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  • Desert Safari, Dubai U.A.E.
    Desert Safari, Dubai U.A.E.
    by TrendsetterME
  • camel ride at desert camp
    camel ride at desert camp
    by machomikemd
  • the drive to hatta
    the drive to hatta
    by machomikemd
  • sarrahh's Profile Photo

    Desert Safari

    by sarrahh Written Apr 14, 2013

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

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    One of the most amazing adventures in my whole life was "Desert Safari" in Dubai,
    The tour was amazing, well planned, good price, good food, and friendly ppl.
    Arabian Nights LLC, is the one I recommend.
    It all started at 3:30 the pick up time from the hotel, then it took us 40 mins to arrive to the desert.
    we stopped, took some photos, and then started Dune Bashing..
    It was really amazing, lot of fun.
    We then moved on to a Campsite built in Bedouin style with modern amenities, tried our skills at Camel Riding, relax in carpeted tents, enjoy the Shisha , tried some local costumes with tea, coffee, soft drinks, mineral water, dates, henna design on the house.
    then a "TANNOURA" and a belly dance show started which was more than amazing
    after that we had lunch (Barbeque of assorted Arabic cuisine, Meats, fresh salads, vegetarian dishes, rice, fruits & sweets)
    then back to the hotel.
    Returning time:22:00

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  • mvtouring's Profile Photo

    Desert madness

    by mvtouring Written Jun 17, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

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    A must do as far as I am concerned is the Desert Safari. It is one of the most enjoyable tours that I have ever done. however I must warn people who suffer from motion sickness to stay away as you will most definately not enjoy this rushing through the dunes, or as I referred to it .... surfing the dunes by vehichle. This is one of those tours that you can do on your own, as many single people were doing it with me and you just mingle and mix with the rest of the tourists.

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  • rosequartzlover1's Profile Photo

    Desert safari 3 ,Camel ride

    by rosequartzlover1 Written Feb 21, 2012
    Waiting for sun set .
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    My driver for day trip drove us back but I told him that we booked for night tour as well so he called other driver to pick us up along the way.But I heard that now we don't need to change vehicles ,it's the whole day tour with one vehicles,but if you are only one person ,then you have to join with another tourist.
    The desert night is quite an experience.They brought us into traditional life Bedouins.We arrived the place before sunset,walking around the setting bedouins camp,seeing how they prepare our BBQ dinner.Ummm...good smell...and look yummy..!
    They let us enjoy sunet moment on snad dune around.Then I have chance to ride camel for the first time my life.It's a little awkward while climbing on camel.It's mix feeling between '
    "Do it" because I've never done this before ,and "Don't do it" because I feel pity to the camel .They have to sit up and down for tourist like this for so many times a day and everyday.
    Anyway I did it and not long ,it's only 1 minute just to walk around that area.It's good experience but I still feel guilty anyway.

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  • rosequartzlover1's Profile Photo

    Desert safari 2

    by rosequartzlover1 Written Feb 20, 2012
    My sand board.
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    After driving wild on sand dune.The next activity was "sand board"
    The drivers took us to a very high sand dune ,to let us play sand board.We walked up to the top of sand dune ,from there it looked so high,wonderring if I can do this or not.My friends and other tourists also looked hesitating,cuz all of us not that expert of this .Most of us were first time sand boarding.Some other men including tourists and staffs started without fearing ,and it looked so easy to do.So we sarted to try.The staff said if we are too scared so better try to do backward then.It so fun so I did it again but I have only 2 chances to do it,because time is out.So if you'd like to do it many times ,don't be hesitated ,do it immediatly so you can be able to do it many times.
    The sun started to set so this day time desert tour had to be finished. Many people went back but for us we were going to do the knight tour.

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  • rosequartzlover1's Profile Photo

    Desert safari 1

    by rosequartzlover1 Written Feb 20, 2012
    Drivers having fun driving on sand dune.
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    I've been to Dubai desert by A safari tour name "Knight desert safari" It's quite good.That moment of time they used mostly new and good condition vehicles.This tour started in the late afternoon. I guess the reason was not only to avoid the heat of the sun during day time but also to continue with the other tour which is knight safari.I think I paid 2 tours which was sand dune tour and knight tour.
    On the first picture showing cars from all tour company tried to show their customers how to drive up and down sand dunes.It looked fun.. yes,but when it's my turn I felt a little scared if car will collapse or not.After a while I felt better and then don't want to stop,want to do again and again.

