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    Much more to discover

    by shavy Written Sep 9, 2014

    The city of Vancouver is a great city, there is much to see in terms of buildings and nature. The people are very nice and want to help you anywhere. The atmosphere in Vancouver is very nice, also notice that the streets are very clean. Environment in Vancouver is beautiful everything for a successful city in itself: museums, beautiful city faces, charming shoppes, gourmet restaurants and more. Actually this city is surrounded by nature, creating a legion of outdoor sports is possible. In short, Vancouver is a great city for a special city trip with just that little bit more

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    Bustling Vancouver has everything

    by shavy Written Sep 9, 2014

    On our last days in Canada we staying a couple of days in the city before flying back home. The city has a lot to offer and is a shame to miss this opportunity not being seen the city itself. Vancouver, with its superb location between sea and mountains, a true Canadian destination. If you a nature lover who likes the green blends with a vibrant city, then Vancouver should not be missed on your list. Not only nature in the immediate vicinity of the city is impressive, also the city itself, with its numerous parks and gardens a lot of green trumps in store.

    Each street is interesting to walked by, Robson Street is the street in Vancouver where everyone wants to see and be seen. Charming street lined with boutiques, terraces, coffee houses and restaurants. You walk along Burrard Street you will come to the Vancouver Art Gallery and the Law Courts. The Vancouver Art Gallery has interesting exhibitions of Canadian artists combined with stars like Rodin and Georgia O'Keeffe. Court buildings have a distinctive architecture, it is an elongated point building made ​​entirely of glass.

    A unique coffee house of Starbucks
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    Stop at the Falls

    by kehale Written Sep 2, 2014

    If you're making the drive up to Whistler from Vancouver one stop you must make along the way is at Shannon Falls. The Falls are the third highest in the province and are made up from a series of cliffs that rise 335 metres above the highway. The park where you will find the falls is located directly of Hwy 99, 58km north of Vancouver. It's a great place to stop and walk around and the falls are well worth seeing. We have stopped a few times as a family, and I also brought my parents to see it during our day trip to Whistler, a couple of years ago.

    If you are into nature (which I am sure you are if you are making this trip), this is one place you must stop during your journey along the Sea to Sky Highway!

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    Sasamat Lake

    by briantravelman Written Jul 18, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you're looking for a nice place to swim in the Vancouver area, check out Sasamat Lake.
    The lake is located just outside of Port Moody, right next to Indian Arm, in Belcarra Regional Park. The lake is nestled in the foothills of the Coast Range, and is a popular weekend destination for locals, as its one of the warmest lakes in Vancouver. I came here with my cousin, and was expecting to find a remote mountain lake, instead, the place was packed with people.
    There are actually two swimming beaches. One beach is supposed to be for people with kids, and older people looking to relax, and the other beach is for young people, and is a little louder. To be honest though, I saw no difference between the two beaches. Both of them had a mixed crowd.
    This lake is really only known to locals. You won’t find very many tourists here.
    I usually try to avoid crowded lakes like this, but my cousin wanted to come here, so I went with him. The lake itself was nice, and the water was warm, I just wish it wasn't so crowded. I saw some pictures on Google Earth though, and the beaches were empty. I think it was crowded, because of Canada Day weekend. I'm sure if we went there on a normal weekday, or even early morning, the place would be empty.
    You could easily spent the whole day here, but since we had a busy schedule, we only spent about 30 minutes.
    There is also another lake close to Sasamat, called Buntzen Lake. You can get there, with a short drive. We didn't go there, since we didn't know how far it was, but I saw some pictures on Google Earth, and this lake is much larger, and much more beautiful than Sasamat, and also has a beach. There is also a small suspension bridge, a cool tunnel, and an old power plant, as well as several hiking trails, and even some small islands. I can't tell you whether or not it’s as crowded.
    You can kayak on both lakes.
    I wish we’d gone to Buntzen instead, but I had no idea it existed, before this trip. Besides, you’d really have to come here for the whole day, to fully explore the area.
    Buntzen looks better if you want adventure, but if you’re only looking to swim and relax, Sasamat will do.

