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  • The Towers
    The Towers
    by chewy3326
  • Marvel Lake from the Towers
    Marvel Lake from the Towers
    by chewy3326
  • Mt. Gloria from the Towers
    Mt. Gloria from the Towers
    by chewy3326

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    Berg Lake/Snowbird Pass

    by chewy3326 Written Dec 20, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This has to be one of the greatest hikes of the continent. It is certainly a popular one- it's the most popular backpacking trail in the Canadian Rockies and has numerous established campgrounds to handle the very many hikers who do this hike. The hike follows the base of Mt. Robson from the Yellowhead Highway at the mountain's southern side to Berg Lake, a bright turquoise lake fed by the Berg Glacier, which plunges down Mt. Robson's north face. Although many hikers make Berg Lake their final destination, the true highlight of hiking to Berg Lake is continuing on and hiking to Snowbird Pass, a barren spot on the Continental Divide with a view of Jasper's Reef Icefield.

    Neither the 21-km route between the trailhead and Berg Lake nor the 11-km one-way to Snowbird lack in any scenic riches. From the trailhead, the Berg Lake Trail begins by following the Robson River, winding through rain forest to Kinney Lake, set beneath the sharp peak of Whitehorn. The trail then climbs into the Valley of a Thousand Falls and ascends Emperor Hill; along the ascent are three major waterfalls, the greatest of which is the thundering Emperor Falls, which sends mist spraying thousands of feet. Past Emperor Hill, the trail follows a flat valley bottom along the Robson River with continual views of spectacular views to the lake itself.

    To continue on to Snowbird, the trail goes through more meadows to Robson Pass before heading into the moraine of the massive Robson Glacier. This trail then climbs high onto the Robson Glacier's moraine, allowing views of the huge glacier as it follows the moraine to another ascent, which leads to the meadows below Snowbird Pass. The lush greenery of these meadows soon fade to barren rock, as the trail makes a final ascent to Snowbird Pass. The scenery here is astonishing.

    Equipment: This is a backpacking trip! Plan on at least one day each way to Berg Lake- two days may be advisable for the ascent, with an overnight stop at Whitehorn. If you want to do Snowbird Pass and have a bit more time to explore the Berg Lake region, then plan on 4-5 days.

    Berg Lake Robson Glacier Reef Icefield from Snowbird Pass Berg Lake Mt. Robson and Emperor Falls
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    Asulkan Valley

    by chewy3326 Written Dec 20, 2011

    Asulkan Valley is a demanding trail in Glacier National Park that follows a gorgeous meadow-rimmed brook to its source, a glacier in a high basin in the Selkirks. This 13-km round trip hike is mostly flat until about 4 km in, when it begins to ascend a moraine of the Asulkan Glacier; from the start of the climb, the trail ascends over 700 meters in 2 km.

    From the trailhead, the trail passes the remains of the Glacier House, a former CPR hotel, and winds its way into Asulkan Valley, which has waterfalls tumbling off cliffs and meadows with views to the peaks above the Asulkan Glacier. The trail is flat for the most part as it follows this very scenic valley; at the head of the valley, the trail ascends very steeply to Asulkan Hut, which overlooks the glacier and has amazing views of the Selkirks, including views of Mt. Sir Donald and Rogers Pass. This is a tiring but excellent hike and recommended if you're passing through Glacier.

    Asulkan Valley Asulkan Valley
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    Opabin Plateau

    by chewy3326 Written Dec 20, 2011

    The Opabin Plateau is one of the most spectacular areas in the Rockies accessible by a day hike. A roughly 8-9 km circuit hike will take you to see a spectacular hanging valley with jagged peaks and glaciers and a huge view over Lake O'Hara.

    To get to the trailhead at Lake O'Hara Lodge, you'll have to first get to the lake- which involves booking bus tickets three months in advance. From the trailhead, the trail winds along the forested shore of Lake O'Hara, makes a fairly steep ascent up to the Opabin Plateau, then stays level the rest of the way as it wanders through Opabin Plateau's lakes and meadows. A couple of spots not to miss on the plateau: Hungabee Lake, Opabin Lake, and Opabin Prospect. Both lakes are glacier-fed and gorgeous, and the Prospect offers one of the best trail-accessible views in the Lake O'Hara region. Follow the East Opabin Trail down the other side of the plateau back to the lake- this trail follows the stream draining Hungabee Lake and has scenic meadows lining it as it cuts through the plateau.

    Opabin Plateau, Lake O'Hara Opabin Prospect Opabin Lake
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    The Towers

    by chewy3326 Written Dec 20, 2011

    The Towers is a spectacular pointed peak on the BC/Alberta border in Mt. Assiniboine Provincial Park. The top of the peak offers incredible 360 degree views of the Rockies; it is possible to see as far north as the peaks along the Icefields Parkway. The exhilarating view of endless mountains made this one of my favorite Rockies' experiences.

    This hike/climb isn't for everyone- there's no defined trail to the top of the Towers. No technical skills are required to reach the summit, but a bit of route-finding skills would be necessary. I hiked this peak as part of a group led by the hosts of Mt. Assiniboine Lodge, who lead day hikes into some of the trail-inaccessible parts of the area. If you plan to hike the peak on your own, you'll need a good map of the area; it's probably also advisable to talk to Andre at Mt. Assiniboine Lodge to get an idea of what route to follow.

