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  • Do Not Feed the Animals!
    Do Not Feed the Animals!
    by RavensWing
  • Yes this was taken my me!!
    Yes this was taken my me!!
    by YolandaC
  • Wild Animals
    by lohki
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    Do Not Feed The Animals!

    by RavensWing Updated Jan 8, 2014

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    Yes they may be cute - you may feel the desire to take pictures of them - you may want to even pet them.

    Always remember that they are wild animals. The animals in the park always seem to be in their rutting time. Each animal has it's own time.

    Never feed the animals. A fed bear is a dead bear!

    Not only are they dangerous wild animals but it's illegal to feed them

    Do Not Feed the Animals!
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    Don't become lunch

    by lohki Written Feb 5, 2006

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    Though I have not seen a bear in ages, we all know they are out here.

    Please use these wild proof waste bins, not just for the bears, but all the wildlife.

    A lovely serene Elk may take a great picture, but is equally dangerous if he decides to take issue with you, same goes for the mountain goats and anything else you are apt to see.

    Please look, but don't touch. And never get out of the car!

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    Deer and bears are not pets!!

    by Hanau93 Written Apr 14, 2006

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    Every year on the news we hear that tourist don't understand that wild life is indeed wild and can be of great danger. The hunt for a cool pic or the need to "pet" them is so big that many people throw caution into the wind..Not a good idea..
    we enountered the bear on the way between Lake Louise and Banff and thank heavens the park rangers as well as the RCMP told people to stay away.
    Inside Banff we were surprised to see a deer having his breakfat in someone's yard..Please be careful!!

    The bear BREAKFAST!! mom and I keep our distance
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    wild animals!

    by Stellco Written Jan 26, 2003

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    Banff is in the middle of a provincial park. It is surrounded by wild animals. Elks are pretty harmless, but its the bears and cougars that you want to watch out for. A Cross country skiier was eaten by a cougar just before we went. Loverly!

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    All the animals are dangerous

    by drewlineham Written Feb 8, 2007

    Well I was reading on here that only the Mountain Lions, and Bears are dangerous. I just want to let people know that Elk cause the most injuries in the park. They may look docile, but they are a huge animal that is everywhere so stay clear. The Bull Elk (ones with antlers) are especially dangerous Sept-Oct because this is there mating time. The Cow Elk is especially dangerous in May and June. This is what they call calving season where they are looking after there young.

    Bear, You will never see them if you are just on Banff Ave. or any other of the main streets. The biggest part is to give them an exit if you do feel threatened. If the bear attacks you it is doing it because it fears for it's life, or is sick/old. If it does attack you stay in the fetal position and it usually gives up (likes there meals to be alive). To prevent the attack just sing or call out every few minutes and they will watch you walk by from the comfort of the woods.

    Cougar, I have never seen one personally, and I am grateful for that. They are incredibly dangerous if you see them, but if it wants you as prey you will not see them. They are incredibly stealth, and great hunters. You may ask what can a 150 pound cat do too a 200 pound man (a hell of alot). They stalk there prey and pounce when you don't expect it. If they attack you just fight for your life because you are able to scare them away with yelling and fighting. Fighting a bear is kind of futile unless it's really needed, but do not go down into the fetal position.

    You don't have to worry though it's just to make people aware of the threats.

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    Be Careful When Hiking, Bears Are A Plenty!

    by tetonski1 Written Jan 4, 2005

    Be careful when walking on mountain trails. There have been many a tourist injured by bear attacks!

    If it's the middle of the winter and you hear something snoring in the woods, go the other way!

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