Yemen Off The Beaten Path

  • Off The Beaten Path
    by Denis_Romanov
  • Qiso oasis from distance
    Qiso oasis from distance
    by BohdanaR
  • Shade and calm of the palmeria
    Shade and calm of the palmeria
    by BohdanaR

Yemen Off The Beaten Path

  • Socotra

    Socotra is the main island in an archipelago of four islands that is located in the Indian Ocean, off the tip of the Horn of Africa. The other smaller islands include Abd al Kuri, Samhah, and Darsa. Socotra is administered by Yemen on behalf of the Banu Afrar Mahra Sultanate of Qishn and Socotra. The islands are also claimed by nearby...

  • Wadis

    Wadis are canyons carved through the mountains by prehistoric rivers 10,000 to 2,000,000 years ago. Some of the larger wadis contain permanent rivers or streams, but most are dry for most of the year. However, during the rainy season, many wadis are subject to flash floods. And because water runs through the wadis during the rainy season, their...

  • The Dragon's Blood Tree

    The umbrella-shaped dragon's blood tree is endemic to Socotra, meaning it is found nowhere else in the world. It is an iconic symbol of Socotra, and is one of the most photographed features of the island. The tree is unique, and is probably distantly related to the baobabs of Africa and Madagascar. (There are other "dragon's blood trees" native to...

  • The Hodeidah Fishing Port

    The Red Sea is one of the richest fishing grounds in the world, and abounds with such fish as barracuda, bonito, dorado, sailfish, skipjack tuna, and yellowfin tuna, among many others. The city of Hodeidah is Yemen's main Red Sea port, and is home to many of Yemen's 70,000 traditional fishermen. The Hodeidah fishing port is an interesting place to...

  • Qalansiyah

    Qalansiyah is a small fishing village located near the west end of Socotra. The village is dirty and ugly, and there is nothing in the village itself that would be of interest to tourists. However, visitors do go to Qalansiyah mainly to hire fishing boats to see nearby enormous, spectacular cliffs that are over one thousand feet (305 meters) high...

  • The Dixem Plateau

    The interior of Socotra is dominated by the Dixem Plateau, a 5,000-foot-high (1,520-meter-high) escarpment that runs east and west across most of the island. Geologically, the plateau is made up of limestone which is permeated with karstic caverns. I thought that much of the rock looks like it is made of Swiss cheese. Several deep canyons...

  • Mahweet

    Mahweet is the capital of al-Mahweet governorate, one of the most rugged, mountainous, and spectacular regions in Yemen. The region is characterized by mountaintop villages and ancient fortresses, of which there are 26.Mahweet is a popular destination for tourists because of its panoramic vistas, fascinating architecture, and mild climate. The...

  • Hajah, beautiful mountain town

    I went on a field trip to Hajah about 2.5 hours drive North-West of Sana'a. The drive there is stunning - especially the last hour - and the contrast between the bare mountains and the lush environment of Hajah is stunning. I loved this very active rural town.

  • mosques everywhere

    Yemen is an Islamic country. You will find mosques everywhere, including some which were constructed during the lifetime of the prophet Mohammed . Islam had its birth in Yemen and the people of this land are anxious to demonstrate the peaceful ways and hospitality to strangers that are a vital part of Islam. Forget everything you have read or heard...

  • the attractions

    Unlike other countries, where tourists usually are driven or transported from their hotels to a particular site or attraction, Yemen is the attraction! The best way to experience this ancient and exotic land is to move through it, enjoying all of the ecological and cultural elements in your surroundings.

  • Anything outside of Sana'a and Aden

    Yemen by definition is off the beaten track. Be prepared to see what Arabian life was like hundreds of years ago. Every intrepid traveller wants to see rural life in a foreign country but Yemen is unique in this way. Everything outside the main cities is off the beaten track so you wont have to look very far to experience it. The north of Yemen...

  • Marib and Hadramauth

    The best way to explore Yemen is by taking a road trip which can be organized by local tour operator in Sana'a. It is always advisable to check with local security if you want to visit some place outside of Sana'a or Aden. There is still some sporadical tribal dispute which can be dangerous. Otherwise, trip to Hadramauth is like travelling back in...

  • Bedouin camps

    While crossing the immensity of Ramlat as-Sabatain, bedouins offered us their hospitality whenever we decided to stop and have something to eat. Our driver had taken care of buying all the necessary things to feed us and the locals did not have any objection to share their meals with us.How they manage to survive and even to raise cattle in a place...

  • Details

    Actually most of the Yemen is "off the beaten path", but still there are more remote places and just remote places....Do take your time to look for details, they make the whole travel experience even more exciting!!!

  • Smaller villages, but see...

    Smaller villages, but see warnings below. Travel to the coast and into eastern Yemen, to Aden, formerly a separate country. We traveled by private car down to Hodeida, a major port on the coast. Met many interesting and extremely friendly fishermen and boat builders. Great contrast to Sana'a.

  • Vultures

    we had the opportunity to drive through very rough landscape and saw vultures from a very short distance! What a breathtaking view!

  • Zabid is reportedly the...

    Zabid is reportedly the hottest town in Yemen, and is known throughout the country for it's comical dialect (though to be honest, I didn't notice it!)It is a very old city which is falling apart, although it has been listed under UNESCO and is ear-marked for preservation and repair.It is easy to get to as it lies on the Tihama 'highway' between...

  • Probably the best places a...

    Probably the best places a traveller would miss are right under his or her nose, in the old city of Sana'a. People don't give themselves enough time to see the place - I lived in the old city for three months and only saw half of it, and it wasn't through not trying! Not many tourists would ever find the grinding mill operated by a blindfolded...

  • Al-Khowkha is probably the...

    Al-Khowkha is probably the most 'developed' of Yemen's beach resorts, although admittedly that isn't saying much. It is a very laid-back place, with accommodation available in beachside camps. The beaches aren't great...they are worth visiting to see the traditional boat-builders and to watch the fisherman bring in their catch, but aren't really...

  • When you have the possibility,...

    When you have the possibility, visit a Yemenite wedding. Actualy there are two weddings, one for the men (see picture) and one for the women (including the bride!). As a foreign women you can visit both!

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