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  • our friend
    our friend
    by machomikemd
  • free dinner, were such free loaders hehehe
    free dinner, were such free loaders...
    by machomikemd
  • public pay parking
    public pay parking
    by machomikemd
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    Getting around the crazy Dubai traffic...

    by JessH Updated Apr 4, 2011

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Sanddunes on Emirates Road (April 2008)
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    Traffic in Dubai has increased to nearly unbearable levels... and the faulty street planning & crazy drivers only add to the problem, on top of bottlenecks due to major construction. The UAE has the highest road death rate per capita in the world, with an average of 1 accident every 4 minutes & 1 death every day.

    There are 3 ways of getting around:
    1. Taxis.
    2. Bus.
    3. Rent-a-car.

    I recomment options 1 or 3:
    The bus system in Dubai is (because of heavy traffic) very irregular and is used by (without wanting to offend anyone) mainly 'low-income workers'. Men taking the bus are alright (if you can fight for a seat!) but women may feel uncomfortable being mentally undressed by 50 pairs of eyes...!

    If you feel confident enough (or feel brave enough!) to drive yourself in Dubai, the Bur Dubai-side is well laid-out with plenty of road signs, Deira-side is a bit more confusing.

    Either way, taxis are relatively cheap. There are many different taxi-companies, but they all have a taxi-sign on the roof, and are mostly cream or white in colour.

    TOURIST TIP: Try to MEMORISE the general area & direction of your hotel, as some taxi drivers will try and take you 'the long way around' as soon as they realise you are a tourist...

    Also, try to organise the timing for your plans according to traffic & rush hours - e.g. I wouldn't advise trying to go from Deira side to Jebel Ali Beach at 9am, when rush-hour from Sharjah hits Dubai. Equally bad would be trying to get to Deira City Centre (or even the airport) across Garhoud Bridge around 6pm. It will take you hours!

    DUBAI IS NOT A PEDESTRIAN FRIENDLY CITY. Many roads do not have sidewalks & there aren't sufficient road crossings.
    Also: DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES try to cycle around Dubai... you can cycle within the city's parks, but there are no cycle paths around the city & trying to cycle on the main roads is suicide!
    Sand storms & flooding in winter can also cause chaos (see photos!)

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    Clockwork Orange: Pay for your parking.

    by JessH Updated Apr 4, 2011

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    From newspaper: Parking machines, Dubai
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    Dubai is expensive, and nothing comes for free (apart from drinks on Ladies Night!) so it's understandable that more & more parts of the city are subject to paid parking.

    You are charged per hour, and prices vary from area to area. In general though, you have to feed the machine either Dhs 1.- or 2.- (Dirhams) for one hour and Dhs 5.- for two hours.

    There are still a lot of free "plots" of sand throughout the city & many people use these future construction sites for free parking, but now the police is also cracking down on this practice and slapping hefty fines of up to Dhs 500.- on offenders.

    Paid Parking Hours are:
    Saturdays to Thursdays, from 08:00AM - 01:00pm & 04:00pm - 09:00pm.
    Parking is free in those 3 hours in the afternoon,
    as well as on Fridays (local weekend) & public holidays.
    1 USD = 3.67 AED (United Arab Emirates Dirhams)

    Road, Roads everywhere, but not a space to park... Dubai's traffic & parking problems are reaching breaking point, and the city is now considering some drastic changes: The study would look at the prospect of reducing the maximum parking time from 2 hours to 1 hour at some of the busiest shopping areas such as the Gold Souk, Deira Fish Market, Karama & Baniyas Square in order to help avoid double-parking in these areas and offer available parking space to the maximum number of people.
    A lot of the shopping malls & hotels used to offer free underground parking to visitors but are now also introducing paid parking metres, much to the disgruntlement of residents.

    So if you rent a car and travel around town, watch out for the big ORANGE SIGNS & orange machines that indicate paid parking lots.

    --> UPDATE 2008: TIP: Most hotels & even shopping malls now offer free valet parking. Just have your ticket stamped at one of the restaurants or shops, and take advantage of this convenient service (this is great especially in summertime!)

    --> UPDATE Aug. 2009: Some malls will soon start charging visitors for their parking in order to try and deter park-and-ride Metro users who may use the malls' parking facilities as Mall of the Emirates and Deira City Centre Metro Stations are close by.

