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  • Yellowknife
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    Yellowknife Vista
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Yellowknife Things to Do

  • Gallery of midnight sun

    Gallery of midnight sun is an native american art gallery not far from city center with lots of nice artwork and sculptures by artist from Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

  • Ingraham Trail

    The Ingraham Trail is only about 70 km long however within that distance it is jammed packed with a whole host of recreational activities on the various lakes and rivers. It is a great half day trip if your driving or you could make it weeks at the various sites. The trail starts 1.5 km outside of Yellowknife.In the 1950’s, when mineral discoveries...

  • Yellowknife Visitor Centre

    The Visitor Centre run by the local Chamber of Commerce is a great facility with lots of exhibits, helpful staff, internet terminals, tourism kiosks, videos, gift short and plenty of interpretation. It is a recommended place to go and start planning your activities in Yellowknife and the NWT for sure.Follow my link below and you'll see some of the...


Yellowknife Hotels

Yellowknife Restaurants

  • A historic Yellowknife eatery

    Yellowknife is a relatively young place, and was very much opened up post-WWII by the introduction of the bushplane (ususally the deHavilland Beaver and later the Twin Otter).The restaurant is seasonal. I was there in early September and they were getting ready to shut down for the season. Food was good, but not outstanding. The atmosphere is...

  • Old Town Landing

    The Old Town Landing was a very fine place to eat in Yellowknife. You can eat outdoors on the deck and enjoy the great atmosphere on the lake. Inside the restuarant is also very nice, lots of plants, great bar and overall service. I really enjoyed my visits here adn I think you will like this part of Old Town as well. Seafood Chowder

  • The best fish I've ever eaten

    It doesn't look like much from the outside, but the fact that it is crowded on every visit should tell you something. It serves fish, with fresh french fries and a salad, and nothing else. You want a beer? Just go over to the cooler and help yourself. The arctic char is heavenly!


Yellowknife Nightlife

  • Harleys

    Harleys is a strip club but not like your usall strip club full of horny guys but lots of girls also go here pretty much everyone starts off at harleys and ends up at another club just down the road,the staff are great here and of course being in a place with smaller population everyone knows everyone pretty much just standard club rules no being...

  • The Gallery Neighborhood Pub...

    The Gallery Neighborhood Pub...besides hitting one of the ultra-local bars, The Gallery Neighborhood Pub is hopping during the summer months. It has a somewhat young crowd, this is where we hooked up up Damien drinking Tequilas.In 1998, Damien the bartender (do I seem obessed with her?)...

  • Sitting out at the lake, away...

    Sitting out at the lake, away from the noise of the city, and watching the sun attempt to set at midnight in June.


Yellowknife Transportation

  • National Car Rental

    If you are flying into Yellowknife it would be a good idea to rent a car if you want to explore around a lot. Warning it is a little expensive though compared to your main centers. I paid $58 per day, 25 total free kilometers and $0.35 per kilomter after that and these can rack up!You determine if its within your budget but certainly helpful!...

  • Constuction in Summer time

    Northwest Territories in summer time you will see lots of constuction going on everywhere this is because it's the only time they can work on things because in winter the ground is hard and covered with ice and snow with the temperature really low it makes working in winter alot harder so in summertime expect some constuction delays in some area's

  • The ferry on the way to yellowknife

    This is the ferry on the way to Yellowknife, Northwest territories and doesn't cost anything it's completely free but the only thing is it stops running certain times of the year when the river starts to freeze it makes it hard for the ferry to get thur the ice and you will need to wait till the ice is thick enough to drive over. it's only a few...


Yellowknife Shopping

  • Great Gallery and Paintings!

    I was very impressive in Yellowknife with the amazing paintings that were readily available for purchase. There are lots of carvings and Inuit art as well. The carvings in NWT were all very unique and different. I highly recommend this particular gallery apparently owned by the aboriginal artist themselves. Archie Beaulieu was born and still lives...

  • Midnight Sun Gallery

    Enroute to Old Town I found the Midnight Sun Gallery. It is extensive with lots of carvings, polar bear rugs, etcetera. There is a lot in there.I find the galleries pricey myself, if you want to get a deal try to buy direct if you can. $8000 Narwhal Tusk if you can afford it!!

  • Polar Parkas

    I didn't buy anything in this shop but if your interested in a warm winter parka this was the place to keep warm.I also mention this place because there was plenty of other stuff in there as well and much of it was hand made by local people.Sweaters, etcetera.


Yellowknife Local Customs

  • Ragged Ass Road

    Ragged Ass Road is a real street in Yellowknife and arguable its most famous for sure. You can buy Ragged Ass apparel throughout the city. It is hilarous. The story goes as I remember it:A couple of local miners used a well known phrase to describe their street. If your mine was not good in the gold rush days it was a ragged ass mine. They didn't...

