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  • Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi, UAE
    Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi, UAE
    by johnfrompalatineil
  • Abu Dhabi
    by jwilliams2005
  • Mangrove Island
    Mangrove Island
    by Noukhada

Abu Dhabi Things to Do

  • Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

    A must see in Abu Dhabi. The world's 8th largest mosque, officially opened in 2007. There are free tours available at 10am, 11am and 5pm except Friday morning (reserved for worshippers), however entry is free and open to everyone (groups less than 8) outside of these times (generally 9am - 10pm). You will need appropriate dress and women can...

  • Corniche

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    This is a great place for a stroll. Its an impressive eight kilometres of manicured waterfront that includes children’s play areas, separate cycle and pedestrian pathways, cafés and restaurants, and the beach. The city provides a great backdrop. The beach stretch's along Corniche Road from near the Hilton Hotel to beyond Al Khaleej Al Arabi...

  • Heritage Village

    3.5 out of 5 stars

    OK, if I am being honest with our usual superb timing, we arrived here 10 minutes after it shut. That is it was still open, you could still go in, but the shops and any display of craft had finished. This did not bother me as I fully expected it to be like Dubai's heritage village. None too exciting. The best bit was the views from it over towards...


Abu Dhabi Hotels

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Abu Dhabi Restaurants

  • Lebanese at Jumeirah

    Very well prepared Lebanese dishes at Li Beirut, in the Jumeirah Etihad Towers Hotel in Abu Dhabi. The restaurant is quite large and has an outdoor terrace. Service is just OK, and it is quite expensive, but I've gone back to have the grilled kibbeh stuffed with pistachios. Yum!

  • Food Courts in Abu Dhabi Airport

    Besides the usual full service restaurants and bars in the terminals of the Abu Dhabi International Airport, it also has two food courts (one located in the older Terminal 1 of the Airport and one is located at the terminal 3 area) of which you can dine and eat relatively cheaper (still slightly expensive than outside the airport as airports around...

  • International French Patisserie Chain

    L Brioche is an International French Patisserie Chain with branches all around the United Arab Emirates, I haven't tried this chain before on my initial visit two years ago but I happen to chanced upon a branch at the Abu Dhabi International Airport while waiting for my connecting flight after a layover. This French International Chain started in...


Abu Dhabi Nightlife

  • Irish Bar with a Smoking Lounge at...

    although there are several smoking lounges around the Abu Dhabi International Airport, There is only one establishment that has a separate smoking lounge for People in Transit or waiting for their flights at Abu Dhabi International Airport and that is the Famous Irish Bar called O' Leary's Bar. This bar is a franchise of the famous O' Leary's Bar...

  • outdoor sanctuary

    At first, heard bits and pieces of conversations that suggest a fanciful dining and a lounge bar so ýI visited the place with a friend. ýAsia de Cuba is located in St Regis Hotel Abu Dhabi in corniche road, it’s a modern latin and ýasian “culinary marriage of Latin and Asian ingredients” as described in their website I like the ýsound of it and...

  • Salsa Nights:

    For salsa aficionados, Abu Dhabi offers plenty of choices including live music and free classes. If you'd like to try something new and get an idea of the multicultural side of Abu Dhabi, I also recommend these nights as they're popular among all nationalities and age groups.The most popular dancing styles are salsa L.A On1 but a good number of...


Abu Dhabi Transportation

  • Getting to Abu Dhabi from Dubai.

    Frequent buses leave from Al Ghubhaiba Bus Station. A ticket costs 25 AED one way. Journey time is around 2 hours. The journey was comfortable and perfectly pleasant. Getting back from Abu Dhabi was more problematic, however, with very long queues for the buses. In the end we took a bus to Ibn Battuta and boarded the metro from there.

  • Terminal 4 (Midfield Terminal) under...

    The competition between Dubai and Abu Dhabi of having bigger and better airports is currently underway as Dubai is Made a New International Airport in the Jebel Ali Area, Abu Dhabi is currently contricting the Midfield Terminal (Terminal 4) that lies between two runways and is scheduled to be finished in 2017 and hopefully I will have a chance to...

