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  • Great Mosque and Muesum - Seiyun
    Great Mosque and Muesum - Seiyun
    by Sambawalk
  • Al Hajarayn on top of hill
    Al Hajarayn on top of hill
    by Sambawalk
  • Seiyun
    by Sambawalk
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Al Hajarayn




Al Mashhad



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  • Masjid al-Jami

    Tarim Things to Do

    The usual Friday great mosque for Tarim. Behind this mossque is the worl renowed al-ahgaf manuscript Library.

  • Tarimi Palaces

    Tarim Things to Do

    Tarim is famous for its innumerable palaces - a collection of approximately thirty mansions constructed between the 1870s and 1930s. During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Hadhramaut’s merchant families grew rich from trade and investments abroad. The al-Kaf family was considered the most influential. Many members of the family were...

  • Al-Kafs Palace

    Tarim Things to Do

    Al-Kafs Palace is Tarim's most flamboyan, apparently using a book of different architectural styles as a templatre, kind of project. It was beautiful in old days, havinf the mirror ceiling, decor pillars inside the palace. Going up to the 3rd level and get a spendid view of the city of Tarim.Admission YR150 (May 2008).



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  • Getting here

    Shibam Transportation

    To get here you can either drive from Sanaa via Marib or Al Mukalla as I did or if you are pressed for time you can fly Yemenia into Sayun and it is a 15 min or so drive from the airport.I would suggest driving in and flying out if time is critical. Shibam sits in the middle of Wadi Hadramawt which is basically a huge canyon full of small...

  • Shibam Hotel

    Shibam Hotels

    I didn't stay there, but went there in early afternoon hoping for a cup of tea. But they don't have...

  • Wander the old city

    Shibam Things to Do

    Just to walk around this place is an experience. The size of the structures will get you you.When I first saw the place it did not have the effect on me that it did when I had a chance to look back at the trip/visit. Take a bottle of water with you and maybe a book, find a place to sit and enjoy this place....It's Yemen, there will not be many...



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  • Need supplies

    Say'un Shopping

    If you run low on something. The souqs in Sayun are the place to get it. They seemed to have a little bit of everything here. After visiting the Sultan's Palace to get the lay of the land these are great places to wander about. They say some of the best honey in the world comes from around here. You will see it in the souq in shops that specialize...

  • Al Hawta Palace Hotel

    Say'un Hotels

    Al Hawta Palace Hotel is situated on the outskirts of Say'un and is set in lovely landscaped...

  • Sanaa - Seiyun by air

    Say'un Transportation

    I flew Yemenia airlines domestic flight from Sana'a to Seiyun round trip. It was US$145. I booked the air ticket through a traverl agent before my arrival. There is daily flight, so there should have no problem during low season.The 737 aircraft looks quite new. Inside the aircraft, the monitors even has 3D flight path, which was the first time I...


Al Mukalla

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  • Fish market

    Al Mukalla Things to Do

    Yemen being on the coast of the Arabian Sea is a seafood town. The tuna here would make any Japanese person salivate.

  • Ancient Port and Fishing Village

    Al Mukalla Things to Do

    On the coast road from Mukalla to Aden you will pass Yemen's most important ancient port, where the Frankincense was shipped from in Sabaean times. In ancient times it was called Qana. The Sabaeans traded with Oman, Persia and India but Qana was destroyed in the 2nd century AD and now it is a small village called Bir Ali. Also along the route is a...

  • Police Escort from Mukalla to Aden

    Al Mukalla Transportation

    The coast road from Mukalla to Aden is said to be safer than the old road. Some of the tribes along the route are hostile to the present government. Under the socialist regime they were supported financially and didn’t need to work. Now they are not given state support. They sometimes ambush and kidnap people travelling along the road from Mukalla...


Al Hajarayn

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  • Hadramaut Honey

    Al Hajarayn Shopping

    Hadramaut is famous for its honey. We saw bee hives along the road from Tarim to Shibam and you can buy the honey in many places in the Hadramaut - along the roadside, in the shops in Shibam and Tarim and Seiyun. One of the best places to buy it is in Al Hajjarain, the price is reasonable (can't remember how much) because there are less tourists...

  • Views of the Wadi

    Al Hajarayn Things to Do

    Walking around the town of Al Hajjarayn, which is very high, gives you some good views of the Wadi from the walls of the town.

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  • Forgot the name of the village

    Sif Off The Beaten Path

    This whole place is sort of off the beaten path. This place kind of reminded me of the North. It was a bit cooler up here after lunch and ended up being the place I got to meet some local kids here. After talking to them I realized how much more aware of the world they were when compared to their American counterparts....the effects of satellite TV...

  • Walk around the villages

    Sif Things to Do

    Since it was prayer time for my driver I did some exploring on my own thru some of the villages. Sorry that I don't recall the names of these places. Many of them make it easy to forget about time aside from the occasional TV dish on a roof.

  • Around Hadramawt

    Sif Things to Do

    Just driving around this giant oasis is a sight to be seen. I was like a kid in a candy store walking around here. Never knew what to what to expect. How could a place like this exist in the middle of Yemen??? Hope you like my pics.


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