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    The Vancouver Canucks

    by Carmanah Updated Apr 4, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Vancouver Canucks are Vancouver's professional NHL hockey team, and certainly the biggest thing in sports as far as Vancouver goes. I'm personally not a hockey fan, so I honestly don't care when or where they're playing or how well they're doing. I don't even know when the season starts or ends. I don't feel bad either, because there are way too many people who do care.

    For many, hockey is a religion. The team members of the Canucks are local celebrities. As a result, practically every sports bar in the city or any restaurant with a TV will likely be showing Canucks games if they're playing. The Canucks make the front page of the newspaper and they'll always be the highlight of sports on TV and the radio. Hockey is to Canada what football is to the UK (minus the drunken bawls in the rafters).

    Home games are held in GM Place arena downtown. Tickets, if not sold out, are very expensive. Most people have to resort to paying scalpers outside the main entrances if they spontaniously want to attend a game. Once inside GM Place, food, drinks, and souvenirs are overpriced, but that's part of the experience. A tad pricey for a full family, but a nice splurge for sports fans.

    Despite my ho-hum attitude, Canucks games are actually a lot of fun to watch in person as there's tons of fast movement and cheesy morale-boosting entertainment. The fans can also be completely obsessed! I've only ever been to about 3 Canucks games in my life. The last time was in 2007, thanks to Mom who won tickets. My sister and I went, had great seats and got caught up in the crazy atmosphere of it all. The Canucks won so the audience was insane and the night was great fun! I think it would also be fun for people who know absolutely nothing about hockey, but who want to experience Canadian hockey culture firsthand.

    The Vancouver Canucks in the playoffs in 95!

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    Get tickets early!

    by CndnSugarPlum Written Oct 23, 2006

    If you are planning on taking in a game while in Vancouver, make sure you get your tickets ahead of time, as soon as possible. The Canucks have one of the highest consecutive sell-out rates in the NHL, so get'r done! Using the website to order tickets online is super easy, but make sure you have your credit card ready, because it only gives you a very limited amount of time to fill in the forms while it holds your tickets. Choosing the option to have your tickets e-mailed to you is the quickest, easiest, and most hassle-free way to go, for a charge of around CAD$3.00.

    Equipment: Unless you're a member of the Canucks, just make sure you bring your jersey :)

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    by crazy_vietgirl2 Updated Sep 30, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Vancouver Canucks are our professional hockey team that is part of the NHL (National Hockey League). Hockey season starts from October to April and playoffs start from April to June. If you can afford tickets, it is a must see event to watch the Canucks play at General Motors Place. If you can't go to the game (usually tickets are sold out), other options would be watching the game with the rest of the hockey fans at the sports bar or at a friend's house. The money you save can go towards buying a couple rounds of drinks for you and your friends ;0)

    I've been a big fan of Trevor Linden of the Canucks since 1989. Why Trevor Linden? I wanted to pick a player to cheer for when I first started watching hockey and fortunately for me Trevor Linden was drafted the same time.

    Hockey is really big in my family. I started watching hockey with my uncles and dad at a really young age...they barely spoke english at the time but they sure knew how to swear and freak out like true hockey fans.

    I believe in this team. I believe we will win the Stanley Cup...just wait and see.

    LOVE THIS GAME. LOVE THIS TEAM.- Canucks motto


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  • chris_i79's Profile Photo

    GM Place

    by chris_i79 Updated Aug 11, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    In this picture you can see the home of the Vancouver Canucks hockey team GM Place. The hockey season typically runs from Oct until April (well June if your team is on a cup run). Although tickets may be hard to come by!

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    Great Crowd!!

    by mirrajay Written Jun 10, 2004

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We went to a Canucks game while in Vancouver and it was great! Living in Colorado, we have our team here of course, but I have always been very disapointed in the lack of hockey knowledge in the crowds in Colorado.
    In Vancouver, the fans know their hockey and it really adds to the fun of a hockey game.
    GM Place is a great arena with a very large gift shop. It was within walking distance from our hotel and there are a few bars very close to the arena for a beer after the game.
    Definetly something to do in Vancouver if you are a hockey fan!

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  • rmdw's Profile Photo

    Catch a hockey game!

    by rmdw Written Feb 20, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Though seeing professional sports live is a bit pricey for my tastes, it's something very special to a lot of people.

    The Vancouver Canucks are a very good team the past few seasons and often provide a lively game to watch.

