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    Shopping Malls

    by sue_stone Written Jan 7, 2008

    5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    One of the most popular things for tourists to do in Dubai is to shop. The city is home to some massive shopping malls that can keep you busy for a full day - with not only shopping, but things like dining, movies and even snow skiing!

    We visited three of the large malls - The Mall of Emirates (with its indoor snow field), Wafi City (with its over-the-top Egyptian décor), and Deira City Centre (with its 1 hour+ taxi queue).

    We found many of the clothing shops that we frequent in London, with much the same prices too, along with plenty of designer shops, and a lesser number with a more local flavour. One thing I did note about the clothes in shops that I regularly visit was that the styles on offer here were a noticeably 'fuller' cut, and the materials were more garish (to my taste anyway), hence not many purchases were made.

    The large shopping malls are open 7 days from around 10am till 10pm or midnight, depending on the day. I can imagine they are very popular air conditioned havens in the hotter months summer.

    I have written more about the malls we visited in my 'Shopping' tips.

    Wafi City Deira City Centre Mall of Emirates Mall of Emirates - Ski Dubai Wafi City
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  • Siddha3th's Profile Photo


    by Siddha3th Updated Apr 30, 2006

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    As much as I'd love to give this one a miss, in Dubai, there's just no getting around it. Sooner or later, you're gonna' have to deal with that dirty 4-letter word - MALL! Recent statistics have shown that there are more shopping malls than people in Dubai.. no, honest!

    Burjuman slightly different than the rest, though. It's beautifully designed, and has quite an artistic feel to it. Mercato in Jumeirah is another one different from the rest of the pack - architecturally, it's a recreation of an old Italian villa - wrought-iron balconies and all. So if Zara, Armani & Chanel are what you're craving, Dubai's got just the thing, baby.

    Burjuman Mall Dubai doing what it does best - shopping Shamelessly brand-obsessed - Dubai's mall culture
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  • IreneMcKay's Profile Photo

    Shopping Malls - Dubai

    by IreneMcKay Updated Jun 23, 2012

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Generally I hate shopping, but visiting shopping malls in Dubai has several big advantages. One, many of them are easily accessible by metro. Two, they are air-conditioned. Three, they have lots of restaurants and cafes. Four, many of them are really extravagantly decorated and they are worth just wandering around to look at the decor. Five, there are several entertainment options available in the malls.

    We visited three malls during our stay.

    Ibn Battuta Mall - to get there take metro to Ibn Battuta station. Exit and walk towards the exotic looking buildings on the other side of the road. If you are staying in Jumeriah, get there using the 8A bus in the direction of Ibn Battuta. The bus station is between the mall and the metro.

    This shopping mall is named after Ibn Battuta who was an explorer - there is an exhibit about him in the centre of the mall. The mall is divided into six areas. Each area represents a place Ibn Battuta travelled to. There is an Egyptian area shaped like an Ancient Egyptian temple and covered with wall paintings and hieroglyphics.

    There's a Persian area with a huge central dome covered in beautiful blue patterened tiles.

    There's an Indian area with a huge elephant clock. There is a Chinese section with a Chinese junk.

    There's a Tunisian section with a replica Tunisian town.

    Finally, there's an Andalucian section with an ornate fountain.
    Stores inside the mall include Woolworths, BHS, Boots and lots, lots more. There's an enormous supermarket called Geant. There is a food court and restaurants. We had a very tasty meal in Restaurant al Arab - a Lebanese restaurant in the Persian area.

    Dubai Mall - get the metro to Dubai Mall Station and take the feeder bus from directly outside. It's very frequent. Dubai Mall is beautifully decorated - especially in its gold souk area. It is located near the Burj Kalife - the tallest building in the world. There are good places to photo this just outside the mall. The Dubai Mall has an ice-skating rink, a huge aquarium and a fashion area complete with a cat walk and fashion shows at certain times of the day. There is a stunning mall designed to look like an old Arabian souk just next to the Dubai Mall. Lots of restaurants and cafes, big Waitroses supermarket.

    Mall of the Emirates - get there by travelling to Mall of the Emirates Station. Walk from the metro via an enclosed air-conditioned walkway. Inside Mall of the Emirates there is a huge Carrfour, Ski Dubai -with ski slope, real snow and lots of snow covered play areas for children. There is also a cinema and bowling rink and a food court in this mall.

    Carpet shop in shopping mall next to Dubai Mall Egyptian area Ibn Battuta Mall Gold Souk in Dubai Mall My husband in Tunisian area Ibn Battuta Mall
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  • Shopping Malls in Dubai

    by kashaziz Written Jun 22, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Try these Shopping Malls:

    Burjuman Center (Bur Dubai)
    Deira City Center (Deira)
    Al-Ghurair Center (Deira)
    Lamcy Plaza (Bur Dubai)
    Wafi City (Deira)
    Ibn-e-Batuta Mall (Shiekh Zayed Road)
    Mall of The Emirates (Shiekh Zayed Road)
    Dragon Mart (Shiekh Zayed Road)

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  • 37SingleMaleInDubai1's Profile Photo

    List of Shopping Centers in Dubai and details,

    by 37SingleMaleInDubai1 Written Feb 21, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Following is a list of the main shopping centres in Dubai. Please note that most shopping centres have different opening times on a Friday.

