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  • Fikret Baba - Antik Shop - Goreme
    Fikret Baba - Antik Shop - Goreme
    by Jawnuta
  • Fikret Baba - Antik Shop - Goreme
    Fikret Baba - Antik Shop - Goreme
    by Jawnuta
  • Fikret Baba - Antik Shop - Goreme
    Fikret Baba - Antik Shop - Goreme
    by Jawnuta

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  • Kervan Carpet & Kilm Store: Turkish Carpets, Plus+

    by jillchristensen Written Nov 13, 2013

    I lived in Turkey for 12 years and Cappadocia was like a second home. Ibrahim Konukcu (owner of Kervan Carpet & Kilm Store) is one of the very few Turkish people that can actually do a perfect "repair" job of Turkish carpets, this is how he started off. He has a this little shop by the Ottoman Hotel, by canal. Since it is a small place and not on main street he does not have to pay the high cost of rent like the others shops do; which is passed on to the buyer. He is the "most" honest Turkish Carpet Dealer we have ever known. My husband and I bought more than 40 rugs from him alone. Some may be repaired (he will tell you and proudly show you his work), but, to me they are worth more because of his work. He will explain everything you need to know and returning a carpet is not a problem (most other dealers do not allow this). So, you know what you pay is worth the cost. He has a small section, but is also willing to look for certain carpets you want and get you a better deal. There are a couple other good & honest rug shops in town Rose Carpet & Tribal Collections/both we have bought from also) but, it will cost you a great deal more. So look at all three shops and compare prices, they are all very different. He is one of the few that will sell you a carpet in Turkish lira and not in Euro! He is a good guy and will be totally honest with you

    What to buy: Carpets, jewelry, linens, scarves, tea glasses (usually all this is made in Turkey/rugs vary). There is not many rugs made anymore in Turkey (only mass produced), so careful what you buy. They do sell things from Egypt and other Muslim countries, but there is allot made from China so be careful!

    What to pay: For rugs is can vary greatly. You will pay allot more for a "original" rug made in Turkey now. Don't be afraid to buy a rug with a "bead/s" on them or repair peices, they are most likely an original and owned by a family (a shop did not make this)! Bottom line go to the three stores I recommended above; but buy what you "like" and pay the price you can afford, if you cannot afford it that state that to the seller. You are not going to get a cheap deal for an original rug any longer sorry. If its cheap then its probably made in China (as allot are now).

    Rugs from Turkey One of the many...one of a kind as they should be!
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  • Jawnuta's Profile Photo

    ANATOLIA Traditional Souvenir Shop: Best souvenir shopping in Goreme

    by Jawnuta Updated Apr 4, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Our favorite store in Goreme.
    The souvenirs are the same as in all other stores but you will not be given some outrageous prices.
    Owner will give you a NORMAL price and you can either buy it or go.
    We were asking for a discount by buying larger amount.

    For example, instead of 5 mirrors for 12 YTL each we got 5 for 50 YTL. etc.
    In other stores they wanted 25 YTL for the same mirror.

    What to buy: All Cappadocia souvenirs.
    We got there little pocket mirrors for my girlfriends.
    A lot of them :-)

    Owners name is Serdar Durubaba

    ANATOLIA Traditional Souvenir Shop - Goreme ANATOLIA Traditional Souvenir Shop - Goreme ANATOLIA Traditional Souvenir Shop - Goreme

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  • balhannah's Profile Photo

    Anywhere in Cappadocia: SOGANLI DOLLS

    by balhannah Written Jul 30, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Soganli Village is where the famous handmade wooden dolls of Cappadocia are produced.

    Until tourists showed an interest in them, these dolls were no more than children’s toys. Today, however, tourists like me, who collect Dolls of the world, are buying them. This has provided the women with important extra income, and even men make them as well, instead of searching for work outside the village.