    Equipment: Hiking Boots! Warm clothing; a compass, the Ten Essentials.

    The Towers Marvel Lake from the Towers Mt. Gloria from the Towers
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    Boating on Lightening Lake

    by toonsarah Updated Apr 4, 2011

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    One of my favourite memories from my long-ago camping trip to Canada was kayaking on a lake in the Algonquin National Park, so on this trip I was determined to relive that experience with Chris. Manning Provincial Park was a great place to do this as Lightning Lake is just right for this activity – a lovely setting surrounded by forested mountains, not too crowded with other boaters (ideal if you’re inexperienced and have a tendency to go round in circles as we did!) and plenty of good boats of different types to rent. We chose a canoe as that seemed most evocative of the Canadian setting, but we could also have had a kayak or rowing boat. Despite our lack of experience and ability :) we had a great time and really felt closer to the landscape than we would have done simply admiring the scenery from the shore.

    Equipment: All types of boats are available for hire, and currently cost $15 (Canadian) per hour, or $49.50 for a whole day (plus taxes). Life jackets are provided.

    Lightening Lake, Manning Provincial Park On Lightening Lake, Manning Provincial Park
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    Extreme Skiing

    by jojocan Written Mar 7, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I recently went to Powder King, which is in the Rocky Mountains, to go snowmobiling with a friend. We stayed however in his brother's bus which is parked at Powder King, a great ski hill. And though I don't ski, I saw a lot of it done here.

    Powder King has 24 marked runs, but what its more famous for is the "off road" type skiing. You can take the lift up to the top of the mountain, then ski down any sides of it through the trees, dips, bowls, valleys, etc. Most people who go to Powder King don't stay on the trails. Its crazy up there!

    Equipment: Powder King has a chalet you can rent equipment at. One thing I did notice here is that I didn't see one person NOT wearing a helmet - everyone had one on!

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    Go watch a game!

    by Written Mar 7, 2005

    When I was in Canada in 2003, I went to see Rugby, The Churchill Cup. It was held at University Grounds. The weather was great. And the experience was good, even though I'm not an outspoken sportsfan! It's fun to see the seremonials and to see how people experience watching sports.

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    Rafting with a hottub at the end!!!

    by Updated Feb 15, 2005

    Rafting is fun! It's a different way to see nature. When I was here the waterlevel wasn't that high so it was a relativly easy 'ride'. And at the end of the trip... there's a hottub!!! And that is so nice after being in and out of the (not so warm) water half of the day!

    Equipment: Everything you need to bring is a towel and a swimmingsuite! They give you a wetsuite and offcourse your paddle.

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  • Cross Country Skiing

    by blint Updated Jan 8, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    You may think this is impossible if you come from a hot place, but it's true and fun! It's just like skiing but you only go down small hills. You go up hill and across flat ground too by 'shuffling' your feet on your ski's back and forth!

    Equipment: Skis, ski shoes and poles!

    A great place to try this sport is around Sovereign Lake which is part of the Silver star ski resort. You can hire your equipment there or buy it!

    Cross Country Skis, Boots & Poles

    Adult (13+ years)
    1 Day $22.00
    2 Day $40.00
    3 Day $58.00
    Additional Day $18.00

    Tot / Child (3 - 12 years)
    1 Day $12.00
    2 Day $22.00
    3 Day $32.00
    Additional Day $10.00

    Another great place to try Cross Country Skiing is Larch Hills near Salmon Arm. It is free to ski if you have your own equipment. If not you can rent ski' etc from the shop. It costs 15$ per day for skis and boots.

    Larch Hills, Salmon Arm
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  • Shooting

    by blint Updated Jan 8, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I really don't like hunting, but I found I was a natural at shooting metal targets in Kamloops with old cowboy guns. In the photo I am shooting a Smith and Wesson gun! I also had a go with a rifle.

    Though is you want to try this sport out you need to take a member of the ranch with you. If you practice this sport and have a gun licence I’m sure it’s easy enough to become a member. The man in the photo is actually a teacher though he is also a good friend of my boyfriend’s family. Getting lessons is a great and safe way to try out this sport.

    My nickname was Bangclang as everytime I shot I hit the target!!!! I'm a dangerous woman!

    Equipment: Gun, bullets, metal target, ear plugs, protection glasses are all essential.

    Blangclang stikes again!

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  • Snowshoeing

    by blint Updated Nov 24, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    For those of you that don't like the idea of sliding down a large mountain at a great velocity or having a big board attached to both your feet, here is your alternative: Snow shoeing. For those of you who aren't familiar with this I'm sure you'll remember pictures of people struggling over ice fields with tennis racquets strapped to their feet. Well that's snow shoeing, only now the snow shoes don't look like tennis racquets!

    Basically they allow you to walk through very thick snow and over frozen lakes with ease. So it is a great way to explore some of the most wonderful countryside Canada has to offer.

    Equipment: Snow shoes. Most sport shops or ski Resorts like Silver Ster Vernon. At Silver Star you can rent the equipment for about 22$ a day.

    And of course warm clothes, though remember: once you've been walking for a while you get hot. Wear layers so you can strip off (not completely of course) or bundle up at will. You will also need a good pair of boots.

    Snow shoeing at Sovereign lake
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