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  • The Apartment: The Apartment

    by galatea234 Written Jan 5, 2010

    worst than i could ever imagine it to be. the ceiling was too low which would have made me claustrophobic if there were just people in there when we went. hehehe. it was a thursday night, a new year and the place was close to empty. some few people dancing (if you call wildly throwing your arms all over the place nevermind if you’ll hit a person behind you dancing, then they are dancing at their very best) and much more less people at the bar drinking. i kept on thinking about that Thailand bar which burned down during the NY eve and people dying when i was at the apartment, since the place was too small and i could only see one door to go to and fro. i was thinking how am going to run with my 3-in shoes if ever it burned down. enough with the horrid thoughts, it was the worst vodka sprite i’ve ever tasted (not sure why it tasted like a fruit seed when you accidentally chewed on them) and well, the crowd didn’t really pleased our eyes – so to speak.

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  • 360: 360

    by galatea234 Updated Jan 5, 2010

    the overly hyped bar at the posh Jumeira Beach Hotel. it was strategically located far off the hotel (you can take a golf cart or opt to walk to enjoy the view going there) with the view of burj al arab and jumeira beach hotel from afar. it’s an al fresco bar/club where the price of drinks were horrendously expensive. you can also order shisha (my new love) and sit on their moist settee all around the place where you get to view the sea or the famous hotels depending on which side of the 360 degree you’re at. so while you inhale the tobacco of the shisha your eyes are on a feast for this breathtaking views. the place is best for couples, holding hands while congesting their lungs with shisha smoke, staring at the starless sky above them and looking at a hotel which they can never afford to be in – this place is a definite visit for mushy couples. just not for us – they play house music on a thursday. :p

    Dress Code: dress to impress

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  • QD's: QD's

    by galatea234 Updated Jan 5, 2010

    The ambience was nice, very conducive for a laidback night to catch up with friends, shisha was good and well it was different from what we normally do. It is so good to have peace and quiet from time to time and just talk to your friends and when I say talk, i meant a modulated voice not screaming at each other’s ears with a loud music blasting as a background like what we normally have when we go clubbing.

    Dress Code: come as you are, but not on slippers.

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  • The Hive: The Hive.

    by galatea234 Written Jan 5, 2010

    It was my first time in this funky bar in souk al bahar, i was impressed by the number of people who were there that thursday night. I never knew that the place is getting this crowd nowadays and is by par following (and possibly surpass) the footsteps of Madinat Jumeira which is flanked as well with bars and clubs to attract people.

    First impression – loud music. We could hear the music 20ft away from its entrance. Haha!

    We headed to the outdoor patio to meet other friends and was greeted by the majestic The Address hotel standing tall in all its glory in front of us. You literally have the full view of this overpriced hotel at the outdoor patio. It still looked like a lego to me. :p

    While the drinks were not cheap the service we’ve received was excellent but that was before 1230am when people milling around suddenly doubled up and the Thai waitress probably forgot that we ordered another round of mojito and mexican beer.

    A glass of mojito costs AED55 and it was not really good. Haha! I could not taste even a hint of rhum in it. Mojito is my favourite drink and by far nothing beats the ones in Barasti. Beer was priced AED35 and that was the Mexican beer called Dos Equis. Not sure how it was, but the boyfriend the drunkard seemed to like it.

    The only downside of this bar was that the music was too loud even at the outdoor patio. I will not find it hard to believe if you tell me that you had a sore throat the next day after a nightout at the Hive, because all throughout the night we were literally screaming at each others ears. Several times, I will just nod in recognition though I have no idea what the other person is talking about out of frustration since I really can’t seem to hear the words that are coming out of their mouths. Hahaha.

    The Hive verdict:

    will i ever go back? only when i have the right company to keep me for the night. other than that, you will have to tell me that david beckham will be going there to make my feet walk towards that direction.

    Dress Code: dress to impress

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  • Calabar: Calabar

    by galatea234 Written Jan 5, 2010

    the place had a nice al fresco dining area with the magnificent view of the Burj Dubai and it was indeed breathtaking. it was “swanky” – high tables, high chairs, cozy sofas (both indoor and outdoor), a well-equipped bar in the middle of it all and a latin/house music to match the mood were made of pure win. you’d think that it will cost you a fortune for a glass of mojito but it was priced AED50 only (i’d say “only” because the ambience of this whole club is so good that i wouldn’t mind paying AED50 for a mojito here compared to paying AED55 at the hive bar which is only 5 dirhams more). beers were priced AED36 per glass. it’s just too bad that we could not find an empty table at the outdoor patio so we ended up at one of those cozy sofas inside the club just beside the door. the place was filled with young and hip and ultra gorgeous people. i think it’s going to be one of those great-for-hook-ups bar here in dubai. the service was also not that bad. although the waiter from the outdoor bar seem to forgot that we had a change of 100dirhams from the mojitos we ordered. :p

    the calabar verdict: i would definitely go back there but i would have to get myself a table at the outdoor patio next time to admire burj dubai in all its glory and splendor.

