Turkey Warnings and Dangers

  • Tourist Trap!
    Tourist Trap!
    by hungariangirl896
  • Near the Chora
    Near the Chora
    by Dabs
  • Sultanahmet cats
    Sultanahmet cats
    by Dabs

Turkey Warnings and Dangers

  • warnings for women

    Istanbul Warnings and Dangers

    To all travelers, you can never be too careful in big cities. I'm not singling out Istanbul as a crime ridden place but I have been traveling there back and forth there for nearly 10 years for work and leisure and for the first time last summer, I became a victim of robbery in the apartment I was staying in in what locals consider a safe area,...

  • unsafe areas

    Istanbul Warnings and Dangers

    As a Turk living in Istanbul, I found most of the posts here hillarious. Are there people trying to rip you off selling false products in Istanbul? Yes. Are there drug dealers in certain areas? Yes. But tell me one city that does not have similar problems? I ve been to Barcelona a couple of years ago. On the most famous street called La Ramblas,...

  • taxis

    Istanbul Warnings and Dangers

    Here's the situation that I'v heard of multiple times: As a tourist you don’t know the shortest way to your destination, so the taxi driver can easily make an extra tour around the block and spice up the bill. In case the tourist does know the way, he’ll come up with the excuse that there is a massive traffic jam on the usual route. Personally, I...

  • pickpockets

    Istanbul Warnings and Dangers

    I think this tip is applicable in all the major touristy areas, but especially in the Grand Bazaar. Do not ignore warnings! The risk is great. Luckily I read warnings before I ventured in the Bazaar, and sure enough I felt fingers reach in my back pocket for my wallet, to turn around and make direct eye contact with a Turkish Teenage Boy. Luckily I...

  • shoe polishers

    Istanbul Warnings and Dangers

    There are some shoe polisher crooks in town, especial around the Grand Bazar area. The trick is simple: -Shoe polishers will pass you in a quiet narrow street and "accidentally" drops a brush -Of course your are honest, pick up the brush and call the crook into his game -He seems to be thankful and looks to offer you a "free" shoe polish (no words...

  • road traffic

    Istanbul Warnings and Dangers

    The traffic in Istanbul is quite heavy. You would do well to avoid taxis and use the tramway or walk, especially in the Sultanahmet area. Not only are the places situation nearby, it is interesting to walk around. The places such as the Topkapi palace, Blue Mosque, Agia Sophia,Hippodrome, Grand Bazaar -- can all be covered by foot.

  • water

    Istanbul Warnings and Dangers

    One of my guidebooks stated that drinking water from the tap was not such a good idea, I still brushed my teeth with it but for drinking water we found a guy selling cold 1.5L bottles for 1tl (about 50 cents), for me it's not worth the risk of getting sick, certainly not with bottled water being so cheap. If you don't want to lug around a giant...

  • Beware of Organized Day Trips/Tours

    You should be really careful when planning day trips, excursions, etc. in a tour group in Turkey (especially in the coastal towns). Many times when you purchase just a ferry ticket to certain destinations in Turkey, the seller will not tell you upfront that it is part of an organized tour and you will not be able to explore on your own. Even worse,...

  • Visa Entry to Turkey

    Not sure where to post this but just found out that any visitors to Turkey now require an e-visa after April 2104.Instead of the pay £10 at entry that has been the norm until now.You have to apply on line fill in and pay on line.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice...Apologies if this has been posted and is general knowledge but as I am going to Turkey in...


    This storeis located at the end of the CRUISE PIER and is the 1st on the right side as you walk off your ship, any ship EPHESUS JEWELLERY .A beautiful store within and without BUT BEWARE, they lie and cheat you. They sell fake gems...I was on RSSC Mariner 23 APRIL 2013 bought what I was sold as EMERALDS and I know my gems, BUT on returning home the...

  • Carry your hotel card with you

    Not many people in certain parts of Turkey speak English. The pronunciations of the names of the places sounds very different from the spellings. So it is better to carry your hotel card in case you want to ask for the way to get there!! This holds true for shops that you are interested in going to. In case you have their card, do carry it and ask...

  • Crazy Drivers

    I had been warned by fellow friends and travellers who had been to Turkey and im glad we didnt hire a care for our two week stay here,which we usually do when we visit a new country.They are insane no respect for other drivers,even pedestians,swerving in and out of lanes mounting curbes at silly miles an hour and parking in the middle of the roads...

  • Visa for Americans - you can be ripped...

    Be very careful about what you pay for a visa at the Turkish border. I have travelled many times in Turkey and each time you enter you have to buy a visa. Most visa agents are honest, but some will take advantage of the fluctuation in prices to overcharge a tourist. For example, in Nov 2004, the visa agent in Bodrum demanded $100. I had previously...

  • Foreign women, expect to be hit on...

    I've never had as many men (seven) approach me with offers of sex in so short a time (three months)! I experienced repeated advances and stalking in Bakırköy and Taksim, and unwelcome kissing and touching in Sirkeci. You can be targeted even if you're fat and bald - as I was.

