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  • Spotted Lake
    Spotted Lake
    by balhannah
  • The view of Osoyoos from Anarchist Mountain
    The view of Osoyoos from Anarchist...
    by Carmanah
  • Fresh fruits from the orchards of Osoyoos
    Fresh fruits from the orchards of...
    by Darby2

Osoyoos Things to Do

  • Spotted Lake

    4 out of 5 stars

    This weird looking lake contains one of the highest concentration of magnesium sulfate, calcium, sodium and other rare elements, and when water evaporates with the heat, the element deposits show up in this weird formation. This is a privately owned lake, therefore you can't get to it but you can stop by the road side and admire this natural...

  • Go Cherry Picking

    The area around Osoyoos, and in fact the entire Okanagan Valley, is known for its magnificent cherries, which are said to be among the best in North America. Though you can get them at any roadside farmers market, it's more fun to pick them yourself. We basically just drove up to a random orchard, knocked on the door, and asked the owner if we...

  • Go see Spotted lake

    This weird looking lake contains one of the highest concentration of magnesium sulfate, calcium, sodium and other rare elements, and when water evaporates with the heat, the element deposits show up in this weird formation. This is a privately owned lake, therefore you can't get to it but you can stop by the road side and admire this natural...

  • Soar Above The Lake

    Wanna get a bird's eye view of the lake? Then parasailing might be just the thing for you! For this high flying adventure head to Watermark Beach. The guys are usually set up in a trailer there during the summer. It costs about 60 dollars, and no experience is neccessary. You get a quick lesson from an instructor before take off. It is open to...

  • Horseback Riding In The Desert

    Horseback riding is one of the most popular activities on Lake Osoyoos. The horse stable is located right near the campground, and tours are offered about 3 times daily in the summer. The ride is deffinately worth it. It lasts a little over an hour, and takes you through desert and pine forest, and you might get to see a Rattlesnake. The ride then...


    This centre.......... (pronounced in-ka-meep) is a state-of-the-art interpretive centre.There are many indoor and outdoor galleries, unfortunately, on our day of visit, the Indoor area was not open, it was a disappointment, as I had read about this cultural centre, and came to visit. We did see the outdoors, and the Winery was open, so we went in...


    I think this is a MUST DO for the wonderful views.On the opposite of Osoyoos to what we arrived, is the winding, steep road.....[910 feet to 4045 feet] that takes you up Anarchist Mountain. Here, you find the Lookout perched about 4,000 feet above sea level.From here you can see all the way down to the US in the south and, looking north, pretty...


    Ah! I bet you think Rattlesnake Canyon is a natural Canyon with the odd Rattlesnake?Sorry to disappoint, but it is an Amusement park, located in the main street of Osoyoos.http://www.rattlesnakecanyon.ca/This is one of the many things to do here.What I liked, was the warm weather, the large beautiful lake, and the long Pioneer Walkway, which is...


    Around Osoyoos Lake, we found many beaches and picnic grounds. Even though it is a lake in Canada, the water was warm, just poked the toe in, to see if they were telling the truth about the warm water temperature! Yes they were! Haynes Point picnic ground we liked. It is a narrow bit of land, jutting into Osoyoos Lake. There were many lakeside...

  • Lookout over Osoyoos

    After stopping and looking at Spotted Lake, it was time to head down the Mountain on Highway 3 to Osoyoos.On the way down, there is a lookout, if you like taking photo's, then make sure you pull off here, as the views are fantastic of the Mountains, Lake & surrounds.Just wish I had a digital camera with me!


    Heading into Osoyoos, look out for the "Spotted lake", it is located on the RH side, about 9kms from Town. You can't go in, as it is located on private property, but you can get a good look from the fence. It is worth a stop to see, as this Lake contains one of the world's highest concentrations of minerals, including epsom salts, calcium,...

  • Osoyoos Lake

    Osoyoos Lake averages 24 degrees in the summer and is one of the warmest lakes in Canada. You can rent a boat or sea-do and explore the lake, or simply put air in your favourite floaty and chill out near the shore in the areas roped off from boaters. It's heaven!

  • Rattlesnake Canyon family amusement park

    This is a great little amusement park - compact but good, if a little on the pricey side. In the summer it is most busy when the sun goes down, since there is not much else to do in the evening for families staying in Osoyoos. If you happen to take the kids in the afternoon (as I did) there is a deal of $18 for 5 rides, otherwise the attractions...

  • Go wine tasting

    The Okanagan Valley has the perfect weather to grow grape and make prize winning wine recognized internationnally. There are dozens of winery to visit, including a native one, small, large, and a fruit winery called Silver Sage that I really recommend.

  • Elevate yourself...

    Having a car helps to visit the Okanagan Valley. Well having a bike is even better! I took this picture on my way back to Vancouver, on HWY 3 just about 6 km away from Osoyoos. The views on the valley were magnificient and you can see Osoyoos in the horizon.


    The PIONEER WALKWAY is located along Lake Osoyoos in the heart of the busy motel & restaurant district. It was right across the street from our motel and it was a delight to walk along it. The flowers were absolutely beautiful. One amazing aspect of the walkway is that the gardens are cared for by volunteer citizens of Osoyoos who take pride in...