    These ‘Soganli dolls’ are now bought in bulk and distributed to souvenir shops throughout Turkey, where they’re sold for US$2-5, depending on the size. Of course buying directly from the women in the village centre means the money goes direct to them.

    I bought my Doll at Uchisar for $4. At Goreme, they wanted $8.

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  • mindcrime's Profile Photo

    souvenirs and handicrafts

    by mindcrime Written Oct 31, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I noticed several souvenir shops in Goreme most of them with typical souvenir items. Even at the panorama stop (pics 1,2) there were stands with souvenirs so don’t worry you will see them everywhere.

    ROSE-local handicrafts (pic 3)
    Mustafa Kabalci is the owner of this store in Goreme. He told me that everything is handmade but I saw many things that looked like mass production to me. But I have to admit that most of the items are very beautiful with nice colors and drawings. I bought some small cups that are very typical in the region for putting olive oils, honey during the breakfast etc pic 1, at the bottom
    Address: Elsanatari Carsisi, No:32, 50180 Goreme, Nevsehir, Turkey
    Tel:0090 384 271 2119

    The owner Fikret Baba and his daughter are very friendly and they will try to show everything they have :) The prices are good and I liked some little boxes (for jewelry etc)
    Address:Orta Mah. Eski Belediye Alti, Goremer, Nevsehir, Turkey
    Tel:0090 384 271 2696

    REYHAN gifts & souvenirs (pic 4)
    This is a small store in Goreme with some nice items not much different than the ones from other places but some of them handmade

    As in other cities of Turkey you can also find carpets here (pic 5) in shops that you will be served a tea but then they will try to explain whow important is to buy a carpet from them :) Have in mind though that Cappadocia is famous for the carpets

    souvenirs in Goreme panorama stop souvenirs in Goreme panorama stop souvenirs in Goreme souvenirs in Goreme carpets in Goreme

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  • Kuznetsov_Sergey's Profile Photo

    Souvenir shops: Shopping in Goreme

    by Kuznetsov_Sergey Updated Oct 25, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    After walking through the ancient churches decorated with frescoes, you will finally may have a stop at a carpet/pottery/onyx shops which are situated just along the way from the museum to the bus parking.
    While the quality in touristy shops is often high, you will be paying 2-3 times what you otherwise would.

    Souvenir shops in Goreme

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  • Kuznetsov_Sergey's Profile Photo

    Kaya Ceramics: Pottery and Ceramics Shop

    by Kuznetsov_Sergey Written Oct 25, 2008

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you have some spare place in your bag and some spare money in your purse - buy wonderful pottery and ceramics in Goreme!

    You may watch my 2 min 25 sec VIDEO-Clip Goreme Ceramics Shop with Turkish pop music by Celik – Cic Kiz out of my Youtube channel.

    Goreme - Pottery and Ceramics Shop Pottery and Ceramics Shop Pottery and Ceramics Shop Pottery and Ceramics Shop Pottery and Ceramics Shop

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  • Snipernurse's Profile Photo

    Any: Anatolian Carpet

    by Snipernurse Updated Jun 24, 2008

    I found Goreme to be a great place to buy a Turkish carpet. I found the prices to be better than most places, and a great selection to match. By the time you arrive in Goreme you would have been already in Turkey for a little while and had already educated yourself on what kinds and quality of carpets exist, and what you are interested in. Below is my recommendations on buying carpets. Any additional comments or suggestions to this are appreciated. This is the same recommendations as I have on my Turkey page.

    There are tons of Turkish Carpet shops throughout Turkey, and a carpet may be a very appealing purchase for you, so it's best to be advised, here are some of the things I learned while in Turkey of how to be a good carpet consumer.

    The first few carpet shops you go to, promise yourself not to buy a carpet. Instead ask the propriater to teach you about carpets. How the carpets are made, how you can identify which carpet is of high quality stitch and dyes. I learned that the tighter the knots, the higher the quality. To test this flip the carpet over and count the amount of knots in the length of space of about your thumb. A good carpet will have tighter knots and will have more knots in that space. You want at least 6 knots, and more expensive carpets will have even more than this.

