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  • Cathedral from City Hall 1963
    Cathedral from City Hall 1963
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  • Beautiful Views Approaching Hamilton
    Beautiful Views Approaching Hamilton
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Hamilton Things to Do

  • Snorkeling

    There is a whole day snorkeling excursion that includes food and rental equipment. Bermuda has some of the best reefs in the world, while on the tour you feel like you own the ship, this really is one of those unforgettable experiences.

  • The "Bird Cage": Not for Birds

    One of the more iconic images of Bermuda, along with businessmen dressed in "formal" Bermuda shorts and pink buses, is the "Birdcage". The Bird Cage actually resembles an open birdcage-like structure painted in blue & white colors, resting on a slightly raised platform; this unique structure is the place of work for a Bermudian policeman who...

  • The Perot Post Office

    One of the most charming, historic buildings we saw while visiting Hamilton was the Perot Post Office located on Queen Street, just near Par-la-Ville Park. This 2-story British Colonial building easily stands out on the street because it is painted a brilliant white, with 8 over 8 pane windows on the ground level and 6 over 6 pane windows on the...

  • The Anglican Cathedral of the Most Holy...

    Among the several churches located on appropriately named "Church Street," is the neo-Gothic "The Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity" is the only one we visited. Its solid stone structure with soaring tower, and multitude of stained glass windows leaves no question that it is a cathedral.However, this church is not the original building. The...

  • The Cenotaph & Cabinet Building

    The CenotaphOn your walk exploring Front Street, notice the somber monument facing the street which is the "Cenotaph". Built in 1920 of (local?) limestone, the Cenotaph is a memorial for those who died for Bermuda in the first two world wars. Apparently, the Bermuda cenotaph is a replica of the one that you will see in Whitehall, London. Befitting...

  • Par-la-Ville Park

    Though Par-la-Ville Park is prominently featured on any good map of Bermuda, we did not make it a priority to see when we visited Hamilton. Rather it was just good luck that we had the opportunity to visit it when we stopped at the Perot Post Office as it is virtually next door.There are actually two entrances to the park: enter through the one on...

  • Hamilton's City Hall ~ Part II

    While you're visiting City Hall's art galleries --- the Bermuda Society of Arts Gallery and Bermuda National Gallery --- notice that the building itself has several points of interest --- notice the magnificent staircase, chandeliers and paintings. You will enter through magnificent, tall Bermuda cedar doors into the main lobby. Inside and to the...

  • Hamilton's City Hall ~ Part I

    The beautiful, and striking bright white building with clean lines and tall clock tower is Hamilton's City Hall and is home to offices, operations for the (Corporation) City of Hamilton, the City Hall Theater, two art galleries and other public rooms, including a beautiful lobby.Modeled after the City Hall of Stockholm, Sweden, Hamilton's City Hall...

  • The Days of the Bermuda Buggy Ride are...

    No cars were allowed into Bermuda until 1948, now, for a population of 65,000 on an island of 21 square miles, there are more than 40,000 cars. Before cars there were horse and buggies, bicycles and for a short time a railroad. The horse and buggies have survived for the last sixty years as a novelty ride for tourists. Under large trees, on the...


Hamilton Hotels

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  • Royal Palms Hotel

    24 Rosemont Ave, Hamilton, HM06, Caribbean

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

  • Rosedon Hotel

    Pitts Bay Road, Hamilton, Bermuda, HM AX, Caribbean

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

    Hotel Class 3 out of 5 stars

  • Coco Reef Bermuda

    3 Stonington Circle, South Shore Road, (formerly Stonington Beach Hotel), Bermuda, PG 04, Caribbean

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

Hamilton Restaurants

  • Bermuda's Only Irish Pub

    Hours: Bar 11:00 – 01:00 (7 days)Lunch 11:30 – 17:00 (7 days)Dinner 17:00 – 22:00 (7 days Some possible dishes to try include:Bermuda Fish Chowder which Rachael Ray had on her $40/Day TV show (although not here)Guinness Pie (Chunks of beef simmered in Guinness with mushrooms, onions and potato in a light pastry crust)All-day Irish Breakfast (eggs,...

  • The Aroma Will Make You Drool !!

    "The Smokin' Barrel" is difficult to classify --- should it be called local food, or a street-side BBQ? It's probably a little both. I can tell you if you were not hungry before your nose sensed the delicious aroma of the Smokin' Barrel, you will be afterwards!Serving up plates of smoked ribs, chicken, jerk chicken, lemon-pepper fish, curried...

  • The Hog Penny Pub: Everyone Likes It!

    One of my favorite stops in Hamilton was the Hog Penny Pub. Established in 1957, it claims to be the "oldest licensed establishment in Hamilton," and "the original inspiration for the "Cheers Pub" in Boston."The minute we stepped into the Hog Penny, the pub immediately appealed to me because of its resemblance to the cozy pubs of Britain. The...

  • The Locals Eat Here!

    Being that the Bermudian people must be some of the most friendly people in the world, it is easy to strike up a conversation with almost anyone, anywhere. And so after a friendly and lengthy conversation with a postal clerk, we asked her opinion for a good place to have lunch. Without hesitation she recommended "The Spot" only a short walk away...

