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  • Calis Beach, near Fethiye
    Calis Beach, near Fethiye
    by SWFC_Fan
  • Fethiye
    by amesian
  • entrance to Patara Beach
    entrance to Patara Beach
    by Jawnuta

Fethiye Things to Do

  • Blue Lagoon - Oludeniz

    Also called Blue Lagoon, Oludeniz is a resort village in Fethiye. It's one of the most popularly photographed beach with amazingly blue ocean and beach and most of the time lands on the top 5 beaches in the world. Oludeniz is along the 500kms Lycian Way walk. Less than half an hour dolmush ride from Fethiye town at TL4. Beautiful town, enticing...

  • Lycian Tombs

    One reason why I came to Fethiye is to see the rock-cut tombs on the side of the mountain in Fethiye - the Tomb of Amyntas. On my second day, I roam around the town looking for these tombs, passing by several historical stuff before finally reaching the place - on foot. It's located right at the large mountain at the edge of the town. There are I...

  • Calis Beach

    4 out of 5 stars

    Calis Beach is a 2 km long pebble beach located west of Fethiye's town center and marina. It is where many of the town's hotels are located and features a paved boardwalk along which there are dozens of cafes, restaurants, and bars. To swim at Calis Beach you should wear sandals or water shoes because of the pebbles and rocks. The water is clean...


Fethiye Hotels

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Fethiye Restaurants

  • A must dine-in place in Fethiye

    If you went to Fethiye and did not - at least once - dine in at the fish market, then you've never had a great dining experience. This place is a must when you're in Fethiye.On my first night I immeditely head to the fish market for dinner. It's a 15-minute walk from Fethiye Guesthouse where I was staying, right at Carsi Caddesi at the town...

  • Perfect....


  • Fresh fish from the market

    A short walk in the city center from the harbour towards the big bus station you will find the fish market. (Ask to locals where is "Balik Pazari" ) We chose our fish at the market and watched them to clean for us and paid. This fish market is surrounded with many restaurants You take your fish and tell them to cook for you. All the restaurants...


Fethiye Nightlife

  • Water haven

    The Duck pond is a bar and restaurant in the centre of Fethiye,located in the pedestrianised section of the town west of the main road.The setting is very tranquil as it overlooks a purpose built Duck Pond where Ducks can be seen swimming all day long,there are fish in the pond as well and a fountain,its the perfect place to relax and have a drink...

  • Pelicans

    Situated along the the harbour is the Pelican cafe with believe or not Real Pelicans that belong to the owner of the bar,the Pelicans are quite friendly but dont get too close as they have a tendancy to nip you.They are quite well trained and will often perch themselves on the posts provided for them and have thier picture taken.The bar itself is...

  • Chill out or Latin rhythms

    A sophisticated upstairs Tapas bar and restaurant with a huge picture window providing a super vista over the charming yacht harbour and Mediterranean. Meet your friendly host Belgin and learn Salsa dancing Thursday eves if you dare. On Saturdays listen to their resident guitarist strumming spanish, flamenco, latin or turkish music from 1930...


Fethiye Transportation

  • Getting to Kayakoy

    I've read many different versions of coming to Kayakoy and they kinda give me anxiety, that's the reason why it took me a long time til now to see the place when I've been wanting to see it for a long time.I was staying in Faralya that time (couple of weeks only, November 2012), and I took the dolmush passing by the highway (Fethiye - Faralya -...

  • Getting out of Kabak Koyu

    I took the offer of the camp's revv car to take me to the upper part of the village at TL30.Now, here's a caution: during the winter time starting November 1, the dolmush (van) frequency to and from Kabak is lessened to 3 trips and I found that the hard way, and it was exactly November 1when I was left wandering around the little village waiting...

  • Jeep to Kabak Valley camps.