    Sasamat Lake Sasamat Lake Sasamat Lake White Pine Beach Goose Family
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    by briantravelman Written Jul 14, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you're in downtown, it's worth making a quick visit to the waterfront. I came here mainly to see the Olympic Torch, but there is other stuff. There are restaurants, a simulated helicopter ride for kids, several restaurants, and the famous Canada Place is here. You can also get some great views of downtown, North Vancouver, Stanley Park, and the nearby mountains. Cruise ships also occasionally dock here. The waterfront occasionally hosts parties during the weekend, which you can attend for a fee.
    If anything, it's worth coming here for the views. The waterfront is much safer, and much more family friendly than other areas of downtown.

    Canada Place was cool. The venue is used to host major events, such as concerts, but it also doubles as a cruise terminal. My cousin explained to me the architecture of it. It's actually built to resemble a boat. The giant white things, are supposed to resemble the sails.
    It's also been compared to the Sydney Opera House.

    The Olympic Caldron was also nice, and worth seeing, but I was really disappointed to see, that it wasn't lit. But it was still impressive.

    Downtown Olympic Caldron Canada Place Downtown Vancouver North Vancouver
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    Iona Beach Spit Trail

    by Ann75 Written Jul 12, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    My first time at Iona Beach Spit Trail even though I have been living in Vancouver just a little over 14 years. My best friend and I had planned an outdoor date as the weather was fairly nice. She knows I like photography and it's always nice if we can combine this with a nice walk. Thanks to my hubby he was going to look after our little girl so I could have the day with my best friend. Usually I take our little girl along, but once in a while it's nice to have a day without her. My friend told me about Iona Beach Regional Park a long time ago, but we never had the chance to go there together. Iona Beach Regional Park is kind of located adjacent to the Vancouver International Airport.

    There is a jetty that goes out into the ocean of about 4km/2.5mi one way. From this jetty you have wonderful views over the ocean, the nearby mountains and you may see several birds. We came across tons of blue herons, cormorants and a beautiful big bald eagle that was resting on a pole near the trail. It's a nice flat trail and at the end you get the open ocean view with a hint of Vancouver Island's silhouette in the distance. I really enjoyed this place and will be back on a brighter sunnier day.

    There is plenty of free parking, picnic tables, several other trails to follow and a beach. There is toilet building near the parking lot and there is a portable toilet at the end of the Jetty in case you need to go.

    A bit more background on Iona Beach Regional Park: This place is located in west Richmond adjacent to the Vancouver International Airport and the Iona Island sewage treatment ponds. The park includes the federally-owned southern jetty which provides a 4km (2.5mi) walk out into Georgia Strait (8km/5mi there and back). This jetty provides excellent views of Mount Baker to the east (located in the USA), the Coast Mountains to the north with Pacific Spirit Regional Park in the foreground, and the open water of the Strait of Georgia with a profile of the Vancouver Island Mountains to the west. It also a great place for viewing opportunities for oceanic birds. A second, federally-owned jetty (the north jetty) was originally constructed as a rockwall to divide the river, however sand accumulation has resulted in the development of a small sand spit that supports a developing sand dune ecosystem.

    Two artifical ponds have been constructed in the park that aim at restoring marsh vegetation and providing wildlife habitat, and they are a significant stopover spot for migrating shorebirds and waterfowl. Numerous rare birds have been spotted in the park and vicinity, including white pelican, long-tailed jaeger, ruff and yellow-headed blackbirds. A breeding population of yellow-headed blackbirds is found here. Daily birding lists are maintained in the kiosk in the sewage treatment plant.

    View at the beginning of the Jetty A Bald Eagle we spotted along the trail View at the end of the Iona Beach Spit Trail View on the way back along the trail View of the trail and a plane heading for YVR
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    Taste Handcrafted Traditional Spirits

    by kehale Written Jul 3, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I stumbled across Liberty Distillery with my brother in June of 2014, while we were visiting Granville Island. We stopped in purely out of interest and instantly fell in love. The atmosphere is perfect, like you've walked back in time to a saloon, with the gorgeous wooden bar and lots of wood and metal. We browsed for a little before my brother approached the bar and ordered a sample of their Railspur No 1 White - an unpaged Whiskey. He really liked it, and decided to order one of their handcrafted cocktails. We liked it so much that we had to purchase a bottle of it, where we tried to reproduce the delicious pineapple, jalapeño cordial that starred in their cocktail! It was a neat place to visit while at Granville Island. So if you're into spirits - definitely drop in for a taste, or take one of their distillery tours on the weekend!