    You should also ask the carpet salesman about the iconography and symbolism embedded into the carpets. There is often interesting depictions within the carpets, and it will help you identify a carpet you will really want, and also make it more of a conversational peice when you decorate your home with it.

    If you are interested in buying a carpet, view carpets with the carpet salesman, find a couple you like, then state that you would like to go to this or that tourist attraction while you think about it, theres a good chance the salesmen will offer to take you and will be a great source of information, and a comfortable ride, as well. Of course use reason with how far of a distance you are wanting him to take you.

    Barter hard for the carpet. They are very overpriced at initial pricing. Initially say that you can only spend abotu 30% of what the carpet is priced at, then slowly work your way up to 40-50% of the price of the carpet. If they don't accept say thank you and leave, they will either make a counter bid that may be their lowest which you can choose to accept or not, accept your lower price, or let you leave, and if they let you leave than you can get a feel for the market prices for a peice as such you were bargaining for and can always go back for it.

    The most important tip is the last. Buy the carpet you love. Once you have bought the carpet don't show it to any other carpet dealers for verification of it's quality. They will tell you it sucks and to sell it to them and buy one of there carpets. Buy the carpet you love and assume it is whatever the carpet salesman tells you it is. Make sure you get a certificate of authenticity along with. I was told that the carpet i bought was 40 years old and made in Turkmenstan. It is made of wool ( i believe) and has only natural dyes. Now if all this is true or not I can not gaurantee, but that's what I believe, and I love my carpet. Don't look back, don't analyze, just enjoy your awesome carpet!

    p.s. After you buy your carpet, and after a few days in Turkey, you may get quite annoyed with carpet shop owners, they are sure persistent!

    What to pay: Bargain hard, you should pay about 40-50% of asking price. A smaller carpet of good quality is several hundred dollars

    Carpet Shop

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  • cachaseiro's Profile Photo

    1001 books: good second hand bookstore

    by cachaseiro Written Sep 19, 2007

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    when tarvelling for longer periods of time a second hand book store is one thing that i really like to bump in to from time to time.
    goreme has a very good one and even if the guy does not have 1001 books then the selection is certainly good and i had no problem finding several books that sparked my interetst.

    What to pay: the books generally cost from 1 to 5 euros and if you finish the book before you leave, he will buy it back for half what you paid for it.

    1001 books
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  • FAIRYCHIMNEY's Profile Photo

    Turkish Money

    by FAIRYCHIMNEY Written Apr 16, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Banks are open from 09:00 am to17:00 pm and some bank seven open on Saturday mornings.Branches of all major banks have cash point machines outside accepting Visa,Mastercard,Eurocard and American Express(Garanti Bankasi only)The daily withdrawal limit for any cards is around 800 ytl ( 570 usd ) However Turkish ATM Networks are prone to crashing , so it is best not to wait untill your down to your last million before visiting the service till , or to use one if the bank will not be open again before your return flight in case your card is retained.

    Post Office and some jewellery shops in Ürgüp have Money Exchange facilities and usually deliver quicker service than the banks but will not usually give a receipt unless requested.Calculate the amount you expect to receive in advance and count the Money in the front of the cashier.Post Office open untill 17:00 pm but jewellery shops generally open untill 19:00-20:00 pm in summer time.

    Please note that if your Money or travellers cheques are ripped or scribbled on some banks will not accept them.

    What to buy: Money matters

    1 YTL - purple/blue
    5 YTL - dirty yellow
    10 YTL - red-white
    20 YTL - green
    50 YTL -bright yellow
    100 YTL -light blue

    1 YTL
    500 KRS (penny)
    250 KRS
    100 KRS
    50 KRS

    ** 5 YTL and 50 YTL notes look similar , try to carry large notes in a different pocket of your wallet to avoid cunfusion.

