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    by madamx Updated Apr 4, 2011

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    Calgary faces problems like any other large, urban centre, and unfortunately, crime is on the rise. The only tip I can give is to keep your wits about you and have "street smarts" i.e. don't go into dark alleyways at night, be cautious in seedy areas. I could give you a list of areas to avoid, but crime does happen in the best of areas as well as in seedy areas.

    Be especially careful if taking public transit, of the LRT (light rail transit) stations at night. It seems unsavoury characters like to hang around the LRT stations and prey on unsuspecting passengers. A car or cab might be better for late travel, or stick together in a group.

    Call 911 in case of emergency -- you can request police or an ambulance. Call 266-1234 if you need to call the police for a non-emergent matter.


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    Good and Bad

    by SuperCory Written Sep 17, 2008

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    I have lived here for my whole life, and as Calgary has grown, so has its dangers. Though, generally a pretty safe place, it does have areas you might want to avoid at night, Erin Woods, Forest Lawn (esp. near 17th Ave.), Penbrooke Meadows, Marlbourgh, Castleridge, Sattleridge, Falconridge, Lindsey Park, Victoria Park. Most of the areas I mentioned are from Erin Woods Dr, north to 16th Ave in the Northeast. If you go to those areas at night, use common sense, DON'T go looking for trouble, cause you might just find it. Downtown actually isn't that scary at night, but it varies on the person, and where downtown you go. Along 7th Aveune, or where the LRT runs through downtown, is where all the drug dealers are downtown. Actually, most of the LRT stations, esp. Franklin, Marlbourgh, Rundle, Whitehorn and Mcknight-Westwinds stations, in the northeast can be dangerous at night. There was a brutal attack at Franklin actually not too long ago. But just mind your own business, and you should be fine, and have fun in Calgary... it is actually a really safe place.

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    Dam/weir on bow river-no rafting

    by 4x4Xplorer Written May 3, 2008

    Hi, I'm not an expert on this matter. But I live close to this area. There is no area to by pass the weir while rafting.
    If you are coming from downtown by memorial,take deerfoot south and after 500 meters take exit to 17ave west (towards downtown), from first traffic signal take right to "pearce estate park and hatchery" You can park your vehicle here and approach the bow river just after the weir. Have fun and good luck.

    dangerous weir/dam -no rafting

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    Calgary still Under Construction

    by scottishvisitor Updated Feb 4, 2007

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    No real danger construction of new buildings is an on going process in downtown Calgary to accommodate the growth of business in the city. The city is quite compact and roads may be closed due to construction work so like us you may have to take a detour around the site to get to your next tourist spot.

    Hats & Boots Again
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  • Stay away from the northeast side of the city

    by punjabiz Written Sep 3, 2006

    if ur travellin ta the northeast stay away from castleridge, whitehorn, coral, falconridge, nevermind just make sure you dont pic fights wit asians or any brown person and mind your own business n ya dont walk around alone at night

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    The snow : traffic and calling a taxi

    by ptitetoile Written Feb 24, 2006

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    We thought that Canadian were used to snow....but apparently not in Calgary! It seems that there are more traffic jams and accidents when the snow invade the city. And it is impossible to have a taxi! The lines of all taxi companies are all busy and it can last 1/2 or even 1 hour to reach one !! So, an advice, call really in advance to be sure to have one! Because waiting on the street to catch one under the snow is not that evident!

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    Open during Construction

    by penumbra Written Sep 16, 2005

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    It’s true that we’re not quit finished building Calgary, but we are open during construction. The downtown is once again a hive of activity, where streets are blocked, holes are dug and glass buildings are thrown up. It gets like this whenever the price of oil goes up. Many of Calgary’s downtown office buildings are tenanted by oil companies so when the price of oil goes up, they expand and new buildings are built to meet the demand. At times like this, people quip that Calgary’s bird must be the crane (building crane). Normally, the buildings are completed just in time for the price of oil to go down and the buildings sit unoccupied for several years until the cycle starts again.

    Downtown Construction

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    Street Signs. What’s in a name?

    by penumbra Written Aug 20, 2005

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    Central Calgary is relatively easy to navigate. It’s a grid with numbered avenues and streets ascending in value in from Center street and the Bow river. Unfortunately, recent city planners have introduced confusion into this elegant system by giving the some downtown streets and avenues names instead of numbers. Ironically, the names of the streets are the former names that previous (wiser?) city planners removed in favor of the simpler numbering system.

