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  • Desert Safari, Dubai U.A.E.
    Desert Safari, Dubai U.A.E.
    by TrendsetterME
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  • Burj Khalifa
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    Dubai or Dubai?

    by solopes Updated Dec 31, 2013

    I followed about 30 Km of coast but didn't go inland, so, I didn't know if I've been all the time in the city of Dubai, or, for some time and distance, somewhere in Dubai (emirate) out of the city.

    Being so, I decided to post all my notes in the city of Dubai.

    Wrong? How do I know? The Mall of Emirates with its snow resort, several kilometers far from the centre, is it inside or outside town?

    I apologize for the inconvenience, and invite you to follow the link.

    Mall of Emirates - Dubai
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    8 day itinerary..

    by Durfun Written Jan 2, 2012

    Hi, Your plan is great & 8 days is plenty to accomplish all that and more :-)

    Just be prepared for the heat that time of the year!

    The metro is good & takes you to a lot of sites & most shopping malls, except Wafi Mall, but the metro is being extended to cover that section, so it may be ready by April!

    A day's unlimited travel costs only 14AED so great value when you want to hop around a lot. Do note that although Burj Khalifa has a metro stopo, it's a good 15 minute deceptively long walk to reach the ticket counter to go up the tower or Mall! So get a taxi please!

    Mall of the Emirates has the metro right inside, as does Deira (north bank of the creek), Khaleed bin Al Waleed metro's Burjuman Mall, etc.

    You must visit the top of Burj Khalifa - the tallest tower in the world for great views over thew city & to realise that the city is really in the middle of a desert! Buy tickets online for the hugely discounted rate of 100 AED instead of the walk-in 400 AED!
    Ideally time the visit for the 1730 slot so you can see the fountains & light show start for 1830. Then you can sit on the steps in front of the fountains at ground level in the open too !

    I also suggest booking afternoon tea at Burj Al Arab to admire thwe architecture, city & shoreline views, and also good views of the Palm Jumeirah & World Islands. Again, book over the internet as you CANNOT walk in this place at all!

    There are many swanky bars & restaurants all over, depending on the setting, ambience, views, cuisine you are after.

    Taxis are very inexpensive, and for short trips to places not on the metro it works out very cost effective when you have several passengers!

    Do try the local buses as well - some bus stops are air-conditioned, and the route along Jumeirah Road is great to reach the beach for Jumeirah Beach Park & even the local free park right next to it. Note no photography is allowed at the Jumeirah Beach Park - so the free one can be a better choice. Only difference is the latter has no lifeguards. Also ensure you don't go on the 'Women only' day or Friday evening, when the beaches are packed later in the day. Early morning on Friday is fine though!

    A day trip to the capital (Abu D) is a good idea - I did this myself. Start early. You can catch the intercity coach at Al Ghubaiba Bus Station, frequency is every 40 minutes, fare is 20AED, duration 1.5 hours. At AD you can use local buses to reach the Grand Mosque, Marina, and Emirates Palace! I did this for my return leg, but opted for taxis to begin with. It was an adventure to mix with locals on the buses to experience what the locals do every day! There is a nice revolving restaurant (Menara) at the marina offering good views & fine drinks & desserts.

    Shopping? So many venues to choose from - you can easily spend a day in one mall! Most are massive with a range of things to keep you amused & occupied just looking. Also they provide a welome relief from the outside climate as all are air-conditioned! many also have nice architectural & design features, eg Wafi Mall and Ibn Battuta Mall.

    And yes, Dubai Museum is a must, so is the Heritage Village by the creek, from where you can take an abra (water taxi) to reach the exotic Spice & Gold souks across the creek.

    Yes, you must do the desert safari too :-)

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    Carpet Oasis

    by metha Updated Apr 4, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There might be many similar oasis in the world,
    There might be many indistinguishable oasis in the world,
    The Oases of the world might be many and might be similar,
    But there is only one Carpet Oasis …

    The Carpet Oasis 2004 portrays the life and culture of the carpet-producing communities in its most fascinating aspects through the amazing artistic impressions that are radiated from the rare handmade carpets that's woven from brilliant silk and lavish wool, skillfully woven by the ingenious hands of people who have practiced and perfected the art through the ages.