  • Etihad

    Etihad is the National Airline of the United Arab Emirates and is one of two international Airlines of the UAE (the other is the Larger and More Known Emirates, owned by the Emirate of Dubai). It name in Arabic Meand Union. Eithad, Emirates and Quatar Airways are now more popular than many European and American Airlines as they have a very generous...


Abu Dhabi Shopping

  • Duty Free Shops at Terminal 3 Abu Dhabi...

    There are lots of Shop Space and selections when you Shop at the Duty Free Area of Abu Dhabi International Airport Terminal 3 as this is the more modern terminal of the three terminals (a new terminal 4 is currently being built). It boast practically the same kind of Duty Free Shops as the latter with a few variations but there are more duti free...

  • Duty Free Shops at Terminal 1 Abu Dhabi...

    although the Terminal 1 of Abud Dhabi Airport is Older than Terminal 3, It boast practically the same kind of Duty Free Shops as the latter. Practically, almost the whole area of the terminal is littered with an assortment of shops selling various kinds of accessories, foodstuffs and cosmetics and clothing. Brands such as Duty Free Stores (they...

  • Adnec

    The exhibition centre from time to time has a market where women's clothes, furnishings, jewellery, traditional perfumes can be found. Perfumes and abayas Much less than in the general market.


Abu Dhabi Local Customs

  • Abu Dhabi Fridge Magnets

    As you all know, I am an avid collector of shot glasses and fridge magnets and boy, i have a quite a number of these knick knacks at my home. Abu Dhabi Fridge Magnets is one of those I bought (unfortunately, I cannot find abu dhabi shot glasses anywhere). You can buy assorted Abu Dhabi Fridge Magnets around the souks, souvenir shops, the shops at...

  • Chocodates

    On A Revisit to Abu Dhabi, I happen to see a Chocodate Outlet along the Departure Area of the Abu Dhabi International Airport and since I love the chocodates which I bought in Dubai Two years ago, (it is popular in Dubai as the company Started in Dubai and they have expanded to Abu Dhabi and other Emirates as well. I must have them again.Chocodates...

  • Ferrari World Souvenir Drinking Bottles

    this will be my pictures of my ferrari world Drinking Bottleyou can buy the souvenir drinking bottles for AED 45 at any ferrari world store inside or as a meal combo if you dine at any of the restaurants in ferrari world where you only just add AED 25 (an AED 20 discount) for a meal and drinking bottle combo so if your meal will cost AED 30, then...


Abu Dhabi Warnings and Dangers

  • Fast Car Rentals Abu Dhabi/SCAM

    MONEY STEALERS .... If this company has your credit card information, they will take money from your account. You have to sign a form stating that they are authorized to take money owing to them (damages, tickets etc). Legally, anytime they say you owe them money they will access your account without informing you and there is nothing you can do....

  • Fake Taxis

    Dont accept offers of a taxi in the arrival section. These people are not legitimate taxi drivers only private people who are trying to make some money. Don't know if they will take you somewhere where their mates are and rob you.. We were approached and refused their service


    Wasta is a word often heard in Dubai in the UAE. It is Arabic and translates as something like authority, influence, political (or other) power, connections, or a combination of those terms. In practical terms it means that some rules can become more flexible if you have wasta, or know someone who has wasta. Also, a bit of wasta can smooth or speed...


Abu Dhabi Tourist Traps

  • Buying A Portable Shisha (Waterpipe)

    I've included this to my tourist traps since not many people want to do shisha or waterpipe smoking which is an aquired taste even for cigarette smokers. The Last time I was at the UAE, I hesitated to buy one and it only cost 45 AED for a Portable Shisha so after two years and on a revisit, I finally have a chance to buy but nowt it costs 55 AED,...

  • Ramadan

    During the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, non-Muslims will be expected to respect the local culture in many Islamic countries, and should be aware of certain rules and regulations.The holy month of Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar. Each day of Ramadan, Muslims abstain from food and drink during daylight hours. The fast is...