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    Sea to Sky RBC Gran Fondo cycling race

    by Chrisjoseph42 Written Nov 11, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    When downhill is still uphill – Sea to sky- Vancouver to Whistler BC.

    Just finished a quick whirlwind weekend to Vancouver BC over 4 days. A
    good friend Joe and I arrived in Seattle and drove to whistler BC
    last Friday and arrived at our hotel 11:00pm. I did not really get a
    good look at the race route because it was dark. After arrival I
    assemble my bike get about 4 hours of sleep and then meet the bus back
    down the mountain to Vancouver for the 7:00am start.

    The race is 120k (76 miles) and about 3000m (9,000 ft of climbing).
    There are 2 parts to the ride the giro and the gran fondo. Both are
    timed but the giro is a UCI category race. The race starts out great
    and smooth. We were in a pack (peloton of maybe 200 riders.) I was
    surprised how well this many people could ride together and at the
    same speed. It was intense at first but became quite enjoyable. We
    covered the first 45 miles with ease. At the mid point there are two
    very steep grades and I expected the group to fall apart but it
    didn’t! It did finally break up somewhere after that point with me
    being one of the first victims. I just know my body and if I kept that
    pace I would just hit the wall and it would be all over before I knew
    it. I kept control of my heart rate and just kept plodding along. At
    times I would get with a group of riders and it would help me recover
    and if I felt better I would pull through and help others. (no
    attacks) At one point I thought something was seriously wrong with my
    bike. I’m heavier than most riders. On down hills I can just tuck and
    pass with ease. I noticed other riders gliding. When I would glide I
    would always lose ground. I’m looking at my tires, brakes whatever. I
    never figured it out until the drive home two days later. It seems
    that there were no downhill parts at all on the last 40ish miles of
    the race. It was so steep that the lower grades appeared as if we were
    going down. I’m really glad we arrived at night on the way in so I
    couldn’t really see how the mountain was just relentless. Anyway, I
    expected to finish in 5 hours and finished in 4:05! An average speed
    of 18.6 mph! I had a little extra motivation at the end trying to
    break the 4hr mark. I told my friend Joe to expect me around the 5hr
    mark so he totally missed my finish. I was back at the hotel right
    after he woke up! I placed 243/1470 male 40-49. The next two days we
    did some hikes and glider aerobatics in Pemberton to top off a great
    experience in BC. Beer me Aye!

    Race start in Vancouver Up on Whitsler mountain Gliding in Pemberton BC
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    Hop-on Hop-off trolley tour

    by sheherezad Updated Jun 28, 2011

    At YVR, you will come across a tourist information counter just before exiting the arrivals hall, where you can buy a ticket for the Hop-on Hop off tour - you can get a two day pass for $34 (the same pass costs $45 in town for 2 days or $38 for a day) - I chose the trolley over the double-decker bus since the former has live narration in English and would be more interesting than a bus and I was told the latter has recorded multi-lingual narration. The two day pass also entitles you to a free ferry ride from Granville Island, which is a great oportunity to see Vancouver from the waters, after which you reconnect to the Red Loop to get back to Canada place (the starting point for both loops)

    The Red Loop/Trolley covers Stanley Park plus a view of Grouse Mountain and the Capilano Bridge which you can walk to for a fantastic frontal view from the road side nearby the stop for it. You can do the Blue Loop the same day or the next day or do both twice! Like I did the Red Loop twice since I was falling asleep on it on my day of arrival at YVR (after no sleep due to the time difference)! Sit on the right hand side of the trolley to get great shots!

    I took the Skytrain from Days Inn in Richmond to Canada Place - it was a breeze and very strange indeed not to have to go through ticket turnstiles to get on the train with no one checking if you had bought a ticket! ;-) Enjoy Vancouver! :-)

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    More Clubs

    by spitball Updated Apr 4, 2011

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    BAR NONE was founded in 1992, is located in the heart of Yaletown at the corner of Davie and Hamilton Street. The interior space has a warm, intimate, familiar atmosphere that captures everybody's search for a feel-good, downtown vibe.
    BAR NONE boasts a newly renovated room that coincides with an unforgettable 10 year anniversary. Built around the original post and beam architecture of a converted warehouse, BAR NONE ascends from a history going back to the early 1920's (when the horses that were used to deliver milk door to door) would nestle in for the night under the same roof that exists today.

