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  • Tolga (the soldier) enjoying tea with his mum
    Tolga (the soldier) enjoying tea with...
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  • Outside the Cave
    Outside the Cave
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  • Tokat - General View (The river is Yesilirmak)
    Tokat - General View (The river is...
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Tokat Things to Do

  • Ballica Magarasi/Ballica Cavern

    This cavern is located 24 km far from the city center, in Pazar village. It has 680 m of length and 94 m of depth. It has many different halls with various formations.We reached there by our own vehicles, but I am sure there must be public transportation. The entrance is on a hill, so the road is a little bit tricky. You'll go up and up while the...

  • Along Sulusokak Caddesi

    Sulusokak Caddesi is the street running west form the north side of Cumhuriyet Square. It is known to be the modern part of Tokat. However, along the street you will see many historical buildings, Ali Pasa Camii, Ali Tusi Turbesi, Katircilar Han, Yagibasin Medresesi and Takyeciler Camii to name a few.

  • The Clock Tower

    It was built in the 19th century and it's in the south of the city center. The numerals on the clock's faces are still Arabic.

  • Don't Miss Latifoglu Konagi!

    It is one of the most splendid 19th-century houses of Turkey. Its rooms are very large and surrounded with sedirs (check the pics). The most spectacular room of the house is the Pasa Odasi for the men of the house. Havuzbasi part was reserved for the women. It's open everyday except for Mondays and the admission is less than EUR 1.

  • Feel Like Trying a Turkish Bath?!?

    Something very interesting about Tokat: The city basically exports masseurs for all the hamams (Turkish baths) in Turkey. I never learned the reason of this but that was the reason I tried Ali Pasa Hamami in Tokat. It is open all days of the week and for less than EUR 10, you can receive a full service. They have seperate bathing areas for men and...

  • Walk in the Ottoman Streets

    Right behind the Tas Han, there are streets full of old half-timbered Ottoman houses. There are also many shops that sell copperware, yazma (headscarves), kilims and carpets. You can also see many Afghani carpet sellers in the neighbourhood who settled in Tokat during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1980s.

  • Enjoy Turkish Tea in Tas Han

    Tas Han is the historical building just next to Gok Medrese. It is an Ottoman caravanserai and workshop. It was built in 1631 and it was one of the 10 biggest caravanserais of the Ottoman period. There are 112 rooms in the caravanserai.The interior part today is used as a tea garden where you can have a rest and enjoy your tea.

  • Gok Medrese

    It was built in 1277 by Pervane Muhineddin Suleyman who was a local potantate. It was used as a hospital till 1800s. Today it is a museum.Gok (sky) is the Turkish word for blue and the building's blue tiles are related with its name. Although very few of the tiles are left, you'll have an idea about how this building used to be years ago.In the...

  • Walk along the Gazi Osman Pasa (GOP)...

    Gazi Osman Pasa Boulevard (Known as GOP Bulvari by the locals) is the main street of Tokat. It goes north from the main square passing Gok Medrese to a traffic roundabout. You can see many historcial buildings along the road, some cafes and restaurants (nothing fancy) and some local shops to buy souvenirs.Gazi Osman pasa is the most historical...


Tokat Restaurants

  • Do Try Tokat Kebap!

    It's the place where you should taste "Tokat Kebap". It's on the first floor of the hotel.Many locals claim that it's worth coming to Tokat just to try the kebap as it is not cooked that well elsewhere. The waiters are so friendly and they even teach you how to eat the kebap as locals do. Tokat Kebap, of course. It's made up of skewers of lamb and...

  • Special Kebab Of Tokat

    Tokat Kebab is a special kebab of this city. It contains lamb meat, fat, garlic, aubergine, tomatoes and green pepper on sish. Sishes have a hook at the end. They are hanged upside down in an oven. And it is served over thin breads like tortilla.It is a rich but heavy meal.

  • Unforgettable taste of Tokat Kebab

    Cuisine is one of important dimensions of culture in Tokat. And an experience of Tokat Kebab is a must while in Tokat. Zehra Ana is the right place for that special experience. Tokat Kebab definitely. Restaurant owners say that chief's experience exceeded 40 years. Tokat kebab is a nice combination of lamb meat, tomato, meat, garlic and aubergine....


Tokat Transportation

  • Just one flight option

    If you want to come to Tokat by plane, you'll have only one choice: Atlasjet. This local company is the one and only which has a direct flight between Istanbul-Tokat. I am not sure if there are other options for Ankara or Izmir, but I don't think so.As a person who lives in Anatolian part of Istanbul, I prefer to use Sabiha Gokcen Airport....

  • Buses to/from Tokat

    The most convenient to come to Tokat is either by car or by bus. Topcam Tourism is the most widely used bus company. It has buses to Sivas (105 km), Amasya (115 km), Ankara (440 km) and Istanbul (800 km).

  • Topcam

    Topcam is one of the oldest bus companies in Turkey. It is also the name of a location in Tokat.The company founded in 1961 and it's first destination was Ankara. Since my grandparents was living there and Tokat was my birthplace, Topcam is the bus company I used the most.It is 790km between Tokat-Istanbul, and it takes 12 hours. The ticket price...


Tokat Shopping

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  • Scarves and Tablecloths of Tokat

    Tokat is country-wide famous for its yazmas (head-scarves) traditional worn by many Turkish women. For many years these handicrafts were made and sold around Gok Medrese but today there is a factory outside the city where you can choose from many options. The sop is not open on Sundays. Scarves and tableclothes 10-30 EUR

  • Wines of Tokat

    I'm not sure if Diren has a factory store in Tokat or not. Direns are an old family. They produce quality wines and delicious fruit juices. Dimes is the brand of their fruit juices and Mehmet Okur (a basketball player from NBA) stars in their TV commercials.I'm not really into juices but I can tell they are the best.I am especially interested in...

  • Tokat Hotels

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Tokat Local Customs

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    Similar to many other cities of Turkey, if you are there during a festival you'll notice something but will not come across anything in English: So here are the dates of local festivals in case you need:

    - First Sunday of June: Cherry Festival, Zile, Tokat
    - 26 June-2 July: Culture Festival, Tokat
    - 27-28 July: Basciftlik Rug Festival, Niksar, Tokat
    - First Saturday and Sunday of July: Sour Cherry Holiday, Almus, Tokat
    - Last week of September: Golden Ram Festival, Resadiye, Tokat

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Tokat Off The Beaten Path

  • Go Underground to Discover Ballica Cave!

    If you are into caves, Ballica Cave is known to be one of the best in Turkey. As expected, there are many steps both inside and outside the cave. While we had hard time walking with our trekking shoes, we saw many locals managing perfectly well with slippers.It's a big labyrinth inside. You see patterns like marbles on the walls and hear and smell...

  • Breathing Fresh Air in Tokat Plateaus

    On the mountains that connect Tokat and the Black Sea, there are various plateaus at various altitudes. To name a few:- Topcam Plateau: 15 km from Tokat city center, at an altitude of 1600 m.- Batmantas Plateau: 28 km from Tokat city center, at an altitude of 1850 m.- Akbelen Plateau: 29 km from Tokat city center, at an altitude of 1740 m.- Dumanli...

  • Discover the Bridges of Tokat over...

    The main bridge you'd come across when going from Tokat to Amasya is the "Hidirlik Bridge". It was built during the reign of Seljuk Empire in 1250 by Ibn El Hâkim. It's 117 meter long and 7 meter wide.The bridge has an interesting story: When the Seljuk Emperor Gýyaseddin Keyhüsrev II died in 1246, he had three sons nominated to be crowned:...


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