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  • Part of garden and rooms of Alfina Cave Hotel
    Part of garden and rooms of Alfina Cave...
    by Grevil
  • Alfina Cave Hotel at night
    Alfina Cave Hotel at night
    by Grevil
  • One of the rooms of the Alfina Cave Hotel
    One of the rooms of the Alfina Cave...
    by Grevil

Urgup Highlights

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     Unbelievable nature 

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     quiet nightlife scene 

  • In a nutshell
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     Lunar landscape, pistachio trees, apricots and feta for breakfast 

Urgup Things to Do

  • An Unforgettable Experience

    Soaring way above the incredible landscape of Cappadocia and skimming just above the ground in its canyons, piloted by Kaili of KapadokyaBalloons. Amazing!

  • Pasabaglari (Monks Valley)

    Highly remarkable earth pillars can be seen here, in the middle of a vineyard, hence the name of the place which means: the Pacha's vineyard. Pacha means "General", the military rank, in Turkish and it is a very common nick name. This site is also called Monks Valley. The name was derived from some cones carved in tuff stones which stand apart....

  • Zelve Open Air Museum -an empty cave...

    The Zelve Open-Air Museum, which once housed one of the largest communities in the region is an amazing cave town, honeycombed with dwellings, religious and secular chambers. Zelve is situated about 10 km out from Goreme on the Avanos road. Here, the Christians and Muslims lived together in perfect harmony, until 1924. Then Christians had to leave...

  • Devrent Valley

    Devrent Valley, which is also known as Imaginary Valley and also as Pink Valley does not have cave churches like the other valleys of Cappadocia. There are no Roman castles or Roman tombs in Devrent Valley, either. Actually it was never inhabited. So what makes it so famous? The lunar landscape!It's great to walk on and in the rocks.

  • Fairy chimnies

    Fairy chimneys are a common sight in Cappadocia. They are phallic-shaped rock formations made up of a hard cap and a softer core. In some villages like Goraeme and Urgup, these fairy chimneys are carved into houses inhabited by monks in the 4th century AD.

  • Devrent Valley

    Deverent Valley, also called Valley of the Fairy Chimneys, is located 2 km from Urgup. Although Cappadocia abounds with fairy chimneys, they are most well formed and most thickly clustered in this valley.


Urgup Hotels

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Urgup Restaurants

  • “Turkish Night”

    “Turkish Night” is a traditional dancing performance, oriental dances while having Turkish dishes. You may experience famous 'Turkish Night' in Cappadocia. There are 3 Turkish Night Types with many different shows. In folk music and dances we find powerful reflections of the human experience over thousands of the years, expressed with a passion...

  • Wonderful buffet

    The Hotel's main restaurant and breakfast hall have an indoor capacity of 400 persons serving international cuisine. There are also one lobby bar and American bar.You may enjoy several dozens of meals at supper if you book HP accommodation. You may watch my 2 min 03 sec VIDEO-Clip Turkey Cappadocia Urgup Vera Hotel Tassaray Restaurant with...

  • Another good restaurant in Urgup

    Han Ciragan is a restaurant set in an old han (caravanserai) in the center of Urgup. The restaurant has two levels of seating. The lower level, which includes a nice bar, has outdoor seating under a grape arbor as well as indoor seating. The upper level is open to the sky. The cuisine is traditional Turkish and we definitely enjoyed our meal. The...

  • A very good rooftop Turkish restaurant

    Somine was our favorite restaurant in Urgup. It has a nice outdoor seating area that overlooks Urgup's Central Square. The food was very good, and the service was very friendly. The clientele was a mix of tourists and locals, including a couple tables of businessmen. We had mezze and calimari for appetizers and then some very tasty kabob dishes for...

  • Testi Kebabi (Pot Kebab)

    This place is also a hotel. There were some Spanish tourists having their lunch in this restaurant. We examined the options a little; this seemed like a good one. We were wondering how the pot kebab (testi kebabi or comlek kebabi) was. We ordered two pots for 4 person, some beer, salads… They brought a big hot pita and cheese as starter. Hot...

  • A local restaurant in Urgup

    You can find some typical dishes of the region in this restaurant. They serve pide (Turkish pizza) here and we desired to have a pide with a local chese called “comlek peyniri”. It is said that this restaurant was the locals’ choice. It is an important thing when you are trying to find a nice place to eat in a place which you do not know....


Urgup Nightlife

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  • Night Walk

    You may watch my 1 min 42 sec VIDEO-Clip Turkey Cappadocia Urgup Late Evening Walk with popular Turkish “Tik-Tak” musik.

  • Fire Dance

    No words! Better watch and listen to the Turkish folk music out of my Youtube channel!You may watch my 3 min 04 sec VIDEO-Clip Turkish Night Part IV Traditional Anatolian Dances with Traditional Turkish folk music.

  • Belly dance

    After a couple of other folk dances from different parts of Turkey, the highlight of the night comes: Belly Dancer! She makes her breath-taking dance and then goes around all the tables to take one man from each table.Better watch and listen to the Turkish folk music out of my Youtube channel!You may watch my 2 min 29 sec VIDEO-Clip Turkish Night...


Urgup Transportation

  • How to get to Ürgüp

    Ürgüp is a town and district of Nevsehir Province 20 km to the east of Nevsehir in the Central Anatolia region. It is located in the historical region of Cappadocia.We got to it by tourist bus on our way from Ankara via Bagazkale (Hattusas). You may also reach it by bus from Avanos (1 time in two hours, 30 minutes in a way), Ankara (5 times a day,...

