting to turkey. I went to Metro along the Main Cadessi and book a flight to Izmir. The cost was only USA: $159 round trip. It was less than...

  • Driving

    The busses are a great and inexpensive way to get around the country, but for those of us with very limited time, driving is the best way to travel around Turkey. Driving can be a bit expensive, however. Expect to pay around US$35 per day for an economy car plus gas (around $3 per gallon). To save on insurance, use a credit card that provides car...


Selcuk Shopping

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  • Quality Ceramics, no pressure sales

    Celsus Ceramics is owned by Gýlçen (not sure about that spelling) and her husband. It is on the main pedestrian street, Cengiz Topel, across from Denis Bar. Celsus Ceramics has beautiful, quality ceramics at good prices and gorgeous jewelry. Gýlçen (gull - chin) can also have jewelry custom made for you. She also sells some other items that make...

  • Not Just the Shopping...

    This shop is actually next door to my own, and I have gotten to know the lady who owns it fairly well. She is full of the unexpected, so be prepared to have fun and laugh. She'll be the first to tell you that she is the only female shop owner in Selcuk, and she loves talking about women's rights (as a female Turk!) It is a shopping experiece to...

  • Nice area

    Selcuk has a very pleasant shopping area which is served by pedestrian streets with metal arches. The town centre is very clean and well kept which probably is because of it being a tourist town where money rolls in from the nearby Ephesus ruins. There's some nice restaurants, a few bars and shops selling carpets here along with banks, ATM's and...


Selcuk Local Customs

  • Shoe blacks

    I must confess my surprise by the image of shoe blacks in Turkey. This occupation, fading in the west, gets in Turkey an interesting look, by the decoration of their working boxes. Too big to a comfortable transportation, they are, however, a true piece of art. We all were using slippers - bad to business...

  • Camel Wrestling

    While the Spanish have bullfights, the Turks have camel wrestling!! It is famous in the Aegean region. You can only watch it on January or February.Men mostly go there to drink raki while watching it hehe....

  • Mohammed and fashion-show

    I want to tell a few words about our guide Mohammed here. First of all we were surprised with his perfect Russian! Sometimes when I didn’t see him and only listened to his talking I thought he was almost Russian with very slight Caucasian accent… The second – he knew the subject of this tour “By paths of Ancient Civilizations” rather well and we...


Selcuk Warnings and Dangers

  • Bus Company AFSINLILAR

    This bus company operates with dishonest people trying to charge you high commissions.I travelled by night with them and they have a bad service on board. They don't speak English at all and they don't try to understand us even if we try to speak to them in Turkish. They were travelling about 5 hours without stopping and I had to call them twice to...

  • Warning to Women

    I couldn't decide whether to write this warning or not, but I wouldn't wish what happened to me on any woman, so I decided to write it. Three years ago I met two men in Selcuk who changed my life, and not for the better. Enis and Marco, owners of Nomadic Art Gallery. I knew immediately Marco was a fake out to get what he could - sex or money - from...

  • If you go to Ephesus, go early

    Ephesus is a great experience, and a trip there is a definate must while in Turkey. However I can not stress enough the right way to go about doing this. #1 Do not go on a tour, go on your own accord, this allows you to go on your own pace. Buy one of the many books offered that give descriptions and history of the site, and use that to reference...


Selcuk Tourist Traps

  • Free Shuttle - not so free...

    One of the things that bothered me about living in Selcuk was being a part of the tourism industry there and I gradually got more and more away from it because I didn't like a lot of what I saw. The 'free shuttle to Ephesus' is one tourist trap that especially bothered me. It is not a scam and there is nothing illegal about it, except that the...

  • Kusadasi - Far Better Than Expected

    The seaside resort and cruise ship port of Kusadasi is generally considered a tourist trap and in the sense of having lots of tourist oriented shopping, relatively high prices, and residential over-construction for the summer vacation trade, may well be a tourist trap. Nonetheless, we found the main shopping area to be rather charming in a tacky...

  • Fake antique coins

    In Selcuk and nearby Ephesus, we were aproached by locals try to make a few Lira by selling what they claimed were antique coins. Our guess is that they were fake, since we saw plenty of fake antique coins in the local souvenir shops. Even if they were real, we would not be able to take them out of the country (without the proper...


Selcuk What to Pack

  • toosahn's Profile Photo

    by toosahn Written Feb 10, 2012

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    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Do not be fooled by Selcuk's proximity to the Mediterranean! It is cold in winter and it rains. Check the weather before you go and be prepared. Many hotels/houses/restaurants do not have heat other than a space heater due to the short winter season.

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: Sunscreen is outrageously expensive in Turkey and I found choices to be very limited in Selcuk. Bring your own from home.

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Selcuk Off The Beaten Path

  • If you're looking for more Ruins- Priene...

    Selcuk is a good base for a day trip to see Priene, Miletus and Didyma. We hired a motorbike in town for 40 YTL and set out to see Priene and Miletus. After some navigation problems, we got there and had both sites to ourselves to roam around and explore. Priene was located south of Selcuk about 35kms? up on a hill overlooking the valley below. The...

  • Ayasuluk Library

    If you walk south from the Isa Bey Mosque towards the Ephesus Museum, you'll pass by many guesthouses and some older buildings. One I passed by was this old library which was built in the 14th century.

  • Off the beaten Sheep’s paths

    Do you think I went off the excursion routs in Selcuk and decided to have a rest from Ancient sights and watch amazing sheep somewhere off the beaten paths?No! This pics have been taken just in the centre of Artemis Temple where sheep walked around and ate grass while tourist crowds were watching this Seventh Wonder of the world, haha!


Selcuk Favorites

  • Ephesus Museum in Selcuk

    The Selçuk-Ephesus Museum (Arkeologji Muzesi) is the most important and richest museum for possession and sole display of local artifacts.It is located some 500m south of the Ayasoluk Hill with finds from the site of ancient Ephesus, including several statues of Artemis.Unfortunately we came to the museum too early at 8.00 when it was still closed....

  • General background

    Selcuk is considered to be one of the most visited tourist destinations in Turkey because of its closeness to the ancient city of Ephesus and House of the Virgin Mary. Its main sights are the Its original name in Greek was Ayios Theologos. In 1914 it was renamed Selcuk, after the Seljuk Turks who settled in the region in the 12th century.Like the...

  • Apple Tea

    If you go almost anywhere in Turkey you will be given hot Apple Tea. It is quite tasty. It is usually free, and it's polite to accept the one glass given to you. Once you are done with drinking the tea place the tea cup down with the spoon across the top, which signifiies you've had enough , otherwise they may keep bringing you more. Don't forget...


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