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    Chilliwack B.C.
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    Mount Cheyen near Chilliwack
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Chilliwack Things to Do

  • Stay home

    HI:I moved here almost 2 years ago, and am bored to death. Chilliwack has 1 excuse of a Mall. The theatre moved. The BOM is moving. The downtown is like a Ghosttown.There is NOTHING to do here for entertainment.

  • See quality theatre at UCFV Theatre

    Each year the University College of the Fraser Valley Theatre Department put on three world class performances and host the Director's Theatre Festival in April.Theatre students are the cast and crew, but they are guided by a professional faculty and staff.For twelve or fourteen dollars a seat you can see high quality productions of classical and...

  • Vedder River

    The Vedder River varies in depth throughout the year, but is a wonderful place to fish, swim, tube, kayak, explore, hunt for rocks, walk, run, bike, or ride your horse along the trail. During the summer the water is usually warmer and lower than it is during the spring months. There are some shallow areas for young or inexperienced swimmers. Many...

  • Visit Cultus Lake

    Cultus lake is in a provincial park. It is beautiful year round. It has lots of things to do, walks, camping, water slides, mini golf, golf, go karts, a small strip mall with restaurants and a gift shop. There are jet skis for rent, and you can sail and canoe. There are campsites all down the lake but be sure to book early for long weekends. You...

  • Visit the Minter Gardens

    We visited Minter Gardens in mid-April. The grounds are beautiful, with large areas of perfectly manicured lawns mixed in with winding (but smooth and wheelchair accessible) paths that go off into varieous flowering areas.I really enjoyed the different areas where a lot of foliage separates the visitor from the world. Then you would come around...

  • Walk to the beautiful Bridal Veil Falls

    Bridal Veil Falls is an astonishingly beautiful falls that is easy to get to. Rather than a typical falls with a thick stream of water flowing, the water is spread out evenly over a large area with many bumps on the way down resulting in a very large white foamy falls (hence the name).There is a short 1/4 mile walk from the parking lot to the base...

  • Minter Gardens

    Minter Gardens is about a forty five minute drive east of Abbotsford, and fifteen minutes past Chilliwack. A beautiful rolling landscape of trees, schrubs and flowers that surround a few trickling waterfalls, is also visited by bees, birds and butterflies. On weekends there is often a musician or band playing in the courtyard as you enter. There is...

  • Minter Gardens - Now Closed

    I've been here most times out - just nice to walk around and enjoy the flowers and greenery. Personally I'm not very good with flowers - growing or naming them, but I still love the variety here.

  • Check out Five Corners

    Chilliwack has a lot of history, and most of it can be found in the downtown core. One of the main areas is called Five Corners. It's exactly what it sounds like: five roads intersect right in the heart of Chilliwack.. It's a very interesting intersection, and it's actually a bit tricky to navigate if you've never been here before.


Chilliwack Hotels

  • Best Western Rainbow Country Inn

    43971 Industrial Way, Chilliwack, British Columbia, V2R 3A4, Canada

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 2 out of 5 stars

  • Coast Chilliwack Hotel

    45920 First Avenue, Chilliwack, V2P 7K1, Canada

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

    Hotel Class 3.5 out of 5 stars

  • Comfort Inn Chilliwack

    I was able to negotiate a little off the price of the room. The room was nice, clean and...


Chilliwack Restaurants

  • Stop for a tea break or lunch when...

    For a lunch out with the girls, a high tea, or a yummy sandwich and cuppa while you're downtown Chilliwack, this is one of the places you must go.Lovely selection of teas and coffee, served in a cup and saucer from the collection your mother or grandmother had... this was terrific. Good selection of sandwiches, and if you come in the afternoon (or...

  • Great Sandwiches

    The Little Beetle is one of those little restaurants that pop up in commercial areas and is pretty much only known by locals. Definitely not on the beaten path unless you are needing something down in that area. Was taken there by my cousin and aunt, for a great sandwich and soup. It wasn't fancy, but the food was delicious, and I always am happy...

  • Casual Fine Dining & Tapas

    Pretty much the only place in Chilliwack that offers a true dining experience. Superb food and a mature wine list that would typically be found in a major city. California Scallops and Prawns - Digby Bay Scallops, Tiger Prawns, Carmelized Corn, Organic Tomatoes, Avacado Wedges, Smoked Chipotle Oil.