  • Do not buy a carpet here

    Do NOT buy a carpet here!” ________________________________________________________Do not buy a carpet in Turkey and have it delivered to your country. My wife and I bought a carpet in Cappadocia and we rue the day. The carpet finally arrived but was visibly damaged in several places. The carpet factory is Anatolia Hali. The address is Goreme...


    Belek Antalya is upscale tourist zone with some of the best hotels. Consequently best location for taxi drivers trying to hustle and rip off the tourists. They will give you wrong fixed tarif, they will turn on 'night rate ' during the middle of the day , they will not return your change back if you do not give them exact amount, and if you object...

  • Warning when your airline's Turkish...

    This experience is in no way disrespecting THY or the Turkish people but just one horrible experience I've encountered. Maybe I was in Turkey in the wrong time.11/22/2009 (Sunday)My flight back to US was a disaster. I was in the airport 2 hours prior to my departure. I Was standing in line for 1.5 hours to check-in my luggage, when I finally...

  • More accidents during Ramazan

    During Ramazan driving on Turkish roads can become hazardous, especially in more rural conservative areas, e.g. in in Central & Eastern Turkey.Be careful especially in traffic before sunset because believers have not been eating for hours and are pretty exhausted / unconcentrated. Additionally, most are in a rush to get home/in a restaurant for...

  • Marmaris."sell roundtrip"

    I made a day excursion from Rhodes to Marmaris by boat.In Rhodes said me that the boat arrives at Marmaris at 10 'o clock in the morning and departures at 17 'o clock.From the port would transfer us buses from|to the city center(it was about 4 klm far) with a tourist guide and they would make us a small roundtrip before.It sounded very nice at that...

  • Drinking

    This is always good to remind ourselves, especially those from central and northern Europe, Turkey has Mediterranean climate and it can be very hot, it is recommended drinking a lot, much more then we usually need in the north, and I do mean water and soft drinks ;-)*Feeling a slight headache might be a first sign of dehydration, stop all...

  • No Swimming When Drunk

    I guess I could have long list of dangers here, from the traditional tourist point of view (which is in every country) to the complications it might be in Turkey regarding many issues such politics, religion, laws etc, so better just avoid such issues and don’t go swim in the sea when drunk.

  • Sensitive conversation topics

    Turks are very friendly people and we had many great conversations with them during our stay in their country. However, be aware that there are certain topics where you have to be very careful. These are, in no particular order:1.) Islam. 98% of the Turks are muslims. Even if a Turk looks secular, they may be religious, and will not appreciate you...

  • Hassling

    Hi Miriam,I can understand you very well as a local who is also subject to hassling. As far as I know it is common in all resorts touristic towns. But that is not all. I live in a nontouristic part of Istanbul, Kadiköy town, which is obviously one of the most modern parts of Istanbul and all Turkey. There is a cute street ful of local little...

  • Not a Danger but a Warning!!

    This I must let you know if you don't already. It's about Bodrum airport, where you just get utterly ripped off. We all know at airports that food and drink is a bit more pricey, but this is ridiculous. I ordered after we had checked in our luggage, 2 cheese rolls and two coffees. I had two plates of chips shoved infront of me which I pointed out...

  • Islamic influence

    Generally Istanbul is quite tolerant about women dressing especially in more touristic spots. You can dress normal as you feel - also sleevless shirt etc but it is better to have male friend beside you couse Turks can be prety annoying. At districts that are not so touristic I recommend you to be more covered (you dont need a scarf but cover your...

  • Car Rental Scam - Beware of Lena!

    We hired a VW Jetta from Lena Car Rental in Selcuk, for a day trip. After a few hours, the car broke down, so we called the service hotline. We were told that a replacement was on its way and would be there in about an hour. Well, all that arrived after an hour was a tow truck - we called again and were now told that the tow truck would drop us and...

  • Be on your normal gaurd

    Be on your normal gaurd in Turkey. In places that locals or guide books tell you are dangerous or are places where pick pockets roam either don't go, are take the necessary precautions. My only threatening experience was in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul when I felt a teenage boy put his fingers in my back pocket for my wallett, good thing I kept it...

  • Taxi drivers

    Like everywhere else beware of the taxi driver On leaving Istanbul we got ataxi from Sultanahmet to Esenler otogar the driver quoted 40 ytl and after a very pleasent and imformative ride gave him 50 ytl the driver replied that i had,nt gave him enough and produceddifferent money from what i gave him saying i owed another 40 ytl During a heated...

  • Neveshir Otogar

    When you get off the bus to connect with a smaller bus to Goreme, beware of guys speaking very good English and offering to take you over to the bus.They take you into their tour agency and try to flog you excursions!! When you insist on going to Gormeme, they will take you - in fact they took us right to our hotel - but save yourself the hassle...

  • Taxi warnings

    Taxi drivers may use tricks to overcharge for a ride or even steal money. Especially if you going to airport or other trasportation terminal, so you don't have much time to agrue or to get police involved. The typical trick is - you hand money to a driver, he makes it look like he counts, then moment later he shows you "your" money where some bills...