    Abraj Center
    Tel +971 4 221 1479
    Taxi Directions Deira Souk , Dubai Creek Rd
    Open 9.30am?2pm & 4.30?11pm. Fridays 10 am?12pm & 4.30pm?12pm

    Abu Hail Shopping Centre
    Tel +971 4 266 9600
    Taxi Directions Abu Hail Rd, next to Ramada Continental Hotel
    Open 9am?1 pm & 4.00 pm?10pm. Fridays 4pm?10pm

    Al Bustan Centre
    Tel +971 4 263 0000
    Taxi Directions Al Nahda Rd, 5 minutes away from the airport
    Open 10am?11pm. Fridays 2pm?12pm

    Al Dhiyafah Centre
    Tel +971 4 345 4955
    Taxi Directions Al Dhiyafa Rd, opp Plaza Hotel
    Open 9am?1pm & 4pm?11pm. Fridays 4pm?11 pm

    Al Futtaim Centre
    Tel +971 4 222 2000
    Taxi Directions Salahaddin Rd, near Fish Roundabout
    Open 10am?10.30 pm

    Al Ghurair City
    Tel +971 4 222 5222
    Taxi Directions Riqqa Road
    Open 10am?10 pm. Fridays 2pm?10pm

    Al Hana Centre
    Tel +971 4 398 1777
    Taxi Directions Next to Dubai Plaza Hotel
    Open 10am?1pm & 5pm?10pm. Fridays 5pm?10 pm

    Al Khaleej Centre
    Tel +971 4 355 5550
    Taxi Directions Opposite Ramada Hotel
    Open 10am?1.30 pm & 5pm?10pm. Fridays 5pm?11pm

    Al Mamzar Shopping Center
    Tel +971 4 297 6666
    Taxi Directions Al Itihaad Rd. opp Dubai General Police HQ
    Open 10am?10pm. Fridays 4pm?10pm

    Al Manal Centre
    Tel +971 4 227 7701
    Taxi Directions Baniyas Square & Al Maktoum St, opp. Naif Souk
    Open 9.30am?1.30pm & 4.30pm?11.30pm. Fridays 4.30pm?11.30pm

    Al Maydan Shopping Centre
    Tel +971 4 295 5000
    Taxi Directions Nasser Square, next to Emirates International Hospital
    Open 9am?1pm & 4pm?12pm. Fridays 4pm?12pm

    Al Mulla Plaza
    Tel +971 4 298 8999
    Taxi Directions Dubai-Sharjah Rd, opp. Dubai Police HQ
    Open 10am?1pm & 5pm?10.30pm. Fridays 5pm?10.30pm

    Bin Sougat Shopping Centre
    Tel +971 4 286 3000
    Taxi Directions Dubai Aiport Rd
    Open 10am?10pm. Fridays 5pm?10pm

    BurJuman Centre
    Tel +971 4 352 0222
    Taxi Directions Trade Centre Road

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  • babar_1's Profile Photo

    Shopping Malls

    by babar_1 Updated Apr 4, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There are huge shopping malls in Dubai. You can buy any thing at reasonable price. The most famous is "Deira City Center Shopping Mall".

    Deira City Centre has over 240 shops. Alongside the Centre's extensive array of shops, there is a wide choice of unique leisure and entertainment facilities, designed to enhance your enjoyment each time you visit Deira City Centre.

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  • chizz's Profile Photo


    by chizz Updated Apr 14, 2010

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Best malls to visit are Dubai Mall (see the fountain show there after 6pm daily), Festival City Mall (where you can take an abra or water taxi for a short ride), Mall of the Emirates and Ibn Battuta Mall - Wafi is nice for its glass roof and to visit Wafi Gourmet for food items.

    China Court - Ibn Battuta Mall Arabia Court - Ibn Battuta Mall Wafi City - glass roof

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  • Electronics Market in Bur Dubai

    by najamrulz Updated Apr 10, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Dubai is ideal place for electronics shopping. There is great variety of electronic items available. You name it and you have it...

    Electronics market in Bur Dubai is the right place for your electronics shopping needs. It is located on Khalid Bin Al Waleed Road , opposite Sea Shell Inn Hotel.

    Electronics items are also available in Dubai Duty Free Shop at airport but those are on fixed price basis. Also prices are a bit high over there.

    You would have to bargain a lot to get the best deal in electronics market of Bur Dubai. So keep yourself prepared for that. Happy Shopping!!!

