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Fujairah Things to Do

  • Masafi market.

    Masafi is a small town famous for it´s market, a good place to buy carpets from Iran or Pakistan, pottery from the Emirates, and also some fruits and vegetable stalls. The town has a long main street where all the stalls and shops are located and is visited by everybody travelling the road from Dubai to Dibba, the market is open from 8 a.m. to 10...

  • Al Bidyah mosque.

    A mosque built of stone and mudbricks in 1446 AD, is the oldest mosque in the Emirates and one of the holiest. The building has four domes supported by an internal pillar unusual for religious architecture in the region, the inside of the mosque is not accessible to non-Muslims. Located between the road between Dibba and Khor Fakkan.

  • Canyon in the Hajjar Mountains

    Fujairah is the only Emirate of the UAE that is almost totally mountainous.The Hajjar Mountains separate Fujairah from the rest of the country. The mountain range got its name from the Arabic word meaning “stone mountains”. They aren’t very high but on the way from the plain (200m) to Masafi (450m) and Diba Al Hisn (on the ocean coast) the road...


Fujairah Hotels

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Fujairah Restaurants

  • Finger lickin' good.....

    Ok, ok. So a KFC is maybe nothing to write about. You go to an exotic location such as the United Arab Emirates and what do you eat? KFC!That said, we have been to this fast food joint every year since 1999 and we still love it. After gorging on haute cuisine at the Meridian it's good to tuck into good old Kfc once in a while.Eat in, or take away....

  • Fantastic New Restaurant

    Almost hidden behind the drive-thru KFC in the heart of Fujairah is a new and fantastic restaurant.They serve local, Indian and International food at very reasonable prices. Downstairs has an almost coffee-shop feel to eat while upstairs has more of the normal restaurant touch.I went there this year with 3 Arabic friends. We all had 1st courses,...

  • lebanon cuisine and beer!

    The arab peninsula's cuisine haven't a lot of plates so the most popular cuisine is the lebanon and indian foods.In this restaurant u can choose between the international dishes and a perfect lebanon cuisine....the chef came from Beirut, but he lived for 14 years in Italy ( the pasta dishes are well cooked, in the true italian way!!!), but lebanon...


Fujairah Nightlife

  • dave.richards's Profile Photo

    Not Much Nightlife

    by dave.richards Written Jul 14, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If your looking forward for a rampant nightlife then you are in the wrong city. Fujairah boasts little in the way of night clubs apart from a few in the tourist hotels.
    Most nightlife is based on the family. Sitting on the promenade, outside small coffee houses or slowly driving along the Khor Fahkan/Fujairah/Kalba coast road. I do mean slowly as most cars amble along at under 30Kph with a few younger generation drivers taking over late at night and using the roads as a race track. Be prepared for speeding cars after 1.00am, especially at weekends (Thursday and Friday nights).

    Dress Code: Certainly the hotel nightclubs demand smart casual dress. Women especially will be frowned on if wearing low-cut or revealing dresses.

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Fujairah Transportation

  • How to get to Fujairah

    You can get to Fujairah by car or by bus from Sharjah to Al Dhaid (50 km) along the E611 national road, then to Masafi (30 km) along the E18 road, then to Fujairah (30 km) along the E89 road (about 110 km in total). The roads are rather good (two lines in each way). But if you are going to Diba Al Hisn (like we did) you have to use the E88 national...

  • What Transportation?

    In Dubai, the bus service is regular, cheap and safe. In Fujairah, it doesn't exist, so don't expect to find a bus stop anywhere, you wont.Car hire is the best way of travel. Go to an international car hire office. On a motor bike? Best of luck! Nationals are not known for their road safety! fast, under taking, over taking on hills and bends comes...

  • Fujairah Hotels

    15 Hotels in Fujairah

Fujairah Shopping

  • Fruits and Vegetables Market

    Masafi Market is also a great place to buy fruits, vegetables and garden plants.Most of the fruits is imported (mainly served by Bangladeshis), but some of the vegetables are grown locally. The pottery is based on local designs.Reductions of between 50 and 80% are not uncommon if you test your bargaining skills! The Friday market is also great...

  • If you love 'nicknacks'

    Both Safeer supermarkets and Lulus department store carry a wide range of all things domestic. If we lived in the UAE and wanted to furnish our home then these are the two shops to visit. From ornaments, to tea services, from bedding to HI-fi's, from clothes to shoes. All at very cheap prices.The fresh food is both good and cheap too. Imported...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Fujairah Local Customs

  • Umm Al Quwain stamps

    Excuse my putting here another tip which isn’t really a Fujairah local custom tip but was created when I watched my stamp albums in search of a set of Fujairah stamps (see the previous tip). But how I was surprised when I found another set of stamps which I had never seen before! That set wasn’t mine! I don’t collect stamps last 40 years (since the...