    The Carpet Oasis is considered to be a unique international exhibition that boasts over 100 thousand exhibited masterpieces of handmade carpets and antique souvenirs from all over the world.

    The Carpet Oasis offers a huge variety of exquisite quality products that suit every requirement and cater to every taste of both the local and international shoppers equally. This is derived from the fact that the exhibited items at the oasis comprise of the most renowned and famous types of carpets and rugs in the world like the admirable Persian carpets from Asfahan, Qumm, Na`een, Hamdan, Tabreez. The collection is further expanded to include the spectacular carpets of other famous regions like "Hariki" of Turkey and even more varieties from Afghanistan, India and Pakistan.

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    Dubai Creek

    by Robmj Written Nov 20, 2009

    Do what the locals do (15,000 daily) and catch a traditional abra across Dubai Creek, far cheaper (only 1 Dhs) than catching a ride down the creek with the many tourist operators and their boats, although this can be a nice way to get a different perspective on Dubai, if you do though, bargain hard, the price starts at very inflated rates.

    Dubai Creek is where the earliest Dubai settlement was based. On both sides are interesting souks and corniches, plus the old Fort and Museum are on the south side and are well worth a look.

    Abra (Water Taxi) on Dubai Creek

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    Deira Souk

    by Robmj Written Nov 20, 2009

    There are many souk's in Dubai, but this one is the original and combines a number of themes from the gold souk to the spice souk to streets as part of the souk selling general wares. It makes for a fascinating day and a good chance to test you bargaining skills. I would recommend you know a think or two about gold and its prices before you try and outsmart the local gold sellers however.

    The souk is a great way to beat the heat, covered walkways and shops with fans make it bearable if you are here in summer. This old area of Deira should be a must visit for everyone coming to Dubai.


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    Jumeira Beach

    by Robmj Written Nov 20, 2009

    Jumeira is a highly desirable residential area with a splendid beach front that now has a number of luxurious resorts and malls lining it.

    From the beach you can see the amazing offshore island developments of the Palms and the World.

    While you are here visit the Mercato Mall, Jumeirah Plaza and Jumeira Mosque and of course, don't forget to take a swim, the water is beautiful.

    Jumeira Beach
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    Rock Bottom

    by Harleysurfer Written Mar 18, 2008

    Busting chops is not a resntful remark.....I was talking about going there often - yet never once seeing you there, not just one night - LOL!

    Anyhow - I restate the obvious - you don't need to be in a group or a couple to get in to the Rock Bottom...

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    Indian Dance Bar

    by maharaja_joe Updated Mar 24, 2007

    If you have not been to one, then this is an experience that you should not miss. It is something right out of the medieval ages. Imagine a normal strip club (like in the US or Europe), with a elevated platform surrounded by tables and chairs. The dancers are all women, and they performer fully clothed. Some of them wear traditional Indian dresses, while others wear jeans or miniskirts. The music is mostly Hindi music from Bollywood (the Indian Hollywood).

    The eye-popping part is the manner in which money is thrown at the dancers during their performance. The customers buy bundles of dollar bills that are literally showered upon the dancer as she performs. Some also prefer to buy bunches of mardi-gras beads (each costing around 25 dirhams) and wear them around the neck of the dancer.

    It's kinda confusing because the dancers don't show any skin, nor do they really dance well. It is more of a alpha-male thing, where the dudes compete with each other to see who is most appreciative of the dance. The dancer obviously pays special attention to the most generous customer.

    There are similar places in India, but I was most surprised by the fact that US dollars were being showered upon the ladies.

    NOTE: Alcohol is served and the crowd is mostly from the Indian sub-continent. Touching the dancer is strictly off-limits. Although, you could meet up with her after the bar closes.

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  • Escadora7's Profile Photo


    by Escadora7 Updated Dec 2, 2005

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    In this day and age, internet access is of essence. Good thing about Dubai is that you can find an internet cafe on just about every corner. And they are cheap - usually about 2 Dhs. (~ 50 cents) per hour, paid in advance.

