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Goreme Things to Do

  • Fading churches

    One of the attractions of Cappadocia (maybe the best!), are the old christian churches, built in the soft lava that covered all the region. Now, as the erosion is advancing, the churches come to daylight, announcing their inevitable disappearing. It hurts, seeing such historical places facing that destiny. But... there is, really, no solution at...

  • Green Tour

    There are some organised tours which help you to explore Cappadocia if you have no much time to spend. I recommend you to make the Green tour, which includes views over the valleys Avcilar and Pigeon, a 3 km walk along the Ihlara valley, and a visit to the 8 floors underground city of Derinkuyu. The price includes a local guide, fee entrances and a...

  • Rent a bike

    A good way to explore the region is by bike / motorbike. I recommend you to travel from Göreme to Ürgup, then go a little far until Mustafapasa and return back to Ürgüp taking the way to Avanos. From Avanos take the route to Göreme having a look at Pasabagi, Zelve, and, finally, Çavusin.When you go to Ürgüp, the way is a little bit hard through the...


Goreme Hotels

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Goreme Restaurants

  • Nice decor, average food

    We had dinner at this restaurant on our first evening in Goreme after touring the Open Air Museum. It is located in the center of Goreme and offers traditional Anatolian cuisine. The restaurant is very inviting when you walk in. We had a look at the menu and it seemed to have a good variety with modest prices, perhaps a bit high, but not too much...

  • Highest sunset Point in Kapadokiya is at...

    One of us went through the museum doors to see the Uchisar castle. The rest ( three of us) sat outside around waiting for him to return. The only restaurant in the area has valley view and numerous canopies with tables underneath. The owner, a friendly and warm Turkish gentleman who has spent half his life in Germany came along and invited us in....

  • Local Food

    It's a lokantasi, a local eatery that serves delicious simple menu. Indoor and outdoor dining. You can order a little bit of everything displayed on the counter, costs TL10 per plate. A little of vegetables and meat. Baklava is also available and soups.The guy who's serving the food is extremely friendly and a really good conversationalist as his...


Goreme Nightlife

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  • Fatboys

    I had a great day relaxing in Fatboys after a little adventure in the morning. A few of us went here to play free pool for a few hours with a couple of beers. The pool was good with all of us seeming to win and lose the same amount. I had a nice lentil burger here as well for lunch which went down well. Later on in the evening the place began to...

  • Top Göreme bar

    The best bar in town. It can fill up to be a busy dancing spot. The terrace and outside sitting places are cosy and an ideal place to enjoy Cappadocia life during the day or at night. Here locals and tourists meet. Prices are moderate and you get good drinks for the price. They have a good collection of music. Staff is very friendly and helps with...

  • Sunset

    Find a nice spot to sit and watch the sunset over the Cappadocia plains, especially in the direction of the Rose Rock. It is quite lovely. Afterwards relax with some good friends, drink some tea and smoke some nargileh. Good times!


Goreme Transportation

  • Never a mistake with Metro bus

    Because of my disappointment with INCI bus from Istanbul to Goreme, I immediately bought our tickets in advance at the Nevsehir main bus terminal right at our arrival, it was a very busy season so I don't want to take a second guess.We had the double decker bus complete with individual TV, wifi internet connection, hot and cold drinks, magazines,...

  • INCI Bus Co. from Istanbul to Goreme

    Never again.... unless it's really the last option. As in this trip case. It was the bayram fest and most locals are going to their relatives so the Buyuk Otogar in Istanbul is so so busy with lots of people traveling. The first time I saw the chaos at the huge bus terminal of Istanbul. First, I shopped around but the big companies are all fully...

  • Goreme - Mustafapasha (Sinasos)

    If you are interested in architecture and/or photography, pay a visit to Mustafapasha (Sinasos). It is a village that used to be habitated majorily by Greeks until the first quarter of the 20th century. There is no direct public transport from Goreme to Mustafapasha (Sinasos). You should change the bus in Urgup (See the transport tip between...


Goreme Shopping

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  • Turkish Carpets, Plus+

    I lived in Turkey for 12 years and Cappadocia was like a second home. Ibrahim Konukcu (owner of Kervan Carpet & Kilm Store) is one of the very few Turkish people that can actually do a perfect "repair" job of Turkish carpets, this is how he started off. He has a this little shop by the Ottoman Hotel, by canal. Since it is a small place and not on...

  • Antik Shop

    Best place to buy your nargilla or an interesting antique.Freindly helpful service, reasonable prices.Family run business. Good English spoken

  • Best souvenir shopping in Goreme

    Our favorite store in Goreme.The souvenirs are the same as in all other stores but you will not be given some outrageous prices.Owner will give you a NORMAL price and you can either buy it or go.We were asking for a discount by buying larger amount.For example, instead of 5 mirrors for 12 YTL each we got 5 for 50 YTL. etc.In other stores they...


Goreme Local Customs

  • Turkish pancakes - Gozleme

    Gozleme are not typical of Cappadocia, They can be eaten all over Turkey, though there might be some regional differences in fillings. The ones I ate in Cappadocia were filled with eggplant, cheese and potatoes.You can't miss a place serving Turkish pancakes as in its shop window there is usually a woman rolling the dough, filling it or frying the...

  • Pot Kebab

    Pot kebab originally comes from Cappadocia but its fame spread all over the country and it is now served in other parts of Turkey, as well.This kebab is made in a clay pot. Meat, vegetables and herbs are cooked over fire long enough to make the meat tender. The pot is sealed with bread and when the dish is ready the pot is brought to the table and...


