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  • Historic Gulf Of Georgia Cannery
    Historic Gulf Of Georgia Cannery
    by briantravelman
  • Canada's Largest Commercial Fishing Fleet
    Canada's Largest Commercial Fishing...
    by briantravelman
  • Shops At The Marina
    Shops At The Marina
    by briantravelman

Richmond Things to Do

  • Highway to Heaven

    The International Buddhist Temple (or Guan-Yin Temple) is the first and largest authentic Chinese temple in North America, and is built palace-style based on the Forbidden City. It has four large halls, two courtyards, and several little shrines, and is still being expanded. If you have more than 15 people, you can sign up for a guided tour. The...

  • Steveston

    Although Steveston feels like a separate city, it's actually part of Richmond. This is by far the most beautiful, and most interesting area of the city.The oldest area in Richmond, Steveston was founded in 1880, by William Herbert Steves, as a small fishing village. As it grew, it was slowly incorporated into the city of Richmond.Situated at the...

  • Guan Yin Si Buddhist Temple

    The Guan Yin Si Temple, also called the International Buddhist Temple, is the largest Chinese temple, in North America, and is still being expanded. This incredible structure was built to resemble the Forbidden City, in Beijing. Construction of the temple began in 1979, when two Buddhists from Hong Kong, donated money, for its construction. The...

  • Visit Richmond Night Market

    The Richmond Night Market runs from May - October and is open only Friday - Sunday and Stat holidays - so of course it will always be busy, but it's well worth the visit. When we went we opted to eat first (since we had a 1 year old at the time) and we were disappointed that we decided to do that. The variety of food trucks there is fantastic and...

  • Visit Steveston

    Steveston is an old fishing village located in southwest Richmond! It's a great place to visit with a ton of great restaurants, coffee shops and little shops for visiting! It's one of our favourite places to go for dinner when we are near the city. We always try something new and enjoy a walk by the water afterwards! It's not necessarily a day...

  • Hop-on Hop-off Tour

    Get your ticket at YVR's Tourist Information counter as you exit the departure hall, not downtown! It's only $34 for 2 days, with a one way Falls Creek boat trip to/from Granville Island thrown in! If you buy the Hop-on Hop-off ticket at Canada Place, it will cost you $38 per day or $45 for 2days! Worth the savings, for even if you decide to use it...

  • Visit the Largest Buddhist Temple Around

    The International Buddhist Temple (or Guan-Yin Temple) is the first and largest authentic Chinese temple in North America, and is built palace-style based on the Forbidden City. It has four large halls, two courtyards, and several little shrines, and is still being expanded. If you have more than 15 people, you can sign up for a guided tour. The...

  • Richmond Night Market

    If you want to feel like you've stepped out of North America and onto the Asian continent, the Richmond Night Market is your place. While it only occurs during the summer months (from June up until the end of September), this is definitely a must see for local Asian culture.The Richmond Night Market is a collaboration of 100+ vendors selling all...

  • London Heritage Farm

    The London Heritage Farm (locally called "London Farm" or sometimes "London Farm House") is possibly the oldest farm in Richmond standing. It was first built in the 1880's by the London family. The Londons were one of the first pioneers to establish a permanent residence in Richmond.The Londons took what was essentially swampy tidal flats along the...

  • Minoru Park

    Hidden behind the Richmond General Hospital and the Gateway Theatre lies a tranquil garden which has existed in Richmond for generations. Minoru Park is an urban park that combines recreational green spaces (a fitness park, a soccer field, and a racing oval) with traditional manicured gardens. The gardens have many walking trails which take...

  • Richmond Nature Park

    Richmond Nature Park is a preserved bog ecosystem in the centre of Richmond. Originally, before European settlement, the majority of Richmond was a bog. Nowadays, while most of Richmond has been turned into an urban environment, the Richmond Nature Park offers a glimpse into Richmond's ecological past.

  • Aberdeen Centre

    Aberdeen Centre was the first enclosed Asian mall in Richmond and all of Greater Vancouver. Originally it was a tiny shopping centre consisting of a handful of grocery stores, retail stores, tea merchants, a bowling alley and a movie theatre showcasing Asian films. It was more or less a local generic-looking strip mall catering to the Asian...


Richmond Hotels

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Richmond Restaurants

  • Fantastic Mexican!

    We always try to find delicious Mexican restaurants, and this place was a wonderful find! It was actually recommended by my husband's boss and we couldn't wait to try it. We eventually ended up here on a Friday night after we had to make a trip to the airport. We arrived before the usual dinner crowd would and the place was pretty empty - perfect...

  • Korean

    外 母 屋 ~ Nother In Law's Home aptly describes this large Korean Restaurant, for our supper it was almost full, busy with lots of action. We were a family group of 14, so the younger members ordered, oldies sat back and savoured the variety of flavours. B2.갈비 L.A. Gahl Bee $17.95 ~ Korean Traditional B.B.Q. beef...

  • Chinese Comfort Food - Snacks

    Chinese Comfort food, ala HK, quick service, fiedly, steady stream of clients at 11.30am,next time will try their 1/2/4 group Combo menus Congee with fish was best, smooth and rice still having a form: troters i liked also the stir fried cheung fun,

  • Fish and Chips on the Beach

    There are two locations in the Steveston neighborhood of Richmond, one on a float so you can actually eat "on the river", and the other in Garry Point Park, also on the beach. The service is quick, the food is great and it's a great place to grab lunch or dinner on a walk around Steveston. They're only open in the summer months, as they are an...