    At the moment roads that have been renamed are labeled with dual signage. Although quant, it can cause misunderstanding when you’re trying to find your way around.

    It's not on the map
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    Club Dangers

    by Seradoms Written Aug 9, 2005

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    Although Calgary does not have a high number of reported cases - it is important always to metion club safety and date-rape drugs. There HAVE been cases in Calgary clubs in the past, so ladies in particular - AS ALWAYS - keep your hands on your drink at all times and make sure your friends know where you are / where you are going. If you think you have been drugged call Calgary police (dial 911) immediatly.

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    It Gets Really Cold

    by Shade420 Written Oct 17, 2004

    If you are coming to Calgary between October and April just know it gets down to the -30 celcius here. With the wind chill it can be -40-50. Skin freezes at -18 so make sure you have warm winter clothes. THis means a winter jacket, gloves, hat, scarf, ect... Anyone who isn't used to the cold will regret it if they come unprepared. Frostbite is really easy to get in this weather and is not plesent trust me. Also one you do that area will forever be more sensitive to cold and sun. Better to look silly all bundled up then to loose a ear.

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  • Watch out, American tourists!

    by katedalgleish Written May 22, 2004

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    Canadians may have a stereotype as being painfully polite, which we try to maintain. The only group of people that are more likely to recieve a bit of Canadian anger are the American people. Due to the strong anti-american sentiment across the nation, Canadians are even more unfriendly to Americans. Very rarely will there be outright anger at Americans, although there have been some tourists roughed up, but most likely we will act friendly while either ripping you off, or making you agree to stupid things, like that our Prime Minister is Jean Poutine. Watch out, and try to minimalize how American you look.

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    Lunch on Saturdays

    by madamx Updated Mar 10, 2004

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    As my husband and I recently found out, many restaurants in the downtown core DO NOT serve lunch on Saturdays. I guess since almost all downtown offices are closed on the weekend's, they don't feel it is worth opening. Murrieta's (in my restaurant tips) is one of the very few restaurants that are open for lunch on Saturdays.

    My advice is to phone ahead to the restaurant if you want to eat lunch downtown, or to be happy with the food court in Eaton Centre.

    The exception is Chinatown, which is open practically all the time.

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    Rough Areas

    by Maurgan Updated Feb 10, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I would avoid these areas at night, especially alone. Although Calgary is a safe city, I still wouldn't go here if I didn't have to.

    Be smart regarding the inner city parks at night, for the most part they are poorly lit.

    Victoria Park - near the Stampede grounds. Rough and generally drunk crowd.

    As a traveler it is unlikely you'll end up here, but for the most part the east side of the city between Memorial Drive and Glenmore trail, East of Deerfoot Trail - is not so nice. There are SOME decent residential areas scattered within this section of the city, but a lot of the area is industrialised and draws a rougher crowd.

    A one block radius surrounding the "sketchy Max" - as named by the people living in the area. On the corner of 7th Ave and 8th St SW. Not too dangerous, although fights break out here, and it is often populated by the local under-aged irritants, and a lot of nastier beggars.

    The block surrounding the Cecil downtown. (4th Ave and 2nd St SE). If you see these bright red letters (CECIL) glowing in the night sky - do not go to them.

    You have been warned!

    3rd Ave and 2nd St, near the French Maid, a block and a half away from Eau Clair. This would be our red light district. It isn't that bad, just a little gross.

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    Our Roads Suck!

    by Maurgan Written Feb 10, 2004

    Although people aren't too wreckless, especially when compared to everywhere else in the world, our roads are oddly signposted, and poorly marked. Best bet, if the guy in front of you seems to be avoiding the other cars, stick with him. This is especially true if the roads are wet.

    NB. Pedestrians have the right-of-way here. Please don't run me over!

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    by wreckloose Written Feb 8, 2004

    I guess this goes for anywhere, but don't drink too much or you'll end up feeling like crap the next day. There's nothing worse than a hangover when you're only visiting a place for a short period. Its a waste of your time.

    Juan: hungover @ 4 pm

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