Canada What to Pack

  • What to Pack
    by lilwatson
  • spiked rubber cleats to fit over shoes or boots
    spiked rubber cleats to fit over shoes...
    by PeterVancouver
  • 3 White-tailed Deer along Tunnel Mountain Rd
    3 White-tailed Deer along Tunnel...
    by CdnJane

Canada What to Pack

  • rain gear

    Vancouver What to Pack

    I walked out of the airport terminal and into a light rain. As we got downtown the rain was getting heavier, but the locals weren't even hurrying to get out of it. Most of them hadn't even broken out an umbrella. And so it went, there was rain the three days I was in Vancouver, there were periods of up to a couple of hours of brilliant sunshine...

  • Warm clothes

    Montreal What to Pack

    Many people think about keeping their "core" warm, but what about the lower half? There are some really great fitting and comfortable jeans available that keep you warm. They are called Winter Blues Jeans and they are perfect for travelers in the colder months. They are only available in a few stores but can be found online at:...

  • Winter, summer & rain gear

    Quebec What to Pack

    Quebec City is one of Canada's snowiest cities. On average, we receive 3 m of snow every year but the 2007-2008 winter was our snowiest ever, with about 5.6 m of snow!! It is not rare to see the first snowfall in October, but we sometimes have to wait until January before there is any snow to speak of. As a rule of thumb, the milder the temperature...

  • Weather

    Ottawa What to Pack

    Waterproof shoes, don't forget weatherproof paste. Waterproof coat etc; you will have make your car ice/snow-free more than once. Anti-flu, anti-cold stuff (I prefer Fisherman's Friend). Some moisturizer for your lips. General tips for snow-pictures. In the winter the sun is always low and it is hard to take a good picture of a building at close...

  • Clothing - Summer

    Edmonton What to Pack

    If you wanna shop, don't bring much (clothes wise) cause you'll prolly trek on down to WEM and go on a shopping spree. Leave some space in your luggage for stuff that you're prolly gonna buy and bring back to your city/state/country when you're here in Edm. The weather condition in the Prairies can be rather unpredictable. I mean, there was this...

  • Clothing - Winter

    Calgary What to Pack

    I was on my way to Calgary at the end of April, we were DAYS away from the month of May when this HUGE snow storm happened: over 50 cm fell on the Calgary area; over 70 cm in the Banff area! The roads were blocked and my friend and I had to spend the night in a small town's City Hall along with other unlucky drivers. When we finally got to...

  • Cold in Winter - Mosquitoes in Summer

    Winnipeg What to Pack

    We all know that traveling with small children can be tricky. If you want to avoid bringing everything with you that your baby or toddler might need when they are away from home, consider renting baby gear. Baby equipment rental companies are available across Canada, the US and even into Europe and beyond. Many, like Parentals in Winnipeg, rent car...

  • Bring Camera & Film

    Banff National Park What to Pack

    Comfortable shoes for walking, and not just on sidewalks, but on walking paths, and rough ground. As you go up higher in the mountains, have a jacket - for example, while short sleeves are fine in the town, you'll find it much cooler up at the top of the gondola. Lots of film, telephoto lenses because its safer to take the pics of animals at a...

  • Cameras

    Banff What to Pack

    With my other tip about taking a great camera, if you are snowboarding or skiing, unless you are fantastic, I advise leaving that at home. I have an old Sony P10 digital camera(still a not bad camera to be fair, just 5 years old) and also my partners camera in my jacket. Yes, i had a few falls, but they were never in risk of getting damaged or...

  • climate preparation

    Vancouver What to Pack

    In case you rent a RV, bring bags in stead of suitcases. They will take less space in the RV. Bring all different clotes, for +30 till -2 if you travel in June Get your BBQ gear ready, but be carefull in summer it is too dry to BBQ everywhere

  • Camera

    Montreal What to Pack

    If you come in the wintertime (especially December to February), be prepared for what can be brutal cold. Bring appropriate clothing, which should include a warm jacket, gloves, a hat and scarf. You'll kick yourself if you forget your camera!

  • Travel guides & Dictionaries

    Quebec What to Pack

    To explore Quebecs big cities Montreal and Quebec City an up to date guidebook is very useful. I had the Fodors guide, which is updated every year. It describes the things to see and do and lists accomodations and restaurants in all price ranges. Last but not least it includes a detailed map with streetfinder.