    Presently, fresh and vintage sounds fill the airways, featuring both live music and the hottest DJ's the city has to offer. BAR NONE has a handsome clientele and superior bar staff that move gracefully about a postmodern setting. The lighting is romantic and the crowd as fashionable as the venue that envelops it.

    BAR NONE is perfect for provate functions, wrap parties or special events. It is located in the heart of Yaletown, the center of Vancouver's burgeoning high tech scene, also makes it the place to be for all young professionals.

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    Fishing in BC

    by AnglerBob Updated Apr 4, 2011

    It was a tough decision: my wife and I decided to go our separate ways for the day so she could shop and I could fish! But where? Realizing that I had no gear, no 4-wheel drive car, and no boat, I did something I don't usually do: hire a guide.

    I paid a visit to Anglers West Fly and Tackle on West Broadway. Real nice guys, they described the local fishing scene candidly and completely. I had a chance to catch steelhead or Dolly Varden trout, neither of which I'd caught before and the latter a true rarity in the States (although once plentiful in the West).

    On very short notice, they set me up with guide Andrew Redmond, who picked me up at my hotel precisely on time. He seemed pretty young to be doing this but as we drove to our destination it became apparent he was no stranger to the BC wilderness.

    We fished a remote river whose location I'd rather not disclose as it's a pristine and delicate fishery; besides, I couldn't find it agin to save my life. Ask Andrew to take you there:) It was a good 1.5 hours from Vancouver and involved some gravel-road driving and a small section of 4-wheel drive road.

    The trip paid off, as you can see from this beautiful, 3-lb Dolly Varden trout. These fish resemble a cross between rainbows and lake trout with silver sides fading to a nice olive green color. The fish was caught on a barbless spoon and released unharmed back into the river.

    Hello, Dolly
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  • rmdw's Profile Photo

    Preferred Locations in Vancouver

    by rmdw Updated Feb 3, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    At the risk of offending several citizens of Vancouver, I'd like to present my tips on where a person, especially a single person, should focus their energies when moving to or just visiting Vancouver.

    Like every other big city, Vancouver is now a metropolis, spread out over a wide area. Like many other cities, Vancouver has adopted the "city centre" and suburb configuration.

    In my opinion, the southern & eastern suburbs of Vancouver are pretty much like the suburbs everywhere else: practical and utilitarian. Nothing wrong with that but there's nothing much unique about it either. North & West Vancouver are somewhat unique though, especially if you love nature.

    If someone wants to really wants to get the "Vancouver Experience" then I'd strongly recommend living in the areas I've indicated in red (or blue for a slightly slower 'West Van' lifestyle).

    In the end, there are different strokes for different folks. These are simply my suggestions.

    [My] Preferred Locations in Vancouver
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  • Vancouver Food Tour

    by ATworldtraveler Written Jul 28, 2010

    If you are visiting Vancouver, I recommend taking a culinary tour with Melody Fury. She is highly knowledgeable and respected in the Vancouver's culinary scene. I had a lot of fun taking the Gastown Tasting Tour where we ate & drank at two award winning restaurants. Also check out her other culinary tours!

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    Landsea tours of Vancouver.

    by balhannah Updated May 8, 2010

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This is the name of the tour company. They pick you up from your Hotel. Our driver was nice, the bus was nice and clean, with clean windows for photos, and it was no where near full, a great bonus!

    We toured around Vancouver, she [the tour guide], pointed out and explained the sights.
    We saw the smallest shop in the world.
    At Gastown, we stopped for photos, then onto Stanley park for stops at the Totem park, and Prospect Point. Here you go for a short walk to see good views of the Lions Gate bridge.

    After passing by English Bay beach, we arrived at the Granville Island Markets. Here we were left to have a wander around on our own, this was good.

    Our next stop was the Vancouver Lookout, you get magnificent city views from here, fantastic viewing! This was the last stop on a very enjoyable half days outing.

    I can recommend this tour company.

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    The New Totem Poles at the Stanley Park

    by joiwatani Updated May 25, 2009

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Last year, when my niece came visited me in Seattle, we drove to Vancouver and visited the Totem Poles at Stanley Park.

    This year, my daughter and I went back at the park and we found new totem poles that we didn't see last year!

    One is located close to the ocean side and the other close to the cricket park side.

    These new totem poles are more of gateways instead of poles!

    The new totem pole 05/24/09
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