  • It's All About the Food!

    While staying in Richmond, we drove past this place one night on our way to get some Sushi. We decided to keep it in mind, and the following night we checked out some reviews for it online to find all of them pretty good, so we decided to give it a try. Though it doesn't have a ton of atmosphere, the food was fantastic! The first guy we were...

  • Great BBQ!

    Since Vancouver and the surrounding area are largely saturated with Asian food options, we were excited to find a BBQ place to try to switch things up a little. The first time we attempted to go, we were disappointed to find out you needed a reservation. However, we kept this in mind two days later and were happy to get a table for that night. It...


Richmond Transportation

  • You Need A Car To See The Attractions

    There is a sky train that goes to Richmond from Vancouver, but it doesn't go to Steveston, or stop anywhere near the attractions. Besides, the attractions are spread too far apart, to tour the city on foot. If you want to see the city's attractions like the Chinese Temple, Finn Slough, and Steveston, you need a car, otherwise you won't be seeing...

  • Trans Link Sky Train

    The Trans Link Company offers public transportation called Sky Train. This is a kind of metro running on elevated tracks above the Richmond Streets along the River Road.Richmond is served by the Canada Line.

  • Happy birthday double upgrade

    With an office located in the lobby of the Hilton/Vancouver Airport, this National Car Rental outfit is a great option if you are looking for price (you don't pay the numerous airport fees), access and good service. Plus, the guy behind the counter was very friendly and even gave us a double upgrade because he saw that my birthday was coming up...


Richmond Shopping

  • 100Y aka Dollar Store

    $2 and sometimes more, but the variety is humungous and very colourful,In 2003, at then new Aberdeen Centre in Richmond, B.C a a 26,430 sq. ft store opened and is the group's busiest, they claim to have almost 100 000 variety od useful knick knaks we bought shopping bags, magnets, origami paper, trays, cosmetic.coud have bought much much...

  • A piece of Hong Kong in Richmond

    Aberdeen Centre is the largest Asian mall in all of British Columbia, and I wouldn't be surprised if it's larger than any Asian mall in North America. It epitomizes Richmond's recent identity as being the hypermodern cultural hub of BC's Chinese-speaking community. A visit to Aberdeen will surely give those used to North American malls a different...

  • Feel like family at this toy store

    Splash Toys can often be seen in film shots through streets of Steveston and is easily recognizable to many Richmond residents.This is the sort of toy store where you feel that the sales people actually like their job and want to help you in your shopping. It is, therfore, much more personal than other larger toy retailers.They have fantastic...


Richmond Local Customs

  • Indians Work The Fields

    Richmond is known throughout the region, as a farming community. In the U.S., you usually see Mexican immigrants working in the fields, here, you see people from India. Driving through the Richmond countryside, we saw dozens of Indians, mostly women, working in the fields. Many of these Indian immigrants are from poorer families, and never had a...

  • Picking blackberries in August

    Wild blackberries grow in abundance in rural parts of Richmond, especially along the dyke trails that follow along the Fraser River. In August the berries ripen and are available for picking. It's not abnormal to see people picking bucket loads of blackberries along the side of roads or along the trails. As long as the blackberries aren't growing...

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Richmond What to Pack

  • Rain Gear... It rains a lot here.

    by coppercanoe Written Feb 25, 2003

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: First and foremost you should have:
    -and/or raincoat

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: Toiletries and med. supplies can be found anywhere here. Just bring the travel size toiletries and buy more here when you need them.

    Photo Equipment: Just like the clothing you will need some type of protection for your camera. If you have a Sony Cybershot, that product line carries some protective weather gear for some of their models.

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    • Family Travel

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Richmond Off The Beaten Path

  • Finn Slough

    This place was really difficult to find. The roads here are very confusing, but we eventually found it, by just driving up random roads.I'm really glad we found this place. I love visiting these types of places. It doesn't get any more authentic than this.Located on the banks of the Frasier River, is the tiny community, of Finn Slough. The village...

  • Finn Slough

    Finn Slough is one of the most unique places in Richmond, and one of the oldest residential communities. It was established by Finnish immigrants back in the late 19th century. Their stilt homes were built on the intertidal zone of a Fraser River slough as it was an ideal location for mooring boats. Back then, the Fraser River was the primary form...

  • Iona Beach

    Most visitors to Richmond will visit Sea Island, whether they realize it or not. That's because the island is almost entirely taken up by the Vancouver International Airport. But there are a couple of other things on the island. One is Iona Beach. Apparently this is technically on Iona Island, but you don't cross any bridges to get there.Iona is...


Richmond Favorites

  • Driving along Dyke Road in the morning

    My sister and I were enrolled in a French Immersion high school program, which put us in a school several kilometers away from where we lived. As a result, we relied heavily on being driven to school by our Dad. At the time he was teaching at the high school down the road from ours, so our carpool was very efficient.One of my fondest memories of...

  • Picking strawberries in the summer

    Richmond, being located on an island at the mouth of the Fraser river, has some of the best quality soil in all of BC for agriculture. As a result, Richmond's first European settlers (mainly of Irish and Scottish descent) came to the island in the mid 1800's to farm. [Side note: many of Richmond's schools are named after these first pioneer...

  • Carmanah's General Tip

    was probably during the coldspell of January 1990. I was 9 years old then, and I remember my dad driving my family through the agricultural reserve in our home of Richmond, BC. Seeing the farmland covered in a dusting of light snow was magical. Click on the photo to enlarge it because it truly is beautiful.


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