Turkey Tourist Traps

  • Outside hamam.
    Outside hamam.
    by tdodix
  • Outside hamam
    Outside hamam
    by tdodix
  • Ships of the Royal Caribbean are in town
    Ships of the Royal Caribbean are in town
    by mtncorg

Turkey Tourist Traps

  • Most welcoming country

    Turkiye is one of the most welcoming country in the world ...attitude of the Turkish people toward foreigners is accepted as one of the best in the world ...

  • Avoid factory outlets

    If you are going through a tour company, then even if your tour guide takes you to outlets selling leather, ceramics, onyx, turquoise/gold/silver jewellery -- do not buy there. You can just have a look and get an idea about the prices. You get the same quality outside for a much much better price, sometimes less than 50% of the price. If you are...


    You either like this kind of vacation or you don’t – and I know many do. The cruise ships are a definite boon to the local economies wherever in the world they make port. It can be a bit much though when several dock at the same day disgorging over 3,000 passengers per ship onto the local scene. When the ships are in forget haggling – it is all...

  • High entrance fees.

    In Turkey entrance fees to a good number of archaeological sites and museums seemed excessive. The problem is how to know when the high price is justified by what you will see. After spending $14 (USD) to enter the outdoor museum near Gorome in Cappadocia, you might be reluctant to spend another $6 to enter a single small church cut from stone with...

  • Always agree on the price first!!!

    I believe it's a common tourist trap, but it's so easy to get sucked in! When we stopped in Kucadasi (Ephesus) Turkey while on a Mediterranean cruise, we made a mistake. We saw a man on the street corner shining a tourist's shoes and stopped to watch. We had just spent the afternoon walking around the ruins at Ephesus and my husband's shoes were...

  • Poor exchange at the Istanbul airport

    This is such a common problem at international airports, that it might not be worth mentioning.The trap is in the commission fee. The exchange rate is a bit low to start with, but once the commission is subtracted you will feel cheated.I found that usually there will be no commission charged at exchange places in Turkey, but you have to be careful...

  • accommodation difficulties

    Turkey is no doubt a country with rich history and lots of things to see. I travel back and forth from England to Turkey work related and unfortunately haven't had the time to enjoy it but I'm considering going there on a vacation so the info was very useful. I have only been to Istanbul so far and it's extremely interesting city. The only thing I...

  • Beware of the taxi drivers

    Belek Antalya is upscale tourist zone with some of the best hotels. Consequently best location for taxi drivers trying to hustle and rip off the tourists. They will give you wrong fixed tarif, they will turn on 'night rate ' during the middle of the day , they will not return your change back if you do not give them exact amount, and if you object...

  • ask what the price is

    when hiring a private taxi for tour of a site or city ie ( ephesus or bodrum ) at the kusadasi taxi ranks their are boards with names & prices ie (virgin mary then price 40 ) the 40 or what ever price that is listed is euro not turkish lira so to save hassel or arguement make sure you ask the driver the price at the rank b4 u set off on your...

  • The trips are not always like in the...

    Everybody staying in a Club in Turkey is getting contact with the real Turkey only by going in a trip. Usually you pay an amount of money for going in a very exotic trip, nice pictures, good description. The things are never as they seems. In order to have a good experience you have to look at those trips very sceptical and not take everything as...

  • Tours

    It tourists resorts there will be plenty of office and stalls who is trying to sell you tours etc. Tours and prices can be very different from one to another, it is good to check the options and details, what is included and what is not, try using known agent if possible, or at list someone you can go back to, a reliable operator etc.Don’t forget...

  • Visa on arrival problem

    If you need a Visa for Turkey (most are charged Euro 15 or $ 20), the Immigration officer in Tasucu (coming from Northern Cyprus) insisted on US $ and implied to get it with some help from Western Union (some extra income?), this might happen as well on some other small bordercrossings. Have the exact amount in both currencies ready!

  • The Carpet Game

    Throughout Turkey, thousands of men draw at least part of their income from getting tourists to visit carpet shops and ultimately buy carpets. Maybe we were unusual, but we traveled to Turkey to see great historical sights, beaches and mountains, and not to buy bulky household goods that we would have to ship 4000 miles or that would tie up a big...

  • grand bazzar not so bazzar

    best time to go is during prayer time,all the vendors stop hasseling you and then you have a more enjoyable time to browse,dont be afrain to haggle it really is expected and sometimes fun,as most of the people who work there are nice and friendly,and will work with you for a good deal bargen but dont insult

  • airport rip off.

    when travelling home from bodrum airport very early in the morning somewhat half asleep i purchased drinks in the airport cafe,3 cans of sprite to be precise,i didnt realise untill i sat down to check my change that i realised i had paid about £9.50 for the three cans!i queried this with the staff and checked the price list and to my horror...