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  • Dubai Safari things to do

    by srilog88 Written Jan 9, 2012
    Desert Safari Jeep

    The camp at the desert safari is all Included except for alcoholic drinks so do not be shy of asking for soft drinks dates tea or coffee The staff should offer all this at no cost.

    Henna painting can also be done at no cost and the Sheesha area is also available at no cost.

    My TIP is take part in all activities camel rides sand skiing and enjoy a full tour.

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  • samitbabu's Profile Photo

    Desert Safari : Rates and Schedule 2011

    by samitbabu Updated Oct 26, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Dune Bashing 2
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    The desert safari is one of the Must-Dos while you are in Dubai.
    Though there are many diffferent organizations arranging, it usually culminates to a couple of tents in the desert expanse.

    One good option is to talk to the Hotel that you arestaying and ask them for the rates.
    A single booking can be done from AED 150 - 160 weekends and AED 125 - 150 weekdays.
    Group booking is always less

    The program starts around 3.30 when the organizer picks you up from the hotel. After some inital commotion of meeting and picking others, at around 5 pm they meet at the desert Deflation point where they all congregate for the desert ride. After the tyres are flattened and some real bumpy Dune Bashing follows, riding or rolling up and down the sand dunes at 60kmph + speeds. Only 4X4 vehiclesare used for this.

    PLEASE REMEMBER TO HAVE YOUR LUNCH EARLY THAT DAY TO GIVE YOURSELF AT LEAST THREE HOURS OF EMPTY STOMACH BEFORE THE RIDE. This is because many a people have been found dizzy and prone to throw up during or after the dune bashing.

    After about an hour of such rides, everyone is taken for a nice drive inside the desert where all meet at one of the tents. Here you get refreshments, some arabic Henna Art, photo shoots in Arab dresses, and avulture show till the evening approaches. You also have sheesha tents ( smoking) and camel rides . Dune buggy rides are also available at a charge.

    With the sun going down , preparations are made for an Arabic- Egyptian Belly Dance event ..usually performed by girls from Russia and East Europe. :) ..and not by Arab women.
    Dinner follows ( both Veg and non veg items in a mostly Arabic Menu with sweets and soft drinks thrown in ). The FOOD provided here is mostly S BARBECUED.

    on Completion the organizers drop you off to your hotel around 10.30 pm.

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  • Kisu's Profile Photo

    Desert Safari

    by Kisu Updated Apr 4, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Definitely worth to try!! If you like roller coasters, you'll love this! Lama Desert tours arrange Sand skiing, camel rides,city and shopping tours in Dubai and Sharjah, helicopter rides, trips to Al Ain, Abu Dhabi and fishing tours as well as crab hunting.....Trips vary from 4-6 hours and full day trips to even overnight safaris in the desert. I recommend Lama as it has great reputation and guides are experienced. You don't have to contact the company yourself, your hotel most probably will do it for you! Price for the 6 hour desert safari with BBQ and other activities was about 60-80€/person.

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  • Durfun's Profile Photo

    4WD desert safari

    by Durfun Written Jan 16, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    4WDs ready for some more action..
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    This is a fun activity for sure. Most such tours offer quite a lot, starting with picking you up from your hotel, taking you out towards the desert, when they deflate the tyres to offer greater surface area to grip the sand before entering the sand dunes. After this, the wild sand dune bashing begins.

    A convoy of 4-wheel drives tackles the sand dunes, with the drivers manoeuvering the vehicles with such skill, whilst throwing the passengers about the place. You will be holding onto the roll-bars so you won't literally be thrown about, but I'm sure you can picture the scene.

    Some of the vehicles around you even end up on 2 wheels momentarily. That is just such fun to see.. it all happens so fast, before the vehicle returns on all 4 wheels.

    The dunes are of varying heights, and descending them is even more fun as you see how steep the descent is! Then the driver works his magic by negotiating the drop with a great deal of agility & quick thinking in terms of the route to take to prevent an outright tumble!!

    Such excursions end with a stop at a 'traditional' camp which is set up such that it blends with it's sandy surroundings. Here you get to pose with camels & ride them, sample Arabic coffe & dates, then look around the various stalls like henna painting, sand art in bottles, etc.

    There would be a large central square where a man will perform a traditional Egyptian dance, followed by a woman doing a belly dance. A buffet is set up for which you queue up, and bring your plate to your tables surrounding the central square, so you can admire the dancing while eating & drinking.