    Dress Code: dress to impress i guess as everybody were oh so pretty that night. :)

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  • DTCatOWT's Profile Photo

    The New Year Desert Party: in Dubai with Exotic Belly Dancers

    by DTCatOWT Updated Dec 22, 2009

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The New Year Desert Party is designed especially to experience the true sounds and flavour of the desert under the canopy of stars. There will be DJ’s playing international music you can dance to along with the stunning performance of exotic belly dancers.

    The New Year Desert Party in Dubai with Exotic Bel Belly Dancers
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  • Dubai Marina Beach Resort, the One and only Mirage: Sho Cho - boudoir - kazbar - skybar - buddha bar

    by rogpl Updated Apr 15, 2009

    Dubai marina

    The best experience was at sho cho:

    start off with a dinner there of unique sushi - sashimi type dishes, then move on to the creative cocktails, you have the option of eating/drinking inside or outside with a loungy type vibe. Only tun off was they started playing pop 80s-90s music after 12, where before it was chill lounge music,, thats when its time to move onto:

    Boudoir - the place to dance, and also have cocktails, at points they do mix in the cheesy pop music, but the dance floor is alive

    Burj Hotel:

    Next day we tried to enter skybar, but no luck, as you need a reservation at least a day warned

    One and only mirage:

    After that the plan was for kazbar. We entered where there is a minimum entry fee of 80DHS, with a free drink... luckly we came early and saw that the cocktail menu of the free drink was not worth it, also being before 12 it was dead, so we decided not to stay and pay. It would be better if they forced people to pay when the club is full

    ??? House hotel:

    So the final destination is Buddha bar, and It was very satisfying, similar to sho cho, a bit more pricey (wagyu beef, but also more variety of drinks, where the bartenders are highly knowledgeable if something doesnt suit you. Yet it is a partial restaurant, they could make make more use of the space if it would open up to some dancing, as the sound system is very good, but in essence it is a very large lounge club.

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  • markpickup at lotus one

    by mhmd1 Written Nov 28, 2008

    Paul Hamilton and Markpickup in Lotus One next Friday

    November, 25, 2008 - Dubai, UAE
    Be ready to go clubbing at lotus one with DJ Paul Hamilton and Markpickup and let your body guide you on the dance floor with the most wanted 2 Dj’s in the region and especially in Dubai.
    The ceremony will take place next Friday at Dubai lotus one on November, 28, 2008 and will open its door at 11 pm.
    Both of the twisters are well known for their ability to read people taking them to a never ending energetic journey beyond any expectations as they’re playing Trance and Progressive House for over a decade.
    Two different types of music expected to be played at the big ceremony as Paul Hamilton usually likes to play Big Room Funky and Deep House Music. In the time that Markpickup likes to play funky house.
    Both of them has been dj’ing for over 10 years all over the world, one of the biggest ceremonies that mark has played at was the WMC in 2003 and 2004 and In the summer of 2005 Mark was booked to play at El Divino's in Ibiza harbour.
    At the same time Paul Hamilton also was doing great on his side, he succeeded in establishing himself as one of the best House Dj's in Dubai impressing the likes of many local and foreign promoters. Paul won also the Thirst Do in (the world’s biggest Dj 2006 competition) after winning the competition; Paul had many openings and worked alongside many artists such as Tiesto and Sander Kleinenberg.
    For more information please visit:


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  • colin_bramso's Profile Photo

    What's On Magazine: Find out what's happening

    by colin_bramso Updated Aug 24, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Dubai has plenty of nightlife, from restaurants to bars to English pubs to nightclubs. There are western-style discos, Indian dance clubs, modern theatres (Mall of the Emirates & Souk Madinat Jumeirah) plus shows by international stars.

    To find out what's happening you should buy What's On, a monthly magazine covering the United Arab Emirates and Oman. It lists all the nightspots, entertainment, shows. It's a good read, too.

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  • dj_kam's Profile Photo

    the trilogy: Clubing in Dubai

    by dj_kam Written Jul 21, 2007

    Dubai night life despite the hype is totally flawed. We ended up visiting almost all the major events during our stay here and i can say truly that i have had much better time, mixing in my living room in Tehran, Iran then in this so called city of the future.

    One of the examples was our visit to the Trilogy to hear Digweed, I think i have heard this man play for the past 10 years or so all over the US and have never paid more then 30$ entry fee for an all night event to a party but in Dubai they are asking for over $50 for a few hours , regardless of the cost they stopped us requiring that we provide the club with females (at least one). I was totally insulted by bouncer asking for $100 kick back to let us pas with out the chicks.

    In my drunken state we made a few contacts with few of the laddies hoping for friendly response but not here, i think a few of them even asked for cash, which was ever more insulting bing good looking and young as i am. Our efforts was cut short by the same bouncer persisting on his dues therefore i proceed to flipped this retard off wasting no time and never coming back to place like this.

    They can even pay me enough to play at place like this! If there is no Soul and no vibe then i don't see the reason to play the music.

    We noticed almost all the high marked clubs in Dubai, playing house or trance have the same unwritten rules. In my professional opinion, Dubai is more like huge whorehouse and very low class.