  • Taxi mafia

    In many countries the taxi mafia is active,If they see a tourist they see the dollars and try to cheat you.So don't be naiv, Get a feeling for the right price by asking other people.Always ask for the price before you get off.Always look what the driver does if he uses the taxameter.In Hungary they have sometimes a manipulated taxameter.If you...

  • Taxi's taximeters

    In big cities taxis must open their taximeter to charge you for the fee. There are 3 types of tariffs : 1) Day ("GÜNDÜZ" in Turkish) 2) Out of city ("SEHIR DISI" in Tr.) 3) Night ("GECE" in Tr.) ... However be careful that some tricky guys may pres the "Outer City fee" button (which is located near the Day fee bt.) and may charge you more. To...

  • Cash points/ATMs

    More advice. In Bodrum, there are not may cash points, or money exchange places. The main money exchange booth is by the castle harbour. My advice would be to take your money in cash, as much as you feel comfortable carrying, as many Turkish shops and market stalls will take foreign currency (particularly English £). Also most hotels will change up...

  • New Turkish Lira

    Since 01/01/2006 the the new turkish lira (YTL) is being used and the old turkish lira is no longer valid. So while you are shopping, keep that in mind. 6 zeros (000000) were deleted from the new notes. so 1.000.000 TL is now 1 YTL. (5.000.000 TL - 5 YTL / 10.000.000 - 10 YTL, etc...) So while you are shopping, when you get the change, make sure...

  • Touts

    In touristy areas there are many touts trying to sell carpets etc... to you. it'll always start with a conversation like "where are you from my friend" and slowly they get to the subject of their shop. On the other hand there are many Turkish people who are really there if you need help or just want to have a chat with you. Seeing all Turks as...

  • Optional Tours

    Beware of optional tours offered. The one offerred to us was so expensive and we had problem declining it but we did decline. If you are so offered and you cant decline, bargain hard and let him reduce the price to a bearable level. If you have a free day on a tour, head for the Grand Bazaar for a second time and explore those other nooks and...

  • Getting from Ataturk airport to...

    Arrived at Ataturk airport on my own. Once I exited from the baggage claim area a young, casual-but-nice dressed man approached me, introduced himself as some kind of Turkish Tourist Office employee and offered to help me. He walked me to the post office to exchange some money and helped me buy a phone card to call a Turkish friend who I was about...

  • Tourist Ferries

    There are deals from the hotels and also people in the pier that are selling trips to the islands and the bosphorus for a lot of money - 20-30USD ! If you went to a tourists' boat at least enjoy the view and have fun. Find a local ferry - it is not hard to find in Eminonu , Kadikoy , besikas and more and it will be cheaper.A ferry to the prince's...

  • Taxi Drivers

    Taxi drivers will try sometimes to get an extra money for the ride - for example to tell you a sum of money instead of running the meter , to take you in circles to get more meter time. Always know where you are going even if you don't know the exact route try to remember names that you are passing on your way.Always ask for a meter and check if...

  • Topkapi Palace

    This is not quite a tourist trap matter, but it may save you money based on your preferences. When you buy your ticket to the Palace you have the option to buy a ticket to go to the Treasury in addition. When you get inside the Palace you have the option then of buying a ticket to see the Harem. If you are not on a budget, then buy both. But if you...

  • Grand Bazaar, Istanbul

    The Grand Bazaar is so huge you can't miss it! Over 4,000 shops selling everything from hanbags and shoes to carpets and Turkish delight. I can't remember what tram stop it's on, but ask anyone and they'll tell you. If you're staying in Istanbul it is walkable from almost anywhere. Omigod! This is bargain hunters paradise and shoppers heaven on...

  • Bazaar

    Take care with buying a leather jacket on the Bazaar. Some are no good quality. It may be that if it rained you think a sheep is following you, cause it begins smelling. Go to an official and good leather store. It's cheap enough and you get a 3 years garanty.

  • shopping

    again its just about the shopping, be prepared to haggle for a price, they will give you a figure way over the price, stand your ground on what you feel is enough, chances are you will get it cheaper somewhere else anyway.

  • Folkloric Trap

    Tourists are often attracted to folkloric programs that feature ethnic music and dance. We eagerly signed up for an optional activity that included a roast lamb dinner and show at Sarikaya Restaurant in Avenos. Not only was the food just mediocre, but the folkloric performance was amateurish and uninteresting; even the belly dancer was lousy. Worst...