    Amongst the stalls is also a hookah-smoking place to experiment with this. Further up there are also open wood-fires to warm to whilst admiring the scenes & activity all around you.

    After some time relaxing, the drivers call you to return to the vehicles so that you can be dropped off at your hotel.

    This brings your half-day safari to an end :-)

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  • RocknRolla's Profile Photo

    Desert Safari

    by RocknRolla Written Aug 3, 2010
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    With not much to do for nature lovers in the UAE desert safaris are cool. But check in advance how the camp will be. I have been twice for desert safari, the dune bashing is same but the camp was pathetic in the second time I went. Its better to check the reputaion of the tour operator in advance, especially if you have kids with u

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  • Merely Relevant Wanderings

    by Voguette04 Written May 26, 2010

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Having returned from Dubai just a day ago, I must say it was a fantabulous experience!

    While we concetrated mainly on shopping at the Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates and Deira City Center, we did some 'touristy stuff' as well.

    The Desert Safari, is ok. It's extremely hyped up as it is one of the few tourist attractions the city offers. Usually one can make bookings through your hotel. They have something called Dune Bashing (totally stomach churning), and then they drive you out to a camp where you can dress up like an Arab man/woman, get a free henna tatoo, watch some questionable belly dancing and digest some average food. Totally worth missing, unless you want to take some exotic pictures to post on your facebook page.;-) (It costs up to AED160 per person)

    The Ski World at the Mall of the Emirates is okay too. They have some rides and it's better than the one in Malaysia, but not worth going to unless you want to click some attractive family pictures or ski. It costs upto 100 AED just to look at and avail of the rides, and 200 AED if you want to use the ski slopes.

    The Jumeirah Beach Residence Area is wonderful. We took a cab there and spent half a day. They have some quaint roadside cafes, the crowd is upmarket and multi-cultural and it's worth going to in order to deepen your tan and just lounge on the beach.

    The Meena Bazaar Area is worth going to if you wish to purchase Gold or fake Rolexes and fake Chanel bags. It's completely populated my Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan and a few Afghanistani people. So you can pick up some gorgeous fabrics and saris from there ranging from 35-500 AED per suit piece. Ask some one for the Sindhi Community Center, and you will find all the shops around it. However, I suggest you stick to buying perfumes at the Duty Free, for mere authenticity.

    One can visit the Underwater World at the Atlantis Hotel or at Dubai Mall (100 AED Per Head). But it isn't out of this world.

    Other options include the Dhow Cruise (very average) or a visit to the Burj-Al-Arab 7 Star Hotel, again only if you have 250 AED to spend per person for mere viewing of the concrete 'wonder'.

    One can also take a cruise/day trip to neighbouring cities such as Abu Dhabi (the less developed capital), Shrajah or Al Ain.

    We basically stuck to shopping but I've heard that there is some exquisite 'belly dancing' at the La Meridien. Restaraunts to visit include Karam Cafe and Buddha Bar, for some more expensive fun. :-)

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  • chizz's Profile Photo

    Desert Jeep Safari

    by chizz Updated Feb 8, 2010

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Belly Dancer at desert camp - Arabian Nights tour
    3 more images

    You are picked up in a 4WD vehicle and transported to the sand dunes where you are taken on a hair raising jeep ride complete with wheel spins and turns! There are photo stops to admire the sunset before you are driven to the desert camp for a buffet meal (soft drinks are free, but alcohol is usually charged for) complete with belly dancer, camel rides, dressing up in traditional outfits, quad-biking (extra charge), falcon interaction, sand-boarding and henna tattoo painting. Activities do vary between companies.
    Companies that I have used are Arabian Adventures -
    and Arabian Nights - - both of which were very good.
    Tours run daily and you can be picked up at your hotel or any known landmark here in Dubai. We were picked up around 2.30pm and were back at our hotel around 9.30pm. The desert safari is probably my favourite touristy thing to do here in Dubai and I highly recommend it.

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  • JessH's Profile Photo

    Desert Tour - Dune Bashing with the professionals

    by JessH Updated Jan 25, 2010

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Large desert camp of SNTTA (Dubai)
    4 more images

    My mother is a tour guide and whe usually gives me some "insider information". Understandibly, with the recent boom in tourism there's a lot of work for her!

    Most tour operators organize an pretty exciting variety of excursions & tours around the Emirates & Oman, for large groups & invididuals, sight-seeing tours in the cities & even ocean cruises. Check with your tour operator to assist you with your choice of hotel, and also in case you need to apply for a visit visa.