    Pretty much each station offers a webcam, however, many of these are not working properly. If you'd like to make use of a webcam try switching stations until you find one that works.

    We had some fun observing a guy who was yelling at his wife over the computer's microphone; poor fellow - the wife was obviously playing head-games with him (trying to make him jealous etc.) from far away India.

    UPDATE: a year later we returned to the same internet cafe and overheard another fellow (or was it the same one???) trying to make an overseas call, but it didn't quite work; all we heard coming from his cubicle were shouts of "AAAAALLOOO! AAAAAALOOOO! ALO ALO ALO! AAAAAALLLOOOOOOO!" To give credit where credit is due: the guy was PERSISTANT - his calls of AAALLLOOO went on for a loooong time. :-)

    Note: make sure to log out off all your applications, since these are public computers and you don't want the next person in your e-mail inbox or even worse: logged in as you into your VT account! :-O

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    The Birth of Fuzzy

    by Escadora7 Written Sep 17, 2005

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    All right - this isn't necessarily a Dubai specific thing to do, but one does spend an awfully large amount of time in shopping malls while staying in Dubai - especially during the gruesomely hot summer months! Besides, it is one of the most romantic and cherished memories. :-)

    The Bear Factory is an English company with stores in Burjuman and City Centre. US residents might be familiar with the States' competitor called Build-A-Bear. The concept is that you build your own bear. Here are the 5 steps:

    1) You choose your furry friend from a broad selection of "unstuffed" bears, pigs, camels, etc.

    2) You go into one of the little recording booths at the back of the store and record your own personalized message into the soundbox.

    3) You stuff the animal according to your desire (thin stuffing, medium, plump) and add the soundbox into his/her belly.

    4) You add a heart to give him a soul and make a wish.

    5) While he/she gets sown up, you choose a name, a birth-certificate is printed, and voila - the new member of your family is ready to go home.

    Of course, you can buy all sorts of accessories for the bears, such as clothing, costumes, sunglasses, shoes, even a passport.

    Fuzzy is a brown long-hair bear, weight 12 ounces, height 15 inches, and was born on 06/08/2005 in Dubai, UAE.

    Fuzzy gets a heart
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    The Big Brown Bus Tour

    by american_tourister Written Jul 13, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The bus is a company that offers tours of the city. They also operate in London and offer the same type of service. You purchase a ticket and are allowed 24 hour endless service on the tour bus going all over the town seeing all the tourist spots. There are 2 lines in Dubai. One stays in the city itself and hits all the hotspots. You can get on or off anywhere and another bus will be along in 45 minutes. The 2nd line goes out to Jumeriah beach. That is a long boring ride but it is a good way to see the Burj al Arab without having to drop $50.00 US on a taxi.

    Dave excited, Brent asleep
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    Culture & Heritage

    by metha Written Jan 17, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Bedouin Festival at the Heritage & Diving Village is where History and Culture enthusiasts will get to experience the famous Arabian Bedouin's lifestyle through folklore performances, exhibitions and many traditional activities and shows

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    Indian Ocean

    by Tanechka Written Oct 4, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Early in the morning excursion bus started it's way from Dubai to the opposit side of the country - Ras El Haima.
    Our road went through several emirates: through desert and mountains, reach and not so luxurious towns and villages.
    At last my sight cought a strip of unimaginably amazing colour - blue, emerald. It was OCEAN!

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    U.A.E. Desert Challenge

    by metha Written Jul 7, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    High-profile and popular desert rallying event, with specific vantage points from which the public can watch the action. This final round of the World Cup cross-country rallies is the warm-up for the Paris-Dakar run.

    Concludes 2 Nov


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    City Center Dubai,Dune bashing,Creek safari

    by worshik Written Jul 7, 2003

    Dubai City center is one the best shopping malls I ve ever seen.Its massive.U have everything there from designers to groceries.
    Not to be missed if you come to Dubai

    When you are in Dubai try Dune bashing.
    Net tours has 1/2 day desert safari.Dune bashing, camel riding and belly dancing covered in that package.

    If you got to the Dubai creek side ( Bur Dubai area)there are boats taking to a ride on the creek.Dinner included.its a 3 hour ride.Starts 7.00 pm daily.

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