    Vancouver Canucks Hockey
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  • Hockey is great

    by Canuckerdrummer Written Sep 21, 2003

    How is Vancouver without the Canucks? Pas versions of the team weren't that great, but right now the Canucks are still a pretty good team in the NHL, with Naslund and Bertuzzi potential 1-2 in NHL scoring next year. The atmosphere in GM Place varies. If thew Canucks are rocking and rolling, the fans will go absolutely nuts. I've been in there when the Canucks absolutely blow the other team out of the building, and let me tell you your ears will need earplugs if you've never been to a sports event before. See for yourself the awesome atmosphere in the building when the Canucks score a goal. A suitable celebration song comes on, the home team celebrates, everyone jumping up and down, beers and flags piercing the air... you get the picture. but when the Canucks are losing badly, the fans leave early, they fight, they brawl, they swear in the bathrooms and they pour beer on each other. It gets quite rowdy so be careful when the score reaches 4-0 or the other team.

    Equipment: Just wear anything you want. no such thing as a dress code. However, if you have a Canucks jersey it is a good idea to wear one. just don't wear the other team's jersey: unless its the Leafs, in which case be sure to order tickets in the "Leafs fan zone." (sarcasm) A hockey stick with a flag is good enough equipment for the game. The seats are steep, so prepare for little leg room, but you do get awesome views of the ice no matter where you are.

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    Go Canucks Go

    by Jyrki Updated Aug 29, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    How could I make a page about Vancouver without mentioning my beloved Canucks. If you have ever seen a hockey game and haven't been overly impressed, check out a game live and you'll be a fan in no-time (especially if it's a Canucks game). The hard-hitting, fast-skating, high-scoring Canucks will have you hooked on Canada's national pasttime in no time. Sadly tickets aren't that affordable ($40-$150) but there's not a bad seat in GM place so if you can scrape together enough cash for a ticket, check them out and join in the fun! warning: Canuck games do tend to sell out (I think they have sold out 35-40 or so straight games dating back to last year).

    Equipment: Enough cash to get into the game, a Canucks jersey if you have one!

    Big Bert in action

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    Go Canucks, go!

    by Carino Written Aug 25, 2003

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There are only 6 canadien teams left in the NHL and the Vancouver Canucks are one of them.

    Vancouver isn't a hockey town like Detroit or Toronto but the fans can go crazy anyway. And the games against the other Lumberjacks are always a rush!

    Equipment: You can get Tickets at the stadium (GM Place) or at any Ticketmaster in Town.

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  • stodmyk's Profile Photo

    Excuse me, which way to the arena?

    by stodmyk Written May 9, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    BC Place and GM Place are side by side in the downtown core, with Pacific Avenue snaking underneath Georgia Street between the two.

    BC Place is home to the BC Lions (CFL professional football) and numerous roadshows and conventions throughout the year. GM Place is where the Vancouver Canucks play their NHL professional hockey and both hockey and figure skating gold medal events will be held if Vancouver gets the 2010 Olympics. Both arenas are commonly used for large rock concerts -- as well, BC Place played host to the 3 Tenors a few New Year's Eves ago, and the Pope almost 20 years ago.

    Below you see a picture of the mushroom-like BC Place as taken from the bottom of Stadium SkyTrain station. That black at the top is the Georgia Viaduct, with downtown-bound traffic whizzing along at 70 km/h above your head. To the left is the concrete box that is GM Place.

    Equipment: There's no special gear necessary, but if you go to a Canucks or Lions game, bring cash. Food and drink are very expensive at the game.

    It's bigger than it looks - it fits 65,000 people!
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    Watch the Canucks play some Hockey

    by MDH Updated May 2, 2003

    Although Vancouver no longer has an NBA team (which was a total mistake to bring an NBA team there in the first place), the city still has the Canucks, a great NHL hockey team that's fun to watch whether it's on TV or in the arena itself. Like any other hockey team in Canada, its fans can be downright fanatical.

    If you're in town and if it's in season, at least try and see if you can get some tickets at the General Motors (formerly BC) Place. Check out the Canuck's website and see if you can sport some tickets.

    Equipment: Being a hockey country, hockey equipment and jerseys are never far away from anyone walking in a mall.

    The Vancouver Canucks
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  • Stellco's Profile Photo

    purely spectator!

    by Stellco Written Nov 17, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Unless you are a VERY quick learner, there is little likelyhood that youll be able to pick up Ice hockey during your stay here. But if you've been playing ever since you could walk, like most canadians, you can see why this is their most popular sport.

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    Go Canucks!!!

    by gemmycat Written Nov 9, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I arrived in April and didn't really get into any North American sports but then October came and the hockey season started.......

    Very exciting! Still don't understand all the rules but it's stil The fights make it even more entertaining

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    Hockey is a Religion

    by FlirtyFlorida Written Aug 21, 2004

    No surprise here that Hockey no doubt, rules this land. Just know that the Vancouver Canucks are the hometown heroes of hockey and that Bertuzzi is innocent!!

    You will fit right in ;)

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