  • The Grand Bazaar

    Almost every tourist in Istanbul makes a beeline to The Grand Bazaar (Kapalicarsi in Turkish). It is purported to be the largest covered market in the world with 4,400 shops, 64 streets, 25,000 employees, its own police station, mosques and hamams or Turkish baths. In the past, each street was reserved for a different profession and the handicrafts...

  • Mausoleum of Halicarnassus in Bodrum

    Just because it is one of the seven wonders of the world does not mean that you have to visit it. That is the way that I feel about the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus in Bodrum. This is because there is little remaining of this 4th century B.C. monument to see. This is because of the multitude of tomb robbers and earthquakes that devastated the ground...

  • Americans pay more!

    I found out (from one of my Turkish stalkers) that generally Americans end up paying more than other tourists, so it's best to lie and tell people you are from Canada (or some other English speaking country). So when someone asks you "where are you from?" it's more likely they are asking because they want to guess how much money they can get out of...

  • there are traficjams of all sorts,...

    there are traps of all sorts, while going through Turkey......This is a picture, I took from inside the Rotel-bus, when we met a herd of sheep in a mountain-road around Erzurum, in the east of Turkey. Drive extra carefully !! Leave your privatre car at home, take a bus-tour and leave the responsibilty to the bus-driver !!

  • Don't expect turkeys in Turkey!

    Don't expect turkeys in Turkey! Never seen any there. ;-)

  • Sea food

    When in Alanya there are numerous restaurants along the strand all offering seafood. They tout for business and are quite pushy. One guy took me to the kitchen to show me the seafood. He opened up a freezer and took out a fish, some prawns etc..it was at that point I walked away. These restaurants are expensive and the seafood is not fresh.

  • Boring traffic in big cities.

    Like other developing countries, Turkey have problems with insufficient infrastructure and transportation facilities. Especialy going from one point to other may become a real dilemma for you. Evening hours- from European side to Asian side, morning hours-reverse traffic is very extensive and slow. Subway is not long enough and good planning is...

  • Hierappolis - antient pice of culture!

    See the amphitheatre built 2000 y.ago. Thirst time seeing of such a kind of theatre by yourself will never leave You to see it again Next to Pamukkale, included in one trip. Go there at nigt to understand the mightiness of ancient

  • Pamukkale

    Great inspirations, must see Yourself. Its called as the 8th miracle of glim. Go to local tourist companies, service would be better and ofcourse discounts... If You want to see this beauty - have two days trip, because it more exiting at night

  • Tour Operator's Trips

    As in many other countries,when you choose to go on a package tour,your tour operator will organise a "welcome" meeting on arrival in resort.This is frequently no more than a glorified sales pitch-an opportunity for them to sell you one of their excursions at an over-inflated price. Do attend your "welcome"meeting,as it will give you an idea of...

  • The Friendly Guys Standing Outside the...

    For women going shopping for the first time in Turkey, I can recommend that you take your emergency kit, equipped with a cigarette, a tiny bottle of schapps, and a valium, because you'll need it!In almost every VT page you'll see on the Middle East, they always mention the "pull-in" guys on the street. They're talking about the guys, whose job it...

  • The Grand/Covered Bazaar (Kapali Çarsi)

    Grand in size only, very tourist-oriented. If you're on a package tour you will be brought here. Tell them you're feeling sick and after they leave do something truly worthwhile like go to a hamam or if you must go to a market try the Spice Market (Misir Çarsisi) instead (see Alternative tip below) Find a shop that sells something that truly...

  • TAXED!

    Always check the taximeter as you're driving as the driver may fiddle with the price. Also, when entering a taxi between the hours of 6am and 12 midnight, make sure the meter reads GUNDUZ. During the night, at other times, the taxi should read GECE, and the price will be twice as much. But you can still bargain for GUNDUZ shift at nights as well....


    Well! Walking on Sultanahmet streets, that's one of the most common sentences you're gonna hear:) Most of the guys approaching you on the street and asking you where you are from are gonna end up inviting you for a cup of apple tea in their carpet shop. Actually, you can go, because when they tell you "just come and see my friend, you don't have to...

  • Blue Cruises

    I am a little hard-put about listing 'Blue Cruises' here, because it is and it isn't a tourist trap. Specifically it depends on what you expect when you take a boat trip.Basically the 'Blue Cruises' are not much different than the sailing trips we take. While we sail modern European Yachts, the 'Blue Cruises' take place mainly on beautiful Turkish...

  • Turkish Rugs are best purchased from...

    If you fall in love with the handcrafted Turkish Carpets, I suggest you buy it from a Govermant sponsored Co-operative Factory/Shop.You will no doubt be taken to one of these on most of the Daily sight-seeing trips.Bargain hard as the prices drop quite considerably, for example we bought one which started at £600 and we paid £250 including delivery...


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