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  • Off The Beaten Path
    by TarynJae
  • The Hoodoos and painted canyons
    The Hoodoos and painted canyons
    by DSwede
  • Big Rex
    Big Rex
    by DSwede

Drumheller Things to Do

  • Funland Amusement Park

    For a little bit of relaxing fun, head over to the Funland Amusement Park. There are bumper boats, a batting cage, and, my favorite, dinosaur themed mini golf! The course is very small, but it is still fun and takes a decent amount of time to go through. It looks like it should only take 5 minutes, but it takes just as long as any other mini golf...

  • Royal Tyrrell Museum

    Straight up, this is the top site in Drumheller. You can tell it's a great museum because it has the title of 'Royal' in the title and that isn't just given away to any place. This is an excellent museum for all ages. Opened September 25th, 1985 and named after Joseph Burr Tyrrell. It's a large building of 11,200 square metres with 4,400 of them...

  • The World's Largest Dinosaur

    If you're in Drumheller, you need to make a stop to see that big dinosaur. You won't miss anything if you don't go up to its head, except perhaps the view (and for a buck or two, it might be worth it).

  • Royal Tyrrell Museum

    Situated in the spectacular badlands of the Red Deer River Valley, the Royal Tyrrell Museum near Drumheller is a major research and exhibition centre and one of the largest palaeontological museums in the world. Every year, almost 400,000 people come to the Museum to explore Alberta's prehistory. Featuring more than 35 dinosaur skeletons and...

  • If you are into Dinosaurs and...

    If you are into Dinosaurs and all things related, stop by at the internationally recognized Royal Tyrell (Palaeontology) Museum in Drumheller. World's largest display of complete dinosaur skeletons.

  • Visit the Badlands

    Just across the way from the Royal Tyrrell Museum is a 1 km walk through the badlands. Following a clearly marked path, you can see this unique landscape from closeup.The lighting gets really interesting at sunset.


    Rosedale, and its Suspension Bridge, we came across when following the Hoodoo trail to the Hoodoo's.The Bridge is historic, and you can walk across it, which we did.It was once used by miners but is now used for fishing and to accessing more interesting area's of the Badlands.


    Hoodoos, I just love looking at all the amazing shapes that have taken form over millions of years. They are so interesting, and great fun to explore!The name "Hoodoo" comes from the word "voodoo" and was given to these geological formations by the Europeans.In the Blackfoot and Cree traditions, the Hoodoos are believed to be petrified giants who...


    Horseshoe Canyon, located in the Red Deer Badlands, was the 1st that we saw when heading to DrumhellerThe car park area was busy, probably because this Canyon is located near Highway 9, which runs between Calgary and Drumheller, and also, there was an Oversea's film crew there doing a documentary.This is also the spot for canyon helicopter tours...


    Said to be The World's Biggest Dinosaur," this was also where we found the Visitor Information Centre.It stands 86 feet high, is four times the size of a real Tyrannosaurus Rex, and is said to be a female dinosaur. She weighs 145,000 pounds, and is constructed almost entirely out of steel. For a small fee of $3.00, you can climb inside and into the...

  • Drumheller's Little Church

    A Little Church......A little cutie!This is the way I describe the small 7' x 11' Church on the outskirts of Drumheller. It was built in 1958 as a place of worship, why so small?............. I can't answer that. Perhaps there weren't many people living in the area?All that can fit in the Church, is 6 people and the Minister!More people go to visit...


    This would have to be the best display about Dinasour's that I have ever seen. It is very well done, well set out and has good, detailed information.Located in the Dinosaur Hall is one of the world's largest displays of dinosaur remains. Walking through the Dinasour Hall, I thought how lucky I was, not to be around at the time these HUGE creatures...

  • Bleriot Ferry

    The Bleriot Ferry is probably the oddest thing I saw in my time in Drumheller. It is a ferry made up of cables and pulleys used to transport vehicles across the Red Deer River. Why they built this in the first place and not a bridge is really beyond me, since there arebridges along the rest of the river. The ferry was built in 1913, along with...

  • Star Mine Suspension Bridge

    The Star Mine suspension bridge is one of the main attractions one hearsabout when they visit Drumheller (although it is actually located in thesmall community of Rosedale). The bridge itself is nothing spectacular.I think it is more of an attractive because of it's history.The Star Mine Suspension bridge was built in 1931 so coal miners couldget...

  • Atlas Coal Mine

    Drumheller and surrounding areas have an abundance of coal, which was "discovered" by several white explorers over the years, although the natives of the area knew about it long before. You can see the black strips of coal throughout the badlands to this day. The boom of the coal era was in the 1920s. At one point there were 139 coal mines...

  • Horseshoe Canyon

    Horseshoe canyon is, well, a canyon in the shape of a horseshoe. It's located about 17 km southwest of downtown Drumheller along Highway 9. There are plenty of hiking opportunities but I didn't really take in any. The canyon walls do get slippery when they get wet. You can also take a helicopter ride over the canyon. I found it to be a pleasant...