  • Don't miss Raven Mad Daze...

    Don't miss Raven Mad Daze (June 21), Folk on the Rocks (Mid July), Festival of the Midnight Sun (August), the Festival of Trees, or Caribou Carnival (late March)

  • Yellowknife Hotels

    13 Hotels in Yellowknife

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Yellowknife Warnings and Dangers

  • Wild life on road driving to Yellowknife

    Warning when driving to Yellowknife watch out for wild life there is all different types like bison,deer,birds,foxes,bears,etc.. these animal can be anywhere and you should take extra caution when driving on NTW highways best is to stay away and just look.Note: Do not get too close to the bison they can get aggressive and charge you or your car !

  • The Squirells!!!!

    I am joking in this tip about the warning or danger component. This picture though was one of my favorite ones from Yellowknife. My digital camera doesn't have a very good zoom lense and I was amazed at how close this squirell let me get and watch him eat his meal.This was taken on the golf course where they are running everywhere.

  • Late night bar brawls seem to...

    Late night bar brawls seem to be common throughout Yellowknife, either inside the bars or in the streets after closing time. Although we were warned specifically about the “true local bars” frequented by First Nations Indians (see off the beaten path), we did see a couple of fights outside the bar frequented by the “college” crowd (The Gallery...


Yellowknife Tourist Traps

  • This is a place for real Bush Pilots...

    This is a place for real Bush Pilots and explorers (mostly geologists looking for minerals in the Canadian tundra). So there are no real tourist traps!!! Perhaps the closest thing Yellowknife has to a famous/touristy spot would be the Wild Cat Cafe...but even that's pretty cool for a local joint.

  • Wildcat Cafe. Nice place, food...

    Wildcat Cafe. Nice place, food is OK but not great, but has been increasing in price every summer. No longer worth it in my opinion.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Yellowknife What to Pack

  • Winter ~ Dress in Layers

    Thermals, jogging pants, tshirt, sweater, snowpants, parka, mitts - don't bother with gloves you fingers won't stay warm enough. Toque (hat) and scarf and of course winter boots. That way if it's warmer you can peel off layers. Definitely bring a camera. To save room in your luggage consider renting Winter Clothing. North Star Adventures rents...

  • Packing List

    Don't forget your fishing rod!! Huge lake trout like this 51 pounder from Kasba Lake are found in most of the large lakes of the Yellowknife area. Camping

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Yellowknife Off The Beaten Path

  • Former - near Yellowknife

    Located on the Ingraham Trail (Hwy 4), the mine site itself is being cleaned up by the Federal and Territorial governments. Wastes from over 4 decades of gold mining have left a toxic legacy.Not far from the minesite itself, you can see some of the old mining equipment - sitting outside. Rather pictureque, I think.

  • The Aurora Borealis / Northern Lights

    The Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights are a must see if you are in the Canadian North. I was surprised how many Japanese tourist where in Yellowknife. Apparently over 10,000 a year come to simply see this natural experience.During my visit it was mostly overcast but for sure one night the sky was dancing all over the place with this natural...

  • Go to a true “locals” bar, but...

    Go to a true “locals” bar, but be forewarned... I would say that ALL bars in Yellowknife would be considered 'local' by most peoples' standards; but there are some that even the 'locals' considered to be more extreme... In Yellowknife, a true local bar is characterized by the native 'First Nations' Indians that go there to drink (stereotypically on...


Yellowknife Sports & Outdoors

  • Yellowknife Golf Club

    The Yellowknife Golf Club was designed by Arnold Enge, Sandy Scott, John Adnerson Thomson and Trevor Maywood. The course is also home to the Midnight Golf Tournament and a total yardage of 5543. It is the most northern 18 hole golf course in Canada and also has a fine driving range.The men hit from the white tees, women from the red. Golfing 9...

  • Yellowknife Golf Club - Hole Number 1

    Hole number one is a 391 par 4 from the white tees. It is straight with a dog leg at the end to teh right hand side.

  • Yellowknife Golf Club - Hole Number 2

    Hole number 2 is a 360 yards par 4 from the white tees. It is straight ahead and if you duff the ball you can see from the picture it's going to hit some rocks. We enjoyed this hole though.


Yellowknife Favorites

  • Paintings

    One of the things I enjoyed most about walking around downtown Yellowknife was the murals and paintings you will discover on the sides of otherwise regular looking and bland buildings.Here is a picture of one!

  • City Hall

    The Yellowknnife City Hall is also along the Frame Lake Trail Network. The grounds around this building are beautiful and if you plan to do business in Yellowknife you may want to get acqainted with this building and the web site link that I have provided.All the best!City of Yellowknife

  • Totem Pole

    Along the Frame Lake Trail Network you will also see this totem pole in front of the municipality buidlings. There are signs of the aboriginal culture of the territories everywhere in Yellowknife.


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