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  • Dont be stupid

    by WPGguy Written Aug 6, 2012

    Although some will tell you its safe, it can be dangerous if you wander into the wrong area...anything north of portage, east of Mcphillips, west of main street and south of jefferson should be avoided. (THE NORTH END) Winnipeg has a Crack cocaine epidemic so there is alot of gangs, hookers, robbery, murder etc. In the area ive mentioned. Be vigilant in any part of this city afterall wr are the murder capital of canada...only a nieve peraon would tell you otherwise!

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  • jpud99930's Profile Photo

    North End

    by jpud99930 Written Feb 1, 2011

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    The north end as Winnipers call it should be avoided especially at night.This runs north from the Higgins Street underpass to Inkster Blvd.From the Red River to Mchillips ,to the west.

    There's great world famous restaurants in the area but should be visited during the day.

    Don't leave valuables in the car anywhere in Winnipeg. Car crime is down but we were the car theif capital for years.

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  • Redlats's Profile Photo

    Don't worry about Winnipeg

    by Redlats Updated Apr 8, 2009

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    Man, I just read through the safety in Winnipeg VT tips and it sounds dire doesn't it?

    Winnipeg has some issues. Primarily issues with pan handlers and occasional drunks on the street.

    We used to be the car stealing capital of Canada - 13 and 14 year old kids would take cars for a joy ride and abandon the car a day later when it ran out of gas. The province has made immobilizers mandatory in our vehicles, and that problem has been greatly reduced.

    There used to be a number of hotels on Main Street between Portage and Higgins which seemed to always cater to the drunks of the world, but most of those hotels are gone now.

    You will read in some of the other tips that there are gangs that sell drugs and that prostitution exists in the city. The newspapers confirm this, but if you don't go out looking for trouble, it doesn't usually find you.

    For all of our supposed bad reputation, I have never in fifty years had a problem walking around downtown Winnipeg. The worst that has happened to me is being approached for a handout. Panhandlers are not usually aggressive, and they seem to be around more during the day than in evenings. When I visited San Francisco, I was approached eight times a day but for some reason that is a major crime in Winnipeg.

    It is the city's goal to improve the downtown. This is starting to happen. The MTS Centre is now downtown, four different theatres are downtown, new offices (including Manitoba Hydro) are now downtown. Many condos are being built downtown, so things are getting better every year.

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    Crime is a Problem

    by Babzz Written Feb 16, 2008

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    Unfortunately, Winnipeg does experience a lot of crime. Downtown and the north end are two areas in particular that I hear about often. When parking your car, use a club on the steering wheel and hide any possessions that you are not taking with you. Be cautious at night when downtown or in the north end.

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  • North End - Nothing to see here.

    by Maestr0 Updated Jun 27, 2007

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    Avoid the North End, especially at night. My father lived here as a child for a while when his parents first came to Canada and it was just as bad then as it is now with gangs & crime, rampant vandalism (gangs will tag the houses and garages), abandoned & condemned buildings which are targets for mischief. Keep your doors locked if you have to drive through. This is no place for the average tourist.

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    Smart Safety for Visitors

    by queensugar Written Dec 26, 2003

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    As a lifelong resident, and a young, small female who regularly walks alone at night...

    In general, you are completely safe walking out and about at all times around Osborne Village and Corydon. While I have heard some express fear of walking around Osborne Village at night, after four years of living there, I have never felt safer living anywhere else.

    In downtown Winnipeg, after nightfall it is advisable to walk with a friend and stick to the larger streets. I would not recommend women to walk alone at night downtown, though I have done so many, many times with no problems. Precaution is best: go with a group or take a taxi.

    With recent years seeing a revitalization of the Exchange District, including the addition of upscale nightclubs, the area has also become much safer, with a larger police presence. While there are panhandlers that may make some nervous, it is no great danger.

    However, I would recommend not walking at night north of Old Market Square, or further west than one to two blocks off of Main Street.

    Certain areas require extreme caution: these include the Sargent / Ellice area; west of North Main around Manitoba Avenue; and the Broadway area south of Portage. These areas experience a high crime rate and it's best to avoid walking at night.

    There are a number of bars and establishments which are not recommended (the Royal Albert, for instance, is a relatively safe place, though its "dive bar" quality makes some nervous, whereas I would very much warn visitors away from the similar-looking McLaren Hotel beverage room right up the street). Certain bars and dive hotels are well-known to be dangerous: ask a local for advice.

    Do not walk in or around Higgins Avenue at night. Frankly, I prefer not to during the day. This is an area that experiences various gang-related crime including prostitution and even carjacking.

    Panhandlers are rarely aggressive downtown, and common sense should be employed when approached by one.

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  • Winnipeg, like any city, can...

    by AngelDivine Written Aug 25, 2002

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    Winnipeg, like any city, can hold dangers -- especially at night and especially for women. Areas which it is never a good idea to be alone: North Main area, and the backstreets of Ellice Avenue. I have been caught in potentially dangerous situations in these areas at all times of day.

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  • Although Winnipeg is a safe...

    by moor0378 Written Aug 25, 2002

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    Although Winnipeg is a safe town, I would caution against travelling alone after dark in Downtown or the North End area.
    Buses generally only run till 12PM or 1AM, so you may need money for a taxi if you are going to be staying out late!

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