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Sharjah Highlights

  • Pro
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    Sophie1980 says…

     Cheaper than Dubai, museums, parks, walkability, corniche. 

  • Con
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    JessH says…

     More conservative, no nightlife, heavy traffic conjestion. 

  • In a nutshell
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    pakistanibrain says…

     If you are in Dubai, include Sharjah in your trip for some bargain shopping! 

Sharjah Things to Do

  • The Blue Souq or Central Souq

    Our bus passed this on our way to Sharjah. It was not far back from the bus station so we walked back to have a look. The building is lovely with beautiful tiles, You can buy all sorts of things inside: jewellery, cloth, clothes etc.

  • The Maritime Museum in Sharjah, UAE

    The UAE has a rich culture and a strong relationship with the sea. For more than a thousand years, pearl divers searched the turquoise waters of the Arabian Sea for treasure off the coast and sailors navigated the sea to engage in trade with India and the Far East.

  • The Heritage Area

    In winter it is possible to walk to the Heritage Area from Al Jubail bus station, but I would take a taxi in summer. The Heritage area was a bit of a disappointment as so much of it was still under construction or restoration. Things available to see were two touristic style souqs, calligraphy exhibitions and the Bait Al Naboodah Heritage House,...

  • The Plant Souq

    The Plant souq stretches along the main road from the bus station. I guess people drive up, buy plants and drive away. It was quite colourful and worth a look. Plus it is on the way into town.

  • The Corniche

    Although it only has a pedestrian walkway for part of the way, it is quite interesting to walk along the corniche. You will pass a beautifully tiled (possibly Iranian) mosque, the heritage area, the fort, the arts area, the Museum of Islamic Culture - a lovely building and supposedly very interesting, but we did not have time to visit. We walked...

  • Sharjah Fort

    Sharjah Fort is located between the Sharjah Heritage Area and the Sharjah Arts Area. It is an interesting building from the ouside but it had a sign on the door saying it has been closed for restoration since March 2010, so we could not go inside.

  • The bird and animal souq

    This was on the walk from the bus station into the old part of town. There were two parts - an outdoor livestock market with cows, goats and sheep and an indoor market with birds including falcons, dogs, cats, small rodents.

  • The Fish Souq

    The fish souq is also right next to the bus station. Follow the smell of fish. There were some interesting specimens on sale here. Had I had access to a cooker I would not have minded cooking some. Good for photos.

  • Fruit and Vegetable Market

    Sharjah fruit and vegetable market was right next to the bus station. I think our bus went to Al Jubail Bus station. The fruit and Vegetable souq is housed in a lovely building that runs parallel to the bus station. It is quite colourful and good for photos.


Sharjah Hotels

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Sharjah Restaurants

  • Typical mouth watering Chettinadu Food

    Oh, Chettinadu, CCR! You have so much potential and can be so much, why is it that you still are not worthy of 5 stars? Let's see, shall we? Ambience - Fantastic. One of the BEST in the Sharjah Area for an upscale South-Indian restaurant. nice music playing in the background & can watch IPL match, spacious seating and lovely old-world-style photos...



  • Local grub

    While not specific there are a handfull of cheap places to eat within a 5-10 min walk from the Sharjah Youth Hostel...many even deliver..the hostel has menu's that you can order from..all cheap and tasty....

  • Enjoy yourself!

    La Croisette Restaurant Open daily from 06:30 till 23:30. Buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus a La Carte meals. Enjoy your nights with live entertainment by the hotel's resident BandLa Bamba Beach Garden Open daily from 09:00 till 18:00. Escape from stress and worry, visit La bamba Beach Garden. Reach out for a refreshing cocktail and taste...


    Located at the Clock Tower, Sharjah, the Restaurant offers traditional South Indian food in a neat atmosphere. Specialities are Tiffin items in the morning and Evening. Though Thali is offered, it cannot be compared to their Indian equivalent in taste.The restaurant has a sweets counter to offer Indian sweets.Overall the ambience,service,hygiene...

  • Donut and Coffee

    Its always a good time for Donuts!!:)We had a coffee and 2 donuts for around AED 12 Classic and chocolate


Sharjah Nightlife

  • Hardly any NightLife

    There are no Night clubs in Sharjah as the emirates follows a stricter rule as per Muslim religious laws. Drinking or liquor is banned in this emirate and if caught by the law would result in being jailed.Dubai, next to it is much easier and thus all nightclubs in Dubai are usually full with expatriate population. The local residents or Emiratis...

  • Evening walk along the Corniche

    Unfortunately days are very short in December. It was getting dark very early I strolled along Sharjah and enjoyed its lightened corniches. I was happy to see very rare natural events in Sharjah. You can see lightning over the Khalid Corniche in Sharjah on my pics and video. You can watch my 4 min 15 sec HD Video Sharjah evening walk part 2 out of...

  • No nightlife.

    Alcohol was banned from Sharjah in 1985, so if you´re looking for nigthlife, it´s better to go to Dubai.


Sharjah Transportation

  • Getting to Sharjah from Dubai

    It is relatively easy to get from Dubai to Sharjah by bus. We took the bus from Union Square Bus Station, but you can also go from Deira City Centre or Al Gubaiba Bus Station among other places. You must buy your ticket from the ticket office before boarding. Only one way tickets were available and they cost 7AED. The bus was air conditioned and...

  • Cant reccomend Air Arabia

    Air Arabia -- if possible will never again fly with them. They dont give food, even if I wanted to pay them ... they said ' no change'. They put arabic songs, not indian.I dont think they are budget airline other than advertisement. Just check their fares during is so high. Tjis time I chose to go India on Srilankan airline, it cost...