  • Fujairah stamps

    It isn’t really a Fujairah local custom tip but a Russian (even a Soviet) local custom tip concerning Fujairah.Through the sixties and into the early seventies Fujairah and Umm Al Quwain were noted for its colorful, superbly designed postage stamps, the many series of which became - and still are - collectors' prizes.In far 1966 a 12-years old...

  • Stone of desires

    This stone is located in the Hajjar Mountains on the way from Masafi to Dibba. Usually excursion buses make stops there and so did we. If you sit at this stone and imagine a desire or a dream it will come true for certain – that’s the local custom! You may watch my high resolution photo of Fujairah on the Google Earth according to the following...


Fujairah Warnings and Dangers

  • Tar on the Beach

    We did not know that there was tar on the beach and we went walking only to find out there was tar all over our legs and feet... I imagine it would be such a disaster if it gets onto your hair...the life guard on the beach probably has the towelletes to take tar off..you can ask them for some... they are stubborn to wash away with water alone...

  • Only the Law

    Infringments of the Laws of Sharia are severe in the extreme. take care to read up on them.Want to take a photo of a local girl or woman? DON'T !!! Unless you ask first. It is very insulting to take a photo without asking first and you could find your camera being confiscated and you receiving a penalty.Apart from these 2 aspects you should no...

  • The little traffic there is, is deadly!

    It seems as the locals driving on these roads do not have enough thrills in their lives.....do watch out for them little devils! Hang on to that seatbelt....And do have a spare tyre....youll see the reason why on your way driving past pieces of blown up rubber.Watch out for crossing camels....And finally, make sure you have a map (there is a free...


Fujairah Tourist Traps

  • dave.richards's Profile Photo

    Remember the Law

    by dave.richards Updated Jul 14, 2006

    3 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Remember that the UAE is a Muslim country and penalties are severe for breaking the Sharia Laws. Anything against Mohammad and the Holy Quoran are dealt with heavily. Drinking alcohol in public is a no no as is a woman dressing 'scantily'. Don't even think about class C and above drugs unless you want to be put in jail and the key thrown away.
    Check with your local UAE embassy as to wether or not your medications are allowed. Many are not and a long prison sentence can be expected for disobeying the law in these matters.
    I take Codeine based drugs and Tramadol for arthritic pain. These are Opium based that I get on prescription. Even in the original boxes they are banned. I carry a letter from my doctor stating that I need these drugs. this enables me to carry them without fear of 6 months in jail! Do the same. If unsure... don't take them with you.
    Kissing in public is frowned upon and even more so if people of the same sex kiss in public. Expect though to often see men holding hands whilst walking together. No, they are not gay. It is traditional even if it does look a little strange at first. DON'T ASSUME ANYTHING.
    Remember that bartering is almost compulsary but getting into an argument with the locals over prices is not. In all souks and most small shops, barter for the best price but don't insult the shop keeper. I bought a 1GB pen drive for only £28. He wanted £40!
    All Nationals (Emiratees) are as honest as the day is long but don't always trust foreigners especially those of extraction from certain countries (Sorry, I cannot name names here). Some are expert pick pockets.

    Unique Suggestions: Read up on local traditions, cultures and laws. respect them. You are in their country, not they in yours.

    Fun Alternatives: Bored? Go to one of the many sea front hotels and have a go at scuba diving and other water sports.
    Take a drive down to the desert city of Al Ain. Half way down the main street you will find yourselves in Oman.
    Have a drive north to Dibba and visit it's most beautiful Mosque. The town is lifeless but the mosque is not.
    Drive up to Masafi on its winding, mountainous road but take care as more people get killed on this road than nearly any other in the UAE.
    I drove this road several times at night and it is not for the faint hearted as the locals use this road for racing in their souped up cars and 4-wheelers. They love driving no more than a foot or two behind you at speeds up to 140kph and then overtaking on hills and bends.
    Carry on past Masafi onto the Al Dhaid road and visit the Friday Market. Started a few years ago this is a must see place. Locals selling foods, fruits, ornaments and carpets abound, but be prepared to be hassled.