  • tour guide de rigeur

    Because there are great distances between the sites of Cappadocia (open air museum, underground cities, rock formations) it's kinda necessary and worth it to hire a guide. I got lucky because even though I had booked a group tour I ended up with a private tour though. The guides I met are very knowledgable in their history of the region, relaxed...

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Urgup Shopping

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  • Cappadocia Wines

    Turasan is one of the local wine producing companies of this region. If you stay at Elkep Evi or Esbelli in Urgup, you’ll see their shop on the way to your hotel. You can taste their products. They have many gift alternatives as well, like magnets, wine accessories, dried fruits…Our waiters recommended us their red wine “Seneler”. It was delicious,...

  • Pumpkin Seeds

    Pumpkin seeds are one of our tidbits like sunflower seeds. They are usually baked with salt and we eat them while we are watching something or chatting like popcorn. I found out that pumpkin seeds are the local product of Nevsehir. My mom loves them, so I decided to buy her some.One of our friends has relatives in Urgup. They know the best shop,...

  • Soganli Dolls

    Soganli is a valley with many churches. There is a small village here. This region is known as the entrance of Cappadocia.As our landlord told us that an old woman called Hanife who lives in Soganli had made a doll for her grand child once. Some tourists had bought the doll from the child. Following day Hanife had made another doll, it had been...


Urgup Local Customs

  • Mustafa Kemal Ataturk portraits

    As I could notice during my trip along Turkey the Turks respect their first president Mustafa Kemal Ataturk very much. You may see his photos and portraits almost in every hotel or restaurant without saying in state and municipal buildings. The most popular portrait is that you can see at my following pic. I’ve taken a photo in the Vera Tassaray...

  • Hospitality

    I experienced that tourism income spoil the people all the time. I witnessed this in many places in my country. And Cappadocia is one of the most important and famous tourist attractions in Turkey for years. So I never expected to have a warm relationship with locals. But I’ve all wrong! The people we’ve met in the area were so kind. Everybody...

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Urgup Warnings and Dangers

  • Crowd in underground cities

    If you are in Cappadocia with a huge group or during a crowded season, you have to visit the underground cities with many other people. It could be a dreadful experience to stick in the tunnels with the queue in front and back of you. It is because the tunnels are only for one person to walk, and the halls are not enough big for tourist crowd. If...

  • no danger

    Wherever there is a tourist site, there is a Turkish military for the safety of travelers and tourists and for the security of the national location.

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Urgup Tourist Traps

  • buraque's Profile Photo

    by buraque Written Mar 14, 2006

    Since 01/01/2006 the the new turkish lira (YTL) is being used and the old turkish lira is no longer valid. So while you are shopping, keep that in mind. 6 zeros (000000) were deleted from the new notes. so 1.000.000 TL is now 1 YTL. (5.000.000 TL - 5 YTL / 10.000.000 - 10 YTL, etc...) So while you are shopping, when you get the change, make sure that none of notes have more than 2 zeros. the notes in use now are :
    1 YTL
    5 YTL
    10 YTL
    20 YTL
    50 YTL
    100 YTL

    as of 15.04.2006 1 euro is 1.60656 YTL and 1 US$ is 1.33720 YTL

    Unique Suggestions: In case you have some old turkih liras you can change them with new turkish liras in several banks.

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    • Budget Travel
    • Study Abroad
    • Work Abroad

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Urgup Off The Beaten Path

  • Vintage

    It is already vintage time now, when I am writing this tip. It starts in September for my country. There are several regions in Turkey famous with their vintage tourism. Cappadocia region is one of them. If you can go there on time you can enjoy the delicious grapes and wine.We were there in June and grapes were little babies then. You can see them...

  • Stroll in full moon

    Somebody told me that the rocks here are amazing under moonlight. If you have this opportunity, be there in full moon, find a local guide to lead you a nice path, stroll under the moon. This could be quite an experience. Even you can propose to your loved one!

  • Ihlara Village

    Actually, every one who visits Ihlara Valley beats that path. But I am sure few of them stops to see the village. If you are in need of a drink, go find a chair in the café (kahve), sit and watch the people passing by.In small villages, “kahve” has an important place in daily life. People earn their living from agriculture and they have too much...


Urgup Favorites

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  • Urgup’s Historical Background

    In the Byzantine period Ürgüp was called under various names such as Osiana, Hagios, Prokopios. During the Seljuks period it was referred to as Başhisar and in the Ottoman Empire period as Burgut Castle, until the first years of the Turkish Republic when it was called Ürgüp.Ürgüp, whose name derives from "ur kup" meaning "many rocks".Urgup...

  • Also available in Urgup !

    Breakfast : A Turkish breakfast normally consist of fresh crusty bread,olives,tomatoes,cucumber,cheese, jam or honey and sometimes a boiled egg.Meze(hors d’oeuvres): Plays an important part in Turkish meals.They are often so delicious and satisfying that they can often be a meal in themselves , and vegeterians will find plenty of choice.There is a...

  • Turks drink indeed :)

    THE HISTORY OF DRINKINGTraditonally Islam condems the consumtion of alcohol , but the Turks have always kept an open mind.As Lord Charlemont observed : “The Turks are the soberest people on earth yet some of them are apt to consider the words of the prophet in the literal sense and imagine if they abstain from the juice of the grape , they may...


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