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  • One of Surrey's many parks
    One of Surrey's many parks
    by briantravelman
  • St. Mary Coptic Orthodox Church
    St. Mary Coptic Orthodox Church
    by briantravelman
  • Ukrainian Sign
    Ukrainian Sign
    by briantravelman

Surrey Things to Do

  • St. Helen's Anglican Church

    My cousin has lived in Surrey for over 10 years, and never knew this church was here. He discovered it completely by accident. He saw a tower from the sky train, and later drove up there with his car, to see what it was, and it turns out, it's a church.I didn't know about this church either. He took me here, as we were returning from Port Moody.The...

  • Bear Creek Park

    Surrey is filled with parks, and the most beautiful, and most interesting, is Bear Creek Park. The park actually has several arms, but most people just visit the main section, which is located on the corner of 88 Ave., and King George Blvd.We were staying very close to this park, so we would come here on foot, to walk my uncle's dog, or just walk...

  • St. Mary Coptic Orthodox Church

    Located in the western part of Surrey's "Whalley" neighborhood, is the St. Mary Coptic Orthodox Church. This beautiful Ukrainian style church, was built by Surrey's Ukrainian community. The land was purchased in 1947, and the church was completed in 1955.Although the church was built to resemble a Ukrainian church, it serves not only the Ukrainian...

  • Green Timbers Urban Forest

    Green Timbers is a really pretty and quite large local city park. There is a pond where you can fish. Lots of walking trails. A nice getaway from the bustle of the city.**Please don't feed the ducks**1. It prevents ducks from getting appropriate nutrients (white bread is a no-no)2. It makes the ducks dependent on people3. Left-over food attracts...

  • Tynehead Regional Park

    Tynehead is a nice local park to take a stroll in. There are a few trails with information posts periodically describing the significance of the habitat, etc. Also, there is a salmon hatchery at the park that you can visit during spawning season.

  • Family Theatre Fun in Surrey BC

    Having lived in Surrey for over 20 years now we have enjoyed the performances at the Surrey Art Centre Theatres in Bear Creek Park. We love the panto put on by the Fraser Valley Gilbert & Sullivan Society evern November/December. First you have to understand what Panto is. Pantomime is a popular form of theatre, incorporating song, dance,...


Surrey Hotels

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Surrey Restaurants

  • The best Indian food West of Bradford

    Their new premises which have been designed specifically, was opened in the Fall of 2004. The furnishings are of good quality and generally there is no need to book unless for a large party. A sizable room is available for large functions which is always popular.The 120th Street Mahek restaurant has proved so sucessful that another was opened in...

  • Vegetarian snacks

    Sister to the Mahek Restuarant and lounge in Surrey, the Chaat House offers a wide range of South Indian vegetarian snacks, ideal for those who do not want a full meal. Its decor is very basic, but the staff and owners are very helpful and will guide you so you will select something you will certainly enjoy. I am generally the only non Indian in...

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Surrey Nightlife

  • duanestorey's Profile Photo

    The Grande: Strawberry Hill

    by duanestorey Written Apr 20, 2003

    The Grande is the nicest place to see a movie in Surrey. The seats are large and recline.

    Dress Code: Anything goes

    The Grande

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Surrey Transportation

  • Sky Train

    Sky train is the most popular form of transportation, in the Vancouver metro area, and it's the best, and fastest way, to travel between cities.Surrey Central Station, is one of the largest, and busiest sky train stations in the area. Sky trains run quite frequently, and travel to New Westminster, Burnaby, Vancouver, and Richmond. If you’re...

  • A Car Is A Must

    A car is a must in Surrey. The main attractions, are spread out all over the city, so if you don't have a car, you won't be seeing too much. Also, a car will come in real handy, if you need to go shopping, or want to go to a restaurant, go for entertainment, or just explore the city. There are a lot of hidden attractions, that can only be reached...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Surrey Shopping

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  • Cheapest Place To Buy Groceries

    I spent the night at my cousin's place, and he brought me here to buy food and beverages. He said this is the cheapest place in Surrey to buy groceries, and I have to agree with him. The prices here were much lower, than at other grocery stores. I wish he told us about this place earlier.They have a lot of the same stuff you find anywhere else, but...

  • Real Polish Food, At A Decent Price

    Surrey, along with the rest of Vancouver, is a very diverse city. One of the largest culture groups in the city, are the Poles, so it's no surprised that there are several Polish stores located in Surrey. The best one in my opinion, is Krakus Deli located in Whalley.The deli was opened in 1993, and the lady who owns it is a real Pole. We were...

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Surrey Local Customs

  • Gang Eradication

    For the past decade, the city of Surrey has had a pretty bad gang problem. Regular citizens, like my cousin, would unknowingly enter gang territory, at the wrong time, and get beaten and robbed. Well, I am happy to say that Surrey has taken strong action against gang activity. The city has seized a lot of their territory, and turned it into parks...

  • Local T-Shirts

    The town of Surrey designs its own humorous t-shirts, mostly making fun of Whalleyhood, which Surrey doesn't like. The residents of Surrey than wear shirts that say "Surrey keeps on makin' it, Whalley keeps on takin' it", or "Surrey Hates You", in Whalleyhood, or other areas of the city that they hate, to *** off the locals. They also have shirts...

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Surrey Warnings and Dangers

  • Crazy Drivers

    Be very careful in the streets of Surrey. Drivers here are crazier than in the U.S., traffic laws are different, and most of them aren't exactly enforced. Cars have the right of way here. I almost got run over a few times, because the crossing light had come on, but cars kept going, so be very careful crossing the street. You have to have eyes in...

  • Carjackings

    Yes, carjacking is a serious problem in Surrey, as in most of Canada. In fact, the city is the "Car Theft Capital of North America". My cousin and uncle have lived in Surrey for most of their lives, and they have both had their cars stolen. It's so common, that the cops don't even do anything, since the car is usually found abandoned somewhere, a...

  • Don't Go Out At Night

    Surrey isn't exactly the safest area of Vancouver. It can be scary walking through some areas even during the day, let alone at night. There are a lot of shady characters in Surrey. We've never had anyone bother us during the day, but my cousin has a really bad habit of walking around at night. He has been beaten, robbed, and pepper sprayed on...


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