  • A true "Family" restaurant

    All dishes from traditional breakfasts to the ever changing dinner entrees are heaped full with good food. "Small" is not a word Clark understands. Soups are always made on the premises.

  • Great Place Any Time of the Day

    When I'm in Chilliwack, I rarely go out for a meal as I am visiting family and we tend to eat at home (someone's home). One visit I had the chance to go out for breakfast with my cousin before she started school (she is a teacher!).. and this is where we went.I enjoyed it as a nice family style restaurant with lots of choice on the menu. Not sure...

  • Pick me up

    Many people are surprised when they go to Chilliwack and discover how many Tim Horton's donut shops we have.. There's not one, not two, not three, not four, but five Tim Horton's, all within around 10 minutes of each other.. It always amazes me in Vancouver how difficult it is to find a Tim Horton's.. I practically became hooked on Timmie's Chilli...


Chilliwack Nightlife

  • Friendly Pub

    Whenever I'm back in town, and want to meet up with some friends for a few beer, we head down to Major Leagues in Chilliwack. It's a pretty classy sports bar, complete with big TVs, several floors, and all you can eat steak nights..Here's a shot of my on my birthday two years ago.. Anything..

  • Go grab some beer

    Area 51 is one of the two major nightclubs in Chilliwack. It's located on the corner of Yale Road West and Hocking Avenue. The average age of people in here is probably around 23. Area 51 takes up two full floors, and has a balcony that overlooks the dance floor. Pretty casual, although I wouldn't wear sneakers here..

  • Chilliwack Hotels

    12 Hotels in Chilliwack

Chilliwack Shopping

  • downtown Chilliwack is charming

    found the same bookstore on a trip to Chilliwack.. the shop is huge, really nice to browse, and i found a couple of books that i'd been searching for for a long time. they have a couple of chairs up front, and i settled into one and browsed some books... it was super relaxing. i found a great hiking guide for the area too.

  • More then just malls

    The malls are only for main stream type stuff. If you happen to be closer to the down town area, Wellingdon ave. has some very nice shops, including a very large used book store with great prices, and a few nice clothing and jewlery stores. Not very large but a alternative for a quick stop. Bellamey's (good fish and chips) and Decades (good coffe)...

  • The one and only

    There are two malls in Chilliwack: Chilliwack Mall and Cottonwood Corner. If you walk into Chilliwack Mall, you'll feel suicidal, so don't go there.. Instead, go to Cottonwood. There's a Zellers and a Sears here, along with tons of other little shops


Chilliwack Tourist Traps

  • Cultas Lake

    by wyattk Written Apr 25, 2005

    The only reason this is a trap is due to the amount of people. In the summer and good weather there are tons of people from Vancouver the valley out enjoying the lake and waterslides.

    Unique Suggestions: Try your hardest not to be the one who has to do the parking, it can be a nightmare, and uncomfortable too if you don't have airconditioning.

    As soon as you get parking there is enough room for everyong and you will have a great time.

    Fun Alternatives: If you want swimming Cultas is you best bet. On the way there is also the Vedder river, and if you follow that chilliwack Lake. Though Chilliwack lake is another hour and it's cold!

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Chilliwack Off The Beaten Path

  • Zanzibargirl's Profile Photo

    Bridal Veil Falls

    by Zanzibargirl Written Nov 11, 2004

    Bridal Veil Falls are 16 Km East of Chilliwak and 100km from Vancouver, situated in the Fraser Valley at the base of Mount Cheam. They get their name, rather obviously, from the way the falls look kinda like a brides veil. Very pretty indeed it is well worth the hike to see the falls an take a picture.

    Bridal Veil Falls
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Chilliwack Favorites

  • The River

    Chilliwack is located in the heart of the Fraser Valley, nestled between several large mountains. If you head down to Island 22, you can see the Fraser River, which eventually merges with the pacific ocean near Vancouver. Fishing in the Fraser River

  • Tons of farmland, cradled by the...

    Chilliwack is really a farming community, despite several new industries that have popped up there recently. Many people still leave their doors unlocked at night, and go for evening strolls downtown to various coffee-shops. I like most of my memories in Chilliwack!

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

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