    Visitors are taken on a guided tour along a boardwalk trail that winds through the arid shrubs and grasses to four interpretive kiosks. Learn about desert ecology, ecological restoration and the conservation of this threatened and fragile ecosystem.


    Interpretive Kiosks, a native plant garden and Spadefoot Toad pond are featured at the NK'MIP DESERT CENTRE, along with over one and a half kilometres of boardwalk. Bluebird boxes and their residents can be viewed from the shaded deck.


Osoyoos Hotels

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Osoyoos Restaurants

  • Burgers Plus

    After weeks of eating rich gourmet meals, I was craving simple comfort junk food - fried chicken. It became a joke, ever since we tried to buy a "bucket-o-cluck" at a KFC in July to bring to the beach, only to find that the location we had driven to had closed down. It's not that we eat it often, but for weeks we had a craving for the famous fried...

  • Campo Marina

    Kind of a weird situation.Having just checked into our B&B, I was looking at the local restaurant menus and noticed the good variety of food at Osoyoos's Campo Marina, Italian restaurant. I felt like gnocchi, and my boyfriend felt like their veal tortellini. Because we were staying at the top of a mountain with a view to the west, we wanted to...


    The WINDMILL ICE CREAM was just down the street from our motel so we took a walk down and each had an ice cream. I had my favourite-- butter pecan. MMM


Osoyoos Shopping

  • Roadside fruit stands

    They have a wonderful selection of the freshest orchard produce...Cherries, peaches, apricots, apples, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers.I brought back a 20 pound case of peaches for just $14.50. Other items available include local honey, herbs, vegetables, cider, jams and jellies Small quantities such as baskets -around $4-5.Wholesale prices on case...

  • Fresh fruit for sale

    A summertime trip to the Okanagan wouldn't be the same without gorging on fresh local peaches and cherries and corn, and taking a good haul home with you if possible. There are roadside fruit stands throughout the Okanagan. It should be noted that the old-fashioned casual roadside stall are becoming more rare and increasingly replaced by...

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Osoyoos Local Customs

  • balhannah's Profile Photo


    by balhannah Updated Apr 4, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Travelling along the dirt road to Nk'Mip Desert Cultural Centre, we encountered many of these
    "Rattlesnake Crossings" signs.
    On arriving at the centre, we realized why......

    There is a RATTLESNAKE RESEARCH PROGRAM here, so they don't want to find their Rattlesnakes dead on the road!

    Signs are scattered around so you are aware of the Snakes when walking as well. The Western Rattlesnake is a local in the region, but is an "at risk" Snake.

    Researchers capture the rattlesnakes, then measure, weigh, and tag them with tiny microchips. They are then released back into the wild. A small number of snakes are also equipped with radio-transmitters.

    If you go to the Centre, you will have a chance to see the Rattlesnake Presentations.
    Sometimes, you may be lucky and see the weekly tagging sessions

    Rattlesnakes go into hibernation and are seen best between April to October

    One of the signs
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Osoyoos Warnings and Dangers

  • Stay Off This Beach At Night!

    The beaches in the city are safe, but stay away from the beaches on the otherside of the lake. Not on the Washington side, but on the Canadian side, on the east side (actually it's more like northeast), where all the campgrounds are. I forgot the name of the beach, but it's the main beach near the campgrounds that everyone goes to. It's not the...

  • osoyoos,b.c. seadoo rental @ starlite...

    beware of renting any boats or seadoos from the holiday inn (starlite marina) janet brogan is manager. took my visa imprint . i brought seadoo back early was running rough. then they took seadoo out of the lake. her young apprentice mechanic told her the seadoo had "milfoil" around the impeller housing " which came out of the middle of the lake....

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Osoyoos Off The Beaten Path

  • urbandecay's Profile Photo

    Take a side trip to Washington...

    by urbandecay Written Oct 13, 2006

    Osoyoos is right on the border with the US. Seattle is not too far away. But if you go here by bus don't take the Greyhound from Osoyoos (which goes through Vancouver). A quicker, cheaper and in some ways more interesting trip is to get someone to drive you to Omak, Washington (about an hour away over the border). From here you can catch a cheap bus to Seattle.

    Omak also has a cool rodeo each year with the infamous "Suicide" horse race.

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Osoyoos Favorites

  • Carmanah's Profile Photo

    Good food, with a view!

    by Carmanah Written Sep 1, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Fondest memory: Because we were staying at the Observatory B&B which was located at the top of Anarchist Mountain, looking down over Osoyoos, we decided to spend an evening enjoying a meal from our patio. Take a look at our view, and you'll begin to understand why!

    Because there are dozens of great wineries within a short distance to Osoyoos, we were able to enjoy the local wines with dinner. As well, we picked up some tasty local green grapes - tiny round emerald spheres - quite different from our typical Californian-imports - that tasted like little bubbles of white wine. It was incredible!

    We had also picked up some local plums and watermelon, some onion and garlic bread, French dark chocolate, Oka cheese and a caramel-chocolate sauce. Along with our fried chicken dinner (which we had been craving after endless gourmet cuisine, don't laugh!), the meal was fit for a king!

    Local wines and good food - with a view!
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