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    Beware of weirdos!

    by Jefie Written Dec 22, 2004

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    Maybe I'm just really unlucky but in the few months I spent in Edmonton, I saw two guys peeing in VERY public places and bumped into two exhibitionists. This happened on Whyte Ave and on the Leg grounds. So I'm not saying that Edmonton is a dangerous city, but as in any other city, there are some strange people living there.....

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  • Seedy parts of the city

    by bulletproof Written May 27, 2003

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    Edmonton is a very safe city, but take the normal precautions as with any city. Areas to avoid, especially at night, would include:

    -downtown area immediately east of 97 Street and north of 100 Avenue/Jasper Avenue
    -Stony Plain Road between 149 Street and 165 Street

    Whyte Avenue can also be very rowdy when all the bars let out at 2 AM... recall the Canada Day riot of a few years ago. As long as you leave before closing to get to your car you should be fine.

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  • VTShounen's Profile Photo

    A few rough spots...

    by VTShounen Updated Feb 25, 2003

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    Edmonton is a very safe city, by world standards. Its crime rate is about on par with other major Canadian cities. The most dangerous area would be the neighbourhood immediately east of downtown (east of 97 St - see attached map). Other troubled spots perceived to be dangerous are the ones labeled 'inner city neighbourhoods'. These generally refer to areas immediately north of downtown (east of 105 St up to 107 Ave) and northeast of downtown (along 111/112 Ave east of 97 St to the Stadium and along 118 Ave from 92 St to Northlands). The stretch of 118 just west of City Centre Airport is also dodgy (though I can't imagine what there is for a tourist to go there for!!)

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    Like every other city, you...

    by Rice_Paper Updated Aug 26, 2002

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    Like every other city, you have to be careful and smart about wandering around in Edmonton. Avoid dark alleys/shortcuts, don't walk alone at night, etc. Generally, Edmonton is safe but just be careful, that's all.

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  • Civet's Profile Photo

    Generally, the bad places in...

    by Civet Written Aug 26, 2002

    Generally, the bad places in town include 118 avenue from 97 street all the way east. As well, areas surrounding the Police Headquarters downtown at 96 street and 103 Avenue. The north end has a bad reputation, but it's not all that bad.

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  • urbandecay's Profile Photo

    Just say no!

    by urbandecay Written Oct 13, 2006

    Around places like the Greyhound Bus Station or the Main Library Downtown you may be approached and asked for money for any number of reasons, some convincing some not. Just politely say no. Don't give out money, most of the time it's a scam and just contributes to more people trying it. If said person gets abusive in either the library or bus station, contact security. Both places are heavily patrolled.

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  • Keep to Yourself

    by les.boudoir Written Nov 10, 2012

    I've lived in Edmonton a year now and in my experience as long as you keep to yourself you will be okay. I've been in some scary areas late at night such as Coliseum & Abbotsfield, but never felt as though my safety were threatened. The one place I would be weary of is Whyte Ave at night. Drunk idiots who will attempt to get in your face and VERY aggressive beggars. I know a few women who have been threatened and intimidated by bums on Whyte when they were alone. Come to think of it the whole area surrounding Whyte is bad for aggressive beggars.

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  • rule of thumb

    by collegedyke1 Written Aug 14, 2013

    If you're sightseeing in Edmonton for some reason, most of the places you'd probably be actually interested in going are pretty safe. Obviously, the area around the Stadium and Rexall place are not the nicest places to be, but when there's something going on there, there'll be a substantial crowd and therefore no real danger (but keep an eye on your stuff). Whyte avenue is probably the best place in Edmonton to hang out, but if you're going there at night (lots of bars and clubs, great fun), it is best not to go alone, as with any such place anywhere. Stay the hell away from West Edmonton Mall after closing, and I've been pretty uncomfortable in the LRT stations north of the river, and in the University areas at night. Any part of the river valley that is not bordered by rich suburbs should also be avoided after dark.
    Downtown is ok during the day, unless you're North of the CN tower or East of Canada place. At night, do what you'd do anywhere and stay where the crowds are.
    I didn't list any of the really bad parts of the city because there's really not much to see there anyway, but if you want to know, the other tips here are basically accurate.

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  • urbandecay's Profile Photo

    West Edmonton Mall

    by urbandecay Updated Aug 27, 2004

    The parking lot at West Edmonton Mall is not the safest place late at night. Shootings and stabbings have happened here. Don't hang around here after the clubs close.

    It can take a long time time to get a cab on the side of the mall where the clubs exit. Try going back into the mall before closing time and ordering a cab from the desk at Fantasyland hotel. It's a lot faster.

    For a mall map:

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  • walking through abboutsfeild

    by 9jman Updated Nov 14, 2004

    Abboutsfeild is a very rough area. Be carefell when walking through this area at night. abboutsfeild also has alot of muggings so BEWARE. NEVER walk through abboutfeild at night. Belive me on that one i see so many people in that area getting jacked for there stuff. If your not from this area i wouldnt recomond walking through this area at night.

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  • Dangerous Areas of Edmonton

    by Telse Updated Jul 6, 2008

    First, avoid Millwoods. Most of the stabbings/murders I've heard on the news over the years have been there.

    Another place would be 118ave. There's been fighting, drug busts, and arsonists.

    As for downtown Edmonton, around Stanley Milner Library and Churchill Square, I wouldn't recommend it. They apparently increased security because of the muggings and bullying (even in broad daylight), and my boyfriend felt safe at 11:00pm, waiting for the bus. But I say it starts to get iffy at around 8:00pm in the summer, and 5:00pm is the time to avoid in winter.

    There's also a skateboard park where concerts are held that I think hasn't been very safe. I don't know which one, so I guess just avoid any skateparks at night, or where you think concerts are held.

    If you're at a concert at West Edmonton Mall late at night, stay in a group, and be careful. Don't even bother going there after hours and loiter in the parkade or by the doors.

    The best bus station (where I have felt safest) is at the university campus. If you need to take a bus, take it there if you can.

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  • Dangeruos places

    by eddie666 Updated Dec 3, 2009

    the worst places in edmonton, Abbotsfield if you can dont walk alone never walk around past 8pm, coliseum is another bad one, but the one place that the most happens is white ave (82)ave if you are in Edmonton at night and walking avoid white past 7-9pm as a person who lives in Edmonton tose are the three worst places here

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  • Avoid Certain Areas

    by lvsehi98145 Written Jan 29, 2011

    Edmonton is generally safe. The best areas include the Lewis Estates, Rutherford, Tewilliger, Summerside, Elerslie, Britnell, Southgate (can get iffy in the early morning) and the other "posh areas". Avoid areas from the Yellowhead south to the river. It can get really sketchy at times. But avoid at all costs the Alberta Avenue (or avenue of Champions) and the Boyle st areas. Be careful at WEM too. If in the downtown areas, avoid anything east of Churchill at all costs and nothing north of the CN building. Key in Edmonton, the more North or South WEST you go the safer you'll be. The general rule is from 127th avenue to Argyl RD and 82 ST to 142 ST is pretty rough at night. Avoid the Churchill, Stadium, Collesium, Fort RD, Clareview, Jasper Place, Rundle, Boyle. Avoid Millwoods too. And stay out of any run down area cough "jasper place" cough. Be aware and you will be fine.

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  • sirpantsalot's Profile Photo

    Be aware of which areas are...

    by sirpantsalot Written Aug 24, 2002

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    Be aware of which areas are safe to walk around at night. Some areas are very dimly lit and it can be hard to find a open door or a cab if you get lost.

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