    The only way to get to several camps and accommodation down the valley in Kabak - aside of course from hiking - are the jeeps parked at the tranport depot at the end of the road in the main local village of Kabak.If you're coming from Fethiye or Oludeniz, the dolmush (vans) will terminate at the upper part of the village and wait about 10m mintues...


Fethiye Shopping

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  • Gold

    Well, I'm not a fan of jewelry, but most of women are as i figured, so for those of you who are into gold, this is the place to be. It was praised by everybody. They get their gold from National Bank of Turkey, pure gold and then they heat it, melt it and change karats. The precious stones they get from India, South Africa, and a few other...


    A one on the week , avery thuesday in Fethiye is are open a Market place , whit good prices clothes and foods . You can buy a cheap price of lacoste t-***s , nike , adidas and more less thes 4 - 8 euro. Very Good Shoes - Puma for 5 euro. You can go to Market place with the Bus - " Dalmushe " - is price a 2,5 milion turkish lira. This very good...

  • The Large Tuesday Market

    Every Tuesday there is a big market in Fethiye selling many kinds of things. There are also many small inexpensive restaurants with nice food and drinks, alongside a stream that cools the surrounding air. The market is nice and shady as most of it is covered with big canvas awnings.The market is very popular with tourists, and they are needed and...


Fethiye Local Customs

  • Drink Raki like this and...

    When you share glass of aniseed and grapejuice liquer - Raki - with a Turk you should fill one glass with water and other glass Raki and top up with water to top. If you want to add ice, never add to Raki alone, mix with water first! The ideal Raki glass is nice and thin, I swear the Raki tastes nicer from thin and long glass. You should take time...

  • heaps are different !

    you arrived at fethiye and introduced to a little english town.even though fethiye is full of fun and entertainment centre , only 6 kilometres away you will experience something totally different then commercialized tourism centre.when you arrive to the villages you will notice that people have water supply problem and not wealthy enough to provide...

  • meditating on the beach

    Local people like to come down to the beach (usually at the afternoon, sunset and weekends) and rest a bit, mediatting, just watching the sea... So many times they come alone, but also with families, friends... However, the majority I've seen were alone. And then they stay watching the sea and absorbing the sun. But, men usually come to look at...


Fethiye Warnings and Dangers

  • Fethiye - Beware the Tourist-Eating Men

    The type of men that work in tourism in Fethiye have congregated from all regions of Turkey. When they spot a Westernised lady they think they're put here to indulge them in their own selfish pleasures. These men are often very handsome and charming. Just beware of the usual smarmy sweet-talk and any scams to win you over for a one night stand....

  • If you need to call an ambulance .....

    Avoid using the usual government emergency ambulance service if you dont have Turkish racial origins. I had a terrifying experience last month, after collapsing in the town centre, I was taken to an emergecy building. I asked for a drink of water, was told there was none....I pointed to a nearby washbasin tap, and was told there were no glasses to...

  • Triple check!!!

    You have to be EXTRA careful when you are paying, don't just double check, do more checks, because the merchants have incredible talent for the greatest cheating in history that I have ever seen, like not returning your change, giving you the astronomical prices (and if you swallow it, they're happy, and 90% of tourists DO swallow it!) They cheat...


Fethiye Tourist Traps

  • Excursions and Trips

    If you are travelling from the UK you will probably be travelling with a major tour company who will send their rep out to you on the second day of your holiday. They will try and sell you all sorts of excursions and trips, make sure you kknock them down on the price....they will come with a pre printed price list and try and charge you...

  • Currency Regulation

    Exchange slips: The exchange slips for the conversion of foreign currency into Turkish lira should be kept, since you may be required to show these when reconverting your Turkish lira back into foreign currency, and when taking souvenirs out of the country (to prove that they have been purchased with legally exchanged foreign currency).

  • Currency Regulation

    Limits: There is no limit on the amount of foreign currency that may be brought into Turkey, but not more than 5 5,000 worth of Turkish currency may be brought into or taken out of the country. Following an accident, you can telephone: ·Trafik Polisi (Traffic Police), Tel :154, ·Jandarma (Gendarme), Tel :156.