  • Packing List

    Calgary What to Pack

    Calgary’s weather can change rapidly day to day or even hour to hour. And then again, the weather can stay constant for weeks at a time. So how are you supposed to pack? Even here, there are expectations as to what the weather is going to be like. On the attached slide, I’ve tried to indicate the most probable types of clothing you’d need to wear...

  • camera gear

    Vancouver What to Pack

    Binoculars or Telescope To Cruise to ALASKA Rainwear Lots of film Beachwear & Gear would be cool, Nice beaches in Vancouver & POOL on the Ship SEA SICKNESS PILLS ! Carry a bell so the Bears know that dinner is coming!

  • Books

    Montreal What to Pack

    To explore Quebecs big cities Montreal and Quebec City an up to date guidebook is very useful. I had the Fodors guide, which is updated every year. It describes the things to see and do and lists accomodations and restaurants in all price ranges. Last but not least it includes a detailed map with streetfinder.

  • Clothing - Summer

    Calgary What to Pack

    Sturdy and light gear with bags/luggage that can be locked. Light to medium at night, dependable shoes if you plan to walk around some of the points of interest. Not really needed to bring as you can purchase any items you might require locally. Camera of some sort and/or video. If you are planning on camping, firewood ect. can be purchased in most...

  • map it

    I found it difficult to find good reliable maps of Canada here in the New York State. Finally located a series by Fugawi that does a good job by taking each province individually rather than Canada as a whole. We pack one or more of these in the trunk when we go north and also pick up appropriate maps at the visitor centers.Maybe we will have to...

  • buy warm clothes there

    Coming from Western Australia, I didn't have anything particularly suited to a Canadian winter to keep me warm. I found that a good, cheap way to get myself kitted out was to do a trip round the Vancouver second hand shops. You can pick up everything from ice skates to ski jackets, and because it's all canadian stuff, it really works. It's much...

  • Warm Hat

    If you are in Canada you are going to need a cool Canada hat like the one in this picture. Just don't drink to much and then venture out into the cold :-)

  • Digital Camera or plenty or films and...

    Casual wear mostly Going in cooler weather means you must wear layers, as changed from place to place.For the snow or rain you need non slip boots or shoes and warm clothes. Plenty available everywhere Take as much as you need and you can buy anytjhing in Canada for your camera A smile helps everywhere

  • Pack Plastic, not paper

    We have been using Cash Passport cards, issued by our local CAA club, for over twelve months, both in Canada and Italy, with never a problem. Also known as Visa TravelMoney, these cards are prepaid (up to $15,000) and are used like a DEBIT card through the ATM machine. Safer than cash, easier to use than travellers cheques, and not as scary as...

  • Always have a sweater handy!

    Bring a sweater all year round! If you are visiting after November 1 and before May 1 bring a scarf, hat, mitts, a winter coat and boots! In July and August bring your bathing suit.

  • Film, film, film!

    Light bags always are a good bet when travelling! Well, it depends on the season, but eastern Canada is usually cold (most of the year), and often wet. This is a civilized place, you can find most of the things you may need in shops... even in vending machines Canada has a lot of thing to bring home, but don't forget one that can bring you back...

  • Camping Makes the Trip More Fun

    Waterproof, if you're traveling in a pick-up truck, as we did. We covered everything with a tarp, weighted down with large rocks. Sure helped...I even used the tarp to lie on while wrestling with tire jacks and such. Hiking boots, and wind/rain proof jackets. We traveled in late August, and the weather proved windier than I had expected. Mosquito...

  • Packing List

    Family Travel When traveling with your dogs into Canada, you must have their vaccination records with you, in particular, their rabie shot record. The little tag won't do, you have to have the written, signed certificate from the vet. Oddly enough, we were never questioned on the Canadian side, but we were questioned entering back into the...

  • Electricity

    For 'grounded' plugs, flat blades (see previous tip), but with round grounding pin plug and receptable with side grounding contacts is used (see picture)An adapter will allow you to plug an appliance designed for one type of outlet into another type of outlet. Despite the fact that more than a dozen different types of plugs are in use, a typical...

  • Electricity

    In case you want to bring any electrical appliances with you, here is the system Canada uses : 120 volts and 60 Hz. It is a flat blade attachment plug (see picture)The two-blade plugs are often polarized, with one blade larger than the other. Most outlets are designed to handle these. The larger blade is the neutral side of the current. This is a...