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  • maharaja_joe's Profile Photo

    Barasti: Live music

    by maharaja_joe Updated Mar 24, 2007

    This is a cool place to simply chill while enjoying excellent views of the Gulf coast. They had live music on the night I was there, and he was pretty good. Just a single guy playing an electronic guitar, but he had the whole crowd swaying to it.

    Most of the people were office-going crowd unwinding at the end of the day. The crowd is mostly Caucasian and some of them do shake a leg.

    All said and done, its a great place to grab a pint during a weekday and have a good conversation. The music is not too loud .. just right.

    Dress Code: Casual dress code.

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  • maharaja_joe's Profile Photo

    360 degrees: Party in the sea

    by maharaja_joe Updated Mar 24, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    360 degrees is a really cool bar, surrounded by water on all sides, with a view of Jumeirah Hotel on one side and Burj El Arab on the other. I went there with my cousin, Joel, and we had a blast. The place is circular in shape with the bar at the center, and an open air verandah all around the bar, jutting out into the sea. Some part of the verandah is used for dancing, while other parts have sofas and bean bags, where you can enjoy your drink and smoke a shisha.

    The view and the sea breeze are what make this place so awesome. The DJ plays some good electronic music and the crowd is definitely hot. Many of them looked like hookers, but I could be wrong. There is no cover charge, and the drinks cost approximately USD10 per drink.

    To get to this place, you have to reach Jumeirah Beach Hotel, which is a very popular land mark. Enter the lobby of the hotel and walk across to the other side, where a golf cart will take you to 360 degrees. You can also walk it out (its about 15 min walk) and enjoy the awesome view of the sea, Jumeirah Hotel and Burj El Arab. Once the bouncers let you in, you have to walk up three storeys to reach the bar. Soak in the ambiance ... its awesome !

    NOTE: This place is open air, so summer would not be a good time to go there. Also, expect parking to be a problem if you are driving out there. If there is a line, which usually occurs on weekends, the bouncers at the entrance give special preference to couples.

    Dress Code: Everyone in Dubai dresses sharply. Try not to wear cargo shorts, or sneakers. I dont think there is a dress code as such, but you will definitely stand out. This place attracts the Jeans, party shirt and leather shoes kinda crowd.

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  • TAGB's Profile Photo

    ZINC: "Feel The Chemistry"

    by TAGB Updated Jan 23, 2007

    Zinc "Feel The Chemistry"

    I like this Club.It's not that crowdy and it's had one of the best autmospheres i ever saw. it's located at Crown Plaza Hotel

    Note : They changed they renewed the interior of the Club on the end of 2006 "looks nice Too"

    The New Zinc ZINC

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  • 37SingleMaleInDubai1's Profile Photo

    General Information aboutnight life in Dubai :-): General Information about nightlife in Dubai :-)

    by 37SingleMaleInDubai1 Updated Jan 7, 2007

    Nightlife in Dubai
    The nightlife in Dubai is one exhilarating experience, something that you will least expect from any other places in the region. It offers both its residents and visitors alike a plethora of bars, clubs and restaurants where one can eat, drink, dance and listen to music to your heart's content. Expatriate living in Dubai clearly influences the way of living, entertainment and just about anything that goes with living in Dubai.

    Dubai comes alive at nighttime, although there are some days of the week when the party life seems to be dull. But this is not enough to dampen the party attitude, as the nightlife scene is too alive, and would always leave you looking forward to seeing more of Dubai.

    Important Reminders
    Yes, Dubai is considered to be one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the U.A.E. But it is still part of the U.A.E. and some minor restrictions are strictly followed. First, you must know that bars located in hotels are the only spots that can serve alcohol. All clubs must close every 3 a.m. that one must have reached the legal age of 21 to drink alcohol, and the age of 25 to be allowed entry in nightclubs. It is noteworthy to mention though that it is illegal to refuse entry to anyone.

    Some Famous Places To Go To
    Barasti Bar in Al-Sufouh Road.
    This is the best place to be when you are looking out for some laid-back and casual fun. The cozy feel that this seaside bar provides is enough to make you choose for simple and laid-back fun. You can choose to dress down with simple clothes, or just head out to the beach to chill out and listen to some music.

    Dress Code: Boudoir in Jumeirah Rd.
    This French period-inspired restaurant/cocktail bar, are simple enough to have a sensible conversation for those who just want to tone down the fun. This is a Moulin-rouge inspired motif, where foreign supermodels can stay simply fun when they're in the country.

    Carter's at Al-Qataiyat Rd.
    Stroll through the otherwise confusing myriad of shopping goods. Shopping for clothes are not enough top. A purely digitally produced show can be viewed here upon payment of this order.

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  • Sibo10's Profile Photo

    Trader Vick's: Coctails supreme

    by Sibo10 Written Aug 12, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The cocktails are out of this world. Just superb. The staff work at a speed that is breath-taking but always remain cheerful. The bar-snack menu is excellent. Happy-hour from 18:00 - 20:00. Cocktails half price. Lovely view from the panorama windows. Relaxing, cosy, friendly. One of my favourite bars on this planet.

    Dress Code: Casual but not scruffy.

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