    A child or children watching their Sheep, suddenly notice Tourists, just watch. .........As quick as a flash, a dash is made for the Donkey, and in no time he is there beside you! Nothing was said, but they want to take you for a Donkey ride for 1-2 t/lMy guide told me this. Unluckily for them, we were on tour and couldn't do it. I hate the look of...


Goreme Warnings and Dangers

  • Pigeon Valley

    My wife and I did the Pigeon Valley trail 10 days ago. The trail isn't too hard if you have good walking shoes on. And be very careful, not to go off track, as you will not see anyone en route to warn you. I had a harrowing experience at one point. The ground was slippery, and at one sharp turn the slope was fairly steep. I was only able to see the...

  • Toasted Sandwich

    Something to be aware of is a Toasted Sandwich may not be anything like the one you have at home. Mine certainly wasn't! The toasted cheese sandwich I ordered was between at thick completely crusted piece of bread (like a roll, or end piece of bread)?? and ...................it tasted revolting!


    I am Asthmatic, so usually have my "puffer" with me. Walking around Goreme, and climbing amongst the Fairy Chimneys, you definitely do not want to forget it as I did one day! I lost my breath, this was because I was with a guide, who set a fairly fast pace, and we were climbing a difficult area.I found walking at my pace, I was alright. I learnt...


Goreme Tourist Traps


    Just outside the museum exit on the right is the Buckle Church, the largest of the cave churches at Göreme. It has frescoes that are the finest in Göreme, with the richest colors and the most detail. It dates from the 10th and 11th centuries and was restored in the 1960s. The Buckle Church is comprised of four chambers, which are known as the Old...


    I booked a tour to the Ihlara Valley, thinking that I had one with no shops included. Well, we all thought the same! Some how, that little bit of information wasn't given when booking??? So, I ended up at the Onyx factory, not interested at all. I watched the presentation, then the group was led into the Sales room. What was on display was very...

  • Make a fun of it!

    You may take part in a process of pottery manufacture. But be careful or you may find yourself in a funny situation (especially if you are a girl or a woman!). While a vase become a vase it reminds something that we aren’t used to see and to talk about among a lot of laughing people. A guide will ask you first to think about what you are going to...


Goreme What to Pack

  • torch is a necessity :)

    April is very rainy and still cold ; even though we have 4 seasons in turkey , cappadocia has only 2 : winter and summer.therefore dont consider april or may as spring (well sometimes weather surprises us) and bring jumpers and raincoats. You can find all kind of photo equipment in urgup ,if you dont want to carry any with you. Trekking boats...

  • Cappadocia in Winter

    If you're planning to travel between December til March..... pack heavy winter clothes - jackets, sweaters, bonets, gloves, etc... it can be seriously cold in winter.

  • Don't forget your hat

    Don't forget to bring your hat as you are likely to spend a lot of time under direct sun. The earth here is quite fine and dusty. You don't want to have the same clothing on until bedtime if your daily plan includes walking in the valleys.


Goreme Off The Beaten Path

  • Take your scooter and go...

    We rented a scooter from Gortur agency located at Goreme bus station and were completely satisfied.The scooter was pretty new and in good conditions, the price was fair and we could get a full day of fun not only on tarmac roads but also following gravel paths. And we got beautiful views of Cappadocia.


    For a way to rest those tired legs and feet, but, to get a sore bottom instead! ...............then go for a Horse ride through Zemi Valley, Rose Valley & Cavusin in a half day tour.The Tour starts and finishes in Goreme, and your hotel will provide a shuttle to the Stables.

  • Early Riser's get the Worms!!!!! (2)

    As I was too early for Breakfast, I went for a walk around Goreme. So much peace & quiet, it was beautiful! Here, in Town, I found lots of places where the Horses that work the fields in day time are stabled at their Owner's Home at night. Nearly all had gone at that early hour, but I did manage to find one Horse with his feed, not just a pile of...


Goreme Sports & Outdoors

  • quad biking

    when in goreme you can also rent a quad bikd for a few hours and tour the nearby valleys.several places in town rent them out and the hitch hiker bike rental shop also do quad bike tours in the afternoon where you tour the valleys as a group.quite good fun if you are young and like an adrenaline rush.

  • hiking in cappadocia.

    hiking is very good around goreme and you have several valleys with good hiking trails.that is one very good way to see the rock formations and the hiking is generally not that hard.the biggest problems might be heat and sometimes you might have a decent to the valley that is a little steep.i have hiked there with tourgroups where people were well...

  • Biking festive in July

    If your into biking , well more than biking (in the numerous valleys) there is Biking festival in Cappadocia that has been held every july (12th - 15th ) Its real adventure though as long as your not clumsy...No matter your professional or not you can participate . If you interested in you can contact one of the sponsors of this organization.


Goreme Favorites

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  • Erosion

    The landscape in Cappadocia is astonishing. Goreme is the most remarkable site, but what hits us more is the sensation of incapacity face to nature - the Turks know that they have a gem there, they try to preserve it, but erosion seems unbeatable, destroying inch by inch what men created. That enhances the sensation felt in place - we are watching...

  • Nature and hidden secrets

    Goreme is the town in the historic Cappadocia region in Central Anatolia which is largely in Nevºehir Province of Turkey. I will write more of the Goreme area but suffice to say now, that the Cappadocia region was fascinating with its history, the nature of the landscapes, the people and their Great info here:http://www.cappadociaturkey.net/ I was...


    We have tryed probably all places in Goreme, as we took lots of photos and needed to burn them on DVD quite often.The best place is located close to pharmacy and post office in a internet cafe connected to a gift shope. The lady was nice, proffesional, and fast. The price was good and she had 4.7 G DVDs which allowed for an easy transfer of our 4G...


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