  • side roads

    Writing this from the center of Istanbul..best area. Don't go down side roads!!!My trip to a great town ruined. Took a short cut down a side road--passed a cafe and was rushed at by three guys who forced me through the door into what was obviouslya brothel. When I tried to leave---immediately---they started to push and shove and demanded money...

  • Learn some basic phrases to get out of...

    situations! There's different ways of learning some helpful things, and I learnt what I know from a small phrasebook. Here's some useful phrases:Help!- Imdat! 'eem-dat' ( This one i picked up fast)Please Help Me!: Lütfen yardým edin 'loo(double 'o' is pronounced as 'u' as in 'blue')t-fen yar-duhm e-deen'Is there someone who speaks English?-...

  • ...and the devil drinks raki

    Thirsty travellers seeking for that perfect Turkish 'spirit' should find them in raki - an indigenous booze made of aniseed-flavored grape brandy that comes in many brands and readily available from local liquor shops. But don't let raki's seductive "aniseed-flavored-grape-brandy" description fool you. It's a sinister drink with a powerful punch...

  • Roads

    watch out for traffic cops if you hire a car. There are no road signs telling you the speed limit but you'll get stopped by the police and get fined about £50. You have a month to pay so don't cough up straight away.

  • Non-smokers beware!

    Non-smokers beware: non-smoking places do not simply exist in the country (or if there are, they are simply ignored!). The seeming disregard for people who cannot tolerate the obnoxious fumes that come from a burning cigarette or to those who possess certain allergic reactions to it (I have asthma in my case) is one annoying thing about traveling...

  • Want a tour?

    When you travel to the more touristy sites, you may find you have instant tour guides, whether you wanted them or not. At times, they are very helpful and provide you with great information. They are local companions who want nothing more than to teach you about their country or city. But then there are those who, even when you say no thank you,...

  • Traveling during Ramazan/Ramadan

    What a mistake we made. We decided we'd take a trip through Europe from Turkey last autumn. We got our tickets, planned all of it and thought we had every detail taken care of. Well, not the calendar. Apparently, we decided to leave the country heading west the first day of Ramazan (Ramadan). Adana airport, which is usually moderately crowded to...

  • Some laws you should know...

    You will see images and statues or Atatürk and notice that many streets and buildings or other structures are named for him. It is illegal to disgrace his name. As the founder of modern Turkey, he is highly regarded so any comment, even if it seems innocent, I'd just avoid. The same goes for the flag, the state or the security forces. There are...

  • Service taxis used to smuggle things...

    To get back to Turkey from Syria, I decided to take a service taxi. The problem was that the driver and two of the other passengers were smugglers! They filled the trunk with as many packages as possible. We think they were smuggling drugs as the border we crossed was not as strict as the one we passed through coming into Syria. Because of all the...

  • Be Careful Where You Walk in Taksim...

    Taksim Square is currently undergoing major repaving and the pedestrian mall is in a state of disarray with broken bits of pavement, mud and brick everywhere. It makes walking through Taksim Square rather unpleasant and not to mention noisy, with the constantly hacking and drilling. You have to watch where you walk since it can be dangerous with...

  • Avoid Kale/Koray Hotel in Pamukkale

    We had a horrible experience with Kale/Koray Hotel in Pamukkale and it sort of spoiled our stay in Pamukkale. They took every opportunity to swindle money from us for the 2 days we stayed there and we really regretted staying with them.The only bright thing staying with Kale/Koray Hotel is the Japanese lady who is a great host and in our view, the...

  • Stampede!

    Watch out for the local sheep herders. They are taking over the streets of Turkey! Ha-ha I know this is of no value, but it's hard to find a negative thing about this country.

  • Driving in Turkey?? Are You serious?!

    I’ll make no bones about this – Turkish drivers are NUTTERS. Any form of Highway Code is dismissed as pure fiction. Indicating is optional, lane-changes utterly random, acceleration is stellar and pedestrians relegated to mere collateral damage should any be encountered... The list is as long as my arm. Do not drive over here unless you really have...

  • Be Aware Of Earthquakes in Turkey

    Unfortunately, Turkey is well known for its earthquakes. It is located directly on a major fault zone and has experienced 8 large quakes [measuring 7.0 or higher] in the last sixty years. There have been 80 in the last century.You should be aware that the majority of these quakes take place on the western branch of the Anatolian fault that is...

  • English

    Although you can see here on VT some turkish and their english is ok most of the turkish dont know english , maybe only a few words , and also the young people.Try to understand a few words in Turkish thay will help you or just use hand signs.Most of the taxi drivers dont know english so take a card of your hotel with you to show them the address.


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  • taurean_traveller's Profile Photo
    Jan 12, 2014 at 2:01 PM

    Not sure where to post this but just found out that any UK visitors to Turkey now require an e-visa after April 2104.
    Instead of the pay £10 at entry that has been the norm until now.You have to apply on line fill in and pay on line.
    Apologies if this has been posted and is general knowledge but as I am going to Turkey in September glad I found it

  • Jul 18, 2013 at 3:46 AM

    Istambul, Bursa and Izmir are very safe cities, perhaps more than other western european cities of the same seize.
    Other parts I don´t know because I where only there

Turkey Warnings and Dangers

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