  • Great food with an English vibe

    Great food and nice medevil atmosphere. In the same vicinity as the naval dockyard. There are signs pointing the way. Meal and service were both really good. Order the burgers!They also have great beer which comes in a glass you can keep.

  • Ice Cream Parlor

    The sign says that this is Bermuda's newest ice cream parlour, and it does not appear to have been reviewed or mentioned on the internet as yet.


Hamilton Transportation

  • The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round

    Bus transportation is one of the three most used methods of traveling to Hamilton and all around the island. The color of Bermuda's buses is so unsual you cannot fail to notice them!! They are Pink and Blue!! Even though we did not use the bus to travel to Hamilton, it is very obvious that many people, both locals and tourists, do.There is a fairly...

  • Ferries

    Probably one of the fastest methods for traveling from one point to another in Bermuda is by using their excellent ferry system. We used the ferries operated by "Sea Express" on 2 of the 3 days during our visit and always found them fast, efficient and very comfortable. All rides are usually 45 minutes or less. We traveled by ferry from the Royal...

  • Hamilton Hotels

    13 Hotels in Hamilton

Hamilton Local Customs

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    by starship Updated Jan 17, 2013

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    Whether you use the word "Gombey" to refer to the dancers or the dance itself, it generally refers to a Bermudian tradition that began when black slaves were first brought from Africa and the Caribbean. "Gombey" is said to be derived from an African or Bantu word meaning "rhythm."

    With bright & colorful costumes and masks and long-held ways of dancing, it would be easy to mistake Gombey dancers in Bermuda for the "Mummers" in Philadelphia, or the "crews" of Mardi Gras in New Orleans. [In Philadelphia or New Orleans the groups would be called "crews" or "brigades," etc.] One way in which the Gombey dancers' tradition does differ from the American groups is that the Bermudian people throw cash & coins at the Gombeys versus in America where the parade crews actually throw trinkets at the people in the roadside watchers.

    Dance routines are based on African, American Indian, Biblical, British "mummers" and West Indian lore and traditions. Each group is a "crowd." There is a method of collecting contributions from spectators though I have no idea how. The musical accompaniment is usually a kettle drum with two snare drums, covered with goat skin, and a beer bottle fife which produces the sound of a flute crossed with a whistle.

    As the story goes: "The Wild Indian and Trapper have a perpetual chase. The Chiefs also carry large tomahawks and shields. Warriors or Choppers include children of families. Under the Captain, the dancers have duets and solos simulating combat. Once, they also re-enacted biblical stories like David's fight with Goliath. "

    The dance itself was originally intended to be performed only on Britain's & Bermuda's Boxing Day (December 26) and New Year's Day - the two days of the year when slaves were given a rest from their labors. Today, they appear much more frequently at public events.

    Traditional Gombey troupes include: Warner's Gombeys, Norford's, the Shakey Smith Troupe, Richardson's, and Wilson's Troupe. Philadelphia Mummer brigades as well as Mardi Gras crews in New Orleans also carry names which were established decades upon decades ago. I found it surprising to learn about these similarities between our two countries' traditions. Before moving to the northeast coast of the US, I had never heard of Mummers myself.

    Postcard of Gombey Dancers

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Hamilton Warnings and Dangers

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    by DennyP Written Jan 15, 2012

    When travelling in this wonderful part of the world make sure that you Don't underestimate the power of the heat in the sun.
    Sunburn can creep up on you if you don't have a sunscreen on ..Also make sure that you have a wide brimmed hat and sunglasses. Whether you be snorkelling,diving , or just laying in the sun out boating and enjoying the beauty and clearness of the waters here , and taking in the amazing colours , the many shades of blue and greens is to be beleived .. but ,the reflection of the sun can be a problem if not taken into consideration. Anywhere in this lovely part of the world can get extremely hot so make sure that you apply a reliable strong sunscreen to all exposed areas use a sunscreen of at least 30+ to avoid the dangers of the sun. I carry also a lip balm and a moisturiser when in the sun and after.

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Hamilton Off The Beaten Path

  • The Pink Sand Beaches

    Our newly met friends spent one day with us as we visited St. George's, Tobacco Bay, the Bermuda Perfumery, and had lunch at the Swizzle Inn. To finish the day ashore, they suggested we take a bus to reach the area known for its beautiful beaches and walk the cliff path.Departing the bus at Warwick Long Bay Beach in the south of Warwick parish, we...

  • Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity...

    The Bermuda Cathedral, also known as the Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity, is the seat (main church) of the Anglican Church of Bermuda. The Cathedral is known not only for its religious, historical, and social importance, but also for its beautiful Neo-Gothic architecture. This architectural style is characterized by stained-glass windows and...

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Hamilton Favorites

  • Hamilton Harbour ATONs

    Since I am particularly interested in lighthouses, and also in boating, I made sure to be on deck when we were going into and out of the harbors. My husband would love to sail our own boat to Bermuda, and my cousin and also some friends have gone to Bermuda in their sailboats. I found the ATONs (Aids to Navigation) particularly interesting. There...

  • Hamilton - Center of Bermuda

    While Bermuda is best known for its beaches, golf and swimming, Hamilton, the capitol isn't the place for any of those things. What I liked about Hamilton was the shopping.Hamilton, a centrally located town (city) and the capitol of the country, is right on the waterfront but NOT on the beach. While we were there a British destroyer was med-moored...

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