    Most agencies run the "standard tourist programs", but prices tend to vary by quite a bit, so it pays to "shop around" & compare.

    Many tour operators offer Desert Safaris (only camera shots!) eiter for 1/2 days, full days or overnight stays with dinner & entertainment in their respective desert camps. If you get sick easily, bring travel-sickness tablets... it gets rough & bouncy! :-)

    A typical Desert Safari will start in the afternoon with some driving through the dunes & end at the respective organizer's desert camp where you will be treated to a buffet dinner, sand boarding, camel riding, music, drinks & belly dancing. For example: We have spent New Year's Eve and various other events at the SNTTA Camp & had a great time! (Don't worry: there are fully functional toilets with tiled floors & wash basins.)

    Here's a list of reputable tour operators:
    SNTTA Emir Tours:
    Tel +971-4-282 9000

    Arabian Adventures: (part of Emirates Airlines)
    Tel +971-4-303 4888

    Desert Adventures:
    Tel +971-4-224 2800

    Net Tours:
    Tel +971-4-266 6655
    Do you want to take the wheel into your own hands?
    Go on! Rent a 4x4 car & be daring!
    Click here for info & safety tips:

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  • Penelope4's Profile Photo

    Desert Safari

    by Penelope4 Updated Sep 2, 2009

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    My most memorable activity in Dubai is - sorry you're wrong it's not shopping but - desert safari. I booked the tour through the hotel and in order not to favour any company in here, I will not provide any telephone number nor a Website because I've been to various hotels in Dubai and there's absolutely no problem in booking a desert safari. The hotels offer this tour!

    The tour includes a hotel pick-up drop off. Don't be dismayed if the vehicle is a van or maybe a car. Tour agencies dealing in desert safari have been in the business for ages so nothing to worry, everything will turn out fine.

    The right number of guests - as to location of the hotel or as to grouping (families or friends) - will be assigned to this type of vehicle which will remind you of Ferrari's speed and the temperament of the Arab drivers. Well the driver may not be an Arab but just the same, the desert itself will remind you of UAE's beauty.

    The travel agent has a program that will make the desert safari spectacular - at least to many. After seeing some beautiful Flamingos along the highway, you and a couple of other groups will travel to the desert and will comprise the Fearless Convoy of the Moment. You will not believe how fast and how high those vehicles can go, stopping abruptly at the edge of the hill when you least expect them, making the vehicles hang like a weighing scale trying to find its equilibrium. There will be a number of stops where you will catch your breath and when you think you're about to die, the drivers bring you to a height where everything around you is orange - the sand, the sky and their faces too. Sunset in the UAE, truly awesome - you have to see it. And when you think you want to pay the Travel Agents more because of the highs you've just had, they bring the entire group to another place where some camels and tents await you. Those who just threw up during the trip may decide to look for the bathroom or to just have photos taken with camels or in Arab clothes. Others, specially the women, will have their hands painted with henna for free, the men will most likely grab the water pipe and those who could not care less about the things I mentioned will follow their noses to the great-smelling buffet that has been carefully set for them.

    And when everybody's almost tired of chatting while watching the stars and the sky - comes the music and lo - a beautiful bellydancer! I was totally happy during this experience but now when I look back - I am wondering why there was no male bellydancer? Well, at least there was tea, coffee and Baklava before we started our way back to the city.

    What I regret about the desert safari is that I did not have a digital camera at that time. And if I do the tour again, I'll make sure I won't eat anything one hour before.

    Cost of the tour per person is around US$ 55 (all-inclusive). Pick-up is around 3:30 p.m. and drop-off is around 9:30 p.m.

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  • Shibiru's Profile Photo

    Desert Safari

    by Shibiru Written Mar 2, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Car got stuck in desert safari

    It's very touristy, but fun! You pay around 150 - 200Dirhams for this:

    - pick up at your hotel, or location between 3 - 4pm
    - you drive out to the desert and go Dune Bashing
    - watch the sunset from the dunes, get stuck in the sand sometimes...
    - drive to a traditional bedouin desert camp with carpets and cushions on the floor
    - camel ride, shisha, henna and pioctures with traditional costumes included
    - bellydancing should be part of it if she calls's great fun!
    - fantastic bbq under the starts
    - drop you off at home at around 9pm

    It's a great experience!

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