  • From/to airport Dubai

    Sharjah is a close neighbor to Dubai (it’s just a 15 minute drive from the centre of Sharjah to Dubai International Airport).You can watch my 3 min 43 sec HD Video Sharjah Along by taxi to airport Dubai part 1 out of my Youtube channel with Emre Altug – Zalim Kus,5 min 40 sec HD Video Sharjah Along by taxi to airport Dubai part 2,3 min 28 sec HD...


Sharjah Shopping

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  • Great buy for framed oil paintings and...

    This quaint shop is a new addition to the various shops lining Al Wahda street in Sharjah.With it' high roof from which the most beautiful chandeliers hang and BIG framed oils on canvas, that grace it's walls, one gets the feeling of entering an old club house and gallery, both at once! The furniture is placedto showcase the chandeliers which are...

  • Blue Souk-Golden Market

    Blue Souq (Souq Al Markazi or Central Souq) is the largest and one of the important Souqs in Sharjah and called as Blue because of its uncommon blue vaulted roof. Located in the Khaled Lagoon region, Blue Souq has 2 sections and about 600 shops. It’s a landmark of Sharjah, reflecting Islamic design. Its unusual architecture attracts attention...

  • Enjoy shopping in Sharjah

    Sharjah Gold Center inaugurated in 1996, comprising 44 shops which are considered to be the best gold shops in the UAE in terms of quality, design, and selection. I haven’t been there because shopping (and gold-shopping, haha!) wasn’t my purpose in that trip.


Sharjah Local Customs

  • Firework in Sharjah

    On 2 December 1971 Sheikh Khalid III joined the United Arab Emirates. The Federation was formed on 2nd December 1971 and comprises the emirates of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, Ajman and Umm Al Quwain.I visited Sharjah just in the beginning of December. The whole week was the national holiday. That’s why we could see...

  • The conservative emirate: Modesty is key

    The emirate of Sharjah has both the advantage and disadvantage of being right next to big, shiny and famous Dubai: in comparison, it is a conservative city – for example there is no alcohol in Sharjah, and the dress-code is far more modest - but the low-cost airline Air Arabia is based here and property prices (to buy or rent) are slightly cheaper...

  • Clothing for women

    I live in Sharjah which is much 'stricter' than Dubai - no alcohol is allowed here. Before I left England, I was warned about the dress code here for women - that you got spat at if your revealed your shoulders. However, its much more relaxed than you think. I wear skirts that just cover my knees and a t-shirt and it's fine. I don't wear short...


Sharjah Warnings and Dangers

  • Sharjah-"dry climate"

    It's well-known that the climate of the United Arab Emirates is dry-subtropical. The quantity of rainy days does not exceed 7-10 a year, mainly during the winter period (January and February). But we were lucky to see a very strong rain even a thunderstorm in Sharjah in the beginning of December. You can watch my 2 min 59 sec HD Video Sharjah...

  • Sharjah - "dry emirate"

    Sharjah is known as a "dry emirate" which means the sale or possession of alcohol within Sharjah is almost entirely forbidden. Also, it is legal to transport alcohol through Sharjah if your final destination permits it (eg. Dubai to Fujairah). Don't expect all police to be familiar with this rule though! But this rule haven’t been strictly executed...

  • Re: Elevator... Nothing Scary !!

    Due to Islamic Teachings, Moslims are not allowed to stay "anywhere" solely with a stranger women (not his sister, neither mom , auntym etc,,)..But if there were more than a woman in the elevator, then its more than two there, so its okey if he enters..The only condition a man doesnt enter, is when there is only 1 women in the elevator, with no...


Sharjah Off The Beaten Path

  • Al Huda and other Mosques

    There are 300 mosques in Sharjah city, all of which are built facing the holy city of Makkah in Saudi Arabia. I even don’t know their names. Giant Al Huda Mosque located on the Arouba Road. You can see some of them on my hidden pics. You may watch my high resolution photo of Sharjah on the Google Earth according to the following coordinates 25° 19'...

  • Al Khan Watchtowers

    Al Khan is an area around the Grand Hotel of Sharjah. I could walk around it and find an old suburb which was almost a town in the beginning of the 20th century. Its residents were mainly members of the Al swdan and Al abu muhair tribes, who form part of the Bany yas tribe. The town was known as a commercial hub for bedouin goods trading and as a...

  • Church Area

    Coming back home I found out that when I visit the Church area in Sharjah I could see a lot of non Muslim Churches. Among them:Sharjah Marthoma Church,Sharjah Armenian Church,St. Martin’s Anglican Church, St Marys Jacobite Soonoro Church, SIAG Sharjah Union Church,St Michael Catholic Church.


Sharjah Favorites

  • Oil Platforms

    Since the discovery of oil, Sharjah has developed from small palm-frond ‘arish’ houses hugging the creeks, to a modern city that extends all the way to the UAE’s East Coast. Modern development took off in the early 1970s resulting in the rapid expansion of the town and Emirate as a whole.You may watch my high resolution photo of Sharjah on the...

  • Skylines of Sharjah city

    Frankly speaking I have never seen so many skyscrapers neither in Europe nor in Asia as I saw in Dubai and Sharjah. I think there aren’t so many in Europe at all. There are in Asia but when I was in China (1988) and in Japan (1993) they weren’t built yet. So it was so exciting for me to see skylines of Dubai and Sharjah.We have been told that the...

  • Sharjah General Background

    Sharjah Emirate has its capital Sharjah city which is the third largest city (after Dubai and Abu Dhabi) in the United Arab Emirates. Its population is about a million people including a lot of workers from India and Pakistan and plenty of businessmen and tourists.Sharjah means ‘rising sun’. The city of Sharjah overlooks the Persian Gulf and is...


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