  • Maps

    There are so many places to explore, different provinces, different territories, different cities, towns, parks, lakes, rivers, beaches, islands and more! A map will help you familiarise yourself with the geography and you'll discover more of Canada.The map to the left shows all the provinces, territories and major cities in Canada, but the best...

  • All is available all over

    Sturdy suitcase or backpack USE A BACK PACK FOR KIDS ON WALKING TRAILS. CLOTHING All types depending on time of year and where you are going. In summer it is very warm even HOT in the cities, shorts and T shirt, spring cool, Jacket and sweater. winter very cold at times, Heavy winter clothing and boots,mitts scarves, wool sweaters and Parkas also...

  • Be ready for the outdoors

    Waterproof luggage or back-packs. Warm clothing in winter--parkas ,boots, mitts,scarf,toque(hat)Summer is very warm--shorts,lightjacket,raingear,runners or good walking shoes,and of course jeans(the choice of all our locals)We rarely dress up. I cannot stress more--bring bug spray-we are famous for the blackflies and mosquitoes.Do not wear...

  • The North

    The entire area north of the Prairies and the populated Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Region is an area with boral forest. This area is usually snow-covered more than half the year. The "summer", which is the frost-free period, lasts barely two months. Precipitation is light, except along the coast of Labrador due to the influence of Atlantic...

  • Atlantic Canada

    The combined influence of continental air masses with air currents off the ocean give this region one of the most rugged and most variable climates anywhere in the country. In winter the temperatures can vary markedly as Arctic air is replaced by maritime air from passing storms. Snowfall in winter is relatively heavy, and fog is common in spring...

  • The Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Region

    More than half the Canadian population lives close to the Great Lakes or along the St. Lawrence River : the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. In there winter there is heavy snowfall and the summers are longer and more humid than elsewhere in Canada. Rainfall varies little year to year and is ample enough to sustain some of the best farming areas...

  • The Prairies

    The Canadian Prairies are the area from the Rocky Mountains to the Great Lakes. So this includes the Provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba and part of Alberta. The winters are cold here and the summer hot, with only light precipitation. In The dry southern part of Saskatchewan for instance, the annual precipitation averages less than 300...

  • The West Coast :

    The coast of British Columbia is influenced by the moist Pacific Ocean airstreams. The cities of Vancouver and Victoria have comfortable and relatively dry summers and mild, wet winters. There hardly ever falls snow in the low-laying areas, and when it does, it mostly melts the same day.The mountains in the Coastal Range and the Rocky Mountains,...

  • The Climate

    Wondering what the weather is like, and what clothes to bring? Canada is a huge country, and because of that it has a big diversity in climate, and temperature and precipitation differs from region to region and from season to season. Although in the extreme north temperatures climb above the 0°C for only a few months a year, most of the...

  • Packing List

    You must make for every weather condition. Rain, snow, sunshine you will experience it all. BUY sunscreen and bug repellant! Bring a camera with lots of film......there is so much beauty that you want to go home with a few memories.

  • Packing List

    Bring winter clothes /shoes when go to Whisler .U don't beleive no summer here .Tempertures drop really low .DON'T U BELEIVE SNOW DROP IN MONTH OF JUNE .Bring summer clothes /shoes when go to PACIFIC RIM .It's warm enough for u to jump in water in month of JUNE. ONETHING I ALWAYS FELT REGRET that not bring enough films for my camera when the...

  • Packing List

    If you are brave enough to come in the winter, BRING WINTER GEAR!! If you live in a warm climate, obviously it is cheaper (and funner) to shop for that stuff here. Make sure you have gloves, head gear of some sort, warm shoes, and coat. If you come in the summer, dress for warm, sometimes rainy weather. The temps usually get up to 25-30 degrees...

  • Packing List

    Camping As we mentioned before, you need to have your documents in order before you cross the border. Once in country, it doesn't hurt to contact a local vet to see if there are any precautions that you should take. For example, in San Diego we don't have too many problems with ticks, but in the Canadian Rockies they can be a major problem...

  • Packing List

    If you go in the summer don't overpack! You won't need jackets and trousers, just your shorts, swimming costumes and T shirts! Don't take dressy clothes unless you know you are going somewhere special. Most Canadians just dress casually, even when they go to restaraunts. Don't forget sun protection cream. It can get really hot in July and August...

