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  • Whirling performer at Turkish Night
    Whirling performer at Turkish Night
    by soundchaseruk
  • Ladies Selling Local Handmade Dolls
    Ladies Selling Local Handmade Dolls
    by soundchaseruk
  • Sun rises as seen from Balloon
    Sun rises as seen from Balloon
    by soundchaseruk

Nevsehir Things to Do

  • Baloon Tours info

    I have noticed that so many our members are asking about baloon tours in Nevsehir city Kapadokya (Cappadocia) area. I m not gonna give you company names, because that s u can find very easy at internet.Baloon companies are inspected by Turkish Official Civil Avation.Below ; Turkish Civil Aviation web...

  • Uchisar

    As we drove past this massive piece of rock full of cave homes, I got quite upset because they did not stop for us to take a photo. But then the tourleader told us to be patient as the best shot was in late afternoon and that they would be bringing us back here. Well he was right, and what a site awaited us. Uchisar is the summit of Cappadocia and...

  • Devrent Valley - new Fairy chimneys...

    Our first stop was at the Devrent Valley and I thought I died and went to heaven. A dream was fulfilled and this "moon landscape" was so amazing to my eyes. I expected a creature from Star Wars or something alike to appear from the cave homes any minute. All over you can see that erosion is busy shaping new fairy mushroom chimneys, but also some...

  • Kaymakli underground city

    We also visited Kaymakli which is one of the largest underground settlements in the region. The tunnels are low, narrow, and steeply inclined. It is estimated that this underground city had a capacity of 20,000 people and also their animals. If you suffer from lung diseases, closterphobia or a bad back, then it is not recommended that you enter the...

  • Camel ride?

    This lovely camel was also there and added to the old world charm of the area. I am not sure if you could go for a ride on the camel or if it was just there for photo moments.

  • Zelve valley - Jandarma

    Jandarma or police station, you will find in these old caves. I was totally surprised to see that they still use it actively today. What a lovely idea.

  • Zelve valley - the tall structures

    One tends to think that these structures made by nature is low, but some of then are extremely high as you can see in this photo watch the size of the adults walking around at the bottom.

  • Zelve valley - did they really live here

    Zelve is also very well known as the area in which the most interesting 'fairy chimneys' are situated. These chimneys were formed when the lava covering the tuff is eroded, leaving pinnacle formations. These pinnacles are capped with harder rocks resting at the top. In these photo's you can see the entrance to the church on I would think probably...

  • Zelve valley - getting lost in your...

    This is a place where your imagination can run freely. I expected a creature from Star Wars or something alike to appear from the cave homes any minute. There is a little open air museum here, but I did not go into the church as the ladder up there was extremely steep and we were told that Goreme's churches are much better preserved. Zelve is...

  • Devrent valley - the lovers

    This formation looks like two lovers kissing. I wonder how long their kissing will last with nature chissiling away on a daily basis. I think they might have entered a kissing competition, and will definately be victorious at the end, competition might be over, but will they know?

  • Devrent Valley - The sitting camel

    This formation looks just like a sitting camel and you do not even have to use a lot of imagination to see it.

  • Zelve Valley

    Looking over the Zelve Valley, one cannot but think that this is what it might look like on the moon. The moon like landscape here is better than the one in Namibia, but maybe that is just because this one played more tricks on my mind using the imagination.

  • The Zelve Valley

    Our first stop was at the Zelve Valley and I thought I died and went to heaven. A dream was fulfilled and this "moon landscape" was so amazing to my eyes. I expected a creature from Star Wars or something alike to appear from the cave homes any minute. There is a little open air museum here, but I did not go into the church as the ladder up there...

  • Goreme Open air museum

    My friend Elize and I was so excited about visiting this area and especially the Goreme Open air museum. This place really takes your breath away when you see what the people did those 100's of years ago and I was amazed at how well preserved most things were. The Goreme Open Air Museum is the largest and most visited sight in Cappadocia. At the...

  • Fairy castle's in Mushroom valley

    It really transports you to a world of make believe when you visit Cappadocia especially the area called mushroom valley. The little fairy castles (some not so little actually) are standing everywhere and in places you can see the baby ones being formed by nature.

  • Hot air Balooning

    One of the best things to do here in Cappadocia I thought, but we were not allowed to partake due to a major accident here last year when two balloons collided and there was one unfortunate death as a result.

  • carpet factory

    We visited a local carpet factory which was really interesting.There was no obligation to purchase, and the free apple tea and raki went down a treat.I actually ended up buying a carpet (I was the only one who did, out of our group of 14).I got a government certificate which stated the origin and stats about the carpet.They wrapped the carpet well,...

  • Derinkuyu Underground City

    Although referred to as "cities," the underground communities of Cappadocia probably served as temporary shelters rather than as permanent hidden cities. The incessant darkness is hardly conducive to life and some of the passageways are little more than crawling spaces that would have been intolerable in long-term situations. No one is certain how...


Nevsehir Hotels

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  • Dedeman Hotel

    A lovely hotel where you were treated like royalty. The food was outstanding, a lovely buffet with a...

  • Sultan Cave Suites

    No:30 Goreme, Yavuz Sokak, Nevsehir, 50180, Turkey

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • Karlik Evi Hotel

    Karlik Mahallesi, Nevsehir, 50240, Turkey

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

Nevsehir Restaurants

  • Don't miss the "Adana Kebap"

    The owner of the restaurant "Dayi" welcomes you at the entrance with a big smile. It is a local restaurant that you can eat sort of Turkish kebaps and you pay not so much there. The favorite dish is Adana Kebap with ayran! Also you can taste the local delicious salads!

  • Gozleme

    We enjoyed watching the gozleme (thin griddle bread folded over with either mince or cheese) being made and cooked over a wood fire on a flat skillet.Gozleme is a Turkish food market favourite that is a cross between a pizza and a pancake.Gozleme is mostly made in the Central Anatolia Region. White cheese can be replaced with other types of cheese...

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Nevsehir Shopping

  • Antique's

    They were selling these antique looking articles, but I was not sure if you were allowed to take them out of the country. Also the guy was extremely ridiculous with his prices.

  • "indian style tops" and other clothes

    Everywhere you will find people selling ladies clothing. I bought an Indian type top made from Turkish cotton and I must tell you it washes beautifully.

  • Help find the Designer shop in Nevsehir

    This shop sells jeans, tshirts, shirts, shoes and trainers for men and women and I have shopped there. I am trying to find out the name of this place and how to contact them as I want to purchase some goods from them and I can't for the life of me remember what it is called. Grrrrrrr. The credit card payment slip says: e-shop erol sucu nevsehir but...


Nevsehir Tourist Traps

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    by TomorrowsAngel Written Jul 13, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Our tour group was taken to a ceramic factory which said their prices were 25% reduced for groups.
    Luckily we'd already priced better quality product in Goreme that morning so weren't sucked in!

    Unique Suggestions: Visiting factories is cool because you get to see the manufacturing process which can be interesting, but do some research into prices first - so you know if you're really onto a bargain.

    Fun Alternatives: Check out the local shops in town - they have a selection from different factories and are often happy to give you BIG discount for slightly flawed pieces.

    me learning - those pants are not mine!
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