    Masafi to Dibba road Masafi to Dibba road
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Fujairah What to Pack

  • dave.richards's Profile Photo

    What Not to Take

    by dave.richards Updated Jul 14, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Luggage and bags: Always carry a cooler bag with lots of chilled mineral drinks. NO alcohol though! Firstly you can dehydrate and secondly it is against the law to drink alcohol in a public place anywhere in the UAE.

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Unless you visit in the winter months (December through to March) you wont need warm clothing as the temperature rarely dips below 20oC even at night. In the summer the minimum is around 35oC and a maximum of 45oC (it hit 52oC on one of my visits). Humidity can climb to nearly 95% at night, so be warned.

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: I have yet to see a mosquito here, even in the mountains. In fact, its rare to see any insects! High factor suntan lotion is a must, as is some form of coolent spray for the elderly and the young.
    Check on allowed medicines before you enter the UAE (contact the UAE embassy) as several opium based drugs such as Tramadol and Codeine are illegal. Carry a doctor's letter of authorisation and keep all medicines in their original packets, not loose.
    Medicines, toileties and such like are cheap in Fujairah so buy them when you arrive.

    Photo Equipment: Watch out for cam-corders. Ours went haywire when the temperature hit 40oC. Keep all such instruments, including mobile phones, out of the sun.
    Cameras to buy are fairly cheap and are much less than in the UK. Mobile phones cost about half as much as at home and are ALL SIM FREE so will work on all networks. Computer parts are a good buy too in the small corner shops behind the main street.

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: Ladies, on the public beaches it is advised to cover up. Being a muslim state the emiratis don't take kindly to women showing too much body.
    When visiting our friends (family) at Masafi, my wife even wears long sleeved blouses, so wearing a bikini (or less) on the beach is a big no no.
    Men are advised to wear shorts, not thongs! Some beaches are for women and children only, so look for signs as it may only apply on certain days.

    Miscellaneous: Clothing is ultra cheap to buy in Fujairah. There are a few supermarkets in Fujairah that are almost department stores and a pair of shorts or a t-shirt can be picked up for a couple of £'s.
    We always head for the Safeer supermarket or Lulus which both carry a huge range of clothes and accessories.
    If you must smoke, then cigarettes are about 80p a pack of 20. Buy alcohol at the duty free in Dubai airport as to buy it in a hotel requires a bank loan!

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Fujairah Off The Beaten Path

  • Masafi village and water

    Masafi is a village located on the edge of the Hajar Mountains in Fujairah. It developed along the old unpaved road which ran from Fujairah to Dubai via Sharjah. The village is actually divided in to two parts with the larger section belonging to the emirate of Fujairah and the smaller belonging to the emirate of Ras al Khaimah.The name "Masafi" is...

  • The Mountains

    If you get the chance, take a drive in a 4-wheeler up into the mountains. These areas remain as they were many years ago. Calm, serene, with fantastic views. Drive round a bend and come upon an oasis or a local farmer working on the land.If walking be careful for local widlife such as scorpions which may be hiding under rocks or foliage to escape...

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Fujairah Sports & Outdoors

  • Scuba in Fujairah

    Very good dives can be had from Fujairah. Now that I've been to Oman, I can say that the viz in Fujairah was much better. Masses of fish everywhere.I loved it and the water was very warm (27 to 32 celcius depending on depth in June, with a nasty thermocline!).Diving is much better than on the Gulf side (Dubai). The viz is approx 10 to 20 metres. I...

  • Diving the East Coast

    Diving the east coast of UAE, along the Gulf of Oman, is much better than the west coast. The east coast has better visibility and lower salinity. You will not have to wear as many weights, making it more comfortable. You will have better clarity to enjoy the critters you see. And simply put, there will be more variety and density of fish life.All...

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Fujairah Favorites

  • Fujairah general background

    Fujairah is one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates, and the only one on the Gulf of Oman in the country's east.Fujairah is well known for its Wadis due to the geological topography of the area. Wadis are dry riverbeds that contain water after a heavy rain, in Arabic it can also mean oasis.Tourists can enjoy Wadi Bashing,...

  • iZone Hotspots-locations in Fujairah :-)

    High-speed Wi-Fi internet service, enables you to wirelessly access the internet at locations across the UAE.The method of payment can be through any of the following:Hotspots Prepaid Cards Etisalat Blue Card - AED 20 Credit Card iPass Alliance Dial Up Subscribers Al Shamil Subscribers GSM Subscribers Wasel Mobile Subscribers Hotspots Single User...

  • After the mountain the mosquee

    When u arrive from Ras al Kahiam to Dibba, passing the mountain the first thing u can seeis the mosquee...is new and very big for this city!


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