    View of electronics market from my hotel room
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  • BorneoGrrl's Profile Photo

    Shop, shop, shop!!

    by BorneoGrrl Updated May 22, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    What's to do in Dubai but shop? Well, you can go for a desert safari or stay at a fancy hotel but Dubai's highlight for me is the shopping. You can find just about anything you want from budget electronics to designer goods. Go to Deira City Centre for moderate priced goods e.g Carrefour and if you have more cash to spend, look for expensive designer stuff (Fendi, Ferragamo, etc) at Bur Jurman Shopping Mall

    Bur Jurman Shopping Mall
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  • manja13's Profile Photo

    Shopping Galore

    by manja13 Updated Apr 3, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Deira used to be the city of Dubai, from what I heard. The area is on the other side of the Dubai Creek, other side of Bur Dubai. Accessible by public transport : cab, bus, water taxi. A nice experience is to ride the water taxi across which cost about $1 dirham. (S$0.30) Just a short trip but worth the experience especially when you ride it just when the sun is about to set.

    The Gold Souq, Spice Souq, Electronic Souq are the main attractions. Bear in mind, these are popular TOURIST attraction. Remember to Bargain! Bargain! Bargain!

    I wanted to buy some spices for my mom. Thinking that most spice come from India. India near to Dubai...u know price should be cheaper...blah blah blah. But i was Shocked when the shopkeeper opened his price. Even after much bargaining, I felt it was cheaper to get them from the supermarket. You know, prepacked ones...

    You can find very reasonably priced Italian designed leather shoe for men. Perfume sans alcohol. Scent range from Cool Water to Tresor to the common Bukhoor – worth buying. Abaya - the Arab women's daily clothing is available everywhere in BLACK. The price range varies from $50 dir to $500 dir. The only difference is probably the Swarovski crystal design or the cheaper crystal.

    Somehow handphones are alot cheaper here than SG. I dunno why.

    If you love shisha, you can find plenty here. But the prices are a little bit steep. You have to bargain. Or you can try Al Satwa shopping area. Al Satwa is accessible by bus or cab. Near Jumeirah.

    Deira: This area is huge. Might take you one whole day. even that is not enough to scan all the shops. But most shops on the same street sell the same stuffs. So try not to waste too much time at one shop.

    Bur Dubai. Sheikh Zayed Road.
    Modern shopping centres. Skyscrapers. No bargaining at the shopping centres here. wink*wink* They have Mango, Zara, Bvlgari to name a few. These places don't interest me as much. Plenty in Singapore... but worth a visit

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  • peaceness98's Profile Photo

    The Shopping Capital of the Middle East

    by peaceness98 Written Sep 24, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I would challenge anyone who can resist the shopping hypnosis that is Dubai

    So here's my attempt at categorizing the Malls:

    1. Luxury:
    a- Emirates towers (Villa moda, diamonds and jewellery etc)
    b. Merkato (built to look like italy)
    c. Wafi Village (fashion, jewellery,spa)
    d. Burjuman (fashion, electronics, home stuff)
    e. Sheik Zayed Road

    2. Mid-range:
    a. Al Ghurair (food, fashion, electronics, homestuff)
    b. City Center (Virgin, fashion,electronics, kids magic planet, food)
    c. Lamcy Plaza (fashion mostly)
    d. Hamarain (attached to the marriot hotel,otherwise skip it)

    3. Budget:
    a. Soug al Sanadig (Huge open market, plenty of traditional stuff on sale)
    b. Manal Center (next to soug al sanadig)
    c. Bur Dubai (open market, near the creekside)

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  • Restless-in-kl's Profile Photo

    Shop till you drop!

    by Restless-in-kl Written Aug 6, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Dubai is every woman's dream :) Everywhere you look, there is a spectacular mall for you to explore.

    Check out :
    - Deira city centre
    - Gold souk (bedazzled with the selection)
    - Wafi shopping centre (pyramid shopping!)

    Wafi's pyramid
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  • johnkebab's Profile Photo


    by johnkebab Written Jun 13, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Would you say you have a will of iron? Do gadgets not interest you? Are shoes and clothing not your thing? Don't like malls?
    Then Dubai may well not be the place for you. The shopping here is truly something that most women can only dream about (yes, I'm being sexist). The Malls are enormous, the Mall of the Emirates incorporating the worlds only internal ski slope-that has real snow - oh yes, you can look in on the snow capped hill from behind double glazed windows whilst slurping on a fruit shake listening to your newly bought ipod and wearing your newly bought outfit, you could quite happily spend most of a day in these places, you might not want to, but trying to find the entrance you came in and then finding your car in the parking lot may well force you to.

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  • EmilianoCV's Profile Photo

    Go Shopping!

    by EmilianoCV Updated Apr 16, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Yes, it is true. Dubai has enormous and excellent shopping malls with the most reputed worldwide re known brands and also little sohos with handcraft local art.

    Go shopping as a tourist attraction, it is worth going.

    You can visit the imponent Mall of the Emirates or Dubai Festival City, or Mercato shopping, or...

    Mall of the Emirates
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  • RinaNeo's Profile Photo

    Shopping for things that glitters

    by RinaNeo Updated Dec 28, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Ladies, presenting to you your favorite gift...well at least they are my favs :) Diamonds, Gold, White Gold in different shapes and sizes and coming from all over the world......

    Find all this in Dubai's famous Gold Market - Souk

    One of the many shops... Window display.... Getting more extreme.... Can you imagine hanging those stuff on your neck?
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