  • Eating with Muslims

    If you are invited to eat with Muslims here are some tips to follow:1) If you are seated on the floor, make sure that the soles of your feet (with or without shoes/socks) do not point towards anyone.Its considred very rude2) If cutlery is not provided, you eat with your hands; your right hand, to be precise!because you use your left hand to wash...


Abu Dhabi What to Pack

  • Bring Large Memory & Powerful Optical...

    If you are the intrepid shooter of lots of films and videos on your travels, then you must have a powerful optical zoom camera like a canon sx50 (which has a 50x optical zoom) or a nikon coolpix 510 (42x optical zoom). They are less bulky than the DSLR cameras and the zoom capacity lets you view and shoot objects and pretty girls from far away....

  • I found it hard to pack for

    Clothing was what worried me for going to Abu Dhabi as I knew certain parts of the UAE are very conservative. Don't wear hot pants, it won't be appreciated at all. I wore shorts that were just above the knee and got a lot of unwanted attention from men. Very few actually say anything, some make a sort of... wolf whistle equivalent though. Men &...

  • Handkerchief or some cloth

    If you are in Abu Dhabi during summer or season transition, keep a handkerchief handy. Strong winds blowing sand would be quite common and sandstorm is a nightmare. Having a handkerchief or cloth at least helps you to filter out the sand from entering your nose or mouth.


Abu Dhabi Off The Beaten Path

  • Abu Dhabi Airport Crescent Shaped...

    If you are arriving and departing the Abu Dhabi International Airport, you will happen to see a new Airport Control Tower that is shape like a Crescent (the Islamic Symbol). This 110 meter high (358 feet) control tower that became the main tower for aircraft operation starting in 2010 and is classified as one of the 15 unique airport structures...

  • see abu dhabi from high up...

    if you want to see abu dhabi from high up, head to burj marina inside the marina mall, and then take the elevator to the first stop: the coffee shop. the stop higher up is a restaurant. People there, at cafe colombiano, are very nice and don't mind letting you look around and taking pictures... at night it is very suggestive!

  • Cruising Around Abu Dhabi

    one advantage of having a private tour is that you can ask your tour guide slash driver to cruise around Abu Dhabi area, including the Corniche, Marina, Downtown areas and you can make stops at areas you want and you can have extra time to go around if you are willing to pay an extra AED 120 per hour extra if you exceeded your 10 hour limit, which...


Abu Dhabi Sports & Outdoors

  • Ferrari World Tickets and Admission

    Going to the Ferrari World in Yas Island is one of the highlights of Abu Dhabi and the park is open everyday except monday.you can buy tickets online or via the Ferrari World Tour Package that Abu Dhabi and Dubai Tour Companies Offer, the Ferrari World Tour includes Park admission and transportation to and from the theme park and costs AED 285 from...

  • Formula One Racing

    With the new race track for Formula One open in Abu Dhabi, it brings a new venu available for Grand Prix afficianados.The whole set up is amazing from the parking lot, inside, the stands and, of course, the excitement of the cars speeding before your eyes

  • falconry

    A traditional activity still practised is falconry, known as the 'sport of sheikhs'. Visitors can witness displays that illustrate the speed and precision of these regal birds of prey, and even have the chance to try the sport themselves


Abu Dhabi Favorites

  • Abu Dhabi Corniche!

    The Corniche curves from one end of the city to the other. Wide enough to accommodate power-walkers, joggers, in-line skaters and cyclists, its paved path is lined with ice-cream dispensers and shady pavilions to escape the heat.

  • Join The Maserati Raffle at Abu Dhabi...

    Abu Dhabi Airport, like the nearby Dubai Airport, always raffle luxurious cars to tourists going to Abu Dhabi to Visit or to the Tourist who are in Transit at the Airport. Every Year, they raffle a type of luxe car of which you can get a free raffle ticket once you buy at least 50 US Dollars in value among the various Duty Free Shops at the...

  • Eat at Abu Dhabi Airport & Spin a Wheel...

    The Promotions at the Abu Dhabi International Airport is a lot that is why it is fun to have a layover here as it you can win prizes galore (as it competes with Dubai Airport for the many promotions for tourists in Transit or departing from the airport and have a long time for their fligh). One Such Promotion involves a spinning wheel with...


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