  • Packing List

    If travelling in the Winter pack clothes that you can layer - it may be freezing outside but it's often tropical inside shops, bars & restaurants so make sure you have a tshirt to avoid meltdown!!! Hey this is Canada - you can buy pretty much anything you need. In Winter plenty of moisturisers & lip balm are an absolute must........ Especially...

  • Packing List

    I study here, so i had to take everything. If you are just travelling then bring something warm if you are travelling from October to May Study Abroad Canada has everything here, but they are strict on prescriptions.

  • Packing List

    Well, you might want to pack sweaters cause it gets a little nippy from October to May. Yep, in Canada we have four seasons; pre-winter, winter, post-winter, and construction. Lip Chap (and lots of it!!) This is Canada Eh.....we are at the capital of digital technology I love the outdoors. Camping is a must, and it's a good idea to make friends...

  • Packing List

    Depending on what you are doing. If you are hiking then pack light (or suffer the pain of lugging a full pack) if doing the hotel thing go nuts pack whatever you would like... When coming to Canada always and I mean always be prepared. The best advice I can give is to dress in layers. That way when it gets to hot you can dress down and if the cool...


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  • Jul 1, 2013 at 11:21 AM


  • Jul 1, 2013 at 11:21 AM

    I have been to Canada many times in all seasons because I was born there so I have family there, Trust me, you wouldn't wanna forget anything on those lists because they are all important! I hope this helped and comment if you need anything else!

  • Jul 1, 2013 at 11:18 AM

    It depens on where exactly you going in Canada because all parts have different weather. So im going to give you a list to bring for each season!

    1. LOTS of shorts
    2. T-shirts and tanks (tang tops)
    3. light sleeping clothes
    4. swim suit
    5. toothbrush and toothpaste
    6. shower and geting ready supplies (this may include makeup, things to clean your face with, etc.)
    7. a camera or phone
    8. phone charger
    9. a couple pairs of shoes (this may inclue flip flops or sandles, and running shoes for joging or running)
    10. warm clothes (this may include a couple pairs of sweatpants, sweaters, socks, and if you get really cold maybe a scarf, mittens, and a hat)
    11. goggles for swimming if you really like to go underwater
    12. extra towels
    13. a pillow or blanket for the long ride to Canada
    14. I usually bring music to listen to when bored or on the way to Canada
    15. Underwear or boxers
    16. deoderant
    17. sun glasses because of the hot sun!

    -You really wanna be perpaired if your going to Canada in the winter because the temperatures are really FREEZING!
    1. hats, mittens, scarves, boots, water or snow proff boots
    2. Coat
    3. alot of warm and comfotable clothes (this may be sweates, sweatshirts, socks, maybe some leg warmers, etc.)
    4. sled or tobogan
    5. camera or phone
    6. phone charger (s)
    7. warm shoes (boots, uggs, etc.)
    8. a pillow and blanket for the long ride
    9. underwear or boxers
    10. a couple pairs of shoes (just in case the others get soaked!)
    11. alot of pairs of socks
    12 shower supplies
    13. toothbrush and toothpaste
    14. shower and getting ready supplies ( this may include makeup, things to wash or clean you face, etc.)
    15. warm sleeping clothes
    16. some movies to watch in case of a snow storm
    17. swim suit (for indoor swimming)

    1. a couple pais of socks
    2. underwear or boxers
    3. deoerant
    4. sunglasses
    5. I usaully bring a pillow and blanket for the long ride!
    6. Alot of sweatpants because i can sometimes get cold
    7. alot of sweaters because you dont want to wear a tank when it gets cold!
    8. shower and getting ready supplies (this may include makeup, things to wask or clean your face, etc.)
    9. toothbrush and toothpaste
    10. both light and heavy sleeping clothes because one day it could be hot and the next it could be feezing at night!
    11. hat, mittens, scarves, and coat (if your going to be outside alot you would really want to bring a coat because the winds can really pick up!)
    12. a couple pairs of shoes ( I bring running shoes, boots, sandles, flip flops, uggs, and some extra just hanging out shoes)
    13. a camera or phone
    14. phone charger
    15. swim suit (for indoor swimming)
    16. JEANS
    17. a coat or heavy sweater(:

Canada What to Pack

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