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  • FAIRYCHIMNEY's Profile Photo

    buy or make one :)

    by FAIRYCHIMNEY Written Apr 12, 2007

    3 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    well , well well ; as cappadocia cannot be considered without pottery making as it comes from red river , there are plenty local pottery shops in avanos.most of them commercial ones of course but there are few also allow you to practise pottery making.

    What to buy: Hittite models are fantastic...Actually ancient figures that were copied symbolizes Anatolia..Hittite model vases , candals and huge bowls are great. As it always appeal to ones taste , there are beatifully painted plates as well (rather expensive)

    What to pay: for local works price range supposed to be around about 20 to 50 usd ; but there are few uniqiue pieces that sold out from 1000 to 2000 usd.

    My sister is doing really fine :)
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  • June.b's Profile Photo

    All over Goreme Town: Carpets, souvenirs

    by June.b Written Jan 26, 2007

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Goreme town have lots of carpet shops with nice stuff, even the restaurants use their dining area as a display of their crafts, it's for sale if you're maybe interested.

    One resto where we took some meals a couple of times have this good display of carpets, amusingly, I asked for the cost, hmmmmm... not really cheap but affordable - ranges from 250 YTL and up for those big ones about 3 meters by 2 meters. Problem is, we're still moving on with our trips and we cannot afford to carry heavy burdens in additional to what we already have.

    There are some nice souvenirs stuff too special to the region.... and yes.... postcards.....

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  • murta's Profile Photo

    Brand: Turasan: Try some local wine

    by murta Updated May 10, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    You can try and buy some wine in the Turasan Store at the open air bazaar nearby Goreme Open Air Museum.

    Photo: Church facade in Sinasos(Mustafa Pasha)

    What to pay: Between 7 TRY (5.2 USD / 4.3 EUR) and 35 TRY (26.2 USD / 21.4 EUR)

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  • murta's Profile Photo

    Pottery in Capadocia, esp. in Avanos

    by murta Written Apr 4, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Pottery is an old craft in Cappadocia. Most of the souvenier shops in the region carry potteries but Avanos is especially famous for this craft. Here there are several big stores full with potteries and ceramics. They also let you try to your hand at pottery throwing on a kick wheel.

    What to buy: I would recommend you to prefer pottery over ceramics unless Cappadocia is the only place you are visiting during your stay in Turkey. It is famous for pottery but not ceramics. There are other regions in Turkey famous for their ceramics like Iznik ve Kutahya.

    Go for the ones with Hitite patterns as they are connected to the history of the region. If these are too costly for you, choose the blank ones.

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  • KIZGINdamdakiKedi's Profile Photo

    ....: Rugs of Avanos,Wine,

    by KIZGINdamdakiKedi Written Mar 30, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    rugs of Avanos ...
    they are handmade with three different kind material (cotton-silk..i dont remember the other one:)
    and also they are famous for wine.
    Our guide was telling us,this season they will give one of the best wine in the world. (i guess,this wine season is changable)
    i didnt like the wine that much cuz it was a little bit dry..if you like,Enjoy !

    What to buy: Rugs from Avanos,Wine from Goreme (in the special bottle)
    some home furnish as a table cover,pillow cover etc .they have local design :)

    What to pay: for rugs: depends on what kind material (silk is more expensive) and depends on size of the rug.
    Wine..btwn: $20-100 and up

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  • chrisvandenbroucke's Profile Photo

    everywhere: Terracotta in Goreme Valley

    by chrisvandenbroucke Written Mar 8, 2004

    0.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    What to buy: The Goreme Valley is famous for its pottery and you may be sure when you make a daytrip, that they'll take you to some pottery shop.

    Always they ask one of the visitors to try this too (and be alughed at of course).

    Allah heard my wishes and they chose someone else

    Goreme Pottery

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