  • Hoodoos Provinicial Recreational Area

    Found in arid regions, hoodoos are formed over time by erosion from wind and water. The pillar part of hoodoos are an easily eroded rock such as sandstone and it is capped by rock that doesn't erode easily. If the cap is removed, the entire hoodoo can quickly disappear. Which means that you shouldn't handle them or climb on them due to their...

  • Visit Wayne

    Wayne is about 10ks south east from Drumheller. It is nearly a ghost town, with only about 40 people living there, compared to the old days when it was bigger than Drumheller, having 4 mines and about 3000 people. The Rosedeer Hotel is still standing. It looks like it came out of the Wild west. Inside, you will find pictures of the old times.


Drumheller Hotels

Drumheller Restaurants

  • DSwede's Profile Photo

    by DSwede Written Oct 4, 2010

    Located in the old 1913 "Rosedeer Hotel", the Last Chance Saloon is littered with old relics and photographs of the old days. The food is typical of a normal bar & grill, but the location and decoration makes the experience unique. The name Last Chance came because this was the end of the road and there was nothing for a long time if any adventurous soul wanted to push south.

    Favorite Dish: Typical bar and grill food, such as burgers, bbq and daily specials.

    It is a fully functional bar, so minors are not allowed except for on Sundays. Open 12n to 1am on Mondays ~ Saturdays.
    Sundays are until 7pm only in May ~ September.

    Last Chance
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Drumheller Transportation

  • by PrairieDee Written Mar 5, 2006

    The Bleriot Ferry connects the North Dinosaur Trail and the South Dinosaur Trail.

    If you're driving to Drumheller from the north I recommend taking the North Disnosaur Trail into town, it's a more scenic drive and you get to take the Ferry across the river (for free)

    The ferry operates from mid-May to October weather permitting.

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Drumheller Local Customs

  • RACCOON1's Profile Photo

    by RACCOON1 Written Sep 15, 2004

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    At the entrance to some building and in particular hotels/motels there will probably be a sign saying " Clean Your Shoes Before Entering'.

    It does rain in Drumheller. A minor rain storm can turn the native clay into a glue like substance. If you are hiking through the hoodoos and get this glue/clay on to your running shoes. you will have a problem.

    Rinsing with water does nothing. You will need a screw driver to gough the clsy from teh bottoms of your running shoes.

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Drumheller Warnings and Dangers

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    by Karlie85 Written Jul 16, 2008

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    When visiting attractions in and around Drumheller, such as the Hoodoos or the Suspension Bridge, there are areas in the Badlands where you can go for short hikes. Although there are lots of tourists around, be aware that there are also wild residents. For example, we were walking on a main path just past the Suspension Bridge when we were taken off guard by a large snake. Keep your distance and use common sense around wildlife.

    Snake in the hills
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Drumheller Off The Beaten Path

  • See theatre on one of Canada's largest...

    Every year for 7 performances in July they depict the life, death and ressurection of Jesus on an outdoor stage the size of 6 football fields in Drumheller, Alberta. It is massive in size and the play itself was done spectacularly. Some come for the story others for the amazing theatre.They also say you can come and visit the site year round and...

  • Little Fish Lake Provincial Park

    Located eastish of downtown Drumheller at about 30 minutes away is Little Fish Lake Provincial Park (LFLPP) at where secondary highways 851 and 573 meet. This place is quite isolated as their is not much else around the area. LFLPP has a little campsite, a playground and obviously a lake. When I was there, there was no one else there. Only a beaten...

  • A walk to remember

    Drumheller is located in the heart of Alberta Badlands, and has some wonderful, interesting, unique rocks and natural structures to explore. Take a walk outside of the Royal Tyrrell Museum and see where dino bones were found!


Drumheller Favorites

  • COAL

    From 1911 to 1979 coal was mined in Drumheller. The last mine , Atlas Coal Mine closed in 1979 and is now a tourist attraction .Up to 160 mines were in production in the Drumheller area at the peak of the coal mining era. In the 60's and 70's , as the mines closed , Drumheller's population was comprised of a lot of bachelors . Someone even labelled...


    In the Drumheller badlands and along the " Dinosaur Trail" NW of Drumheller it is possable to find dinosaur bones that have just been exposed by rains or the winter runoff. You will have to do a lot of walking through sometimes precarious terrain and you will have to pay attention .It takes a lot of luck . Do not try to remove anything you find .


    The Royal Tyrrell Museum is the big attraction in Drumheller.Is has the label "ROYAL" as Queen Elizabeth toured the museum and was so impressed that she ( and only she can do this ) gave it the " Royal " designation .Budget 4 hours to see the displays.They also have : ( 1) guided walking tours through the hoodoos (2) day long dinosaur digs . ...


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