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  • Rent-a-car

    by najamrulz Updated Apr 14, 2004

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    Getting a car on rent is no problem in Dubai.Many of world's leading car rental companies such as Hertz, Avis and Budget etc. have their presence in Dubai. But thier rentals are expensive for sure. So there are other companies which are not very well known but they have reasonable rental tariffs.

    Chauffeur drive cars in Dubai are expensive. But you can get a car for self drive at reasonable rental. Rental tariffs vary from company to company. I visited different rent-a-car companies in Dubai and found that the rental tariff offered by Acquire rent-a-car is very reasonable.

    They just charge AED 110 ( US $ 28) for latest model Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic and many others with free mileage and insurance. They have different sizes of cars available in various categories at very reasonable rates. Staff at my hotel also suggested me to hire services of Acquire but I perefed to use buses because of my tight budget.

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  • 37SingleMaleInDubai1's Profile Photo

    Driving a rented car in Dubai :-)

    by 37SingleMaleInDubai1 Written Mar 12, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

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    Well Guys to make it easy for you, I leave you the name and contact detail of some car rental companies in Dubai. All you have to do is to call them and find out about the deals that they offer:

    Rent-A-Car companies in Dubai

    Name PO Box
    (Dubai) Tel
    (+ 9714) Fax
    (+ 9714)
    Abdulla Al Zaabi Rent A Car 4894 2719461 2719904
    Access Rent A Car 50378 2289922 2288440

    American Rent A Car 7974 344888 3367765

    Avis Rent-A-Car 6891 2957121 2956807
    Aviation Rent-A-Car 56130 2672212 2673393
    Awan Car Rentals 4816 2235588 2225123

    Budget Rent-A-Car 8323 2823030 2823574

    Delta Rent A Car 4499 2660696 2694731

    East Cost Rent A Car 24632 3964666 3965520

    Eurodollar Rent A Car 10990 2666923 2695525
    Europcar - Dubai Rent A Car 2533 3394433 3394403
    Express Rent A Car 50004 3711002 3722439
    Fast Rent A Car 32011 3328988 3328742

    Formula Rent A Car 14834 2289090 2289928

    Hertz Rent A Car 7976 2824422 2824844
    Honest Hand Rent A Car 55836 2717199
    Ibis Rent A Car 20120 2270864 2232167

    Inter Emirates Rent A Car 21629 2729002 2729146
    Inter Rent A Car 10990 2662233 2695525

    Jumeira Rent A Car 2538 3373000 3365371
    Kamali Rent A Car 55275 2625452 2696088

    Limousine Rent A Car 1901 2664040 2626640
    London Rent A Car 55253 2715696 2715544

    Metro Rent A Car 220 2222979 2271605

    New Car Rent A Car 280 3331649 3339294
    Oscar Rent A Car 32050 2685005 2727060

    Ramsis Rent A Car (LLC) 4596 2952336 2954233
    Real Rent A Car 7541 2666344 2666367

    Turbo Rent A Car 7877 2210333 2235290

    United Car Rentals 8138 2666286 2692001

    Widyan Rent A Car 26336 2716676 2716768

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  • MM212's Profile Photo


    by MM212 Updated Mar 14, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Endless Traffic

    The best and perhaps the only way to get around Dubai is by car (taxi or rental). Unfortunately, Dubai's greatest problem is the heavy traffic. The city relies almost entirely on a single wide motorway (six lanes each way) that connects one end with the other. The traffic generally heads west in the morning and back east in the evening and would last from 4pm until 9pm (or later at times). Make sure you allow plenty of travel time.

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  • Airpunk's Profile Photo

    Traffic in Dubai

    by Airpunk Updated Dec 7, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Finally, it is flowing again...

    Most countries have something rather usual on top of their death cause list. Mostly these are heart and blood circulation diseases, cancer is also always among the main causes and in some countries the HI virus has claimed the most deaths. In Dubai, the main cause of death is a traffic accident. Perhaps you’ll find out why, if you want to cross one of the big roads like Sheikh Zayed road and can’t find a traffic light (on which I wouldn’t encessarily rely on…). People speed around and do not always respect traffic rules. But this is only one side of Dubai’s trafficproblem. On the other side, the city’s streets are not growing with the same speed as Dubai’s population and their cars. So, during rush hours (early from 8:00 am on and in the afternoon from 4:00 pm), it is likely to see the mother of all traffic jams. Try to avoid these hours and check if your point of destination is within walking distance. Everything is better than to sit almost two hours trapped in a bus (or a car).