Fethiye What to Pack

  • basic equipment

    daysack or backpack(if your not join a tour you will have to carry all your stuff with you) trekkers should have trekking boots,raingear,swimwear,sunhat, and sunblock take some tubes for bees : they are all around and it really hurts!(esp. be careful in october while locals collecting the honey from hoves. if your not guided with a tour do not...

  • Prepare to a walk in Saklikent Canyon

    It is better to own a good sandal etc. for the joy of walking through the canyon-a mixture of water and pebbles.

  • Climate in Fethiye

    Rainy season: from October to May, mostly dry in the summerAvg. Temp. in Spring: max.: 13 – 24°C ( 55 - 75°F ); min: 4 - 12°C ( 39 - 53°F )Avg. Temp. in Summer: max.: 29 – 33°C ( 85 - 82°F ); min: 17 - 20°C ( 62 - 68°F )Avg. Temp. in Autumn: max.: 15 – 28°C ( 59 - 82°F); min: 6 - 16°C ( 43 – 60°F )Avg. Temp. in Winter: max.: 9 – 10°C ( 48 -...


Fethiye Off The Beaten Path

  • 2nd longest beach of the world

    Patara is he second longest beach of the world and it is very near to Fethiye, if you have to chance to visit it do not miss.It is also home of caretta caretta turtles in Turkey.Many jeep safari tours are including this place to their program.

  • Fethiye's Delightful Museum

    Fethiye has a very nice museum which is usually (and unfortunately) overlooked. It has lots of Lycian pieces from the Bronze, Archaic, Hellenistic and Roman ages and from Byzantine times which were collected from excavations of the many surrounding sites. The second half of the musuem is a separate ethnographic section with pieces from the Mentese...

  • ancent monuments: lycia is still living...

    if your not into history,trekking....etc and all you want is to lay down on the beach a beer in the hand at least go and visit some ancient ruins.i say ruins but , infact many of them very well preserved : closest places you can go by local buses are : letoon, xanthos,patarayou can enjoy the fantastic ancient architect in patara and at the same...


Fethiye Sports & Outdoors

  • Paragliding in Olu Deniz

    Well, it's the thing that everybody who comes to Olu Deniz does. Everybody who wants to run off a mountain and fly through the air, that is. There are many companies to chose from - I flew with Focus, based mainly on watching pilots coming in to land. It was a very enjoyable experience, though I think my flight was a wee bit shorter than some...

  • Paragliding in Olu Deniz - in flight...

    Some views from during my paragliding flight.As a passenger, you only really need to hold on to anything during take off or landing. You are securely strapped in to a harness, which in turn is secured onto the pilots harness. So in flight, there is plenty of opportunity to take pictures and videos. Whilst I only had a little digital...

  • Mermaid Diving Club.

    I dived with these guys for 5 years and always enjoyed it,although the staff i was diving with are now gone to other companies.


Fethiye Favorites

  • Ölüdeniz and Belcekiz Beach

    I have just returned from my vacation in Turkey. I stayed with my friends in Ölüdeniz from where we took quite a few trips/excursions in the region as well as a bit further.As far as Ölüdeniz itself is concerned, it is a typical package-holiday resort and if someone's budget is tight, it is better to avoid staying there as it is rather pricey....

  • Gulet Cruise

    Fethiye has a huge harbour, infact its so big that it dominates the town.Many Gulet Cruises start and/or finish here. There are plenty of places where you can book them - however in summer they can get very booked out, so as soon as you know when you wanna go - BOOK IT!We joined our Gulet Cruise here in Fethiye, which over the course of 4 days took...

  • Oludeniz area is beautiful!

    The Oludeniz area is an amazing area. The beach is perfect. The town is very touristy. We did our trip as a day trip from Marmaris. A bit too far to go so I would suggest staying in the immediate area.


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