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  • uglyscot's Profile Photo

    getting more and more congested

    by uglyscot Updated Sep 8, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    a highway
    4 more images

    The best way to travel in Dubai is by road, whether bus, car or taxi. I have never used the first, and only rarely the last but had no problem. Usually my daughter or her husband drives me.
    For those with a car 50 dhs will give you half a tank of fuel or more depending on the type of vehicle.
    The roads are getting more congested, and a new toll system was introduced on 1 July 2007.Buy a card at a petrol station and whenever you pass a toll sign , your card will automatically have the toll deducted. However, many drivers prefered to use the non-Salik roads which meant roads became even more congested than before.
    Driving in Dubai is a nightmare as everyone drives very fast. My daughter said that if you drive at a moderate speed when taking your test, you will be failed. Heavy vehicles are not allowed in the fast lane, but other drivers weave in and out, and frequently fail to signal; so, driving is hazardous.

    New roads and flyovers are frequently appearing , which can add to the confusion.And, summer 2007, road works sprung up almost overnight, adding miles to a trip.

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  • 37SingleMaleInDubai1's Profile Photo

    Driving and Safety on the road :-)

    by 37SingleMaleInDubai1 Updated Sep 26, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    4 more images

    Safety on the road
    Motor vehicle statistics in various parts of the world has indicated what the traffic accidents cause in term of public or privates losses or human causalities. In the UAE, the statistics shows that traffic accidents are considered among the leading fatality causes among the youths.
    Causes of the traffic accidents
    The statistics of Dubai Police indicated that the most important reasons of traffic accidents in 2000 are the following:
    Excessive speed.
    Passing red lights.
    Poor anticipation by the motorists.

    Knowing what should be done during accidents and emergencies helps a lot in avoiding chaos and fear. Knowing the first aid, no doubt, is of utmost importance as it could be the difference between life and death, the difference between temporary and permanent disability, the difference between fast and prolonged treatment.

    There are a number of instructions, which should be followed in case of any traffic accident.

    Make phone calls and describe the problem and seek help by requesting ambulance or fire fighting, (in Dubai/U.A.E. the number to be called is 999 .
    Get the spectators away from the accident scene.
    Put warning signs on the road.
    Direct the traffic.
    Give information about the location of the accident, number of injured people and your phone number.
    Do not attempt to move the injured.
    If you have any knowledge about first aid, try to help the injured if necessary.
    Emergency tools inside the car

    Additional inflated tire.
    Lift jack to lift the car when changing tires.
    Wooden piece to stabilize the lift jack.
    Basic tool box.
    Light torch.
    First aid kit.
    Additional fan belt and water hoses.
    Electrical wires for recharging the battery.
    Maps for the roads.
    Enough amount of water.

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  • MyDesire's Profile Photo

    Private Car around the city

    by MyDesire Updated Nov 13, 2010

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Though i was going around Dubai by a private car,it was very easier to go around and visit many places within the metropolis and neighbouring cities like Deira traffic nor waste of time in roundabouts.

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  • Doug767's Profile Photo

    Traffic jams!

    by Doug767 Written Apr 25, 2007

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The traffic is horrendous in Dubai at rush hour, bumper to bumper, there is no escape (except by motor-bike) or any short cut routes to take... the road system has not grown and can't cope with the rapid growth. It can take a couple of hours to go from one side of the City to the other.... eeek!

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  • machomikemd's Profile Photo

    Airport Private Van

    by machomikemd Written Jul 16, 2013

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    at our airport van service
    4 more images

    everyone knows that I hardly use public transport or taxis to and from any airport that is in my destination and here in dubai is no different as me and my friend pre arranged an airport pick up and drop off service as we were arriving at Dubai at 11:50 pm close to midnight local time. there are many tour and travel companies that offer airport pickup and drop off services to tourists and one of them is on the website below:

    these airport drop off and pick up services can use a regular big car, a big SUV like a chevy suburban or ford expedition or a regular passenger van and even a limouse if you wish. prices start at 400 AED for 2 persons for a round trip airport to hotel transfer if you are within a 30 minute drive from the Dubai International Airport.

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  • 37SingleMaleInDubai1's Profile Photo

    Rent-A-Car companies in Dubai

    by 37SingleMaleInDubai1 Written Oct 5, 2007

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness
    3 more images

    Well Guys to make it easy for you, I leave you the name and contact detail of some car rental companies in Dubai. All you have to do is to call them and find out about the deals that they offer:
    United Car Rentals

    P.O.BOX 8138, Dubai.

    Gargash Car Rental

    P.O.BOX 131834, Dubai.
    Tel: 04 2623111

    Gold Star Rent A Car LLC

    P.O.BOX 120332, Dubai.
    Tel: 04 3372371

    Gold Star Rent A Car LLC

    P.O.BOX 120332, Dubai.
    Tel: 04 3372371

    Fleet Luxury Car Rental Company LLC

    Next to Mary Land Furniture, Sheikh Zayed Road, Between 3rd & 4th Interchange, Dubai
    P.O.BOX 186008, Dubai.
    Tel: 04 3380074

    Royal Drive Rent A Car (LLC)

    Warehouse No # 4, Near Madina Printing Press, Industrial Area 4, Dubai
    Landmark Behind Galadari Driving School Ghusais.
    P.O.BOX 13207, Dubai.
    Tel: 04 2581313

    Avenue Rent A Car LLC

    P.O.BOX 30994, Dubai.
    Tel: 04 3386555

    Alice Rent A Car

    Damascus Road, Al Gusais No 4, Dubai
    Landmark Behind Galadari Driving School.
    P.O.BOX 16469, Dubai.
    Tel: 04 2277886

    Seven Skys Passenger Transport & Car Rental

    P.O.BOX 48328, Dubai.
    Tel: 04 2676590

    Fast Rent A Car

    P.O.BOX 32011, Dubai.
    Tel: 04 3387171

    Millennium Rent A Car & Passenger Transport LLC

    P.O.BOX 80755, Dubai.
    Tel: 04 2731117

    Sapphire Luxury Car Rental

    P.O.BOX 81530, Dubai.
    Tel: 04 2949007

    Silver Car Bus Rental LLC

    P.O.BOX 49141, Dubai.
    Tel: 04 3971771

    Aaliya Rent A Car LLC

    P.O.BOX 116498, Dubai.
    Tel: 04 3344621

    Ace Car Rental

    P.O.BOX 27948, Dubai.
    Tel: 04 3516525

    Al Ghaya Rent A Car

    P.O.BOX 35322, Sharjah.
    Tel: 06 5749696

    Al Moutanawee Rent A Car

    P.O.BOX 122118, Dubai.
    Tel: 04 3973030

    Al Nasr Rent A Car

    P.O.BOX 2999, Dubai.
    Tel: 04 3964400

    Al Sayyad Rent A Car - General Transportation

    P.O.BOX 80631, Dubai.
    Tel: 04 2623234

    Arab Star Car & Bus Rental LLC

    P.O.BOX 117003, Dubai.
    Tel: 04 3977899

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    by damo2011 Written Jul 26, 2011

    Firstly Dubai is a great place in which i have lived in for three years. However, during the end of my stay i hired a car from DISCOUNT RENT A CAR and can honestly say it was the worst service i have ever experienced anywhere in the world. The cars were shocking, old, high milage, unreliable with bald tyres. Within a four week period i had to return the hire car five times. Each time i received a new car which was just as bad as the previous. To make matters worse, i have now been waiting for four months for discount rent a car to return my deposit. They are ignoring my emails and making false promises over the phone. I wonder if this is a usual trick they play!?

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  • airasia's Profile Photo

    Experincing 7 lane road

    by airasia Updated Mar 11, 2009
    my ride : ))

    If you have an international license and a little guts, take on the road via a rented car. Thats if you are planning to stay like a month or so. A month car rental cost about AED 1900. I find it cheaper than taking the cap (comparing a month cost). Furthermore, fuel is quite cheap too.

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  • LuluGirl's Profile Photo

    Car Rentals

    by LuluGirl Updated Jun 1, 2010

    Rental cars are currently being outshined by the efficient taxi service and now the metro of Dubai. But for anyone planning to go this route, as of May 2010, the traffic in Dubai is not as bad as it used to be depicted here in VT back in '08.

    My husband and I rented cars for our two consecutive weekends in Dubai and we're glad that we did, we were able to explore much of the city and get around comfortably lugging our tripods and my big bags around the city. I especially recommend this if you are travelling with kids, since this will be less stress for everybody.

    A car rental rate for the chepest economy car (A toyota yaris) is about 177 AED at the airport, but you have to pay airport fees (25 AED) each time you decide to pick up or drop off the car from there. It would be much better to have car rentals arranged by your hotel, it can go as cheap as 130 AED. Just make sure you return it with as much petrol as you've taken it (petrol by the way is cheap too), or else the rental company will dictate the price.

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